I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 11

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 11 – Took the exam

Chu Qiuqiu’s face turned green as she stuttered on the stage for five minutes before she finished reading.

The English teacher expressed kindly that although she did not read well, she could see that the drawing lot was transparent! Otherwise, how could the person who was drawing the lot pick herself?

Chu Qiuqiu reluctantly agreed with the teacher.

Among the audience, Fu Mingxuan and friends couldn’t hold back their laughter. Chu Qiuqiu usually was fond of showing off, but this time she was humiliated in front of the whole grade!

Chu Qiuqiu was confused even until the end of the activity. How could the note she wrote with Chu Yin’s name suddenly become her name? And even if she picked herself, she could pretend that she picked a blank piece of paper!

After she down from the podium, several classmates from international classes came together to comfort her.

“You did good, Qiuqiu! Your pronunciation is super authentic.”

“It’s okay, Qiuqiu. Everyone knows that your English is very good.”

“The mid-term exam is coming. You can prove yourself with your grades~”

Under their comfort, Chu Qiuqiu felt comfortable again – yes, the exam was coming soon.

They were all from the Liberal Arts Department. They would have to compete with each other in the midterm exam. Even if her country bumpkin sister could avoid this time, she couldn’t avoid the exam. As soon as the results come out, she would want to see her sister’s face!

When that time comes, her father, mother, brother, Gu Qiuze, and the whole school would know who was the better daughter of the Chu family.

Chu Yin studied harder these days.

She was also looking forward to the mid-term exam because——

“Ding – release the first large-scale learning task ~. In the mid-term examination, the first grade and four stars in the difficulty coefficient can be obtained. “

“Ding – a four stars difficult task has been unlocked ~ Rank first in the mid-term exam and get permission to change a single sentence.”


Although she could only change a word in the script and had achieved good results due to her artistic talent, her authority was too low resulting in her talent being ultimately constrained.

But this time she could change the whole sentence!

“Host, you’re excited~”

Can you not get excited?

As a person who lost her freedom in her last life, God knows just how sweet this feeling of having power and control.

So, in the following week, Chu Yin simply learned to forget to eat and sleep.

She had already memorized the notes for literature and comprehensive studies before reviewing it again. All the existing papers in her hand had all been corrected. She also rewrote the CET-6 words. The composition materials alone accumulated more than ten pages.

As the exam was approaching, everyone in Class 5 took it seriously. Even Song Zhaolin didn’t dare to sleep in class for fear of missing the exam points.

Being an elite class, they had always attached great importance to performance. After each test, their top priority was the posting of results for each subject. Everyone paid special attention to who received the highest score in the test–whether it was the highest score in the whole grade or the difference of the score of each person.

In the increasingly tense atmosphere of preparing for the exam, ridiculing Chu Yin became their daily coping mechanism.

Fu Mingxuan was a Bai Fumei 1 white, rich, and beautiful   and the class flower 2 class muse in their class. She took the lead in excluding Chu Yin. This kind of environment formed imperceptibly in the class, except for Song Zhaolin, who was a nice person. He was the only one who talked to Chu Yin when no one else paid attention to her.

Several boys who liked Fu Mingxuan laughed and joked, “Today, the ‘top student’ is busy studying that she forgot to use the toilet.”

Xing Lan said: “I guess I’m used to her behavior. Are there no toilets in rural schools?”

“Ha ha ha, it’s possible!”

Despite the class being noisy during the class break, it did not affect the speed of Chu Yin’s writing.

Fu Mingxuan looked back at her and sneered: “Basing from her previous records, it’s useless to work hard.”

“Maybe she isn’t working hard, but trying to show off. How can a person be immersed in learning still have time to hook up with men? Have you forgotten that she deliberately attracted the attention of Brother Zhen and Senior Gu Qiuze?”

The girls showed nauseatic expressions one after another.

The boys were shocked when they heard it for the first time.

“Fuck, what else?”

“If I were Lu Zhen or Gu Qiuze, I would be disgusted to death.”

“Ah, I hope that Chu Yin’s score will be counted separately, otherwise the class’s average score will be lowered. How can we win against Class 1 if this happens…”

Chu Yin didn’t listen to the gossip of the class. Every day, she overfulfilled her study plan and reviewed it seriously.

Because she stayed in the classroom all day and left immediately after school, she didn’t meet Lu Zhen for a while.

The day before the exam, the school posted a seating plan for the exam date.

The seating plan was based according to the final scores of last semester. Fu Mingxuan, Xing Lan, and Chu Qiuqiu were all in the first examination room. Chu Yin had no grades yet so she was placed in the last examination room.

She glanced around and saw Lu Zhen’s name in the examination room.

His seat was behind her.

Chu Yin: “…”

Song Zhaolin said beside her, “Sister Yin, your seat is the best choice.”

Chu Yin’s face was expressionless: Fuck your best choice.

However, she changed her mind and thought that Lu Zhen never took these grade exams. He had no grades like her and was placed in the last examination room.

In her previous high school life, Chu Yin thought he was a bad student who didn’t study. Later, she realized that he had been receiving elite education arranged by his family.

As long as that dog man won’t come to affect her exam, everything would go easy.

In the evening, Lu Zhen and his friends came out for dinner.

