I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 16 part 2

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Chapter 16 – Who’s the school flower? (2)

Sensing the danger instinctively, Song Zhaolin closed his mouth and leaned to Tan Ke.

Tan Ke digested the news, suddenly looked up to the direction Chu Yin left, and said, “Fuck. Chu Yin can be a school flower.”

That girl was really beautiful, the kind where people couldn’t retract their gaze. 

Song Zhaolin could only speak his mind: “Ah? Then will Sister Yin dance with brother Zhen?”

Even when it was a retarded question, Lu Zhen’s eyebrows suddenly pricked.

“You stupid, how can Brother Zhen participate in the school dance?”

“But isn’t the school’s flower and school’s apollo a couple…”

Lu Zhen lowered his eyes slightly, the restlessness of his body quietly dissipated.

The next day when Chu Yin went to school, she was still in loose old school uniform but did not wear a mask.

Everyone couldn’t help watching the slender girl walking on the campus.

Chu Yin’s previous life was the same. Since her transfer to this school, this kind of attention had never been less. But at that time, people only thought she was a beautiful vase. she was scrutinized and mocked. Although she was beautiful, she was nothing more than a country bumpkin. 

This time, the eyes cast towards her revealed a hint of amazement and admiration.

That’s Chu Yin, a transfer student from class 5, currently in the first rank.

Not only smart but also very good-looking.

Chu Yin was used to this kind of attention in her last life. She reviewed the knowledge points in her mind and walked into the building.

But what she didn’t know was that after just walking around the campus in this way, countless people decided to vote for her.

Today, the voting system of the school’s flower and the school’s apollo officially opened.

The people in class 5 were talking about it noisily, but when Chu Yin came in, the noisy classroom suddenly became quiet.

This impact was still too big, even if the class had been discussing all day since yesterday, their eyes still shook when they saw Chu Yin’s face again.

A boy who had just talked to Fu Mingxuan looked up, his face turned red as he stammered: “Vote, vote, I will vote for her…”

Fu Mingxuan, almost losing her temper: “Who will you vote for?”

“Vote for you, vote for you!”

Fu Mingxuan’s expression looked very ugly. Yesterday, Lu Zhen threw her into the water, and the whole grade thought of her as a joke.

She picked up a stone and hit her own foot this time – Because she submitted Chu Yin’s name in the school’s flower register, she already doubted whether she would win the school’s flower title or not.

Jiang Yan was not a person who would care about these things. But looking at Fu Mingxuan’s face and the suddenly embarrassed students in the class, she felt a kind of pride.

Regardless of having a poor learning experience from the countryside, Chu Yin still got first place. Some of the students were jealous so they spread rumors that she was ugly, but she turned out to be very beautiful.

That’s a slap in the face, wasn’t it? Chu Yin was really a treasured girl!

Jiang Yan took the initiative to say hello to her: “Good morning.”

When Chu Yin saw her, she smiled, “Good morning.”

Her slight smile, her beautiful peach eyes like falling stars…even Jiang Yan’s eyes were dazzled.

Even after the environment changed, Chu Yin still only had learning in her heart. During class breaks, she and Jiang Yan would usually sit in their seats and continue to study. 

When Song Zhaolin attended school today, he inexplicably received Chu Yin’s thousand death glares. He didn’t know what he did wrong.

But even a death glare could be turned into a beautiful death glare!

Song Zhaolin waited until Chu Yin was tired and rested. He leaned to the edge of Chu Yin’s desk: “Sister Yin, do you know that today many people asked me for your phone number?”

Chu Yin began to review the topic again and said coldly, “Don’t give it.”

Song Zhaolin snorted, “Of course I can’t give it! Because I don’t have it either.”

Chu Yin coldly snorted back.

Song Zhaolin threw several winks and pitifully said, “Please give me your number. We have been deskmates for two months and haven’t added each other to WeChat. I didn’t know that our relationship is this bad…”

Chu Yin: “Thank you…but no.”

But after saying this, she allowed Song Zhaolin to scan her WeChat. In essence, she didn’t hate Song Zhaolin. Although this guy was a little stupid, he was quite cute. The two months were quite pleasant.

Song Zhaolin held his mobile phone happily, and received a large number of glances from the boys in the class. He was extremely happy: “Yeah~I added the school’s flower’s WeChat~”

Chu Yin’s pen stopped: “School’s flower?”

Song Zhaolin turned over Chu Yin’s circle of friends and said without raising his head, “Didn’t you see the vote?”

Before someone maliciously gave Chu Yin a name, which can’t be undone, but Chu Yin didn’t let go of a picture and didn’t introduce himself, so he should be squeezed to the last.

Before the event happened, someone maliciously nominated Chu Yin’s name in the contest. This action couldn’t be undone. Although Chu Yin didn’t put a photo nor introduced herself, she must be in the last place.

Listening to Song Zhaolin’s words, Chu Yin had a bad premonition.

She logged into the forum, found the voting interface, and almost fainted.

