I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 17 part 3

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 17 – Guardian Knight (3)

Chu Qiuqiu said: “Pretty but very unsophisticated. She wears baggy school uniform.”

“Damn, isn’t that the girl I saw just now?”

“Do you remember the face?”

“Remember. Her face can’t simply be forgotten!”

Chu Qiuqiu disclosed important information in a few words. She looked around and left. She was very happy when thinking that someone would go make trouble for Chu Yin.

Although Chu Yin had a high number of votes, she didn’t become the school’s flower in the end. Yesterday’s message board was right. If Chu Yin was chosen as the school’s flower, the neighboring schools would mock them for choosing a country bumpkin.

What’s more, they were in a wealthy and powerful family. Apart from a face, Chu Yin did not qualify for a wealthy upbringing. How could she be a school flower?

Chu Qiuqiu was in a good mood. She bought milk tea outside the school and went back to school as if nothing had happened. She met Chu Shi and Gu Qiuze on the way.

“Brother and Senior Qiuze” Chu Qiuqiu said hello sweetly.

Chu Shi looked at her back: “How can you be alone?” Usually, Chu Qiuqiu went everywhere with her best friends.

Chu Qiuqiu was surprised. When she saw Song Zhaolin being dragged to the alley, she separated from her friends. But her elder brother certainly did not see this scene, so she would not take the initiative to tell him that someone wanted to trouble Chu Yin.

“They don’t want to drink milk tea today.”

“Okay.” Chu Shi didn’t ask anymore, “Go back to class.”

Chu Qiuqiu left quickly.

Gu Qiuze looked at Chu Shi, “Looking carefully, they don’t look alike.”

Chu Shi squinted at him: “What is?”

“She and Chu Yin,” Gu Qiuze laughed, “The gap is a little obvious.”

Chu Shi sighed slightly and did not deny it.

The Chu family’s attitude on this matter was very vague and had not publicly clarified the identity of Chu Yin and Chu Qiuqiu, only saying that they were the daughters of the Chu family.

But this was full of flaws. The Chu parents did not want to hurt the two daughters, but it would still hurt them in the end. At least from his point of view, his biological sister did not have a trace of attachment to this family.

He was afraid that Chu Yin also didn’t have any attachment to her former home. She lived alone in the world without family for so many years…

Chu Shi looked at Gu Qiuze again and sighed: “I don’t know if I can rely on you in the future.”

Gu Qiuze: “?”

Chu Shi continued to say, “Even you can’t compete with Lu Zhen in the school’s apollo selection. What is your use?”

Gu Qiuze: “? I already lost last year, okay.”

Chu Shi: “Oh, but Yin Yin didn’t become a school flower. You are both in second.”

Gu Qiuze felt like he was implying something.

The lunch break was over.


When Chu Yin came back from lunch, Song Zhaolin was thinking about life on his seat.

After what happened just now, he thought: Is the burden of beauty too heavy for him?

Chu Yin looked at him: “What’s the matter with you?”

Song Zhaolin looked at Chu Yin in a trance: “Sister Yin, am I beautiful enough for people to come at me?”

“To what extent?” Chu Yin asked

Song Zhaolin touched his face: “To the extent of being pulled to the level of molestation in the alley.”

“……” Chu Yin suddenly felt guilty: “Is it because of your school’s flower title?”

Song Zhaolin nodded with pity: “Yes.”

Chu Yin was more guilty.

Could the side effects of school’s flower halo still work on boys??

It’s too retarded, isn’t it?? It’s really the world of fiction.

Chu Yin coughed twice and patted Song Zhaolin on the shoulder: “No, you are not as beautiful as that.” It’s just that fate is too ruthless.

Song Zhaolin pitifully went to Chu Yin’s table: “My heart is so cold.”

Chu Yin comforted him: “Don’t do this, Dad loves you.”

Song Zhaolin took the opportunity to say, “So do you have the heart to refuse me to attend the dance party?”

Chu Yin finally found her conscience: “Okay, I’ll go.”

Song Zhaolin was happy.

In fact, those girls were not too much. It was just his first time to meet this kind of battle. He was just a little scared. But why did Sister Yin look guilty? It has nothing to do with her.

Hee hee hee, she is such a kind little angel.


After school, Chu Yin sat in the classroom as usual to answer questions.

