I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 18 part 2

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Chapter 18 – Come and Dance (2)

He didn’t need to look around because he found Chu Yin at first glance.

He didn’t meet Chu Yin often at school and hadn’t seen her for several days. Even if he met her by chance, she would just ignore him if he didn’t speak.

Chu Yin didn’t wear her school uniform today. Instead, She wore a black dress with her long hair draped down. It was a low-key dress, but for the crowd, it looked conspicuous.

Not only Lu Zhen, but also countless people were watching her at the ball.

Yu Lin was still staring at her: “Apollo, Xiao Linzi owes you a beating. This should be the school’s flower, okay?”

Lu Zhen suddenly frowned. He put down the wine glance and went downstairs.

After Chu Yin came in, she went directly to the seat on one side. She intended to sit for a while before leaving, to give her deskmate some face. Although she sat down soon, she did not intend to waste time. After sitting down, she memorized the system task in her heart.

In the distance, Zheng Yu felt excited and drank a glass of wine after he saw Chu Yin.

Zheng Yu was very confident in himself. He had a good family background. He was also chased around by many girls.

Although Chu Yin was beautiful and a little unsophisticated, Zheng Yu thought it should not be difficult to win her. After all, she grew up in a small village and had less knowledge. He guessed it wouldn’t be long for Chu Yin to fall for him.

Zheng Yu put down his glass and straightened his clothes. He was about to go forward when he saw Lu Zhen walking past.

He walked in a circle and went back to where he had been.

——Excuse me.

Chu Yin was memorizing the text in her heart when suddenly a cold voice reached her ears: “Weren’t you not going to come?”

When she lifted her eyes, she bumped into Lu Zhen’s cold eyes.

The light in the corner was dim. Although Lu Zhen tried to restrain himself, his eyes uncontrollably fell on her face–from her forehead to her lips. Her natural beauty had a trace of a subtle charm. Even just sitting quietly was very attractive.

An indescribable restlessness haunted his heart.

Chu Yin could see that he was a little annoyed.

She thought to herself: Oh, dog man is pretty handsome today??

You knew I wasn’t coming? Does it matter to you whether I come or not??

Although Chu Yin scolded him in her heart, she still spoke cautiously, “…I’m sorry?”

Lu Zhen’s eyes suddenly sank.

Her voice was soft as if she had a good temper. She wasn’t curious about him and didn’t even ask him why he knew she wouldn’t come. She only apologized just to get rid of him.

As Lu Zhen’s jaw tightened, many thoughts lingered in that passing instant.

But in the end, he coldly said, “This place is not for you. Go back early.”

With that, the young man left coldly.

Chu Yin: “?”

Lu Zhen got angry at her? Dog man found her annoying?

Oh, my god. Isn’t this a great thing?!

If there were firecrackers right now, she would certainly be the first to light it!!

The moment Lu Zhen walked downstairs, many girls in the auditorium paid attention to his movements. They felt sour at first when they saw him walking towards Chu Yin.

But Lu Zhen left with an ugly expression after speaking two sentences.

They were relieved.

“I’ll tell you, Brother Zhen won’t lower his taste so much!”

“People who came from the village can’t speak properly. She must have said something that shouldn’t be said.”

“In the end, she only has her face. She’s so boring that she only knows how to study. With this kind of person, Brother Zhen won’t take a fancy to her.”

After Chu Qiuqiu listened to them, she said, “What are you talking about?”

“Nothing, nothing.”

“Wow, Qiuqiu, is this dress from J’s? It’s so beautiful~”

Chu Qiuqiu smiled gracefully and chatted with them.

“Ah, is that Senior Zheng? He’s coming!!”

“Qiuqiu, he seems to be coming towards you.”

Although Zheng Yu, a third-year senior, was not as good as Gu Qiuze, he was also a rich second generation. He was handsome. Many girls also voted for him in the selection. 

Chu Qiuqiu brushed her hair. When Zheng Yu called her, she turned around and showed a perfect smile with a slight surprise: “–Senior?”

Zheng Yu had been thinking about Lu Zhen’s actions just now, for fear that he was also interested in Chu Yin.

Their Zheng family was not small, but compared with the Lu family, they were only a fraction of the size. Even if Lu Zhen was one level 1 Zheng Yu is in the third year while Lu Zhen is in the second year lower than him, he wouldn’t dare to rob him.

After thinking about it, Zheng Yu decided to ask Chu Yin’s sister first.

