I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 15 part 1

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 15 – Exposed (1)

Lu Zhen was stunned.

While he was in a daze, Chu Yin pulled back her earphone and walked back to the classroom.

Xueji asked, “Host, have you scared the male lead?”

Chu Yin giggled, her peach blossom eyes were very beautiful: “It’s best to frighten him to death.”

Since Lu Zhen walked over to her just now, he should have heard those rumors, right? Although it was annoying, she was happy that Lu Zhen heard it.

Maybe now in Lu Zhen’s mind, she was not only a student who was ugly and dull but also had some mental problems, otherwise which sane people would listen to Buddhist chants every day!

Not bad, not bad, Chu Yin thought, she must continue to do her best! (fist)

Lu Zhen only withdrew his gaze when Chu Yin’s back had already disappeared in the corridor.

He leaned against the wall and hung his head slightly.

After a long time, he gave a low laugh.


The mid-term exam was finally over, which made the students excited about the selection of the school’s flower and the school’s apollo.

Although the students still listened to the teacher’s discussion and studied hard every day, they talked enthusiastically about popular candidates during the class break.

The famous candidates were Fu Mingxuan of Class 5 and Chu Qiuqiu of International Class. Both of them were good at studying and a Bai Fumei 1 ‘Ms. Perfect’ aka Fair-skinned, Rich, and Beautiful in a rich family. Their respective classmates were the ones who greatly supported them.

“I think Xuanxuan can win it this time!”

“Did you look carefully? Chu Qiuqiu’s facial features are not beautiful. She just puts on make-up.”

“Yes, her eyes are a little small, plus she has a lot of flesh on her face. She, at most, can be considered cute.”

The boys were confused as they listened to the girls’ conversation. In their eyes, Fu Mingxuan and Chu Qiuqiu were both beautiful.

“But what if there’s a dark horse?”

“Who can be the dark horse that can rival their appearances? Everyone knows that’s bullshit.”

As everyone chatted happily during the class break, Chu Yin came back from drinking water. She never moved again from her seat and just kept studying.

These school’s flower, school’s apollo, and other exciting things seemed to have nothing to do with her.

No one also thought it had anything to do with her.

After Chu Yin got the first rank, the atmosphere in Class 5 became a little fragile and subtle. Although one dared to laugh at her wantonly, she still had no friends in the class.

Chu Yin’s extremely high grades had attracted attention to her, and her low-key style of behavior added a sense of mystery. Although no one talked about it, many people were staring at her secretly.

“By the way, have you heard that rumor…”

“I’ve heard that, is it true? She’s that ugly?”

“I think it’s possible. After all, I’ve never seen her take off her mask…”

Hearing everyone talked about Chu Yin’s appearance, Xing Lan and Fu Mingxuan exchanged looks at each other.

Since everyone was so curious, they would soon satisfy them~

After a day, the registration system for the school’s flower and the school’s apollo officially opened for all the students of Huiwen Private Middle School. Anyone who was interested could sign up. After they fill in their class, their name, and their photo, it will be pending for review.

In addition to Fu Mingxuan in Class 5, several girls also applied. After all, the title of “school flower” was too dazzling. Aside from students from other schools coming to inquire, they would become popular in Huiwen Private Middle School. Everyone wanted to try it.

What’s more, after the selection was over, there would be a dance party for the whole school. Who didn’t want to be noticed on such a grand occasion?

Students in the International Class were also discussing this matter. They were all talking about voting for Chu Qiuqiu at the same time.

Song Zhaolin came to visit the class to play. He was chatting with Tan Ke in the back of the classroom. After listening to him, he turned to look at Lu Zhen.

“Brother Zhen, are you participating this year?”

Lu Zhen looked at him as if he was mentally retarded.

Tan Ke kicked Song Zhaolin’s butt: “Are you stupid? Brother Zhen did not sign up last year.”

Song Zhaolin dodged Tan Ke’s kick and said with a smile: “Yes. Since Brother Zhen didn’t sign up, someone signed him up. Cough Cough…By the way, with my appearance, do you think I can be qualified to run this year?”

He inserted his one hand in his pocket, brushed his hair with his other hand, and said, “I think I can get a thousand votes too!”

Tan Ke snickered at him, “Forget about the school’s apollo. I’ll help you sign up for the school’s flower. I’m sure you’ll get thousands of votes.”

Song Zhaolin pounced on him: “Your uncle!”

At this moment, a burst of exclamation broke out in the classroom of international class——

“Shit, this is the first rank in our grade?”

“That’s how she looks?”

“My God, it’s scary…”

Song Zhaolin froze. The person who got the first rank was his deskmate…Chu Yin?

How scary did she look?

The international class asked Chu Qiuqiu with a picture in their hand: “Qiuqiu, does your sister look like this??”

Chu Qiuqiu looked at the photo. It was edited. The big nose and the protruding mouth did not belong to Chu Yin. But when she looked at it, she felt an indescribable joy in her heart.

Chu Yin’s behavior might have offended someone which resulted in this ugly photo being posted throughout the grade.

