I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 – You show up again!

The ranking list posted today was expected to cause a commotion.

The student who was ridiculed by the group because of her transcript records ranked first in the whole grade.

The explosive news soon spread throughout the school, even reaching the third grade of senior high school.

Chu Shi looked several times at the ranking list for the second year in disbelief, while Gu Qiuze stood beside him with a slightly surprised expression.

He remembered that day he gave blessings to Chu Yin outside the examination room. Now it seemed that she didn’t need it at all.

After Chu Shi confirmed it, there was a strong sense of pride in his heart. He was happier than when he won the prize himself. His voice raised, “My sister got the 1st rank in the exam!”

The boys around him laughed, “Your sister is in 7th.”

“No, my sister ranked first.” He said.

Other people didn’t hear what he said, but Gu Qiuze who was next to him raised his eyebrows and smiled.

The girl deliberately concealed herself. Although he didn’t know the reason, he knew that the light she tried to cover would eventually leak.

Could she hide it forever?

That evening, Chu Shi told Father Chu and Mother Chu the news that Chu Yin was the first in the whole grade.

The shock of the two was too obvious since the forks in their hands fell.


“Xiao Yin got the first rank in the whole grade in the exam?”

Chu Qiuqiu sat on the opposite side, her face extremely ugly.

She got the seventh rank with a score of 661, which was better than her last semester’s score.

She could have been happy showing off to her parents, but now, in front of the 1st rank, her progress and achievements were not worth mentioning.

Her biological daughter hadn’t received a good education for ten years, but she was able to get such results. After being surprised, Mother Chu said excitedly, “Xiao Yin turned out to be so good! You deserve to be our daughter!”

This sentence didn’t have deep meaning at all, but Chu Qiuqiu suddenly felt it was harsh. Did she mean that Chu Yin was the only real daughter? She squeezed the knife and fork in her hands as her expression became distorted.

But Chu Yin’s emotion did not fluctuate.

…Worthy of their daughter?

All her achievements were learned by herself, which had nothing to do with her blood relationship and the education of the Chu family.

Father Chu and Mother Chu felt the same. They proudly believe that Chu Yin was indeed the blood daughter of the Chu Family! With a gratified expression on Father Chu’s face, he said, “Our children are better than others! You are all the pride of your father!”

Chu Shi looked at his red-faced parents and reminded them, “So what’s the reward for doing so well in the exam?”

Father Chu thought of it and said, “Yes! There must be!”

In the past, the Chu family used to give money to them every time they got good grades. Because Xiao Yin gave them a big surprise, she should be rewarded!

After dinner, Mother Chu handed a card to Chu Yin: “There are 200,000 here, take it as pocket money.”

When Chu Yin raised her eyebrows, she didn’t feel much praise from her parents, but she appreciated the money.

After all, she would leave the family, and it was difficult for her to earn money as a minor, so it was necessary to save some savings for herself.

“Thank you.”

Chu Qiuqiu also got a reward, but it was only 50,000.

In sharp contrast, those who get higher and who were better would get more rewards. This was the rule.

Chu Qiuqiu thought she was the pride of the Chu family, but now there was heavy pressure on her head.

So, in the future, would their parents give priority to Chu Yin?

Chu Qiuqiu suddenly had an unprecedented sense of crisis.

No, she won’t allow it to happen.

After the mid-term examination, Chu Yin became a celebrity.

Strangely, when they ridiculed her grades, no one wanted to know what she looked like. But after she ranked first in the whole grade, they always come over to have a look at her face.

But they were all disappointed.

“Why is she wearing a mask?”

“I don’t know. What’s more, the school uniform she’s wearing is rustic.”

“Maybe this is the appearance of a bookworm…”

Fu Mingxuan was the second in her class and the fourth in the whole grade. She won several places against Chu Qiuqiu, but she was not happy at all. Now, people came and passed by their class hoping to see Chu Yin. She was more uncomfortable. 

Xing Lan came over and whispered, “Xuanxuan, I heard from my friends in the international class that Chu Qiuqiu was scolded by Lu Zhen that day.”

After hearing this, Fu Mingxuan finally came to her senses and asked happily, “How did she provoke Lu Zhen?”

“All the people in their class saw it,” said Xing Lan hesitantly. “It seems that it was because Chu Qiuqiu said that Chu Yin cheated in the class, and then…”

Fu Mingxuan suddenly felt she was splashed with cold water.

Is Lu Zhen helping Chu Yin speak??

The second time?!

Xing Lan quickly pulled her: “Don’t worry, there’s no way he’s thinking about her. What do you think will happen if her mask is taken off?”

Fu Mingxuan sneered: “I guess the lower half of her face is deformed, otherwise why put on a mask every day?”

Although they didn’t know whether she was deformed or not, they thought that Chu Yin was not beautiful, otherwise, why would she cover her face?


Xing Lan suddenly thought of something, winked, and said,  “Xuanxuan, in a few days…there will be the school flower1 most beautiful student or the muse contest.”