“Hello, sister.” He said with a smile

Chu Qiuqiu guessed that he came to invite her to a dance, so she shyly lowered her eyes, “What’s the matter, senior?”

Zheng Yu said, “Oh, I just want to ask, does your sister, Chu Yin, have a boyfriend?”

Chu Qiuqiu’s face stiffened. He came to her just to ask for Chu Yin?!

How come everyone’s in love with her? Don’t they know that she came from the village with no proper education??


Chu Qiuqiu’s feelings of embarrassment and jealousy burned like fire. She controlled her expression and awkwardly smiled, “I don’t know. Maybe my sister has a boyfriend in the countryside?”

Zheng Yu was relieved: “It’s fine as long she doesn’t have a boyfriend here.”

Those people in the countryside were nothing to be afraid of!

Zheng Yu happily turned to find Chu Yin but found that she was no longer in her seat.

The music suddenly began and some people were already on the dance floor. Chu Yin was pulled by Song Zhaolin to let her watch him dance.

Song Zhaolin was good at dancing. He had practiced dancing since childhood. 

Chu Yin looked envious because she had no talent in this area.

Lu Zhen also taught her how to dance, but after being trampled countlessly with her feet, he finally gave up.

After Song Zhaolin finished dancing a song, several girls joined in to talk to him.

Chu Yin was very pleased with his dancing and applauded him.

Now that she had finished her task, she could leave after she found her Brother Chu Shi.

Taking advantage of the time gap between the next music, Chu Yin planned to withdraw from the crowd.

But at this time, she was suddenly slapped hard from behind, making her tumble on the dance floor.

Chu Qiuqiu, with a sweet smile, pulled her to the center of the dance floor: “Sister~ let’s dance together~”

Chu Yin sighed: Damn you.

There isn’t a time where you don’t make a fuss, don’t you?

After the midterm exams, her fake sister suddenly became quiet for a while. She was a little noisy at most, but it seems that her silence was temporary.

As soon as Chu Yin’s figure appeared on the dance floor, it immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

“Is that Chu Yin from second-year Class 5?”

“She can dance?”

“I don’t know. It looks like she can?”

Lu Zhen was originally sitting on the second floor when he suddenly saw her being pulled into the dance floor. He subconsciously was about to stand up and go downstairs.

Chu Qiuqiu pretended to be intimate, holding on to Chu Yin not to let her go. She made up her mind to make a fool of Chu Yin, and let everyone see her poor dance. Chu Yin couldn’t compare with herself!

Chu Yin didn’t want to throw a fit in public, so she directly knocked on the system: “Unlock the script.”

【Venue: Huiwen’s auditorium. Characters: Chu Yin, Chu Qiuqiu, Classmates.】

【…… Chu Qiuqiu believed that if Chu Yin was riding a tiger 2 骑虎难下 Chinese idiom that means a person can’t do a thing if the situation doesn’t allow it. Chu Qiuqiu was putting Chu Yin on the same spot so Chu Yin won’t have any choice but to show her dancing ability. she couldn’t leave because leaving the dance floor equals showing her timidity. Chu Qiuqiu decided to seize the opportunity to show her demeanor as a wealthy daughter.

With the melodious music, Chu Qiuqiu danced gracefully, attracting the attention of the audience.】

Chu Yin was speechless: You can do it yourself if you want to. Why do you have to pull others to be your sacrifice?

Xueji reminded: “Ding! Host, do you want to use a prop card?”

Chu Yin thought for a moment: “No need.”

She took up her pen and used her artistic ability. After thinking for a second, she crossed out the word [gracefully] and changed it into [snake-shape].

Since you’re not kind, don’t blame me for giving you an injustice, sister.

Soon, melodious music played in the auditorium.

Chu Qiuqiu smiled, took a good pose, and was about to take the first step of dancing–

Suddenly, her body moved into an S shape.

The person next to her was pushed away by her: “??”

Who knew her next move was more sultry.

Chu Qiuqiu was like a nimble snake. She moved in the form of a snake, taking the spotlight alone. Everyone was stunned and dumbfounded.

Under Chu Qiuqiu’s energetic and enthusiastic dance steps, all the people around her couldn’t dance anymore.

People silently vacated the whole dance floor for her.

Chu Qiuqiu herself felt she was crazy.


Why can’t I stop myself?!

My feet! What’s wrong with my feet?!!

Following the crowd, Chu Yin quietly retreated, watching Chu Qiuqiu’s expression gradually collapsed.

The weather is beautiful. The rain has stopped. Do you think you can do it again?

You can go and dance then 🙂



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