I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 12

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 12 – First in the grade

After Chu Yin walked out of the examination room, she met Chu Qiuqiu and her best friends outside the school gate.

Those who could appear on campus at this time were either top students who handed their papers earlier or poor students who randomly answered the questions quickly.

When Chu Qiuqiu saw Chu Yin, she took her for the latter.

Chu Qiuqiu’s friends lamented, “It’s finished. Math is too difficult. What about you, Qiuqiu?”

Chu Qiuqiu glanced at Chu Yin and said with a smile, “I think it’s okay? It’s not very difficult.”

“You’re amazing! Qiuqiu, the final question, were you able to answer it?”

Chu Qiuqiu flipped her hair and implicitly said, “The x I calculated is equal to three-quarter of the root.”

“My God, you’ve worked it out!”

“I think you’re not just going to score more than 104 points this time at math, but you might get the full score!”

Chu Yin passed by them without expression.

What the hell is three-quarter of the root?

The answer is X = 1.

After returning home, the Chu parents happened to be at home. They learned that their two daughters took the midterm exam very seriously.

Mother Chu asked with concern, “How was the exam today? Can Qiuqiu keep the ranking?”

Chu Qiuqiu coquettishly said, “Mom, I have been seriously reviewing until midnight these days, and my efforts will be rewarded.”

Father Chu nodded with satisfaction: “Heaven rewards diligence. You’re worthy of being the daughter of our Chu family.”

Although they all knew that Qiuqiu was an adopted daughter, this adopted daughter was very competitive, which proved that their original vision was not wrong.

Chu Yin indifferently looked at the scene of Father Chu’s kindness and filial piety, while Chu Shi who sat beside her frowned slightly.

After the Chu parents praised their adopted daughter, they felt embarrassed when they looked at their biological daughter because they hadn’t gotten close to her plus her achievements were too poor. 

Mother Chu politely asked, “How does Xiaoyin feel? Are the questions of Huiwen more difficult than your previous school?”

Chu Yin swallowed the food in her mouth and objectively replied, “It’s okay.”

She was already at the university level and had studied abroad. The knowledge that Lu Zhen forced her to learn together was much more difficult than that of domestic high schools. This exam was just an ordinary mid-term in the second year of high school, and it was less difficult for Chu Yin.

Mother Chu said, “I will enroll you in some remedial classes after you pass each subject.”

“……” Chu Yin nodded.

Chu Qiuqiu listened to these, her eyebrows scrunched up – her parent’s treatment of her who was excellent and her sister who was senseless are not the same! 

Sure enough, her parents have higher hopes for her!

In the evening, Chu Yin memorized the key points of the three subjects of history, geography, and politics. She didn’t worry about English. She had a strong foundation so she didn’t need to review it. She just needed to be careful in the exam.

After she washed and was preparing to go to bed, there was a gentle knock coming from her door.

As soon as the door opened, her brother stood outside: “Haven’t you slept yet?”

Chu Yin nodded: “Going to sleep now.”

Chu Shi touched her head: “Don’t take the exam seriously. You can do whatever you want.”

Although her brother was very warm-hearted, he also thought that she would do a bad job in the exam. Chu Yin was a little puzzled: “Okay, I will try my best.”

Chu Shi also laughed: “Don’t be afraid. I’ll find a bright student to bless you.”

The next day, Chu Yin was helpless when he saw Gu Qiuze outside the examination room.

It seemed that some things would not change. In the last life, his brother acted like a cupid for her and Gu Qiuze. This life was still the same.

The senior leaned against the wall. He was clean and handsome, and the girls who passed by flushed red at his presence.

Chu Yin stopped in front of him. Gu Qiuze raised his fingertip and pressed on her forehead: “Blessing has come.”

Chu Yin smiled, “Thank you very much.”

Gu Qiuze was stunned before he laughed. “Go and attend your exam now.”


When Chu Yin turned the corner with her schoolbag on her back, she saw Lu Zhen.

——He stood at the door of the classroom, grimly looking at her.

Huh, the dog man is in a bad mood?

Chu Yin thought of what she had done to him yesterday, for a second, she felt guilty, but then she became confident again. It would be nice not to let him feel the world of the blind. Lu Zhen still dared to stare at her!

She didn’t look down. She didn’t look down.

She lowered her eyes, pretended not to see as she bowed her head and walked into the classroom.

Lu Zhen simply laughed.

Afraid of him?

She talks and laughs with others, but when she sees him, she acts as if she hadn’t seen him.

After growing up as the young master of the Lu family, this was the first time he felt so unwelcome.

By a little bookworm.

“Chu Yin.” 

Lu Zhen called her name for the first time.


Chu Yin paused, her ears itched physiologically.

“I won’t go in today. You take the exam.” Lu Zhen looked down at her as his voice lowered. “I…I’m not dangerous.”

Chu Yin finally raised her eyes.

