I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 13

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 13 – First Rank

Chu Yin?! Perfect score?!!

Because of the shock, no one in the class applauded at all, only the clapping sound of the English teacher could be heard.

“As we all know, Chu Yin came from a provincial middle school, and her foundation in English is no better than everyone–But! This only proves that inferior educational resources can’t rival the fruits of hard work! I often saw Chu Yin studying quietly in her seat while everyone played during class breaks.”

No one listened to what the English teacher was saying.

Class 5 was hit by a huge impact.

Chu Yin felt a little shame in her heart.

Educational resources were indeed unbalanced. After all, she went abroad to study in her previous life.

I’m sorry.

The class ended with great praise of Chu Yin from the English teacher. Class 5 blew up after the teacher left.

“How is it possible? You’ve seen her previous transcripts. How many points did she have in English? Didn’t she failed it?”

“Anyway, I don’t believe she can get a perfect score in English. Is she making a joke?”

The most affected of this all was Fu Mingxuan. Her English had always been the subject she was most proud of. She already performed very well this time, thus everyone was congratulating her just now. Who knew that someone beat her with a perfect score–

And it was the country bumpkin who just transferred?!

Everyone was thinking– How did Chu Yin take the test? They never voiced their opinions.

Fu Mingxuan pushed aside the paper and sneered: “if you have the ability, copy it first.”

Chu Yin didn’t listen to the various whispers in the class because in her mind Xueji gave a prompt:

“Ding–You’ve been granted the permission of [change a word] for successfully placing first in a single subject. It has been delivered to the host account~” 

Chu Yin was satisfied. She didn’t expect that there would be additional rewards.

She’ll use it later.

It took Song Zhaolin a long time to recover from the sadness of ‘I thought you were in the same boat with me, who knows you left me and even soared into the sky’.

He looked at Chu Yin bitterly and sorrowfully said, “Sister Yin, your English is so good.”

Seeing his hidden bitterness with a mixture of melancholy, Chu Yin wanted to laugh, “Did I say I’m not good?”

Song Zhaolin was dumbfounded and then said, “Huh?”

Chu Yin’s poor learning, Chu Yin pretended to be a top student, Chu Yin’s inability to understand English…All these rumors that others spoke were not confirmed at all!

Song Zhaolin suddenly had a terrible premonition, “Then will you do well in other subjects…” 

Chu Yin laughed, “I don’t know yet.”

The next part was Chinese.

The Chinese teacher didn’t discuss the topic and directly issued everyone’s test papers.

“Jiang Yan Chinese 138!” Someone exclaimed.

With the experience of the last class, the students asked in advance: “Teacher, is 138 the highest score?”

Chinese teacher smiled: “Yes. It’s also the first in all the grades. Very good!”

There was a sense of relief.

Xing Lan’s score was 128. She poked Fu Mingxuan: “How about you?”

Fu Mingxuan was 132, also very high. 

She turned around and looked. When she saw Chu Yin lowered her head unhappily, she immediately smiled. The frustrations in her heart dissipated a lot.

Chu Yin looked at her Chinese paper, 135. Well, it’s within her estimation.

The Chinese class was over after giving out the papers.  This time, the atmosphere was much more relaxed. While everyone gathered together to talk about their scores, they unintentionally glanced at Chu Yin.

The last one was the History class. The History teacher brought the results of both the subjects of literature and comprehensive study together.

After the test papers were sent out, the teacher looked at the expectant eyes of the Class 5 students. He simply told them the results of the three subjects:

“The highest score in History is 95! Politics…Let me think about it…Teacher Song said that your class’s highest score is 98. The Geography is 94. Yes! You all did well in the exam!”

Every time he announced the highest scores per subject, there were cheers from the class.

“I am the highest in History!” 

“Geography is me, hahaha!” 

“Wow! Politics is me!”

None of them was from Chu Yin.

Class 5 was completely relieved this time.

No one could cheat in Chinese since it has densely written essays and characters. Wasn’t she showing her true colors? She could only take advantage of English!