At this time of the year, the selection of the school’s most beautiful and handsome student is an old tradition in Huiwen. Last year, Lu Zhen overtook Gu Qiuze and was cast as the new school’s apollo 2 It’s becoming redundant to mention ‘school’s most handsome student’. I’ll be naming this into Apollo .

The special thing about this year was that the selected school flower and apollo would dance together at the upcoming party.

The school’s apollo would most likely be Lu Zhen, so Fu Mingxuan did not want to give this opportunity to other girls.

Xing Lan’s brain circuit was very simple. Her sisters hate Chu Yin. Even if Chu Yin proves herself with her grades, she still can’t stand Chu Yin.

She suggested: “Since people are curious about Chu Yin’s face. We will post photos of her at that time.”

Fu Mingxuan thought it was a wonderful idea. When the time comes, she would nominate Chu Yin as the school’s flower. Her photo would be posted alongside the other contestant. At the thought that she could crush Chu Yin, her frustration with her grades dissipated.

“But how can we get her picture?”

“There’s a swimming class next week. I don’t believe she can swim with a mask on.”



Chu Yin was indifferent to changes in the environment.

She had permission to change sentences in her hand. Although she had another card that seemed to be awesome, she didn’t know about the rules, so she was a little cautious.

This kind of large-scale authority was rare. It must be used in the plot’s key points.

After memorizing the book, Chu Yin spent some time recalling what happened in her last life. 

Any bad things that could happen…

Huiwen had a crappy selection contest. In her last life, she did not deliberately cover up her appearance and was selected as the school’s flower.

Lu Zhen, that dog man, was the school’s apollo.

These students prefer meaningless titles. They automatically form a customary contest. Lu Zhen seemed to recognize this concept and pursuing her abnormally. The girls who targeted her in the school began to increase suddenly, causing countless troubles for her.

In this life, she did nothing to be coupled with the dog man. Who loves to be the school’s flower?


Although she didn’t want to be the school’s flower, she never expected that so many weird rumors began to generate in school.

After finishing the system’s task, Chu Yin went to the toilet.

She was in the cubicle when she heard chatters outside:

“I heard that the face of the student who ranked first is terrible!”

“I heard that too! It also said that the lower half of her face is deformed? “

“My God, that’s too bad. Is this the price of having good grades…”

The voice of the people was getting farther away.

Chu Yin flushed the toilet without expression. She came out and looked at the mirror.

….Deformed your uncle!!!

These non-sense content would not be written in the script. Chu Yin didn’t even know that this kind of rumor spread throughout the whole school.

While she walked in the corridor, the stares of the students became even more complex–both curiosity and pity, but also with a little respect. As soon as she passed, she heard whispers.

Chu Yin took a deep breath. She simply didn’t want to listen so she put on earphones to listen to a song.

It was an old song she liked very much in her last life. The tone was gentle.

But before she could listen more, the other side of her earphone was suddenly pulled off gently.

As soon as Chu Yin turned around, she saw Lu Zhen’s face.

He wore a black sweater. He looked fair and handsome with his tall physique and long legs. The mole at the corner of his eyes made him even more exquisite.

As soon as she saw him, Chu Yin remembered the rumor just now, and the pitiful glances along the way——

Who was she wearing the mask for!

Who was the cause of the rumor! Because! For! Who!!

This son of a bitch doesn’t know at all!! I’ll kill you, Lu Zhen!!!

Lu Zhen, who knew nothing about the fluctuations in her mind, lowered his head slightly, only to feel that this little bookworm’s eyes looked brighter and beautiful than before. The heart-throbbing that made him toss and turn for the past several days gently entangled his heart again.

He curled his fingers slightly and subconsciously lowered his voice: “What are you listening to?”

When Chu Yin suddenly realized this situation was very familiar, her killing intent grew even more.

Lu Zhen also took off her earphones in her previous life and put them on his ears.

That time, when Lu Zhen heard the old song. He said that he also liked this kind of song and they seemed to like the same thing.

…Dog man shows up a lot.

This time, Chu Yin would not give him a chance. She skillfully told the system to open the script then found the sentence:

【Lu Zhen put on her earphone and heard the old-song playing on her mobile phone】

With a light pen, the 【old-song】was changed into the 【buddhist-chant】

You dare to act coy, dare to flirt again!

You go and listen to the Buddhist scripture!

Lu Zhen carefully observed her look. When he saw that she did not object, the corners of his lip slightly curled as he put the earphone on his left ear.

Then he heard the gentle chant——

“Om Mani Padme Hum…”

“Om Mani Padme Hum…”

Lu Zhen: “???”

The girl’s eyes were innocent: “?”

Lu Zhen rarely hesitated: “You’re listening to…the Daming Mantra?”

“Yes.” Chu Yin nodded, “Reminding myself that everything is empty.”

Don’t kill, don’t be impulsive:)


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