I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 16 part 1

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 16 – Who’s the school flower? (1)

Chu Yin thought that If she had a hammer in her hand now, she would have difficulty choosing whether to hammer Lu Zhen first or Song Zhaolin first.

She had been hiding from this dog man for two months now, but because of this, all her achievements fell in vain.

Chu Yin: I could cry right now.jpg

Of course, no one knew what Chu Yin was thinking at the moment.

The pool stadium was quiet. Only the sound of water waves could be heard. The eyes of all the students followed Lu Zhen, and then on the girl.

She was partly drenched in water. Her white t-shirt clung to her body, revealing the deep black swimsuit inside and showing the girl’s natural curves. She looked even more fragile with her wet ponytail hair and her fluttery eyelashes that covered her peach blossom eyes.

Just like that, she caught Lu Zhen’s attention unexpectedly.

For these few seconds, Lu Zhen didn’t know if he was still breathing.

When he recovered, he withdrew his gaze away. His breath had become deep and stale with indescribable hotness.

The heat quickly ran through his whole body while his fingertips turned numb.

In front of the girl’s uneasy eyes, Lu Zhen subconsciously controlled his own expression, making him look unmoved.

The ridiculous edited picture and the circulating rumors all collapsed in front of everyone.

She’s frighteningly beautiful.

Behind Lu Zhen, the sounds of the boys’ breath could be heard, “Damn it, she…” is beautiful.

Lu Zhen suddenly frowned. He pulled a large towel from the side and threw it on Chu Yin’s body, covering her soaked t-shirt.

“Go and change.”

Chu Yin realized that some things were different from the previous life.

At least at the moment, Lu Zhen seemed normal. Except for the first second of surprise in his eyes, there was no lovesick emotion Chu Yin found unpleasant. He seemed a little restless and impatient this time.

Chu Yin held the towel in her arms, her mind relaxing slightly.

She shook off Song Zhaolin’s hand and said, “I’m fine.”

Song Zhaolin blinked his eyes. He didn’t know why but he felt that Chu Yin was actually saying, ‘You’re dead.’

How could this be? He was just worried about her!

After Chu Yin’s figure disappeared to the dressing room, the ‘buzzing’ sound in the stadium resumed.

Everyone felt the explosion of an unexpected situation. After all, they had seen the widely circulated picture and heard various versions of rumors. But who knew that she had a very beautiful face underneath that mask?

“Fuck, who’s the one in the photo?”

“Is that really Chu Yin?? Damn, she’s so beautiful! I think I’m in love!”

“Therefore, she’s not just good at learning, but also beautiful. A goddess!”

But Fu Mingxuan, who had contributed to all this, was totally stupefied.

Finally, she climbed back to the surface to witness the historic moment.

They had imagined a variety of ugly methods but did not think that Chu Yin was the other end of the two poles. Fu Mingxuan didn’t want to admit that she was shocked at that moment.

Lu Zhen took a breath, suppresses his emotions, and then turned to look at Fu Mingxuan.

Fu Mingxuan had been trying to attract Lu Zhen’s attention. Now, Lu Zhen finally looked at her, but Fu Mingxuan felt a trace of fear instead.

Lu Zhen’s expression was very indifferent as he looked at her and asked: “Like to play with water?”

Fu Mingxuan subconsciously stepped back two steps: “No, no, we were just having fun…”

Song Zhaolin jumped: “Nonsense! you started to scratch Sister Chu Yin’s face!”

The corner of Lu Zhen’s lips lifted as he raised his finger to pinch the back of Fu Mingxuan’s neck, making her lose her balance and fell back to the pool.

“For fun? Then go and play.”

With a sharp cry, the water splashed as Fu Mingxuan shamelessly fell into the water.

Everyone saw what happened just now. Chu Yin did not want to get wet but Fu Mingxuan threw water on her. So when Fu Minxuan was thrown into the water by Lu Zhen, no one dared to rescue her.

Jiang Yan had been quietly memorizing words on the other side. After seeing all this, she pushed her glasses: “You deserve it.”

Also, she was a little embarrassed. Just before class, she also told Chu Yin that it’s okay to look bad. At that time, Chu Yin might have felt it was a joke, right? She’s really beautiful.

Students in the international class were all talking about it, but their focus was different.

“When I asked Chu Qiuqiu about the photo before, she said it was almost the same?”

“How could the photo look the same with Chu Yin’s face? There’s a lot of difference.”

“Did you guys notice that Chu Yin’s face resembled Chu Qiuqiu a little?”

“It seems so, but..”

The words were swallowed back, but everyone knew what they meant.

——However, there were obvious differences in appearance. Before, they thought Chu Qiuqiu was a little beauty, but compared with Chu Yin’s facial features, she was totally inferior.

“Are they twins? That explains why they look alike?”

“Chu Qiuqiu didn’t say that, and the Chu family didn’t say it publicly. Does anyone know their birthdays?”

