I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 19 part 2

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Chapter 19 – Suddenly, he was slammed (2)

Chu Yin looked at his back and said to the system, “Chicken, this dog man told me to study hard.”

“Yes, host.”

Chu Yin touched the tip of her nose: “But if I study hard, he will have bad luck.”

Xueji: “…”

Judging from the host’s actions until now, it was indeed true!

When the event finally ended, the melon-seeds eating people discussed for several days Chu Qiuqiu’s snake dance and Zheng Yu’s public pursuit of Chu Yin. After this, they finally focused on learning.

Chu Yin and Jiang Yan were familiar with each other. They study very hard. They come early and leave late in class. During the break, they would either discuss topics or find teachers to ask questions. Because of this, it affected the class and motivated the rest of the students to study hard.

As time passed by, people began to greet Chu Yin. But she didn’t want to make any friends, nor intend to waste her time learning on meaningless social interactions.

After the midterm exam results, Chu Yin became the treasure of all the teachers. Teacher Wang, who criticized her mathematics before, apologized to her, saying that she was too rushed and judgmental. She also told Chu Yin she was welcome to come and ask her any questions in the future.

Of all the teachers, the English teacher had the best impression of Chu Yin. She had no prejudice against the child from the beginning. After the surprise of her midterm exam, the English teacher liked her even more.

After class, the English teacher came over and told Chu Yin to go to the teacher’s office with her.

As soon as they left, Class 5 immediately started chatting.

“Do you think the teacher wants Chu Yin to participate in a competition?”

“It’s possible. After all, she has the highest English score in our class…”

Fu Mingxuan was not happy to hear this. Before Chu Yin transferred to this school, she always had the best score in English. Whenever there was an English competition, she was the first candidate the teacher would think of.

Soon someone helped Fu Mingxuan express her doubts:

“But this time it’s a speech contest? Chu Yin’s test score is really high, but for speech…not sure.”

“Indeed. Students who come from the province can’t keep up with spoken English even if they can score in written English.”

Jiang Yan, who was doing the questions quietly in the classroom, didn’t want to talk at all.

No matter how bad you think her English speech is, I bet hers will be better than any of yours.

In the office, the English teacher called Chu Yin away to talk about it.

“Speech Contest?”

“Yes,” the teacher nodded. “I’m just asking what you think about it. There’s no pressure. This is just a competition in the city. If you like, you can use it as an opportunity to practice.”

Unlike International classes, which often had foreign teachers, English classes in ordinary classes were taught by Chinese teachers. And Chu Yin didn’t answer questions often in English class, so the English teacher was not sure about her spoken English.

But every time Chu Yin handed in her English composition, it would always be good. She was using words and sentences that were hard vocabulary wise, making her better than those in the class. Her English ability was good enough. Therefore, the English teacher planned to let Chu Yin participate in this contest. If her spoken English was ordinary, she could accumulate experience. If she was good at speaking, she could earn certificates that would pave way for her future studies.

Chu Yin was quite interested, because——

“Ding! Releasing the system task ~ Win first place in the English speech contest. Four stars in difficulty. After completing, you can get permission to change a single sentence and a random special item card~”

Having permission to change a single sentence was too sweet she couldn’t bear to give it up.

“Teacher, I’ll take part.” Chu Yin said with a smile.

The English teacher was very happy that she pulled her to talk about the competition experience for a long time before finally telling her not to be pressured and she could come to her whenever there was a problem.

By the time she got out of the English office, the class break was over. Chu Yin didn’t have time to go to the bathroom. And since she didn’t want to be late, she hurried back to the classroom.

Just after she entered the class, several people’s eyes glanced over.

Chu Yin didn’t care as she went straight back to her seat.

As soon as she sat down, Song Zhaolin, who sat beside her, covered his mouth and whispered, “Zheng Yu was here.”

Chu Yin: “Zheng Yu?”

Song Zhaolin thought that his Sister Yin was really cold and didn’t even remember the boy’s name, “The annoying man who came to talk to you at the dance party that day!”

Chu Yin recalled that face and felt a chill.

Annoying, that’s right.

Although Song Zhaolin was annoying sometimes, his annoying appearance was quite lovely. Whereas, Zheng Yu’s way of annoying revealed his disrespect for women in nature. It made her feel disgusted by him.

“What was he doing here?”

Song Zhaolin raised his chin, “To chase you.”

No wonder several people in class strangely looked at her when she entered.

Chu Yin stretched her hand under her table and pulled something. She found a small bunch of freshly-cut roses, a box of chocolates from a brand overseas, and some extra things.

Song Zhaolin had secretly been observing the reaction of Chu Yin.

Although the title of the school’s flower was given to him accidentally, the whole school knew that Chu Yin was originally the school’s flower. How dazzling the school’s flower was! Everyone wanted to pursue her. Zheng Yu was the first one to dare to start.

But Chu Yin didn’t respond for a long time. Song Zhaolin couldn’t help asking, “What do you think about it, Sister Yin?”

Chu Yin coldly threw the things aside: “Is he mentally ill? There’s water on the flowers, and my books are all wet.”

Song Zhaolin: How heartless!!!


She is worthy to be his Sister Yin!!

After class, Chu Yin directly asked Song Zhaolin to send those things back to the third year International class.

Song Zhaolin ran and went to the second year of the International class. He told Lu Zhen and Tan ke the joke about Chu Yin rejecting Zheng Yu’s gifts.


He thought that Lu Zhen would not be interested in it. However, there was a smile on his lips, which showed he was in a good mood.