Song Zhaolin and Tan Ke were not polite and ordered a big table of foods.


In the process of being served by the headwaiter, Song Zhaolin asked Lu Zhen: “By the way, Brother Zhen, will you go to the exam tomorrow?”

Tan Ke laughed: “When did Brother Zhen ever go?”

Song Zhaolin nodded: “Right.”

Lu Zhen’s expression was nonchalant as his long slender fingers turned the glass, “What did you ask for?”

When all the dishes were placed on the table, Song Zhaolin said vaguely as he ate, “My deskmate is arranged to sit in front of you. I thought you hated her. You might get angry if you go.”

Lu Zhen’s fingers suddenly stopped.

Tan Ke didn’t know this person yet and stared, “Who is it?”

“Chu Yin,” Song Zhaolin said, “The Chu family took that daughter back.”

They were all in the wealthy circle. Of course, Tan Ke knew about it. The girl got scolded in the forum because of her transcript records.

But other than that, the was nothing attractive about this daughter of the Chu family. She was neither excellent nor beautiful. Tan Ke changed the subject after mentioning her for a second.

Lu Zhen slightly lowered his eyes, his dark pupils looked at the edge of the glass. No one could read the meaning of his expression.

After a long time, he suddenly said, “I hate her?”

Song Zhaolin and Tan Ke did not keep up: “Ah?”

Lu Zhen threw the glass and gave a low smile.

It’s the opposite.

On the morning of the next day, Chu Qiuqiu read the books in the car. Class 5 was very quiet at this time, and even Song Zhaolin was paying close to the key points of the subjects.

But this day, Chu Yin was already relaxed.

Near eight o’clock, people in the classroom went to their examination room. When Chu Yin walked into the penultimate examination room, several girls stretched their necks in anticipation, and then hung back in disappointment.

The students went to their respective examination room after the clock nearly reached eight o’clock. Several girls stretched their necks in anticipation, but when they saw Chu Yin walking into the room, they hung back in disappointment.

Chu Yin glanced and saw Lu Zhen didn’t come. Very good √

Her front and back seats were empty, with only two girls sitting on both her left and right sides. Because Huiwen is rich, even for this kind of mid-term examination, they put a signal screening device and strict checks on mobile phones. The girls on both sides were so bored that they almost cried during the exam. They leaned on the papers to doodle to pass the time.

Chu Yin was no affected by their behavior. She answered the exam very steadily in the morning.

By the afternoon of the math exam, the girls in the classroom had lost all hope and were no longer looking forward to it. Their heads laid on the table boredly, waiting for the test papers to come.

When the teacher came in with the sealed paper, the back door was suddenly opened.

There was a commotion in the classroom.

After a few seconds, Chu Yin felt a gust of air behind her–a clear and pleasant smell.

Her body-memory immediately reminded her that this was Lu Zhen’s scent.

The girls on both sides immediately sat up, adjusted their posture, arranged their hair, and were full of excitement.

The boy was tall, and after sitting down, there was no space to put his long legs. He looked at the person in front and noticed her stiffness and anxiety.

Because of the close distance, Lu Zhen could see the porcelain white back of her neck that was exposed because of her ponytail. Few strands of hair fell on her delicate soft neck.

Lu Zhen couldn’t help but get closer: “Pass the papers, classmate.”

Chu Yin scolded him in her heart, but on the surface, she had to pass the papers properly.

As soon as she turned around, Lu Zhen’s gaze fell on her face.

The girl’s eyelashes fluttered down, like a row of crow feathers. Her skin was tender and soft, and he could see the light blue blood vessels on her eyelids.

Chu Yin quickly turned back.

Dog man looked at me!

The math scores for the liberal arts students had the most effect on the scores and could widen the differences in the average score. 

She must get the best score to get the best results.

After finishing the first twelve choices, Chu Yin took a deep breath with an expression of wanting to kill and told the system, “Load the current script.”

…Lu Zhen, that dog! Yes! Look!

Look at me again, I’ll kill you!

Sure enough, the male lead’s halo was to counter her golden finger, preventing her from getting higher authority!!

Although Lu Zhen couldn’t hear her voice, he could feel her indistinct agitation.

Bookworms could get irritated like this, too?

Just because she couldn’t solve the problem?

She seemed to be poor in her studies.

Chu Yin immediately browsed the script:

【Lu Zhen was not answering his test papers. He was sitting in the examination room for two hours with one hand on his cheek.】

“Can I blind the man?”

Xueji: “What?”

Chu Yin was ready to move her light pen:  Change “sitting” to “blind”

Xueji: “It’s impossible to hurt him, host.”

But a few seconds later, Chu Yin still crossed the word.

She changed “sitting” to “sleeping”

Let’s see if you can still look at me!!

After this, she couldn’t feel his gaze anymore.

The young man put his arms on the table and closed his eyes. The tear mole at the corner of his eyes was hidden safely in his eyelashes. His face exuded elegance. 

The thoughts of all girls in the classroom were all about him.

Chu Yin finally finished the test paper thoroughly and smoothly. There were still ten minutes left after she reviewed her answers.

Lu Zhen woke up.

She smiled, handed in the papers, and left the scene unhurriedly.

——See you again!



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