“Ding – political test paper 97 points, task completed √ access to [change word] permission. “

“Host, do you want to unlock the script?~”

Chu Yin received the pen: “Okay.”


The script spread out, and Chu Yin held her arms as she looked at it. After a few glance, she thought to herself: Although the plot of school’s flower has been tampered with by her, the plot is still quietly progressing.

She didn’t know the identity of the little devil that wanted to punish her but got Song Zhaolin by mistake. But under the function of cannon fodders, this group would eventually look for trouble with her.

Now, if Chu Yin went out, those people would gather around and take her to the alley to teach her.

Chu Yin had not experienced this kind of mentally handicapped operation in her previous life, and now she felt suffocated.

“Host, maybe you can choose to leave through the back door of the school?”

Chu Yin’s calmly responded as she opened her geography exercise book: “We’re not in a hurry. Let’s make them stay for a while.”

She had already told the family driver to come back later to pick her up. The people outside would have to wait for a long time.

When Chu Yin finally came out of the school, the people waiting outside were almost hungry.

“Come on, come on, she’s coming!” 

“Are you sure it’s her?” 

“It’s her!”

Chu Yin took a look at them, and then went straight to the alley opposite the school. Several girls were dumbfounded and followed her subconsciously.

On the way, Chu Yin opened the voice memo of the mobile phone. When they got there, she  asked them, “Did you bully a man named Song Zhaolin in our school at noon?”

The leader laughed: “That handsome boy?”

Chu Yin: “Don’t you want to apologize?”

The girls puffed up their chewing gum and thought that she was mentally ill: “It’s just a boy. We’re just making fun of him. It will not happen again.”

They admitted it.

Chu Yin held the mobile phone in her pocket, and then said, “So boys can be harassed at will? Reflect on yourselves if you think it’s not disgusting to have no conscience.”

They argued back, “You have a long mouth, don’t you?”

“Little girl, this sister will teach you how to be a man today!”

These girls, who were mixed up in society 1 Rebels, gangsters, and those dangerous people , didn’t pay attention to Chu Yin at all. They picked up something on the ground and began to walk over to her.

Chu Yin was not flustered. She had a script in front of her.

[Several girls picked up bricks from the ground and planned to gather around Chu Yin. Chu Yin didn’t shrink back. With her strength, she could get rid of these people. ]

“Host, it’s still dangerous to attack them directly. This system suggests that you weaken the lethality of their weapons first.”

Chu Yin: “Who said I’m going to do it?”

The purpose of Chu Yin’s trip was to punish those cannon fodders that used violence. After all, these people had not made any progress even in their two lives. They constantly do things stupid things.

Now that the recording was over and gained evidence, she just needed to finish them off.

Chu Yin asked, “Why don’t I let their weapons kill them?”

Xueji: “How to kill?”

“Chicken, your imagination is still poor.”

As she spoke, she moved her light pen and scratched out [brick], and changed it into [dog-poop].

Xueji: “….”

Chu Yin: it’s good to win without fighting.

Several girls surrounded her with evil smiles, trying to show this ignorant person the difference between them.

Suddenly, the slender and beautiful girl in front of her gave a disgusting “Yuck.”

“You are so disgusting,” she said with a frown, “playing with poop.”

“Who do you mean play?”

Before their voice fell, the leader of the group suddenly smelled a stinky odor.

When they turned their head to see, their one hand unexpectedly held a steaming dog poop?!

Too close, too much detail, too shining, and the impact is too strong.

Because of their hunger and their nauseous feeling mixed up, the acid rushed to their throat, making them collapse on the spot.

A few younger girls ignored their nausea and quickly threw the dog poop.

One of the people pinched the girls and said, “Elder sister, wake up! are you all right? Wake up!”

The elder sister finally woke up. As soon as she opened her eyes, the little sister’s hand that formerly touched the dog poop was on her mouth.

She gave a more intense “vomit -” sound and fell completely unconscious.

Chu Yin clapped her hands and said, “By the way, the school flower is actually the one who asked you to come to me. Next time you see her, remember not to let her go. “

Several younger sisters were about to cry: “Then who are you?”

“Me?” Chu Yin touched her pocket and walked out of the alley, “I am the Guardian Knight of the School’s flower.”

——Song Zhaolin, the best school’s flower in the world! [*heart shape hand*]



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