I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 20 part 1

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Chapter 20 – Kneeling (1)

At that moment Zheng Yu flew out, and frankly speaking, Chu Yin felt refreshed.

As the successor of one of the top companies, Lu Zhen received not only elite education but also fighting skills. His training was not comparable to ordinary people.

His posture, angle, and strength were all perfect.

His long leg full of explosive power…Zheng Yu was kicked with this perfect fighting stance.


Chu Yin restrained her elated expression and tried to adjust the face of surprise, panic, and horror.

Zheng Yu fell to the ground with a loud bang. Several students who happened to pass by were shocked. They wanted to eat melon seeds but didn’t dare to eat them in front of Lu Zhen. They hid their gossiping eyes as they tried to watch secretly.

What happened?

Zheng Yu got beaten by Lu Zhen??

Wasn’t Zheng Yu chasing Chu Yin??


Zheng Yu fell to the ground and couldn’t get up. His annoying and flamboyant expression disappeared, leaving only a look of pain.

Lu Zhen had a dark and grim face as he tilted his neck. He was full of hostility, “Really, your mother.”

Chu Yin was about to burst into laughter but held herself back by pressing the corner of her lips.

It was a pity that she couldn’t watch it in a first-class seat. The thought of Lu Zhen being confessed to by this flamboyant man made her feel contented.

It would definitely be one rare adventure in Lu Zhen’s life.

Some of Zheng Yu’s friends watched the scene in the dark. Who knew that Zheng Yu was blind enough to slam against Lu Zhen? They immediately felt cold. Sure enough, Lu Zhen didn’t spare him at all and kicked him ruthlessly. It was painful to watch.

Seeing that Zheng Yu couldn’t get up even after waiting for a few seconds, his friends rushed to help him. They apologized to Lu Zhen before hurriedly walking away.

Lu Zhen’s icy gaze glanced around. And those few melon seeds eating people who were loitering around ran away immediately.

Chu Yin tugged the sleeve of her school uniform before slipping quietly along the wall. After a few steps, she felt a scorching gaze towards her.

“Sorry,” Lu Zhen looked at her, “Did I disturb you two?”

Chu Yin: This dog man is weird!!

She stopped and said seriously, “No. Thank you.”

Lu Zhen’s lips twitched slightly, “He was beaten by me. You don’t want to ask me about it?”

Chu Yin couldn’t help looking at him.

Although she didn’t want to say anything to Lu Zhen, Chu Yin still replied, “He disturbed my study, which was very annoying.”

Lu Zhen suddenly laughed.

Learning was more important than anything else. She was really cold.

Lu Zhen’s heart was a little sour but somehow also pacified by her reply.

“So you like it when they’re the same as you,” Lu Zhen couldn’t help but ask, “that studies well?”

Chu Yin looked at him strangely, with a sense of scrutiny.

Lu Zhen seemed to have more interest in her as a nerd, who was only devoted to studying, but it was different from her previous life. Chu Yin didn’t see the familiar aggressiveness in his eyes.

But was Lu Zhen such a person?

Chu Yin was on full alert as she looked at him suspiciously.

Lu Zhen straightened his back subconsciously. The hand hanging on his side tightened slightly while his fingertips unconsciously rubbed his knuckles.

Today should be a good chance to change clothes 1 He probably meant he will have to change himself to suit Chu Yin’s taste in guys . Lu Zhen thought.

Chu Yin finally shook her head: “I don’t like anyone. I just want to study hard.”

This was her personality of constantly alienating him.

Lu Zhen’s heart, which was just beginning to burn, slowly cooled down, making him feel pain.

After a while, he gave a light smile: “Go to class, good student.”


Chu Yin walked to a place with no people, then called out the system to show the script.

Lu Zhen, as a top-class cold male lead, had a chance to become abnormal in his later stage. He had always been the type of person who was hard to guess. Even in the script, his psychological state and thoughts were not often described. There would occasionally be only one or two sentences.

Chu Yin also discussed this matter with Xueji. She found that under the system rules, she could not directly tamper with the emotional and psychological elements of the characters. For example, she couldn’t tamper with her fake sister’s mind to abandon evil and promote the good. So, she could only make Lu Zhen ignore her or hate her.

Therefore, she could only deduce their psychology through their behavior by monitoring them in real-time. Prevention was better than cure.

She had no choice but to use the script and modify the situation slightly.

Alas, a script artist is more difficult than a novel writer.


Although the students kept silent, the incident about the matter still spread.

After all, there were many witnesses, plus Lu Zhen was involved. At the same time, this incident centered on a few hot figures recently. The students’ gossiping nature was intrigued by the news.

