Female Lead Doesn’t Want to Scare People – Chapter 1

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Nan Shan had two hours every night before her soul would be attached to the objects of her acquaintances.

One night, she became her boyfriend’s cell phone. Then, she found out that the person who said goodnight to her half an hour ago was chatting with a different girl.

After hearing the date and place of their date tomorrow, she forced the phone to crash.

Nan Shan: Haha. I don’t want to listen to your flirtings.

A year later, Nan Shan moved on and found a boyfriend.

The boyfriend: Do you want to inspect the goods [/mfn] referring to his body [/mfn] first?

Nan Shan: No.

When her soul was transferred to his shower, she counted how many abdominal muscles he had. What could she say?

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Chapter 1

Nan Shan wiped her wet hair as she chatted with Xiao Ran on the other end of the phone.

Xiao Ran, who was about to hang up, yawned and said, “I’m going on a business trip tomorrow. I plan to sleep early.”

Nan Shan looked up at the clock hanging on the wall. It was still 9 pm. 

In her opinion, it was still early. 

“Okay, you can rest! Then I’ll hang up.”

Anyway, it was her boyfriend. She had plenty of time to chat in the future, Nan Shan thought.

The sweet and greasy flirtatious voice awakened Nan Shan.

What did you transmigrate this time? She thought.

Nan Shan always had two hours every night. She would turn into something she had come in contact with.

For the first five minutes, she couldn’t do anything with the object she transmigrated into. After five minutes, she had the choice to either stay in that object or leave. Naturally, she would choose to go every time.

She didn’t want to know how it felt like to be a quilt, a toothbrush, or even a toilet.

Everything has a spirit. Nan Shan felt that she was this so-called spirit.

Thinking like this, she examined herself and found she had transferred to a cellphone. No wonder it was so noisy.

This was unintentionally prying into other people’s secrets. She yawned silently. After five minutes, she planned to go back to her body and continue to sleep.

Huh, the more she listened to it, the more familiar it became.

At this time, Nan Shan, a mobile phone, was held in a man’s hand, and her sight was blocked.

The familiar man’s voice: “Baby, who I love the most is you…really. Look, even though I’m busy with my job, I’m still talking to you.”

This sweet and greasy voice shouldn’t be the Xiao Ran who said good night to her at 9 pm, right?

Nan Shan’s mind was filled with countless thoughts.

What is the saddest thing in the world? You find your boyfriend cheating on the spot while you become a tool for your boyfriend to flirt with the third party.

No one wants this kind of thing to happen.

Nan Shan listened to Xiao Ran’s gentle tone voice that she was unfamiliar with.

Somehow, her heart was calm.

For some reason, her heart turned out to be peaceful.

Nan Shan might have expected this to happen a long time ago. 

She and Xiao Ran were a campus couple.

Nan Shan didn’t know whether her feelings for Xiao Ran were love or not. He courted her for half a year.

Her roommate told her that Xiao Ran was a good man. He looked good and studied well.

It had been a long time since he started courting her. Since he was persistent, she accepted him.

As a result, Nan Shan and Xiao Ran became a couple.

Like ordinary couples, they would eat together, have the same classes, and study in the library.

They spent only half a year together. After graduation, they had a long-distance relationship. The two of them worked hard in different cities.

In general, Nan Shan didn’t have much expectation for this relationship. Both of them were indifferent to each other.

If Xiao Ran didn’t like her, he could just tell her directly. Nan Shan was not the type of girl that would trouble him.

After all, it was better to break up and have closure.

Now Xiao Ran was cheating her, making her act like a fool. Nan Shan couldn’t accept it.

Five minutes had passed in the blink of an eye, Nan Shan had no intentions of leaving.

As a mobile phone, she first searched the number of the third party.

There was only one ‘honey’ in the contact list. Nan Shan silently remembered the contact number in her heart.


She went through the WeChat records again and clearly understood how Xiao Ran and the girl knew each other. 

During the tour organized by the company, Xiao Ran met Gu Xiaolian, a pure and simple girl in the province. They fell in love at first sight and slept together in their third meeting.

From the content of the WeChat, Gu Xiaolian knew that Xiao Ran had a girlfriend and had been asking when Xiao Ran would break up with her.

Xiao Ran didn’t give a clear answer to Gu Xiaolian’s request.

Wait, she didn’t see her name while she was looking through the contacts.

She began to look up again and found a remark in the number – ‘A woman from the mountains.’

What a fresh and refine remark. Nan Shan’s anger value had reached the max.

In the past, her name on Xiao Ran’s phone was Nan Shan.

In a long-distance relationship, she had become a woman from the mountains.

In another six months, would she become a woman from the mountains of Africa?

