Female Lead Doesn’t Want to Scare People – Chapter 2

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 2

That day, Nan Shan worked hard and finished her work early.

Drinking tea leisurely, waiting to punch in and get off work.

When she went to the pantry to pour water, she heard Older Sister Li talking to Xiao Yang.

“Xiao Yang, you are so beautiful. Do you have a boyfriend?”

Xiao Yang smiled shyly, “Not yet, auntie.”

Sister Li’s eyes lit up when she heard the reply and stared at Xiao Yang. There was a bit more eagerness in her eyes, “Sister Li will help you introduce someone, a handsome young man.”

“No, I’m focusing on my career now, so I’m not in a hurry.”

Xiao Yang declined gently. “Sister Li, I’ll make coffee and go first.”

She hurriedly left with the water glass, never looking at Sister Li.

Sister Li looked regretful as she muttered: “The girl is still going to get married. Now little girls are too playful. After a few years, she can’t find a good one anymore when they get older and want to start a family. Women, the older they are, the faster they depreciate.”

It seems that she just noticed Nan Shan next to her. Sister Li said,  “Xiao Nan, don’t you think so?”

Nan Shan smiled vaguely and didn’t answer.

She had always sneered at this theory.

Girls are not low-value consumables. Their value won’t ‘increase’ nor ‘decrease.’

Sister Li didn’t seem to be in a hurry to go back to the office and leaned against the wall calmly. “Xiao Nan has a boyfriend, right?”

“Yes.” Nan Shan nodded.

After today, she would no longer have a boyfriend and wouldn’t mention this to Sister Li.

She didn’t want to be introduced by Sister Li.

“I remember,” Sister Li smiled and said, “Get married early. Finding a boyfriend while in school is the simplest.”

Nan Shan bent over and poured water,

Yes, quite simple.

After being in a long-distance relationship for less than half a year, she got cheated.

The outside world is fantastic!

She would probably still sing lovingly about Xiao Ran being a good boyfriend if she didn’t possess this ability.

La la la!

When Nan Shan made the tea, Sister Li still stood there.

She couldn’t help but said, “Sister Li, don’t introduce any man to Xiao Yang in the future.”


Nan Shan thought for a while and then choked out a few words. “She is quite independent.”

Xiao Yang likes cute girls. What could she say?

Thinking of when she became Xiao Yang’s underwear, she didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

Sister Li nodded, showing a thoughtful expression.

Nan Shan gently closed the pantry door for her, thinking that she could only help Xiao Yang with this.


After work, Nan Shan left the company as soon as possible and caught up with the bus.

Gu Xiaolian was probably in N City since the location of the date was at a western restaurant in N City.

By the way, Nan Shan worked in N City.

The western restaurant was only a few bus stops away from Nan Shan’s company. The cost of catching cheaters has been reduced a lot.

Xiao Ran dared to go there blatantly for a date because he was sure she (NS) didn’t like western food.

The appointment time was 6 pm. With Xiao Ran’s character, he would get there ten minutes earlier.

This was great. Nan Shan had ten minutes to ‘enjoy the world’ and ‘exchange feelings’ with him.

The western restaurant he chose was very emotional, with romantic music and soft lighting. There was a delicate rose in the elegant vase on the table.

The waiter was polite. He looked much more handsome than Xiao Ran, Nan Shan felt very satisfied.

She stood on one side, looked around, and saw Xiao Ran sitting by the window at a glance.

Xiao Ran lowered his head, looking at his phone, when suddenly he felt that someone patted his shoulder lightly.

He understood it and showed a petting smile, “You are here.” 

After turning his head to see that it was Nan Shan’s face, his face was stiff for a moment.

“Why are you?” Without concealing the tone of his voice, he blurted out.

Nan Shan naturally sat opposite him, showing a sly smile, “Who else would it be besides me? Didn’t you send a text message to invite me?”

She shook the phone in her hand and said in annoyance. “You know I don’t like western food, but still invited me here.”

Xiao Ran touched his forehead. His headache was coming back again while guessing that it was when the phone went wrong that night.

This mobile phone virus was too artificially intelligent. The repair shop couldn’t find anything wrong.


Mobile phone virus: I’m not involved.

Nan Shan pursed her lips and looked into his eyes. “Is the person you’re inviting not me?”

Xiao Ran shook his head stiffly, “Of course it’s you.”

He looked at the time on his cell phone. It was almost the time he agreed with Gu Xiaolian.

If the two of them met, the consequences would be disastrous.

Xiao Ran smiled softly, “Baby, it’s my fault. I forgot that you don’t like western food. Let’s go to other places to eat. The place is up to you.”

Nan Shan glanced at him sideways. Let’s see if you can still pretend.