Someone in the anonymous forum created a thread: [Do you know that the third-year senior ZY was beaten? He was confessing just outside the floor of second year’s girls’ toilet before he suddenly got beaten! ]

Anonymous 1: Passing the microphone 2 Spill the tea


Anonymous 2: The internet is very good. Please continue talking.

Anonymous 4: I can see that the person who created this thread has no desire to survive. Hahahaa. If it’s me, I dare not mention it.


Anonymous 10: I happened to be at the scene. My jaw literally dropped.

Anonymous 11: @ 10, catch!! Master, please look here!!! 3 Probably telling 10L to spill more tea since the person happened to be in the scene

Anonymous 12: Because of jealousy? Wasn’t Zheng Yu chasing Chu Yin? He was about to confess but then got beaten by Z. It’s not hard to deduce this.

Anonymous 13: Are you mentally retarded 4 the one who posted the 12th post ? Jealousy???

Anonymous 14: That’s funny. Do you guys think Chu Yin is pretty?


The next thing that happened was the battle of curses from netizens.

Anonymous 85: Stop it!! I’ll tell you the truth! It was Zheng Yu who suddenly slammed Lu Zhen on the wall before he got kicked! I saw it with my own eyes!!

Anonymous 86:??

Anonymous 87:????

Things suddenly reversed, making everyone surprised.

What, what’s going on?? All of a sudden it turned out to be a boy’s love??

The problem — the center of the subject was Lu Zhen! They dared not think about it!

Song Zhaolin, who wasn’t listening in class, was browsing the forum. When he saw this reply, the water in his mouth gushed out: “Poo–”

The Mathematics teacher immediately glared over: “Song Zhaolin, what are you doing?”

Song Zhaolin apologized while wiping the water: “Sorry, teacher. I choked!”

Was this Zheng Yu confused with his identity?? Why did he chase after Sister Yin in front of so many people and yet went after Brother Zhen in the end??

Meanwhile, in the same classroom, the good student Fu Mingxuan was also not listening to the lecture.

She was in deep thought. Although Lu Zhen threw her into the water before, which broke her heart, she couldn’t accept that Lu Zhen was interested in other girls, especially Chu Yin, the country bumpkin everyone looked down upon at the beginning.

So seeing that Lu Zhen didn’t beat Zheng Yu just because of Chu Yin, Fu Mingxuan immediately breathed a sigh of relief.

Song Zhaolin poked Chu Yin, who was quietly studying next to him, “Sister Yin, Sister Yin. Zheng Yu really slammed by brother?”

Chu Yin’s face was serious, “Yes.”

“–Fuck!” Song Zhaolin covered his mouth and lowered his voice, “Why?! Didn’t he confess to you!”

Chu Yin thought for a while, “Maybe he felt that Lu Zhen was too handsome so he suddenly couldn’t control himself. He thought that maybe it was the only chance he got…this is love.”

Song Zhaolin: “…”

The last time she made a similar statement, it was when she talked about him and Lu Zhen.

Every time Sister Yin misunderstood, she would explain it in great detail that sounded nonsensical but still, held great meaning.

Song Zhaolin: Knowledge of strange things increased.jpg

However, as the school was noisy, Chu Yin still didn’t care about these rumors.

Speaking of which, Lu Zhen’s kick helped her situation. This time, she didn’t see Zheng Yu’s annoying face and could focus on her studies.

After Chu Yin wrote her speech, she would still have to practice it.

The speech draft also needed to be polished over and over again to be suitable for the rhythm. Also, she must prepare herself for the impromptu speech part and study a lot of source materials.

Chu Yin had studied abroad. Although she knew that her English skills were adequate, she had no experience in speech competitions. The English teacher found a lot of videos of English speech competitions for her and asked her to practice.

Jiang Yan came to see her after class. Song Zhaolin was not in his seat so she sat down in his seat.

Seeing Chu Yin seriously practicing, Jiang Yan was a little worried: “Yin Yin, I heard that Liang Yueqi of the international class is going to participate. She was the champion last year.”

Chu Yin’s eyebrow raised: Liang Yueqi?

This was an acquaintance.

The Liang family was also one of the top wealthiest families. They were friends with the Lu family. In her previous life, the Lu family intended to marry the Liang family, but because Lu Zhen later took power, the matter was directly destroyed.

Liang Yueqi loved Lu Zhen and considered herself as Lu Zhen’s future wife. She was more clever than a small cannon fodder like Fu Mingxuan. She didn’t publicize or behave with great fanfare. She didn’t have a high reputation like Chu Qiuqiu. She preferred to reflect on her differences with others.

For example, she could be invited to the Lu family as a guest. Or she could take the Lu family’s car to pick up Lu Zhen, and so on.

In this life, Chu Yin hoped she would keep Lu Zhen locked so that he would not harm her.

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