Fu Mingxuan’s heart was also at ease. She had the highest score in History, while her scores in the other two subjects were not bad. She guessed she would rank in the top three in the class. Counting English…As long as she could perform well in math, she would be the first in the class this time!

The History teacher gave an interesting lecture. The atmosphere was very good throughout the class. It was not until the class was over that some students remembered to ask him:

“So, Teacher Liu, who ranked first in comprehensive?”

“Well? Didn’t I mention it?” The history teacher chuckled, “A classmate in your class ranked second in the three subjects of History, Geography, and Politics. The comprehensive score is more than ten points higher than the second-ranking.”


The History teacher’s eyes glanced around the class, “I also want to recognize this classmate’s face–where is Chu Yin sitting?”


As soon as his voice dropped, the whole class was in an uproar!

Everyone turned their heads collectively, their necks almost broke.

Chu Yin calmly put away the papers, raised her hand, and said placidly, “Here.”

Song Zhaolin’s premonition came true. He was so touched that he covered his chest while shedding happy tears. 

After the teacher went out, the class was surprisingly quiet.

The subject of Mathematics was the only one left. Originally, everyone was looking forward to it, but now they suddenly felt fear.

What if…the country bumpkin they always looked down upon was really a school top student? Judging from her current scores, her English and Literature were excellent. If her Mathematics was not too bad…

Fu Mingxuan’s mentality was about to collapse.

She calculated in her heart, at present, Chu Yin was at least 20 points higher than her, 20 points!! How could this be possible?!

Fu Mingxuan couldn’t hold back this kind of suffocation, and could not admit the fact in any case. So when she looked back at Chu Yin again and found that she folded something secretly and put it in her schoolbag, the whole person was shocked.

Fu Mingxuan couldn’t hold back her breath. She couldn’t admit this fact anyway. When she looked back at Chu Yin again and found that she had secretly folded something and stuffed it into her schoolbag, she became excited.

She ran over with blood pumping in her veins as she grabbed Chu Yin’s bag, “Did you cheat?!”

Chu Yin guessed that she would be doubted, but didn’t expect it so suddenly.

As she told the system to load the script, she pulled back her bag: “Hands off.”

When the class heard the bickering, they focused their eyes on them.

Chu Yin browsed the script:

【Fu Mingxuan didn’t let go. She turned her head and told the class in a loud voice, “I just saw      what she secretly hid!”

As soon as the students heard, they showed a suspicious look.

Fu Mingxuan continued to press Chu Yin: “Your grades are not normal. Did you prepare a cheat sheet? Let me look through the bag!”】

Who would keep the cheat sheet until now?? Chu Yin wanted to applaud this mentally retarded plot.

Fu Mingxuan was aggressive at once: “–You admit it!”

Chu Yin sneered, “Are you sick in your brain?”

What Chu Yin folded up was a page of notes, which recorded the key points of the comprehensive exam. Originally, It didn’t matter if it was taken out. It would take some words to explain at most, but Chu Yin changed her mind at this moment.

——She decided to personally highlight Fu Mingxuan’s sick brain once and for all.

【Fu Mingxuan grabbed her bag, took out an origami from it, and said aloud, “Look! This is it…the cheat sheet!】

Chu Yin moved the light pen and changed one of the words in this paragraph.

Therefore, Fu Mingxuan snatched her schoolbag, opened it recklessly, and rummaged inside.

Everyone stared at her scorchingly.

A few seconds later, Fu Mingxuan took out a pancake from her schoolbag.

“Look! This is it–”

Everyone: “???”

Wasn’t this just a fucking big pancake?

This time, the suspicious eyes shifted to Fu Mingxuan. This situation was like a farce Fu Mingxuan directed and acted under jealousy.

Chu Yin took the pancake back and said sincerely, “If you are sick, go and treat it.”

Fu Mingxuan turned blue.

As her boiling blood calmed down, she saw the eyes of her classmates, and suddenly realized how out of line her behavior was.

Fu Mingxuan’s lips stammered twice. Just as she was trying to explain, the math teacher came with the paper in her arms.

At this point, the eyes of the whole class were almost frightened.

“Why do you have this expression? You did very well on the exam!”

