I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 19 part 1

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Chapter 18 – Suddenly, he was slammed (1)

When Chu Yin was dragged into the dance floor, Chu Shi and Gu Qiuze had just arrived.

Chu Shi frowned directly.

Chu Yin had just come back two months ago. There was no dance class arranged for her at home. His sister probably didn’t learn it when she was in the village, so she wouldn’t be able to dance. How could she be on the dance floor? He guessed that Chu Qiuqiu was playing tricks again.

Although Chu Yin was separated from them, he never regarded Chu Qiuqiu as a replacement for her. Even if it was like this, he also had loved Chu Qiuqiu. Looking at his grown-up sister, she seemed to be different from what he thought.

Gu Qiuze looked at the situation on the dance floor and said in a low voice: “There are too many eyes. It won’t be good.”

Chu Shi didn’t say anything and planned to go up to rescue Chu Yin.

But at this time, the music had already started. A few seconds later, there was a commotion among the crowd.

Then, they witnessed a spectacular shocking appearance.

Chu Shi: “…”

Gu Qiuze: “…”

All the students in the school: “…”

Gu Qiuze was silent for a long time before hesitating to voice his thoughts,  “Chu Qiuqiu is quite…energetic.”

Chu Shi covered his eyes in silence.

…No one taught Chu Qiuqiu to dance like this?!

What’s the matter with this snake-like dance???

That night, Chu Qiuqiu got her wish and became the focus of the audience because of her dance.

Chu Yin hid her merit deeply and walked out silently, walking past the crowd.

Not far away, a hand holding a red rose suddenly stretched out of nowhere.

Chu Yin was blocked. She raised her head inexplicably and saw an extremely coquettish face.

Zheng Yu finally seized the opportunity to block her, put out the most handsome expression, and affectionately looked at the girl in front of him: “Hello, beautiful. I’m Zheng Yu.”

This ancient way of greeting, Chu Yin was embarrassed.

She didn’t have much experience of being chased by boys. The main reason was that Lu Zhen was always by her side. At the time of her high school, the boys didn’t dare to take the initiative because Lu Zhen had already started chasing her.

In this life, since there was no Lu Zhen by her side, some people were eager to take the initiative. Although this person named Zheng Yu, who stood in front of her, was like a peacock, showing its grand beauty, it also confirmed to her that the plot had changed.

Therefore, Chu Yin was more patient, nodded, and said politely: “Hello.”

Lu Zhen stood not far away and watched.

He saw her leaving the dance floor as well as being stopped mid-way.

Seeing a fool holding a rose, standing in front of her with an indecent smile.

Lu Zhen subconsciously squeezed his fingers and his breath became deep and heavy.

Are you foolish? If you don’t know the person, you should stay away.

What do you have to say to such a suave and insincere person?

When Zheng Yu saw that Chu Yin’s personality was gentle as she replied to him, his heart was filled with joy.

“How can a beautiful woman be alone?” He continued, “This travesty is most definitely all the gentlemen’s present fault.”

Chu Yin: “…”

Sorry, I’m going to throw up.

But in Zheng Yu’s eyes, the girl in front of him was just frowning her delicate eyebrows. Her beautiful eyes were shining with waves. He felt pity for her.

Zheng Yu couldn’t help but get closer and said, “You are really beautiful. Can you be my…”

Lu Zhen gazed at the shrinking distance between them. His expression became more and more ugly. Finally, he couldn’t help it and walked forward.

Chu Yin resisted the impulse to punch Zheng Yu’s face and took a big step back: “you should sober up!”

Zheng Yu narrowed his eyes and followed her: “I’m very sober~”

Just as Chu Yin began to think about whether to change the script, a warm voice came in, “You will only scare her.”

Zheng Yu suddenly raised his head and saw that Gu Qiuze came and blocked Chu Yin from his view.

Gu Qiuze’s temperament was as warm as a breeze. His stature was tall. When he stood in front of him, Zheng Yu’s aura was somehow weakened.

Chu Yin was relieved. In this situation, she really didn’t want to waste her permission to change words.

Although Zheng Yu was a little upset, his family’s standing was far worse than the Gu’s. Gu Qiuze stood unmovingly, so Zheng Yu had no choice but to give a slightly flattering smile: “I’m just joking.”

Gu Qiuze’s smile was gentle, but his tone was irrefutable: “It’s not funny.”

Zheng Yu’s expression was a little ugly, but he couldn’t counterattack. Finally, he had to say “wait for me” to Chu Yin, then turned around and left dimly.

Chu Yin: Who is waiting for you???

Gu Qiuze turned around, bowed his head, and gave a smile: “Were you scared?”

Chu Yin pursed her lips: “Thank you. I was disgusted.”

Gu Qiuze was taken aback. He was amused by her again.

Originally, they (Chu Shi and Gu Qiuze) were afraid of the little girl coming in contact with boys. It was easy to be deceived by boys like Zheng Yu. But it appeared to be that her vision and taste were good and they didn’t need to worry at all. Chu Yin was really a girl full of surprises.