——The voting exploded.

Chu Yin, who was ignorant, ranked first with 1210 votes. The next highest did not break 800.

She glanced casually. Fu Mingxuan 560 votes and Chu Qiuqiu 534 votes. Their competition was very tight, but they were far away from first place.

There was a message board at the bottom of the vote, which was updated in real-time.

[I was going to vote for XXX, but after seeing someone today, I announced my defection.]

[I’m sorry, I’ve defected, too]


[Brothers, put XX on the public screen!]

Even more exaggerated were direct love 


[I’m Zheng Yu from third-year international class. I fell in love with Chu Yin at first sight. Please look at me! ]

[I’m Chu Yin’s brother, I don’t agree with this marriage]

[ha ha ha ha ha ha fuck]


Chu Yin’s head hurt.

When she saw the 2000 votes of Lu Zhen in the selection of the school’s apollo, her head hurt even more.

The two sides echoed each other, like some kind of foreboding.

——No way.

Can’t go back to the same way in her previous life!

This critical plot was quietly turning back to the original script. She must correct it. “To be a school’s flower” is a bad title in her life. Standing at this junction, she couldn’t just sit back and wait to die.

Song Zhaolin went through Chu Yin’s WeChat feeds with content, liked them one by one, and then said, “Did you see me? The one at the bottom with more than 40 votes.”

Although he was in the school’s flower category, Song Zhaolin felt that at least 40 people recognized his beauty!

It felt pleasant when thinking about this.

“When you become a school’s flower, I will be your guardian knight since I’m deskmates with you. By the way–” Song Zhaolin murmured like an old mother, “You’ll dance with Brother Zhen. People will pay attention to the dance, and you’ll even look more beautiful…”

Chu Yin: Shit!!

Who wanted to dance with Lu Zhen???

When all the students were gone after school, Chu Yin calmed down and knocked on the system. “Release the script.”

According to the script, Fu Mingxuan and Chu Qiuqiu would try their best to canvas for votes tonight and even bribe their classmates in order not to let Chu Yin become the school flower.

【But in the end, Chu Yin was elected school’s flower by a 100 votes margin. 】

That’s what the script says.

Xueji reminded: “Host, do you want to use [change single sentence] permission?”

Chu Yin thought for a long time: “Use.”

In any case, she should not win the school’s flower title and be chased by Lu Zhen.

“Remind ~ the usage rule of this permission is to compare the cause and effect. For example, if the host wants to change the outcome of the school’s flower, it needs to change the candidate of the school flower, but the host can not choose a person who did not participate in the selection because of the lack of antecedents. To modify a whole sentence of the plot, the description needs to be logically self-consistent.”

After listening carefully, Chu Yin’s eyes moved slowly to the seat beside her.

I see.

At 10 p.m., the voting system would be closed for an hour.

Now that the overall situation had been decided, Lu Zhen had been elected as the school’s apollo, and although the contestants of the school’s flower increases, Chu Yin was still at the top.

There was a lot of noise on the message board below.

[To be honest, I don’t think Chu Yin is worthy to be a school flower.]

[I reasonably suspect that she was self-made. She wore a mask for two months to attract people’s appetites. She only removed it before the school’s flower selections. Wasn’t that intentional? ]

[It’s unreasonable. The mask was removed by FMX]

[Oh, someone is protecting the lord? 1 referring to Chu Yin ]

[Even I, a man, don’t see anything exceptional from her taste of clothes.]

[I’m afraid that Huiwen Private Middle School will choose a country bumpkin as the school’s flower]


When Lu Zhen was cast as the school’s apollo last year, he never paid attention to it.

But this year, for no apparent reason, he took a look before the vote was closed.

Chu Yin was the first.

Lu Zhen was slightly distracted. Would she dance with him if she was elected?

Originally, Lu Zhen thought these things were boring.

But thinking about it now, it seems…not impossible.

Lu Zhen lowered his eyes, stared at the screen for a long time, and then cast a vote for Chu Yin.

No one paid attention to the voting page. The whole school was just waiting for the results. 

But at this time, there was a person in the school’s flower voting section quietly beginning to soar…

Half an hour later, the voting system was officially closed, and a notification push was automatically sent to the students’ mobile phones.

Lu Zhen unconsciously took the mobile phone and checked the message.

At the same time, all the students of Huiwen Private Middle School had entered the page.

“Dang dang dang! After the public voting of the students, the school’s apollo and the school’s flower are now born!~”

“School’s Apollo – Second year, international class, Lu Zhen. “

“School’s Flower – Second year, Class 5… “

Lu Zhen’s lips curled as he looked down

“Song Zhaolin. “

Lu Zhen: “…?”

The whole school: “???”

At this time, after Chu Yin changed her fate, she finally laid down peacefully with a lazy posture.

【At the last moment, Song Zhaolin, like a dark horse, suddenly emerged from the fault and was elected as the school flower!】

What a passionate sentence that she wrote with her own hand~

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