I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 15 part 2

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 15 – Exposed (2)

Chu Yin didn’t want to go to this swimming lesson.

Although the class representative said that she would not deduct points for the class, she didn’t want to act too special by not attending.

But she didn’t plan to go into the water. She just wanted to go over and find a place to do the problem.

The rest of Class 5 were excited——

The boys and girls at this age were naturally curious about the body of the opposite sex. The boys dreamed about girls wearing swimsuits, especially Fu Mingxuan, the class’ flower. It’s paradise.

The girls were mixed with shyness and excitement. Since the selection of the school’s flower began, the swimming class was an excellent opportunity to show off their body. At this time, everyone would pay attention to the person who wore the best swimsuit and who had the best figure.

If they could stand out and surprise everyone, they could get more votes in the selection!

Like the previous public math class, both the swimming lessons of Class 5 and International Class was the same. Although Lu Zhen never took swimming lessons last year, the girls still had a glimmer of expectations.

As soon as the class before the swimming class finished, the girls all ran away. They immediately went to the fitting room of the swimming pool to change their swimsuits. The boys said they didn’t care, but in fact, they left the classroom in twos and threes to go to the swimming pool.

It wasn’t until half of the class went away that Chu Yin unhurriedly put down her exercise book.

“Ding–Completed exercises of Geography √ 95% speed rate. Granted the [change a word] permission. ~ Host, your answering speed has become faster~!”

Chu Yin also found that the more she learned, the more flexible her brain was. If only she could have this motivation in her last life.

She raised her head and planned to go to the swimming pool now, only to find that there was still a person left in the classroom.

That was a girl sitting in front of her. Chu Yin remembered her name was Jiang Yan. She got good grades and was the third in her class. The girl was usually very quiet and hardworking. 

But today, Jiang Yan stood up and looked at her side, and suddenly said, “Students who study hard are most worthy of admiration. I admire you very much. I hope you pay attention to those people in our grade.”

Chu Yin was dumbfounded for a long time. She was a little surprised. When she recovered, she soon returned a friendly smile 1 LMAO as if she could see your smile haha , “Okay, thank you.”

Jiang Yan probably didn’t expect her to be so friendly. She hesitated for a moment and then said, “I think there’s nothing wrong with looking bad. It’s shameful to expose other people’s privacy. You should be strong and not be affected.”

Chu Yin was stunned this time.

After Jiang Yan decisively spoke the words she had been holding back for a long time, she finally felt comfortable. With these, she walked out of the classroom.

Chu Yin went to the swimming pool in confusion. She entered the locker room. While changing clothes, she thought of Jiang Yan’s words.

Behind the lockers, there were voices of the two girls.

“Did you see that the first rank of our grade has signed up for school flower?”

“I saw it. Hahaha! She is so brave. That photo of her…”

“She’s ugly. Chu Shi is so handsome, and Chu Qiuqiu is also pretty. Why does she look like that?”

“Is she a biological daughter?”

“Gee, I’ve got goosebumps. Ahh, let’s change our clothes. It’s time for class.”

“……” Chu Yin held the locker and was speechless for a while.

She knew two things: 

1. Just like in her previous life, someone nominated her for the school’s flower.

2. Someone was spreading her photos, which seemed to be ‘heavily edited’.

Chu Yin thought about it and guessed that it was likely Fu Mingxuan.

She tapped on the system: “Unlock the script.”

【Setting: Swimming Pool. Characters: Students from Class 5 and International class.】

【……Among the beautiful swimsuits of the girls, Chu Yin wore a professional black swimsuit under her white T-shirt. With her mask, she seemed out of place.

A group of girls showed off their bodies before they began to go into the water.

Chu Yin was about to study in a place where no one was. Suddenly, Xing Lan came up to her and asked with a smile, “Chu Yin, why don’t you go into the water?”

Chu Yin replied, “Afraid of the cold”

Then when she turned to leave, Xing Lan lightly pushed her to the swimming pool.】

Chu Yin: “…”

There were no such events in her last life. She guessed that Xing Lan’s small tricky movements were for her to take off her mask and show her face.

However, pushing others into the water was too naive and vicious.

What if she couldn’t swim? What if there was no teacher around?

Many things in the world of novels were illogical. Chu Yin had experienced too much hostility in her last life. Fortunately, in this life, she had a magic pen that could rewrite events. She did not intend to be soft-hearted at all.

She asked Xueji, “How permissions do I have in my account?”

Xueji: “[Change three words], [Replace Card], [Change a sentence]. Host, do you want to use the modify single sentence permission?”

Chu Yin thought for a moment: “No, it’s too wasteful.”

She can change three words altogether.

Xueji had already recognized her host’s ability to modify scripts, it was looking forward to it.

When the light pen moved to the sentence [Xing Lan lightly pushed], Chu Yin changed [lightly pushed] to [slipped her feet].

She perfectly changed these words.

Xueji “You are the best in changing these words!! [thumbs up]]

After changing the plot, Chu Yin put a loose white shirt over her black swimsuit and went into the swimming pool.

By the pool, the scene in the plot had begun.


Fu Mingxuan was wearing a carefully selected swimsuit, pure and slightly revealing, with a trace of sexiness to it. The boys in Class 5 were a little blushing. And it was the same as the international class in the opposite, Chu Qiuqiu’s figure was good, although not tall, but very slender.

