I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 17 part 2

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 17 – Guardian Knight (2)

What are you looking at? Lu Zhen sneered at himself.

But he still couldn’t help it. His heart felt like it was being scratched.

Lu Zhen walked along the corridor, but before turning the corner, he suddenly heard Song Zhaolin’s voice: “Sister, Sister Yin, are you really not coming to the dance party?”

Lu Zhen stopped abruptly.

After two seconds, Chu Yin’s cold voice sounded: “No, it’s not interesting. I want to study.”

The corner of Lu Zhen’s lips suddenly tilted slightly. It seems that she was also like this in front of others.

“Brother Zhen will go. Even if you don’t want to see me dancing, don’t you want to see a handsome man?”

Lu Zhen subconsciously held his breath and waited for her answer.

“I don’t want to.” The sound was colder than before.

Chu Yin was really lazy to go to the dance party. Song Zhaolin felt that his school’s flower title was not clear, so he felt he had to take her to the dance party.

She thought for a while before comforting Song Zhaolin: “You should be confident. In fact, you and Lu Zhen are quite compatible.”

Song Zhaolin looked horrified: “?”

Lu Zhen, who was separated by a wall: “…”

Chu Yin sincerely said, “This type of CP should rise. If two people who are originally inappropriate, forcibly got paired up, would develop their feelings for each other. What’s more, you two have known each other since childhood, right?”

Song Zhaolin had a dull face.

This was the first time Lu Zhen heard her say so many words.

The girl’s voice was sweet and clear, but Lu Zhen felt it was painful to hear.

Chu Yin sowed the seeds of love in Song Zhaolin’s heart and left him with satisfaction, leaving Song Zhaolin alone to reshape his three views.

Lu Zhen walked around the corner with a cold face. Song Zhaolin saw him and was shocked. Then he quickly proved his innocence: “I don’t have feelings. Brother Zhen, I really don’t have it!”

Lu Zhen didn’t look at him but looked in the direction of where Chu Yin left. She would probably pass by the stairwell and go to the rooftop to review. Lu Zhen turned around and went up the stairs on the other side and waited for her in the stairwell.

Song Zhaolin thought anxiously: It’s over! After Brother Zhen heard those words just now, he probably hates Sister Yin even more!

Chu Yin drank water first, then memorized the words as she walked to the roof.

As soon as she went up the stairs, she saw Lu Zhen.

Xueji “It must be a special fate.”

Chu Yin mercilessly said, “Go away.”

The dog man leaned against the wall, playing with his mobile phone as if he didn’t notice her.

From this angle, she could just see the brown-red tear mole. The proportion of his side face was accurate and perfect as if Lu Zhen had deliberately found a good angle.

But Chu Yin was completely unmoved, thinking: Bad luck. I really want to change my path.

However, at this time, it would be too obvious to turn around and change the script on the spot. She simply walked over intending to ignore him.

At that moment she passed by, she heard him chuckled. Lu Zhen raised his head from his mobile phone: “Not saying hello?”

Chu Yin: Hello??

Why do I have to say hello?? Are we familiar??

Fortunately, she was a civilized person, otherwise, I will greet you and your family! 1 The common Chinese scoldings

The stairwell was not big and there were only two of them. Lu Zhen’s eyes fell on her eyes and he could her instant surprise as well as her slight frown.

Chu Yin adhered to the rule that her character should not collapse. After a few seconds, Chu Yin said obediently, “Hello.”

Lu Zhen’s eyes trembled slightly.

In the unmanned stairwell, the girl holding the water glass was forced to say hello.

It’s the kind of nerd Lu Zhen hates, but it felt so…good.

Chu Yin didn’t know what the dog man was thinking.

But she was thinking that if she didn’t act dull enough, she could only pretend to be demented.

“Anything else?” she continued in a flat tone. It meant she was busy.

The emotions in Lu Zhen’s heart suddenly dissipated before quickly recovering.

She hates him so much.

Even if she tried to hide it, it still seems that every pore in her whole body repels him.

The young man restrained his emotions and stepped back: “Nothing else.”

Chu Yin secretly observed Lu Zhen’s emotions that had faded down. She was suddenly relieved.

The story really changed. From the initial so-called love at first sight, to later Lu Zhen began to chase her, these things did not happen again.

After all, Lu Zhen at this time was just a 17-year-old boy and didn’t have the abnormal developments yet. As the heir to a top company, Lu Zhen was undoubtedly a proud person. He wouldn’t have the personality to pay attention to a little bookworm who he didn’t like.