“It’s good to try it once in a while. The environment is good here.”

Nan Shan called the waiter and ordered the dishes.

Not looking at the dishes, but only the price, making sure that Xiao Ran remembered his last meal with her.

“I’m ready,” Nan Shan glanced at Xiao Ran, who was restless. “My dear, what do you want to eat?”

Xiao Ran was obviously absent-minded, “Same as you.”

In his mind, Nan Shan wouldn’t order too many expensive dishes.

They met in school. They had each other when they stepped foot in the outside world.

Since they didn’t have much money, they didn’t eat in fancy restaurants.

Unfortunately, this time, Nan Shan was destined to disappoint Xiao Ran.

He wanted to inform Gu Xiaolian that their date was canceled, but it was too late. Just recently, he had sent a selfie to her that he had arrived in the restaurant.

“Nan Shan.” Xiao Ran said.

Nan Shan looked up, “Huh?”

Seeing her looking up, Xiao Ran thought about which words to say.

Nan Shan blinked, thinking about what garbage he would make up.

“In a moment, my cousin may come.”

Puff, Nan Shan couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

After holding back for a long time, the word ‘cousin’ was squeezed out, really…not creative at all.

“Cousin…we have to treat her well and order one for her.”

Nan Shan had already sharpened her knife in her heart.

The dishes were served slowly, Nan Shan was thrilled. Sure enough, the price determines the quality.

On the other hand, Xiao Ran was a little bit ignorant.

Twenty minutes later, his ‘cousin’ came.

Nan Shan looked at her carefully from top to bottom. Her face was not as delicate as hers, her skin was not as white, her chest was not as big as hers, and her waist was not as thin as hers.

Why did Xiao Ran fall in love with Gu Xiaolian? His vision was getting worse and worse.

Cousin Gu was surprised when she saw Nan Shan opposite Xiao Ran. It was obviously a date between two people. Who is the extra person?

She looks even better than her. She had a sense of crisis.

Xiao Ran preemptively stood up and introduced, “Xiao Lian, this is my university…”

“Girlfriend.” Nan Shan said bluntly. She didn’t want to cooperate with him.

Gu Xiaolian’s face suddenly became difficult to look at. Before Xiao Ran could explain, she smashed his head severely with her bag.

“Didn’t you say your girlfriend is from the mountains? I thought you were still with her since she’s poor. How can…” Gu Xiaolian choked as she continued. “How can she be more beautiful than me?”

Hey, sister, your focus is not correct.

Nan Shan took a deep breath and looked at Xiao Ran. He really explained to others that she came from the mountains. She picked up a full glass of lemonade in her right hand, threw it on his face, and poured it on him.

“Nan Shan, let me explain.”

Xiao Ran was so devastated at this time that he didn’t know what to say.

He liked Nan Shan but also didn’t want to give up Gu Xiaolian either.

“I dropped out of school, farmed, and worked hard to pay for your tuition fees. Finally, you became a talent. I thought you would marry me, but instead, you found a vixen in the city. I wasted my youth in vain.” 1 If you wonder if Nan Shan really farmed and worked hard to pay tuition fees for Xiao Ran, no, she did not. She followed along the ‘story line’ of Xiao Ran, calling her a woman from the mountains, which means she came from the province. Nan Shan’s shoulders trembled. In people’s eyes, they saw how she was betrayed.

She raised her head and threw a plate over again, “You wretched man, you white-eyed wolf.”

Xiao Ran listened to Nan Shan’s words and was stunned by how aggressive she acted. 

They made a lot of noise. Fortunately, there were only a few people in the western restaurant.

After listening to what Nan Shan said, they all looked at Xiao Ran with accusations.

Fiancee farmed and raised pigs in the countryside. She wasted her good years just so her sweetheart would become successful. Who knew that once he prospered, he became a heartless man?

Is this a scum man or a scum man?



Xiao Ran looked a little embarrassed at the strange eyes cast by everyone. “Let’s go out and talk.”

Nan Shan poured another glass of water over, “Just say it here, let others witness it.”

Her eyes were filled with tears, and her lips were tightly pressed.

In the eyes of outsiders, it implied heartbreak after being betrayed by a man.

“How dare you splash water?!” Gu Xiaolian reacted and then picked up the bag and attacked Nan Shan.

Nan Shan raised her eyebrows. Sister, isn’t your reaction a bit slow? She had poured more than a glass of water.

As soon as Nan Shan stretched out her hand, she grabbed the bag.


Gu Xiaolian couldn’t believe it. This woman had such big hands. It was different from the one who had raised pigs in the country.

This woman has excellent strength. Sure enough, she has raised pigs in the countryside.



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