The boys secretly discussed who to vote for when the voting system opened tomorrow.

Seeing Chu Yin’s simple dress up, Class 5 was used to it. Fu Mingxuan and Xing Lan looked at each other and quietly made a gesture.

The class started immediately, but there was another commotion at the door.

“—Lu Zhen!”

“Brother Zhen is coming!”

“Ah, ah, my stomach is tightening…Remember to remind me not to relax!”

Lu Zhen was also wearing a shirt. He is tall and has long legs. His forearm muscles are firm and smooth. He looked lazy as if he didn’t care, but his sight glanced around the whole stadium.

Seeing the slender figure shrinking at the edge spot of Class 5, the corner of his lips curled slightly.

After Lu Zhen came, the atmosphere in the venue changed again. From time to time, the girls in Class 5 looked at the opposite side. One by one, they adjusted their hairstyles. Only Chu Yin lowered her head and hid in the crowd with a low sense of existence.

The teacher of the swimming class came over with a book. When both the classes were ready, the classes began.

After warming up, the teacher explained a few words–the students who could swim could practice freely, and those who couldn’t swim could come to her to practice together.

As soon as the crowd dispersed, Fu Mingxuan pinched Xing Lan. The latter suddenly called out: “Ah, Chu Yin! Why are you still wearing a mask?”

This time, all the eyes were focused on Chu Yin.

The teacher also looked back and slightly frowned: “Student, you can’t wear a mask during swimming class.” 

Chu Yin quickly coughed twice, and her voice was weak: “Teacher, I have a cold. I’m afraid of infecting my classmates.”

“So…” Since the girl insisted on coming to class even when she was ill, the teacher didn’t have any trouble with her.

But the students knew she’s lying! Chu Yin was not sick. She usually wore a mask, okay!

Now they were more convinced that Chu Yin was absolutely ugly because she did not dare to show her face.

At the thought of the next plan, both of them were excited, especially Fu Mingxuan. Lu Zhen was here. If Lu Zhen saw her ugly face, would he still protect this country bumpkin in the future?

Seeing that the teacher had gone to teach the students to swim, Chu Yin planned to slip out to study. She was far away from the pool, but the two people had planned it for so long that they wouldn’t let her go.

Xing Lan ran over and affectionately took Chu Yin to the swimming pool: “Chu Yin, why don’t you go into the water?”

Chu Yin kindly reminded her: “The ground is slippery, be careful.”

Xing Lan, who was noticing this, said with a smile “nothing”, and then stretched out her hand towards Chu Yin’s back——

Who knew that Chu Yin looked like she had eyes on the back of her head? She immediately evaded to the side.

The soles of Xing Lan’s feet slipped, and she flew out, with a bang, and fell into the pool like a bomb.

Chu Yin wiped the water splashed on her eyes: “I told you to be careful.”

She shook her head, and just before she turned around, she suddenly saw Fu Mingxuan holding a bucket. She didn’t know where she came from. At that moment, she felt a foreboding in her heart.

Fu Mingxuan laughed and splashed her with water, “Chu Yin, let’s play with the water.”

Chu Yin: “…”

The script didn’t tell her there was Plan B?!

The bucket of water was solidly poured on Chu Yin, and her mask was washed down.

Chu Yin wiped her face then lifted her wet hair back, revealing a white and clean forehead and delicate eyebrows.

She was pissed off.

This idiot.

Fu Mingxuan had already greeted her and rushed forward, grabbing her mask directly with her fingers, “Oh, you can’t wear a wet mask!”

In her previous life, Chu Yin was trapped by the top wealthiest person. Self-defense was a necessary skill and this was taught by Lu Zhen. When Fu Mingxuan waved her hand up, Chu Yin raised her hand to twist her wrist and pressed her down.

Fu Mingxuan couldn’t stand the pain and exhaled aggrievedly.

This commotion soon attracted the attention of the people around them.

“What’s going on? What’s going on?”

“Damn! They fought?”


When Lu Zhen heard the news, he looked back and saw this picture, his face suddenly turned ugly. He hurriedly strode over.

Fu Mingxuan was also willing to go all out, she must show Chu Yin today!

With all her strength, her hand suddenly grasped Chu Yin’s face, grabbed the precarious wet mask, and yanked it down!——

Show your ugly face!!

The tether of the mask broke and fell to the ground, and Chu Yin’s face was finally revealed.

Fu Mingxuan was ecstatic but suddenly she was stunned.

Not only her, but the people watching this scene was suddenly pressed down in silence. There was suddenly no sound.

Under the mask, there was no big nose nor a protruding mouth.

Only a small face as big as a palm, white, and moist, like delicate porcelain. The bridge of her nose was pretty. Her lips are crimson and the bead lying on her upper lips was attractive. This lower half of the face combined with the brows and eyes under her wet hair formed a completely alluring and exquisite appearance.

At this time, Lu Zhen with the voice of ice, sounded behind her: “What the hell are you doing?”

This was to deal with Fu Mingxuan.

Chu Yin’s heart trembled, and she hurriedly went to the dressing room.

He shouldn’t see her face.

People around them were stupefied. Looking at the beautiful face, no one dared to stop her.

At this time, Song Zhaolin suddenly came out and grabbed Chu Yin: “Sister Yin! Are you okay?”

Chu Yin was caught off guard as she was spun around by the force.

Then she met Lu Zhen’s dark eyes directly.



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