I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 18 part 1

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Chapter 18 – Come and Dance (1)

After Chu Qiuqiu returned home, she sat in the living room and didn’t see Chu Yin come back for a long time.

Her heart was filled with joy — now Chu Yin was entangled by those girls in the neighboring school. Maybe she was being taught a lesson right now. They might also be annoyed by Chu Yin’s stinky temper. Chu Yin might even get even a few beatings from them.

It would be more exciting if they could scratch her face~

Chu Shi just went downstairs when he saw the excited Chu Qiuqiu. His eyebrows raised, “Why are you so happy?”

Chu Qiuqiu was startled: “No, nothing!”

Chu Shi thought she was a little strange. He looked her up and down.

Chu Qiuqiu quickly made up a reason: “This is…I’m about to pick out a dress for the dance party. I haven’t ordered a formal dress for a long time.”

Speaking of this, Chu Shi thought of Chu Yin. After all, she grew up in the countryside and probably didn’t know anything about these luxury items. Seeing that she usually wears a simple school uniform, she may not know how to choose a dress for this dance party occasion.

Chu Shi: “You…”

He just wanted to ask Chu Qiuqiu to help Chu Yin, but after thinking about it, he swallowed the words back. He should wait for Xiao Yin to come back and help her pick a dress together.

Chu Qiuqiu glanced at Chu Shi’s expression and immediately flattered him: “Brother, don’t worry. I will help sister pick a dress for the dance party.”

Chu Shi nodded: “Yes.”

After a while, the gate of the Chu house finally opened, and the car that picked up Chu Yin came in.

Chu Qiuqiu controlled her excited expression and looked forward to the dark-faced Chu Yin coming in.

Who knew that the girl who walked in was calm, her clothes were clean, and she didn’t even have a scratch on her body, let alone a wound.

What’s going on? Those people didn’t wait for Chu Yin?? Chu Qiuqiu was a little dumbfounded for a moment and hadn’t controlled her disappointed expression.

Chu Yin glanced at her.

What a good sister Chu Qiuqiu is.

Chu Shi came over and said, “Did you arrive so late just to study?”

Chu Yin shook her head: “I met some strange people on the way. I thought they were going to trouble me.”

Chu Qiuqiu quickly pricked up her ears.

Chu Shi frowned: “What strange people? What have they done to you?”

Chu Yin’s pair of peach blossom eyes slightly curved: “Nothing – they seem to be mentally retarded. I only said two words and they suddenly squatted on the ground to play with dog poop.”

Chu Qiuqiu: “…” Are those girls retarded?

Chu Shi was also silent for a moment. After all, he was the eldest young master of a powerful family, and he had never seen anything like this. “Stay away from these people next time. “

Chu Yin said with a smile: “I know. It seems that they got lied to by a female student at Huiwen at noon and wanted revenge. I told them to remember her face clearly so they don’t approach the wrong person. “

Chu Qiuqiu’s body shivered and she almost fell off the sofa.

What?? Those  half-witted skanks are going to take revenge on her?!

And they’re moronic idiots that play with dog poop! She doesn’t want it!!!


After dinner, a designer came to the door and brought an album of the season’s couture dresses.

Chu Qiuqiu gained her energy back.

Chu Shi chose his outfit easily. He had a brand he was used to wearing. He had been buying an outfit from them every season. So, today’s focus was to choose dresses for his two sisters.

Chu Yin hadn’t been interested in these things in her previous life. But after staying with Lu Zhen for a long time, she was accustomed to the luxury of the top class. These expensive things seemed to have no value in her eyes.

The Chu family’s financial resources were not enough.

Although she’d much rather go home to do a few sets of questions than going to a dance, she couldn’t since she had promised Song Zhaolin.

It was certainly not a good decision to go. She could only pick a dress that wouldn’t let her stand out.

Chu Shi was afraid of hurting Chu Yin. He didn’t rush to help his sister to choose. He planned to wait for Chu Yin to finish reviewing the dresses before giving suggestions based on her choice.

Chu Qiuqiu watched as her brother walked to one side, holding the brochures of several luxury brands. She sat next to Chu Yin affectionately, “Sister, don’t you know these brands? I’ll help you pick them~”

Chu Yin moved to the side a little disgusted. Chu Qiuqiu’s attitude was superfluous.

The style and tailoring were very simple. The sleeves reached the wrist. The mid-length skirt hid a little playfulness to it, which was very suitable for her current age.

Although she didn’t want to admit it, Chu Yin knew that her sense of fashion was influenced by the dog man Lu Zhen. When she was brought back from the countryside, although she had her fashion style, it was not very high-level.

