I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 10

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 10 – Auditorium

Chu Yin was still laughing while she ran out.

She completely assimilated the role of a concubine in the ancient empire. Thinking of what she did, she felt proud.

“Host, you’re indeed a clever person!” Xueji giggled, praising its host.

Chu Yin ran to a safe place, leaned on the wall, lifted her mask, and breathed: “Of course.”

Based on her understanding of Lu Zhen, he probably won’t want to see her any time soon. After all, that man told her to go away. That young master is so proud that he would never take initiative to see her first.

She’s a far-sighted person, being able to kill two birds in one stone.

Chu Yin took a deep breath and put on her mask again. As she walked back to the classroom, she asked Xueji: “By the way, what is the power of the male lead?”

Xueji replied, “The power of the male lead is the ability to repair the broken plot that is supposed to favor the male lead. At this level, it affects the script generation of this system. Don’t worry, this system is higher than the male lead’s power.”

Chu Yin pondered for a moment–her golden finger couldn’t face this male lead’s halo directly. Could she be faster than him?

Xueji said, “It can be understood that way.”

Chu Yin was a little relieved.

To avoid walking down the previous path of being the Male Lead’s Bai Yuegang again, she could use the system’s authority to tamper with her and Lu Zhen’s opportunity to communicate to change their destiny.

Even if she couldn’t avoid the male lead’s halo, she would still do her best.

She didn’t believe that Lu Zhen would like a well-behaved and dull bookworm.

Shakespeare English Week is coming soon.

Although Chu Yin didn’t care much, the people in class 5 were still looking forward to it.

These people attached great importance to all activities, even if it was a boring recitation.

To wash away the humiliation, Fu Mingxuan prepared for a long time. She read Shakespeare’s excerpts very smoothly with great emotion.

On that day, the people from Class 5 went to the auditorium early. No one paid attention to Chu Yin.

After several verbal conflicts, the social circle headed by Fu Mingxuan became more hostile to her. After Chu Yin’s transcript records came out, everyone knew of Chu Yin’s intelligence level. Most people in Class 5 thought she was not worthy to stay in their elite class.

Even Song Zhaolin, who slept every day, had better English and Math scores than Chu Yin. Poor students like Chu Yin would lower their class’ reputation.

Song Zhaolin pickup up his coat and said to Chu Yin as he put it on, “Sister Yin, I’m going to find Brother Zhen. Do you know the auditorium?”

Chu Yin nodded: “Yes.”

Now that everyone was gone, the class was quiet. She stayed to do a comprehensive essay.

Just as she was thinking about this, the system in her brain gave a ‘ding’ sound. 

“Today’s task~ You can get permission to [change words] after completing the translation of Shakespeare’s excerpts.”

Chu Yin: “…” Okay.

Then she had to go since the materials would only be distributed in the auditorium.

Chu Yin stopped Song Zhaolin, who was about to leave: “Wait–“

Song Zhaolin quickly turned back, feeling a little excited–It was rare for Sister Yin to say something to him!

He put his hands in trouser pockets while thinking that he was very handsome today. His voice lowered as he smoothly blinked, “What’s the matter?”

Chu Yin was silent for a moment, “Are you going?”

Song Zhaolin: “Me and Brother Zhen won’t be going.”

Chu Yin raised her eyebrows slightly, “Okay.”

Song Zhaolin was a little puzzled when he left. He couldn’t tell whether Chu Yin was happy or unhappy.

Also, she looks very beautiful. Why would she wear a mask?

He couldn’t feel her sense of presence at all and couldn’t see her expression!

When Chu Yin arrived in the auditorium, people had already sat down.

The auditorium was the same as in the previous life. Chu Yin glanced at the podium, recalling the embarrassment of standing on it before.

Now she’s different.

Chu Yin was about to find a spot in the back row when suddenly her cheek met with something icy. When she turned her head, she saw Gu Qiuze smiling while handing her a can of sweet milk.

Before she was about to decline, Gu Qiuze whispered, “ Take it. I’m just your brother’s delivery guy.”

She couldn’t help but smile. She didn’t refuse any more and took the can of milk.

When he looked carefully, he could see the girl’s beautiful peach eyes. When she smiled, it was like the surface of the lake shattered in beautiful waves. Such a pair of mesmerizing eyes clearly did not match her deliberately old fashioned uniform.

Gu Qiuze looked at her without a trace and felt that the girl seemed to be hiding herself. However, out of politeness, he did not ask, but only gave a few words that Chu Shi asked him to pass on.

Gu Qiuze looked at her without blinking, feeling that this girl was hiding her self. However, out of politeness, he didn’t ask. He only said a few words that Chu Shi asked him to pass on.

Many people in the auditorium looked at them.

The students in Class 5 were more familiar with Chu Yin’s figure. The girls all showed sour and unrestrained expressions when they saw Chu Yin and Gu Qiuze standing together and talking.

Xing Lan, who was one of the top students, preferred the aura of Gu Qiuze compared to Lu Zhen, who was popular in the whole school. 

She squeezed the pen in her hand as she said, “The ‘top’ student in our class is powerful. She can hook up with anyone!”

The girl on the side also mocked and said, “Can’t you see it? Although some people don’t look good, their methods are good.”