Chu Yin felt a little peaceful. Without stopping, she turned around and went up the stairs

Lu Zhen watched her leave without a trace of pause.

It was said that this was the case for smart and beautiful women. They only had their own goals in mind and would not be shaken by anything else.

If she can…Then he hoped she would always be like this, to everyone.

Don’t be swayed by anyone. Don’t be enthusiastic about anyone.


Even as the morning passed, Chu Yin was not persuaded by Song Zhaolin and still refused to participate in the dance party.

At noon, Song Zhaolin said that he didn’t want to eat in the cafeteria and wanted to eat out. As soon as he asked, Jiang Yan came over to ask a question. After Jiang Yan spoke, they went to the cafeteria for dinner together.

Song Zhaolin: Sure enough, the treatment of being a school’s flower is short-lived.

Both Chu Yin and Jiang Yan were busy talking about school-related concerns as they went to the cafeteria.

After chatting for a while, Jiang Yan sighed and pushed her glasses: “Your logical thinking is very good. No wonder you got the perfect score in Mathematics. You’re so intelligent.”

In fact, Chu Yin’s logic was very poor. She was tortured by GMAT in her last life. In terms of logic, Lu Zhen, that dog man, beat her.

“Your framework is also very good,” Chu Yin also admired her, “Your knowledge in comprehensive literature is so strong.”

This was the case with the student who studied very hard, especially in the comprehensive subjects. Their knowledge framework was very clear in every book and lessons. Chu Yin admired this very much.

In her last life, she had never communicated with an intelligent student in Huiwen. This time, after she improved herself, she was able to interact with different people.

Jiang Yan shook her head. The more she communicated with Chu Yin, the more she could feel the gap. Chu Yin and her knowledge level were obviously not in the same line and the same problem. Chu Yin’s thinking was much broader than her own.

But Jiang Yan was not envious. She knew that Chu Yin worked harder than herself. She felt that she deserved it and could herself to exert more effort.

On the way to the cafeteria, they would pass by the school gate. Jiang Yan was talking when she suddenly caught a few girls standing at the gate. They were obviously not Huiwen students.

She pulled Chu Yin’s sleeve and motioned for her to look over.

As soon as Chu Yin’s eyes looked over, she recognized that this was the student in the neighboring school. These people would come to the gate of Huiwen from time to time. 

Sometimes they were looking for handsome men, sometimes they were looking for trouble.

“Let’s go. Don’t look at them.” Chu Yin said.

Jiang Yan naturally agreed: “Okay.”

When Chu Yin walked past, one of the girls saw her and quickly pulled her. “Crap. This girl is so beautiful.”

When her companions looked over, they only saw the backs of the two figures. It was obvious that they were nerds.

“What beautiful?”

“No, really! The girl on the left is so beautiful! She has the face of first love. She is not the school flower, is she?”

The companion frowned, casually pulled a boy out, and asked, “Classmate, let me ask you something.”

The boy was quite knowledgeable about current affairs: “Go ahead.”

The girl was very satisfied: “Who is Song Zhaolin?”

Song Zhaolin: “…Huh?”

Was he now famous enough to be blocked at the school gate? And several girls??

Song Zhaolin shook his hair and showed a handsome smile: “Classmate, what can I do for you?”


Twenty minutes later.

Song Zhaolin’s clothes were disheveled as he left with a dazed expression.

Several girls teased and bullied him in the alley. They felt that they had done a good job with the money given to them.

“So Huiwen is playing around this year? Is the school flower a man?”

“Seeing that he has a good temper, why will he be in enmity with others?”

“Blocking other people’s way?”

When several girls walked out of the alley with a smile, they suddenly heard a warm and soft voice: “Excuse me, are you looking for Huiwen’s school’s flower?”

When they saw that it was a well-dressed Bai Fu Mei, the sister with heavy make-up said arrogantly, “What’s the matter? Are you the school’s flower?”

Just now Chu Qiuqiu happened to pass by and heard them say, “Someone asked us to warn the school flowers.” 

She probably guessed what was going on.

“You found the wrong person,” Chu Qiuqiu covered her mouth and laughed carefully. “The original school flower is the one who ranked second. Her name is Chu Yin.”

Several girls felt that their sponsor wouldn’t be satisfied with their job of looking for trouble with a boy.

“What does Chu Yin look like?”



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