I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 17 part 1

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 17 – Guardian Knight (1)

“Song Zhaolin, you are shameless!!!”

“Do you know no shame after swiping1 cheating the voting process your name in the selection!!!”

your name in the selection!!!”

“Are you so eager to win the school’s flower title?”

That night, Song Zhaolin’s mobile phone ‘dididi’2notifications was blown up by his classmates and friends.

He looked confused: Swipe my name? I am not! I didn’t!!

Song Zhaolin was popular. He hangs out with both the wealthy kids of the family and kids from ordinary families. So, when the news of his winning reached their mobile phones, a bunch of people sent him a message and teased him about his crimes.

Song Zhaolin, who was gloriously elected this year’s school’s flower, was in a daze for a long time.

After that, he looked in the mirror and stared at his fairly delicate eyes. He thought shyly: ‘Damn, I actually crushed Sister Yin?’

Not a few seconds after the idea floated, he slapped himself: Pah! you deserve the slap!

I can’t compare to Sister Yin’s beauty!

So why on earth?? He didn’t swipe the votes himself. The forum’s mechanism did not allow voting frauds. Only the students of Huiwen had the right to vote. Each person had only one account.

Did someone change his fate at the last moment and made him the school’s flower?? Who loves him so much??

Among the people, Tan Ke was the one who laughed the most. As the one who nominated Song Zhaolin’s name in the school’s flower, he never expected that his brother 3 Not the actual brother. would actually be chosen as the school’s flower.

Tan Ke laughed all night before remembering that his other brother also won as the school’s apollo. He sent a WeChat to Song Zhaolin: [Linzi, now that you are officially paired with Brother Zhen, you can be his dance partner hahahaha]

Song Zhaolin’s replied: [Will I still be alive tonight? *panic* *panic*]

Tan Ke: [Brother, I suggest you hurry up and save yourself.]

[Not only to Brother Zhen but also to Chu Yin. She should have been elected but you got involved. Don’t you need to apologize? ]

Song Zhaolin: [Tang Ke! you are still thoughtful!! *flying kiss*]

So, he sincerely sent a WeChat message to Lu Zhen: [Brother Zhen, I swear to God, I have no irreconcilable desire for you! I didn’t mean to be the school’s flower!!]

After sending it, Lu Zhen didn’t respond for a long time. Song Zhaolin waited for a while before sending a follow-up message: [Brother Zhen?]

At last, there was a reaction: the message was sent, but it was rejected by the other party

This time, he finally got a response: [Your message has been sent, but it was rejected by the other party.]

Song Zhaolin: QAQ!

He opened the dialog box of Chu Yin with heartache: [Sister Yin, I really didn’t mean to. In my heart, you will always be the most beautiful school flower [crying] [crying]]

He thought that Chu Yin would also block him, but her attitude was very gentle, opposite to what he was thinking.

Chu Yin: [Lin Lin, be confident, you deserve it.]

Song Zhaolin: ?? Why did he suddenly felt moved and wanted to cry?

He didn’t expect his Sister Yin to look cold on the surface, but was actually very warm-hearted!

Chu Yin: guilty.jpg

When Song Zhaolin went to school the next day, he was distinctly aware of the students’ heads turning back to him.

The usually self-confident and sunny bright young man walked shyly with his hands together.

After finally arriving in Class 5, he saw Chu Yin already sitting in her seat, studying. She usually didn’t give Song Zhaolin a look whenever he entered the class, but today, she actually raised her head and looked at Zhaolin for the first time.

In Chu Yin’s eyes, there was a deep meaning of wanting to laugh but couldn’t. She concealed her guilty heart by looking at him with brighter eyes than usual, which made Song Zhaolin’s subconsciously stood up.

She reached out to help Song Zhaolin open the chair: “Sit.”

Song Zhaolin was flattered — is this the treatment of being a school’s flower?! Does it seem…seem to be a little bit cool?

Chu Yin suppressed her slightly disturbed conscience and tried not to laugh.

The permission to change the sentence stipulated that she could only find targets among the contestants of the same category and carefully thought about it yesterday. Although she could make Fu Mingxuan or Chu Qiuqiu win the school’s flower, judging from the overall plot of the novel, once these two wins the title, they would certainly become a demon. Doing this would just more trouble for her.

After many considerations, Song Zhaolin was the most suitable candidate. It won’t lead to war and could even add a comic effect to the plot. Killing two birds with one stone – she was simply an artist

As more students came into the class, the first thing they did when entering was to look at Song Zhaolin.

“Shit, Lin Zi, you are awesome!”

“Now you’re on fire!”

“The authorities said there was no abnormal data. It might be a system malfunction? Anyways, you are going to be recorded in the history of Huiwen!”

Chu Yin lowered his eyes with a guilty heart, looked at his nose and nose, and studied with his heart, without being moved by foreign objects.