Her glass-like pupil was moist and clear and her thick eyelashes above her eyes were hazy that reflected her soft beauty.

This was the first time she looked at him firmly, neither hiding nor avoiding.

Lu Zhen held his breath subconsciously.

A few seconds later, he slowly exhaled and turned away: “I’m leaving.”

His heartbeat was wild as he left in a hurry.

Chu Yin looked back inexplicably.

“Do you know what’s written in my eyes?” She said to Xueji


“‘I’ is written in my left eye, and ‘live’ is written in my right eye.”1 Probably meant that she’ll live when he’s gone

——I won’t have any evil intentions if this dog man doesn’t exist 🙂


The day’s exam ended smoothly.

The questions of the three subjects were all in the range of Chu Yin’s scope. English was relatively simple for her. Chu Yin could answer the questions very smoothly.

Huiwen’s students took a weekend off after the exams. When Monday arrived, it ushered in the long-awaited results.

Class 5 students were very nervous. Students were rushing to the teacher’s office to ask for the ranking results.

Unfortunately, the grading efficiency of Huiwen was not good. Since the rankings were yet to be posted, everyone in the class was too anxious to study. Although Chu Yin was also looking forward to the results, she was much calmer than them.

The first section of the afternoon was English. We all know that machine-readable English is the fastest. As soon as the English teacher enters the classroom, several boys call on him.

The first part of the afternoon was English. Everyone knew that English was the fastest subject the machine could check. When the English teacher entered the classroom, a few boys called, “Teacher, it’s time to announce the English results!”

The English teacher held the paper, glanced at the whole class, and said with a smile, “Let’s talk about the topic first!”

In this case, Class 5 did well in the English exam.

Xing Lan poked Fu Mingxuan and frowned: “Xuanxuan, I think you’re in the top for this subject.”

Fu Mingxuan was the best English student in her class. She could get 104 each time.

She hooked her lips and guessed that she could outrank Chu Qiuqiu this time.

As the teacher talked about the questions and the correct answers were announced for each, the students in Class 5 either cheered or wailed.

Next to Chu Yin, Song Zhaolin was wailing almost all the time.

His body and mind suffered a huge blow. He couldn’t help looking over his head – Sister Yin was holding her cheek in one hand and turning the red pen in the other hand. She looked relaxed.

He understood.

There were so many mistakes that she was too lazy to change them.

It’s the same with him, TAT

After the discussion finished, Chu Yin finally put down her pen.

All right.

Now that the results could be roughly estimated, the class was very noisy. All the students in Class 5 look at Fu Mingxuan, the best English student, and asked, “How did you do, Xuanxuan?”

Fu Mingxuan spread out her paper, with pride in her eyes: “I made two mistakes.”

No one in the class could do these two questions correctly. The listening test was based on American slang. People who had not visited abroad would have no understanding of it.

——Other than that, her English-reading section was all right!

“Damn, that’s awesome!”

“Xuanxuan, you are a great god.”

“Then you are the best in class?”

Fu Mingxuan did very well. She was smiling all over her face. When she turned back to talk to people, she caught a glimpse of Chu Yin. She was lowering her head, her face was blocked by her bangs and mask. She had no sense of existence as usual.

Did you hear that, Country Bumpkin? Now it’s time for her to know the achievement level of their elite class.

On the first day of school, Chu Qiuqiu said that Chu Yin couldn’t understand English. How many points could she get? 50? In any case, she would lower the average score of their class.

The boys began to cry: “Teacher, we already discussed the questions, you quickly say the results!”

The English teacher’s face was full of smiles as her eyes swept across the corner by the window.

The result was really beyond her expectation, but what surprised her most was that student. 

She had seen it many times before. When other students bought milk tea and chatted between class breaks, she was the only student who was still studying silently in her seat.

Originally, she thought that the gap in educational resources would lead to her weak English foundation, but the child unexpectedly gave her a big surprise!

“First of all, Congratulations, the English test results are very good!”

“Is the top 1 for the whole grade in our class?”

The English teacher nodded: “Yes!”

All of a sudden, the crowd turned to Fu Mingxuan.

Fu Mingxuan straightened her back with a smile. She outranked Chu Qiuqiu in English!

But the teacher’s next sentence left the whole class shocked——

“The top 1 in the class achieved a perfect score in the whole grade!”


Just now Fu Mingxuan said that she had two wrong questions. Who got the perfect score?!

At this time, Chu Yin’s brain sounded a crisp and cheerful electronic sound——

“Ding – First achievement in English subject √ grade one task completion 15% ~! Host, success is one step closer.”

Chu Yin leaned on the back of the chair with a peaceful face.

Fu Mingxuan’s face was very stiff. Was it Jiang Yan? If not, who? Who else in the class was better than her in English?

However, the English teacher’s excited eyes fell on the corner by the window.

“The one who scored the perfect score is the transfer student, Chu Yin! Everyone applause!”



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