Chu Yin looked behind him: “Where’s my brother?”


Gu Qiuze raised his eyes, not far behind Chu Yin, Chu Shi was standing in front of Lu Zhen. Just now Chu Shi pushed him to take care of Chu Yin, and he went straight towards Lu Zhen.

To tell you the truth, Gu Qiuze didn’t know why Chu Shi hated Lu Zhen more than he did.

In addition to Chu Shi’s hatred, he also felt that he had an unspeakable fear towards him.

When Lu Zhen was stopped by Chu Shi, Gu Qiuze had already stood in front of Chu Yin.

An inexplicable feeling of being robbed of something important suddenly rose from the bottom of Lu Zhen’s heart. He was irritated, “Do you need something?”

Chu Shi laughed. Since his sister and Lu Zhen were here at the same time, he must pay more attention. When he saw the bastard walking towards Chu Yin, he came immediately.

“Nothing.” said Chu Shi, “It seems that you are going in the direction of my sister. I’m afraid you will cause unnecessary trouble.”

Lu Zhen’s aura was very cold. He stared at him with dim eyes, “If you have something to say, speak up.”

“I’ll tell you the truth,” Chu Shi looked at him. “My sister only has studies in her heart. She doesn’t like you. I hope Young Master Lu doesn’t have any ideas that he shouldn’t have.”

Lu Zhen smiled, revealing a hint of hostility.

Shouldn’t have thoughts?

Before he could speak, Song Zhaolin came out of nowhere then said, “Brother, you think too much. Brother Zhen doesn’t have those kinds of ideas for Sister Yin!”

Of course, Chu Shi didn’t want to have a conflict with Lu Zhen. He nodded his head and deeply looked at Lu Zhen before turning around to find his sister.

At this time, the music just finished, and Yu Lin’s slightly embarrassed voice boomed from the microphone.

“The performance just now was….. excellent!!! Everyone, let’s give each other a clap!”

Song Zhaolin clapped his hands and said with a smile, “Brother Zhen, didn’t you see it? Chu Qiuqiu seems to be crazy. To dance crazily like that, even her family won’t recognize her.”

Lu Zhen answered casually.

Then Yu Lin’s voice came from the stereo: “–Next up! It’s the climax of the ball! Let’s invite our school’s flower and our school’s apollo to dance together!”

Song Zhaolin was caught off guard: “Huh?”

Lu Zhen’s face was expressionless

At this time, Song Zhaolin and Lu Zhen were standing together, and the eyes of the whole audience shot towards them.

Both of them were handsome. One was the pretty kind, while the other was the cold kind. 

No one said it but they were all looking forward to it.

Song Zhaolin gradually felt shy under the attention of the crowd. He touched his cheeks shyly.

Lu Zhen raised his eyelids and expressed to Yu Lin with his eyes: Do you want to die?

Yu Lin felt embarrassed by Chu Qiuqiu’s dance just now, so he risked his life to pull Lu Zhen to liven up the atmosphere. Of course, it was impossible to make him dance.

“Ha ha ha. Just kidding! Due to this year’s special circumstances, the school’s flower and school’s apollo can no longer dance together~” Yu Lin added. His desire for survival was, after all, strong.

However, after such a disturbing performance, the atmosphere in the auditorium finally returned to normal. Chu Yin retracted her gaze and sighed a little regretfully.

Before she finished sighing, she heard someone say, “–Then, why don’t we invite  the second rank school’s flower and second rank school’s apollo to dance together?”

Gu Qiuze and Chu Yin, who was suddenly cued: “?”

And the two of them happened to stand together. This time, fiery eyes shot over Yu Lin’s direction.

Lu Zhen’s jaw tightened as he glared at Yu Lin again. This time, his eyes were looking at him as if he was already a dead person.

Yu Lin: ?? What’s the matter?

Gu Qiuze didn’t care but he turned to look at Chu Yin and asked softly, “Do you want to dance?”

Chu Yin gave a shallow smile and simply refused: “I don’t want to.”

Gu Qiuze understood and shook his hands towards Yu Lin.

“Well, let’s go on with the dance and have fun~”

Lu Zhen lowered his eyes as the auditorium resumed its liveliness.

The little nerd just laughed.

When she smiled, there was a small vortex on her cheeks, which made her look very sweet.

But Lu Zhen’s heart was suddenly sour.

The reason was that she didn’t laugh because of him. She never laughed in front of him like that.


Chu Yin had experienced too much this night and was very tired. After saying goodbye to her brother, she left.

Walking out of the entrance of the auditorium, in the shadow in the corner outside, a cold voice suddenly came. “Chu Yin.”

Chu Yin was shocked and looked into the shadow.

Lu Zhen took a step forward, his cold white face was half exposed, and the precise dark line was separated by the shade. Only the tear mole at the corner of his eye was visible.

“Study hard.” He said.

Stop participating in these things and don’t entertain the approach of others.

Otherwise, he…

After Lu Zhen said such an inexplicable remark, he left. It seemed that he had been  waiting for a long time outside the auditorium just to say this.



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