“No wonder she’s not good at studying. Her mind is spent on men!”


Chu Qiuqiu in the distance naturally saw that scene. She even saw Gu Qiuze give Chu Yin a can of milk, and her expression was a little distorted for a moment.

Brother recently ignored her. How could he and Gu Qiuze favor Chu Yin?!

Why that country bumpkin?!

Chu Qiuqiu felt sour in her heart. She lowered her head and looked at the lottery box she had prepared in her hand when she suddenly had a flash of inspiration. 

Didn’t Chu Yin like to show off? I’ll give her a chance~

When the activity was about to start, the back door of the auditorium was suddenly opened.

The crowd suddenly began to buzz.

“Brother Zhen!”

“Is Lu Zhen taking part in this activity?”

“Ah, ah, fortunately, I’m here.”

Chu Yin didn’t bother to look back. She talked to Gu Qiuze before she turned and sat down in the corner.

Lu Zhen’s gaze swept over her subconsciously. His expression was cold, his eyes were dark, but the brown-red mole in the corner of his eyes was vivid.

Many girls dared not breathe when he glanced in their direction.

Chu Yin didn’t pay attention to him at all. She picked up the materials on the desk and began to do her translation task.

Lu Zhen retracted his gaze, his heart feeling a bit of irritability.

The last time Lu Zhen was quiet was when he scolded him.

Song Zhaolin had just looked at Chu Yin and saw that she was sitting far away. While at this, he found Brother Zhen’s gaze was on Chu Yin.

He thought about it carefully and felt that Lu Zhen was not happy at this time.

So he whispered, “Brother Zhen, do you hate my deskmate?”

Lu Zhen turned his face slightly–his eyes and the bridge of his nose outlined a cold and sharp line. His voice was weak and light as he said, “She’s your deskmate?”

“Yes,” Song Zhaolin said naively, “It’s been more than a month.”

Lu Zhen’s lips slightly pursed, and after a while, he suddenly asked, “How is your relationship?”

Song Zhaolin habitually began to brag, “Good. Ah! I think she likes me! Today, she cared whether I will come to participate or not.”

Lu Zhen rubbed his knuckles with his fingers and looked down, “Oh…”

He didn’t know if it was his illusion or not but he felt that Brother Zhen became even more unhappy.

The event officially began. It was hosted by the second year international class and Chu Qiuqiu was in charge of drawing lots.

People selected from the large lottery box would have to recite Shakespeare’s piece. Although most of the students in Huiwen are good at English, there still gaps in pronunciation and vocabulary.

Fu Mingxuan almost broke her neck from waiting, but Chu Qiuqiu didn’t seem to see her. She knew that Fu Mingxuan must be well prepared. How could she give her a chance to perform?

After everyone recited, the English teacher who sat below the podium would give out comments and pick out some mistakes. Naturally, the students would turn red after being pointed out their mistakes in front of these many people.

Chu Qiuqiu was very satisfied with this.

Her eyes swept to Chu Yin in the back corner and saw that she was looking for something on her mobile phone with her head down. Chu Qiuqiu’s smile was even more proud.

Chu Yin probably couldn’t understand what they were saying. She must be busy looking up the words.

Chu Qiuqiu held the small note in her hand and smiled with confidence.

There would be the longest and most difficult excerpt later. It had seven or eight words in a line. Chu Qiuqiu would definitely leave the best for her sister.

“Ding–Translating paragraph selection task completed , received [change word] permission. Host, you’re a great translator!”

Chu Yin put down her pen and rubbed her wrist.

There were a few new words in this excerpt that she didn’t know much about so she had to check a little bit, but overall it was not difficult for her.

“Do you want to load the script?”

Chu Yin: “Load.”

She wanted to see what Chu Qiuqiu was planning at this time.

Sure enough, her fake sister didn’t let her down——

【Chu Qiuqiu took a moment while drawing the lots before she took out a small note. Her face showed a complex expression of surprise and worry as she said out loud, “I’ve chosen Chu Yin!”】

Just like in the previous life, Chu Qiuqiu picked the hardest part of the selection to make Chu Yin make a fool of herself in front of the whole class.

The only difference was that she won’t let herself be embarrassed anymore, nor would she let Lu Zhen help her and be an enemy of the school.

Xueji asked, “Host, do you want to read it yourself?”

After reading Chu Yin’s translation, he knew that the host could read it.

Chu Yin hooked her lips: “No.”

She moved the light pen, and without hesitation, crossed out the word “Chu Yin” and changed it into “Myself”.

——In front of all these people, I won’t let this opportunity slip by 🙂

On the stage, Chu Qiuqiu pretended to take out the small note in the palm of her hand, then opened her mouth and said in a sonorous and powerful voice: “I’ve chosen myself!”

After speaking, she was dumbfounded for two seconds, then her face suddenly turned pale.

How did it become her??

——She, she, she could not read this paragraph!

Chu Yin looked at her embarrassed appearance, leaned back on the chair, and poked the system: “Do you have songs for service?”

Xueji happily enjoyed the scene as it asked, “What song do you want?”

Chu Yin smiled eerily. Picked the song~ How lonely is being invincible 1 you can click this link to be directed to the song Chu Yin picked ~



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