Chu Yin lowered her eyes, guiltily. With this pose, she looked like a foreign goddess.

When the boys in the class looked at Song Zhaolin, they would inevitably see Chu Yin next to him.

The girl who was lowering her head with her hair draped down that covered her delicate eyebrows looked very ethereal as she sat by the window.

When they saw this, the boys blushed.

If the system didn’t break down, she should be the school flower now. No one knew that many of them voted for Chu Yin.

So when Fu Mingxuan came in, they hurriedly looked away. They didn’t dare to look at Fu Mingxuan. After all, they agreed to vote for her.

After Fu Mingxuan entered the classroom, she first looked at Song Zhaolin and was relieved to see that he was safe and sound.

Yesterday, right after the school was over, Chu Yin still held the first rank in the vote. Fu Mingxuan was so angry that she asked her friends in the neighboring school to scare the school’s flower. She wanted to scare her so she won’t act too ostentatious in the future.

These nearby schools all knew that Huiwen’s girls were famous for their rich beauty, so they always paid close attention to the annual school’s flower and school’s apollo. Fu Mingxuan gave them money, of course, they did not refuse.


After explaining the matter, Fu Mingxuan covered her face and sneaked away. Who knew that things suddenly reversed at night, Chu Yin didn’t become a school flower?!

Although Fu Mingxuan was happy to see the result, she was a little worried about an incident.

I’m sure those girls aren’t that stupid…

At the same moment.

In the Internet bar opposite the school, several girls in a middle school uniform with heavy make-up opened the homepage of Huiwen Middle School.

“This year, their school’s apollo is still Lu Zhen? Ah~ envy~”

“Second is Gu Qiuze? He can be our school’s apollo.”

” *wiping saliva* Today, we should focus on the school’s flower.”

As their mouse scrolled down, a few heads squeezed in front of the screen: “Song Zhaolin?”

“There is no photo. How can we find her?”

“Forget it, let’s just ask around. The school’s flower must be very famous.”


Lu Zhen was not in a good mood.

Although he was lazy and indifferent as usual, Tan Ke, who was sitting across him, could feel it. It stood to reason that Lu Zhen had never been interested in things such as this.

“Brother Zhen, are you going to the dance?” Tan Ke asked.

Lu Zhen frowned and did not speak. 

Suddenly a figure came into the class. “Brother Zhen ~ ~ Tang Ke ~ ~”

When Song Zhaolin came over, he met several friends on the way, winking at him.

So when Song Zhaolin, who was full of passion, walked into the international class, Lu Zhen raised his hand and covered his eyes. Tan Ke also had a blank expression: “You’re fucking normal! 4 might be referring to how Song Zhaolin is still acting normal and bright even after winning the school’s flower

Song Zhaolin sat down with a smile: “I found that there’s nothing wrong with being a school’s flower!”

Lu Zhen plainly looked at him while Tan Ke chuckled and said: “What’s the matter?”

Song Zhaolin: “I received a special treatment today. My deskmate pulled a chair for me, and she took the initiative to talk back to me. My god!”

Lu Zhen suddenly raised his eyelids, his eyes were dark and heavy, and no one could see the lurking emotions behind them.

Tan Ke, who was beside him, was quite surprised: “Really? She didn’t get angry and demanded to take her title?” 

Song Zhaolin: “No! She also told me that I deserve it. Hahaha.”

Tan Ke also laughed: “hahaha”

Lu Zhen also wanted to laugh.

Song Zhaolin chatted for a while before asking, “Brother Zhen, should we pick a song? I think everyone is looking forward to it.”

Tan Ke laughed wildly – Although he’s looking forward to it, he’s afraid Song Zhaolin wouldn’t live long.

Lu Zhen raised his eyes, looked at him, and slowly spat out a word: “Roll.”

Song Zhaolin: “Ok–“

The school’s flower came and went like a wind, leaving only a beautiful shadow.

After sitting for a while, Lu Zhen suddenly got up. Tan Ke straightened up next to him: “Where to go?”

“Don’t follow.” Lu Zhen waved his hand.

As soon as Lu Zhen left, the girls’ conversation in the class became more unrestrained.

“Hey, I feel sorry for our Brother Zhen~ he really doesn’t to dance with Song Zhaolin?”

“I think this result is very good, hahaha, I think he’s suitable than anyone.”

“I think so. Chu Yin’s face is okay, but in a wider perspective…”

“Yes, it’s too unsophisticated.”

After listening to it, some boys felt a sour smell coming to their faces.

As for Chu Yin’s face, as soon as they saw it, they couldn’t think of anything else. Okay, that’s the wider perspective!

Lu Zhen left the classroom and subconsciously walked into the direction of Class 5, feeling inexplicable.



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