“Did she really say that?”

Song Zhaolin: “Yes.”

Lu Zhen’s lips rose for a moment.

But thinking of people falling in love with her, his eyes drooped down.


Everyone in the third year’s International class knew that Zheng Yu was chasing Chu Shi’s sister. Some people had asked Chu Shi what it meant.

“I don’t interfere with her choice. She has the right to decide for herself or not.”

The bottom line was that Xiao Yin shouldn’t get hurt, otherwise he would interfere. After all, in his dream, Chu Yin lost her freedom and was under the control of others. She was very miserable. Chu Shi hoped that she could escape that kind of life as much as possible.

Gu Qiuze only laughed and said nothing. If Zheng Yu could win Chu Yin’s heart, he himself would be disappointed.

As a result, Zheng Yu’s offensive chasing became more and more vigorous.

He placed candles in an open area of the school building, colorful balloons inside a car, and endless tricks.

There had been countless posts on Huiwen’s forum to talk about this matter.

[Li Tao: How long can our quasi-school’s flower last under such flamboyant courting?]

1L: I bet it will take a week.

2L: Actually, I think it will be soon. Zheng Yu is handsome and rich. It’s hard for ordinary girls to resist.

3L: @ 2L, I agree with you. If she had no plans to accept him, she should have rejected him long ago.

4L: Tsk. Now I’m regretting it. If I knew she was easy to chase, I should’ve…

10L: @4L, line up, and stand behind me.

11L: When she breaks up with ZY, you can go after her.


Chu Yin had been preparing for the upcoming English competition these days. She didn’t know what the students were talking about in school.

But after being blocked twice, she finally had the desire to kill.

What’s wrong with this man?? Who gave him the confidence to pursue her??

This Zheng Yu was quite powerful. Her hatred value in her heart about him stood shoulder to shoulder with Lu Zhen.

Song Zhaolin ate melon seeds on the spot every day. His biggest pleasure was to gossip about it live with his friends.

“Sister Yin tore Zheng Yu’s love letter!”

“Just now she threw Zheng Yu’s gift box in the garbage can. So beautiful!”

It was interesting to hear Zheng Yu being beaten in the face. Tan Ke happily took a mouthful of melon seeds and couldn’t help but exclaim, “She is really hard to chase…”

Lu Zhen, who was looking down to play with his mobile phone, suddenly raised his eyes.

Song Zhaolin said, “It seems that Zheng Yu is going to use his last trick today. He wants to confess to her.”

“Ooh, damn.”

Lu Zhen suddenly got up and went out frowning.

“Where is Brother Zhen going?—”

Lu Zhen walked a few steps away with long legs.

After going to the bathroom, Chu Yin washed her hands and dried it before coming out. Then, she saw the flamboyant man leaning against the opposite wall.

Zheng Yu carefully selected the angle, with a 45-degree side to face her, while making a deep and melancholy expression.

Chu Yin didn’t know why but she suddenly thought of another picture.

Lu Zhen also waited for her many times.

Leaning against the wall, with his head tilted upwards, either looking casual or looking as if thinking he was in deep thoughts.

God is very kind to Lu Zhen. Even if he had no expression and just stood there quietly, he would still look extremely handsome, straight out from a magazine.

–and so,

Chu Yin sighed.

This old lady could handle any guys that could rival the same level as Lu Zhen. But this man with the surname Zheng, what confidence did he have for her to accept him?

“Yin Yin, I have something to tell you.” Zheng Yu looked at her affectionately.

Chu Yin didn’t want to listen.

She tapped on the system: “Unlock the script.”

【Zheng Yu has been ridiculed by his friends for several days already. If he can’t win Chu Yin’s heart, he would have no face to see them. Today, he prepared this killer move to obtain Chu Yin.]

Zheng Yu went to Chu Yin and said, “Maybe you think I’m not sincere enough, so I’m here to show you my sincerity today.”

He turned and took a small box out of his pocket.

At the same time, Lu Zhen came from the side of the corridor.]

Chu Yin raised her eyebrow: Lu Zhen is coming??

【Then, Zheng Yu turned around, slammed Chu Yin on the wall, closed his eyes, and pointed to his heart: “I like you, I really do…”】

Chu Yin had goosebumps: What’s wrong with this script?!

She was thinking about how to change it when she saw a glimpse of Lu Zhen’s figure.

The young man walked fast, with a gloomy breath on his body.

Chu Yin suddenly had an idea — since it was delivered to her door, it shouldn’t be wasted!!

Let the dog man handle it!!!

She moved her light pen and fell on the sentence [Slammed Chu Yin on the wall]. She scratched her name and wrote [Lu Zhen]. Then, Zheng Yu turned around and slipped to one side.

Xueji looked at the depressed male lead who knew nothing at this moment, “…”

Lu Zhen frowned while showing a calm expression.

He had just arrived at where Chu Yin was. 

But before he could say a word, he was caught off guard and was slammed on the wall.


Zheng Yu closed his eyes, cupped his heart, and pursed his lips slightly: “I like you, I really do…”

Lu Zhen: “…”

Chu Yin: “Wow.”

Although Lu Zhen’s face was expressionless, the veins from the back of his hands bulged.

Three seconds later——

“Bang!” With a loud noise, Zheng Yu was kicked.

Lu Zhen: “Go die.”

The author has something to say: 

Chu Yin looked frightened: I can’t believe you’re in such a relationship!

Lu Zhen: “…”



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