“Fuck, why do I feel a little horrified when thinking these things…”

After Chu Qiuqiu vaguely heard these conversations, she felt her limbs going stiff and chilly.

Will anyone guess it? No, No——


She did not come from a poor family. She was not a substitute. She was the daughter of the wealthy Chu family.

Chu Yin was the country bumpkin who was brought back from the village!

Chu Yin sat on the bench in the dressing room, calming herself down.

Through today’s events, she learned something new–she had no way of knowing the changes of the script after she modifies a word. In short, after she making a few changes, the script would generate a new direction.

Wearing the mask was not a long-term plan. She also felt uncomfortable wearing the mask every day. Now that her face was revealed, there was no need to wear it back.

“…Is it really impossible to change schools?” Chu Yin poke system.

Xueji:  “No, host. According to the system calculation, if you transfer schools by force, under the influence of male lead’s power on the plot, the probability of him transferring to the same school as you is as high as 90%~ “

Chu Yin: Shit.

With her elbows on her knees, she was thinking about the numerous possibilities in her brain.

Could she make Lu Zhen lose his memory? Or let Lu Zhen be in a car crash, have cerebral palsy, and be turned into a vegetative state?

Since she couldn’t attack him directly in the script, she could arrange it indirectly?

“Host, your mind is dangerous. “

Chu Yin sighed.

Having this chicken (system) in her head felt like having surveillance that prevents her from embarking on a criminal path.

But fortunately, she already deviated from the plot to the utmost extent. At least in this lifetime, Lu Zhen’s view of her was different from the previous life.

Moreover, she could continue to change the script in the future. Now that the enemy was in the dark, why would she afraid of the dog man??

Having figured this out, Chu Yin stood up and changed her wet clothes. Now that her name was already called by the teacher, she didn’t plan to go back to class. She put on her big uniform and walked out of the swimming pool.

There was a tall old tree outside the stadium. The young man stood quietly in the shade and took a look.

Because the students were in the classrooms, the campus was empty and quiet. Lu Zhen looked at her face cautiously as he subconsciously rubbed his knuckles.

Chu Yin didn’t move. Lu Zhen simply walked over to her and stopped.

This time, without the mask, Chu Yin’s whole face was exposed in front of his eyes, and every inch of expression was very clear.

Lu Zhen’s gaze fell on her overly delicate eyes before retreating his gaze.

He asked, “Who taught you how to fight?”

When Chu Yin twisted Fu Mingxuan’s wrist, it was fast and accurate, as if someone had taught her.

Chu Yin was surprised and thought that Lu Zhen, that dog man, was very keen.

This question, asked by Lu Zhen himself, felt a little funny. Since she didn’t like bodyguards following her, Lu Zhen forced her to learn all kids of self-defense skills. She even learned a bit of Sanda, which Lu Zhen taught personally.

Later, after learning it, Chu Yin still liked the sport, because You can beat him blatantly, and Lu Zhen will release water to her. And he is a real pervert. Sometimes Chu Yin fought hard, and he was very happy.

After learning it, Chu Yin grew to like this sport because she could beat him blatantly. Moreover, she thought Lu Zhen was a bit perverted. Whenever Chu Yin beat him hard, he would be happy.

Chu Yin felt regretful thinking that she couldn’t beat him in the face anymore.

She raised her eyes and pretended to be ignorant: “I didn’t learn it.”

Lu Zhen laughed. Liar.

But her eyes were so clear that when she looked up slightly, the light and shadow from the shade fell on her face. It was as beautiful as a painting. 

He smelled the faint fragrance again, which the autumn wind blew as it lingered on his nostrils.

Lu Zhen’s heartbeat was in chaos. He did not continue to ask.

Of course, Chu Yin didn’t want to continue to recall the past with him. When he stopped talking, Chu Yin turned around and left.

On the way to the classroom, she also ran into another attendant (Tan Ke) next to Lu Zhen. When the boy saw her, his eyes widened. He waited until the entrance of the swimming pool with a little red on his face.

Just after Song Zhaolin changed his clothes and chased him out, Chu Yin had gone far away, without any hesitation, as usual.

Tan Ke’s face was shocked: “Damn, I saw a beautiful woman just now.”

Song Zhaolin said, “Everyone saw it.”

“Ah?” Tan Ke was surprised. “What class is she from? What’s her name?”

Lu Zhen retracted his gaze, his eyebrows suddenly folded.

Song Zhaolin, who had seen Chu Yin’s beautiful face before, felt a burst of pride: “My deskmate! Didn’t I tell you she’s really pretty!”

Tan Ke’s chin fell off: “That’s Chu Yin?! How did you know she’s beautiful?”

Song Zhaolin: “I’ve seen it!”

In an instant, Lu Zhen’s eyes became colder, and an unpleasant aura came out from his body.



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