“In particular, one of your classmates made a big change–“

Fu Mingxuan, as well as all the students in class 5, felt a sense of foreboding.

The last word they want to hear now was a change!

But at the next moment, the voice of the math teacher sounded: “Chu Yin, perfect score in Math! Very good!!”

Fu Mingxuan was hit hard.

There’s only one thought in her mind: her number one ranking is gone, it’s gone…

Fu Mingxuan’s mentality finally collapsed completely. After a few seconds, she ran out of the classroom crying.


“I saw Fu Mingxuan running out crying just now. I think she failed the exam.” A girl from the international class returned to her seat and said to Chu Qiuqiu with a smile.

Chu Qiuqiu’s face was surprised, but her heart was filled with joy.

Today, she did well in every subject. Her Mathematics and English were more than 104. Not only could she maintain her grade ranking, but she also guessed she would be promoted a few ranks higher. Her parents would be very satisfied.

How high could Chu Yin get? When the ranking gets out, Chu Yin had to look at them. Let’s show them to our parents and make a sharp contrast~

She didn’t wait long when someone ran in the corridor shouting, “The ranking list is finally posted!”

The students of the international class quickly open the online site and logged in to the account to check the score list.

“Quick, Qiuqiu, check your rank. Are you in the top five of the whole grade this time?” Several friends urged.

“Okay, okay. I’ll go and take a look.”

Everyone stares at the projector screen. As the roller slides upward, Chu Qiuqiu seems to see a familiar name.

Rolling stopped, grade ranking remained in the top ten, Chu Qiuqiu ranked seventh, with a total score of 661.

“The score is so high, Qiuqiu!”

“7th rank is so good! Oh, if I can get this score, my father will be very happy!”

Before they could say more, their attention was suddenly attracted by others–

Someone said in surprise: “Damn! who is the 1st rank? Is it a monster?”

“The total score is 713?! The second place is only 702! “

“Which class? Class five? “

After a few seconds of silence, a bigger roar broke out on the platform: “First place, Chu Yin?”

In the corner of the classroom, Lu Zhen, who bowed his head to play with his mobile phone, suddenly raised his head.

“Fuck! This is not the ranking list…”

“Yes! Isn’t she a terrible student?”

Tan Ke also raised his head. He carefully looked at the name of the person who ranked first and said, “My God, Lin Zi, his deskmate is actually a hidden jewel.”

Lu Zhen slightly raised his chin and looked at the ranking list. After a long time, he laughed.

Tan Ke: “Brother Zhen, what are you laughing at?”

Lu Zhen shook his head with a smile.

The little bookworm is a good student.

So…she hated him because he was a bad student who didn’t take the exam?

Chu Qiuqiu’s face was pale. She was stunned by the news and stood up with disbelief on her face.

“What’s wrong with you, Qiu Qiu?”

“My sister…she studies very poorly in the town. She can’t get such a high score!”

Indeed, who hadn’t seen her transcript?

“You mean, did she…”

“Damn, do you think she cheated?”

Chu Qiuqiu calmed down and said, “if she does something like this, for the fairness of the whole year, I will definitely…”

Before she finished, someone kicked the table in the back of the classroom.

The noise in the class stopped abruptly.

“—Shut up.”

The whole class looked over in an instant–

Chu Qiuqiu’s face was ugly. When she looked at Lu Zhen’s cold gaze, she realized that her legs went weak.

Lu Zhen opened his mouth, every word was very clear: “I was in the same examination room as her. There was no one in the front. I was in the back. The one sitting in her left and right sides scored less than 200 points.”

His lips hooked as he smiled sarcastically, “Whose did she copy, mine?”

Chu Qiuqiu’s face was blue and white.

No one in the international class dared to say more.

At this time, the ranking was also published in Class 5.

The first grade in the ranking list, Chu Yin, total score, 713.

There were no explanations needed.

Who could copy the 1st rank?

Whose copy did she copy?

Chu Yin looked at the ranking and listened to the wonderful system prompt sound in her mind:

Rank first in the whole grade is completed!

Congratulations to the host for getting the permission of 【Change a single sentence】 and the special reward item 【Replace card】 ~ “



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