That’s why the dog man thought that the floral dress 1 Chu Yin wore a floral dress on their first meeting in front of the school. See ch1 was ugly.

Chu Yin was a little distracted when Chu Qiuqiu had enthusiastically selected one of the pictures for her: “Elder sister, I think this is quite suitable for you, this color is very cute, it will attract the male students~”

Chu Yin looked at the bright pink, vulgar slit skirt: “….”

Then she changed her advice from a bright pink dress into a fluorescent yellow dress. She enthusiastically recommended it to her, “Sister, this is also good. It will match your skin tone~”

Chu Yin nodded and stopped Chu Shi who was walking by, “Brother, I have chosen.”

“I’ll take this one,” She pointed to the black dress she had just seen, and then her fingertips moved to the two hot-eyed dresses. “My sister likes these two and you must buy them for her.”

Chu Qiuqiu was stunned for a moment and even said, “No, I don’t–“

Chu Yin interrupted her: “No? But you said it’s very cute, can attract the boys, and it matches the skin color?”

Chu Shi looked at the photo and was surprised. Chu Yin picked a very good dress, but when he saw the two dresses behind, his questioning eyes fell on Chu Qiuqiu’s face.

“Chu Qiuqiu, your taste is quite unique.”


Chu Qiuqiu: “…”

In the evening, Chu Yin arranged the recordings from her mobile phone and sent them to the Academic Affairs Office of the neighboring school.

The neighboring school had a good education. Their college entrance examination scores were better than Huiwen’s. There were many talented and bright students. Because it was a big school, there were many different students enrolled. The gangsters in that school assumed the role of various cannon fodders that were used as tools in the novel. Because of that, Chu Yin suffered a lot in her last life.

Fortunately, the management of that school was very strict, and it was never soft-hearted to the students who caused trouble.

The next day, when Song Zhaolin passed by the neighboring school, he saw a notice of punishment posted on the board at the gate.

After he arrived in class, he said to Chu Yin, who had started studying, “I found that there is justice in this world.”

Chu Yin did not lift her head: “What?”

“Yesterday those lecherous – no, those hooligans were punished by their school,” Song Zhaolin touched his little chest, “I’m so moved.”

Chu Yin stopped writing and looked up at him.

Song Zhaolin inexplicably saw a kind of kindness in her eyes.

“It is everyone’s responsibility to love and protect a school’s flower.” Chu Yin was like a loving father.

Song Zhaolin felt that it was necessary to revive his masculinity. Although his Sister Yin was not interested in him and had a little father-son relationship at most with him, he still wanted Chu Yin to remember that he was a handsome man.

Song Zhaolin touched his hair: “You must come to the dance, I will do a good job stunning everyone.”

“I’m looking forward to it,” Chu Yin clapped her hands perfunctorily, “You will dance with the school’s apollo?”

Song Zhaolin almost burst out: “No way, I still want to live!!!”

Chu Yin said earnestly: “Love comes from this kind of contradictions. Don’t resist it. Let the seeds of love grow naturally.”

Song Zhaolin: “???”


Two days later, the campus dance was held in the auditorium.

Both Fu Mingxuan and Chu Qiuqiu were very keen on this kind of social occasion, so they were dressed very ceremoniously as if they were going to walk the red carpet.

After all, they were also the school’s flower candidates. Both of them were famous campus beauties, which attracted many people’s attention.

Lu Zhen was standing on the second floor of the auditorium, leaning against the railing. He was drinking wine in a glass, looking lazily across the hall.

The party was hosted by Yu Lin, a junior in senior high school. The Yu family and the Lu family merged through marriages a long time ago. Yu Lin was his cousin.

“There are so many little beauties in your grade,” Yu Lin stood beside him, glancing around the stairs. “I’ll go down and play a few games later.”

Lu Zhen was not interested and was too lazy to come. But, he was dragged by his cousin to come to this dance party to support him.

“Ah Zhen, you don’t want to dance?” Yu Lin also knew Song Zhaolin, “You and Xiao Linzi should dance together. I can already see you in the hot search.”

Lu Zhen said “go away” coldly.

Yu Lin, of course, knew his cousin’s temper, so he didn’t dare to persuade him. He continued to look at the beauties downstairs.

After looking around, his breath got almost taken away, “Damn, damn! So beautiful! I saw a fairy.”

The door of the auditorium was pushed open and a girl came in quietly. She didn’t arrange her face in any way, nor did she deliberately attract other people’s attention. But, as long as people caught a glimpse of her, they could not move their eyes.

Yu Lin pushed the unmoved Lu Zhen beside him, and said, “Damn it, she’s so beautiful. Is she the one from the Chu family?”

Lu Zhen suddenly turned his head.



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