Chu Qiuqiu didn’t want to explain for Chu Yin.

She nodded vaguely, her mind in a state of complication, “Almost.”


The students sighed again. It seemed that although the daughter of the Chu family studied well, she was far inferior to Chu Qiuqiu.

Tan Ke also received the photo in the group on his mobile phone. He clicked on it and gave a ‘tsk’, “She does not look good.”

Song Zhaolin grabbed his mobile phone to look. The group said that this was the photo of the first ranking student. If anyone looked carefully, the first half of the face was Chu Yin’s, but the second half was not at all??

The combination of the lower half of the face and the delicate eyes were in extreme conflict that it was indeed very frightening.

But the person who edited this picture was very skilled! If it wasn’t because Song Zhaolin had seen Chu Yin’s face, he would have believed it too!

Tan Ke took his mobile phone to Lu Zhen, who glanced at him and frowned.

Tan Ke gave his mobile to Lu Zhen, who only glanced at it before frowning.

“Who posted it?”

“I don’t know. It just spread in the group…”

Lu Zhen leaned back in his chair, but after a glimpse of a familiar figure passing by the back door, he suddenly got up and chased her.

Song Zhaolin craned his neck and said in surprise, “Isn’t that my deskmate? Why did Brother Zhen chase her?”

Fuck, did he go bother his Sister Yin because of the ugly picture??

Tan Ke asked: “Linzi, your bookworm deskmate looks like this?”

Song Zhaolin retracted his neck and said, “Bullshit! She doesn’t look like this. Chu Yin is really beautiful.”

“???” Looking at this photo, Tan Ke couldn’t imagine her beautiful face so he simply put his phone in his bag.

Outside the classroom.

Since Lu Zhen had long legs, he caught up with Chu Yin in a few steps.

She was wearing earphones today and he didn’t know what she was listening to.

Lu Zhen walked over and gently took off her earphone. The moment the girl looked back, she didn’t know if it was an illusion, but he felt a trace of a murderous aura in her eyes.

Lu Zhen raised his eyebrows, somehow wanted to laugh.

He didn’t think it was very important whether the ugly photo was her or not.

His mother was beautiful enough, but so what? Things that were too beautiful would just attract annoying flies. All his life, his father became crazy because of the covetous eyes of people towards his wife…he died pitifully young.

He didn’t want to be that kind of person.

Lu Zhen looked down at her: “Are you also listening to the Buddhist Chant today?”

Because Chu Yin had encountered Lu Zhen several times in a row, her heart was on full alert.

But after observing Lu Zhen’s expression, she felt it was different from the way he looked at her–like she was his prey, in the previous life.

There’s nothing wrong with this dog man, right??

To be on the safe side, Chu Yin decided to continue to assimilate her ‘nerd’ character. This time, she offered to hand him the earphone.

Lu  Zhen was slightly startled. His fingertips quivered uncontrollably while he took the earphone from her hand and put it on.

There was the remaining warmth of her skin on the earphone. It took Lu Zhen a second before he could what was in the earphone——

“- college entrance examination English listening,” Chu Yin told him without expression, “one volume of the new curriculum standard in 2019.”

“—English Listening for the College Entrance Examination Level,” Chu Yin told him expressionlessly, “New curriculum standards for 2019, volume 1.”

Then she saw a trace of amazement on Lu Zhen’s face and immediately felt very satisfied.

My heart only has learning, okay!

When Lu Zhen came back to the classroom again, he had a slight smile on his face.

Song Zhaolin had not left yet. He was relieved to see him like this. He thought Brother Zhen was going to do something to his Sister Yin.

“Brother Zhen, why did you look for my deskmate?” Song Zhaolin asked curiously.

Lu Zhen raised his head, his eyes were dark. All of a sudden, he felt that the tone of his words was very unpleasant.

“It’s none of your business.”

“Okay.” Song Zhaolin changed the topic, “By the way, will you go to the swimming class?”

Huiwen is an elite school with outstanding establishments in the city. The swimming pool infrastructure was first-class, it has the best temperature control. Because of this, it could be used as a competition venue. 

This semester, there were a few swimming classes where several classes gather together.

Tan Ke was a little fat and had lots of flesh on his body. He didn’t want to go even if his points would get deducted.

Although Lu Zhen had a good figure, he wasn’t interested.

Song Zhaolin sighed disappointedly: “Ok, I will go–my deskmate doesn’t believe that I have abdominal muscles, I must show it to her!”

Although Chu Yin didn’t ask him to show it, what Song Zhaolin couldn’t bear was being looked down upon by beautiful women!

After finished speaking, he suddenly felt that the air was cold.

As soon as he raised his head, he shuddered subconsciously at Lu Zhen’s cold gaze.

“You?” Lu Zhen glanced over and said, “Abdominal muscles?”

Song Zhaolin had just been looked down upon by the beautiful woman and the handsome man. He cried aggrievedly.

I know you have eight packs!!! Aighh I can’t show off these three or four packs, TAT!

The world was too hostile to him!!

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