He also picked out a picture of a working woman wearing a headscarf and carrying a basket for her contact photo.

Xiao Ran, thank you.

“Huh?” Xiao Ran was confused. He moved the mobile phone away from his ear. Why did it suddenly become hot?

Boy, that’s your girlfriend’s anger.

“Ran Ran Ran Ran, why are you not talking?” Gu Xiaolian asked.

Xiao Ran chuckled, “The phone is a bit hot.” 

As soon as he finished speaking, the phone immediately returned to its original temperature.

He was taken aback and stared at it for a second or two. It was strange. He planned to take the mobile phone to the repair shop tomorrow.

Xiao Ran laid on his side on the bed and continued to talk with Gu Xiaolian.

She quietly listened to Xiao Ran and Gu Xiaolian chatting, yawning countless times during the period.

Gu Xiaolian talked with Xiao Ran for two hours about whether you love me or not and why you love me.

Wait, aren’t they in a romantic relationship now? You ask this kind of question over and over again. Isn’t it too late?

Nan Shan: I don’t understand you young people very much.

When Xiao Ran confirmed the following date with Gu Xiaolian, Nan Shan immediately became sober.

She wrote down the location and time in her mind. Before she left, she turned off Xiao Ran’s phone.

Young people should not stay up late. Focus on sleeping more.

Looking at the phone’s black screen, Xiao Ran fiddled with it for a long time before turning it on again. 

He found that Gu Xiaolian’s number was missing and her WeChat ID had been deleted.

All his social network account names were renamed ‘Scum Man Who Went to Africa to Dig Coals,’ and his avatars were changed to an African.

Is it a virus?

Xiao Ran frowned, puzzled.

He would take the phone tomorrow to the repair shop.

The most urgent task was to change the names back to see if any data had been modified.

And coax Gu Xiaolian well. At the thought of this, Xiao Ran’s eyebrows wrinkled into a crescent moon.

Gu Xialian was the type of girl he liked – soft and delicate.

After being forced to listen to the corner for two hours, Nan Shan finally returned to her warm and comfortable bed.

She stood up and pressed the lamp switch.

With a pop, the whole room was illuminated by warm-toned lights.

Before she came back, she left some surprises for Xiao Ran. She was too excited to know his reaction when he found out!

Nan Shan held her knees in her hands. She felt a little lonely.

After all, she had been with him for a year. It was false to say she had no feelings for him at all.

It was better to find out early than waste her time.

Life is long. She could find a better man than Xiao ran.

Nan Shan comforted herself. It was already 2 am. She had to sleep now so she wouldn’t be late for her work tomorrow.


At the bustling station, Xiao Ran carried his luggage and walked in the direction of the taxi.

He stayed up all night last night, busy comforting Gu Xiaolian’s wounded heart.

She only believed him after he explained to her for a long time.

Xiao Ran felt extremely tired.

He couldn’t help thinking of Nan Shan. If it was Nan Shan, she would definitely understand.

Xiao Ran’s head was dizzy. There were thick dark circles under his eyes.

Not long after he got in the taxi, there was a blast of music from his phone.

The caller ID was his superior, and Xiao Ran picked it up immediately.

“Hey, you…”

“Where have you been? You haven’t come to work at this time yet. Mr. He of brother company is still waiting for you…”

Before he could say anything, the leader scolded him, which made Xiao Ran’s head dizzier.

Huh? He was on a business trip, and the leader sent him. How could he come work at the company? Did the leader forget?

Xiao Ran didn’t dare argue with him. When the other party stopped talking, he replied, “I’m on a business trip to B city…”

“B City-” the leader’s voice became louder. “Didn’t I notify you? There’s no need to go on a business trip.”

He didn’t receive any news.

“I didn’t receive it.” He blurted out, feeling a little more upset in his heart.

He didn’t sleep well, and the leader had reprimanded him with unreasonable charges.

“Wait for me.”

The leader hung up the phone. Xiao Ran felt baffled.

About a few seconds later, he received a multimedia message from the leader.

Look at the time. It was a text message sent to him by the leader last midnight. He clearly told him that he didn’t have to go on a business trip and asked him to return to the company.

And he replied, “OK.”

But he really didn’t remember receiving a text message, let alone replying to the leader.

Xiao Ran touched his head in a dazed manner and remembered when his mobile phone had a problem.

Xiao Ran was lost in confusion. How should he explain this to the leader?

He even talked back to the leader just now.’

Looking at the crowd surging around, Xiao Ran stood in the car lobby, completely lost.

In the blink of an eye, it was time for Xiao Ran’s date with Gu Xiaolian.

After Nan Shan’s self-recuperate over Xiao Ran’s cheating the past few days, she became excited and had more expectations of what will happen next.

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