I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 20 part 2

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Chapter 20 – Kneeling (2)

Jiang Yan looked at Chu Yin’s smile and said, “Yin Yin, you’re not worried?”

Chu Yin laughed and said, “It’s useless to worry. I’ll just do my best.”

It’s not enough to fear Liang Yueqi.

Jiang Yan sighed. Chu Yin is really worthy.

Even if Jiang Yan was a girl, she could still feel the ‘valiant’ aura in Chu Yin every time. She seemed to be much more mature than them. Chu Yin wasn’t affected by the eyes and comments of other people. She was firm and focused on her own goals.

Jiang Yan could understand why so many people like Chu Yin. She had a strong charm.

“I’ll cheer you on during the competition!”


Song Zhaolin went to the international class.

He was itchy, wanting to know how Lu Zhen felt when he was slammed to the wall or whether he was jealous. But he didn’t dare ask this and only scratched his head.

Tan Ke looked uncomfortable. “Lin Zi, you didn’t take a bath?”

Song Zhaolin: “Damn you’re the one who didn’t take a bath!”

His deskmate was a beauty so he must ensure that he was fragrant every day to avoid his deskmate’s dislike.

Song Zhaolin fortunately didn’t ask any questions since someone asked the question in his stead.

Lian Yueqi came over and stood in front of Lu Zhen’s desk, “Lu Zhen, the rumors aren’t true, right?”

Liang Yueqi daring to ask Lu Zhen this question face to face was proof that the friendship between the Lu family and Liang family was good.

The entire students in International class instantly raised their ears including Chu Qiuqiu. They couldn’t help but listen.

Lu Zhen slightly raised his head and glanced at her: “What?”

Liang Yueqi smiled, her tone relaxed, “Then does this mean that you’re jealous and you fought for love?”

Lu Zhen paused before a cold smile appeared a second later.

This was his attitude.

Liang Yueqi got her answer and the people who were secretly eating melon seeds were also satisfied. After Liang Yueqi casually raised the topic, Lu Zhen didn’t respond.

He lowered his eyes, the game on his phone showed game over. He was killed by the enemies and died.

He fought because he was jealous?

“…Can you lend us the foreign teacher for two days that Grandfather Lu invited?” Liang Yueqi’s tone towards him was very familiar, “I have to practice since the speech contest is near.”

Lu Zhen: “Whatever.”

Tan Ke enthusiastically asked, “Are you going to win this year again?” 

Liang Yueqi smiled brightly, her eyes glanced at Lu Zhen, “Isn’t it thanks to Brother Zhen that didn’t participate? If he does, I will only be a runner-up~”

This was true. People who were familiar with Lu Zhen knew that he stayed in the United States when he was a child. His english was as fluent as his mother tongue.

The teacher of the international class also asked Lu Zhen but obviously he declined.

Lu Zhen didn’t need those awards.

His future path was already paved. After finishing high school, he would go abroad to study. Once he comes back, he would take over the company. Then he would marry a woman with an equal amount of power. Their marriage would merge and expand Lu’s empire.

Every step was carefully planned. There would be no mistakes.

Lu Zhen didn’t speak. He placed his mobile phone into his trouser pocket and got up to leave the classroom.

He habitually went to the rooftop first but found no one. Lu Zhen went down the stairs, walked aimlessly in the building, and finally stopped by the window at the corner of the third floor.

With the design of the building, he could see the person studying behind the window, opposite the corner.

Chu Yin held the manuscript, muttering words, and constantly adjusting her expression.

Through the two layers of glass, Lu Zhen could see the cover of the manuscript. It said: “XX Cup speech contest draft”

When the class bell rang, Chu Yin turned around and ran back to the classroom. Lu Zhen turned around and walked into the English teacher’s office.

—”You want to participate in the competition?” The teacher was a little surprised.

Although she hoped Lu Zhen would participate in more competitions every year,  because of Lu Zhen’s special status, he was not interested and couldn’t be persuaded.

At this moment, the young man in front of her was handsome as he looked at her with cold eyes. He didn’t seem to be joking.

“Yes. I will participate.”

He probably wanted to prove it.

He was not ignorant. He could also be a good student.

Zheng Yu returned to school three days later.

The Zheng family’s precious son was beaten. They were originally furious but when they knew who did it, they didn’t dare to speak.

Not only did they dare not to come and ask for an explanation, but they had to bring gifts to explain the situation.

Zheng Yu was wronged from beginning to end.

He didn’t know how he had dared approach Lu Zhen! He was not interested in Lu Zhen!

His confession and ring that he prepared were all useless. He laid in the hospital for two days in vain!

When he returned to school, his classmates looked at him as if he was a joke.


Zheng Yu’s self-esteem was hurt. He slapped the table and shouted, “I won’t give up!!”

He never felt he couldn’t win Chu Yin. He also knew that Chu Yin had a good impression of him!

Chu Shi frowned and was left speechless by Zheng Yu’s actions.

Gu Qiuze next to him also sighed: “He really loves your sister.”

But those melon-seeds eating people were just happy to see if his confession would be successful or not. 

“What’s the matter? You’re not over it yet?”

“Are you sure you can do it? You can’t even win a country-bumpkin’s heart?”

“If you can’t do it, can’t you just move on?”

Zheng Yu: “Give me another chance. I will definitely get it done.”

On that day, someone posted in the online forum to attract those melon-seeds people.

[The party concerned said that he still wanted to pursue his love!]

Anonymous 1: I’m moved by his dedication.

Anonymous 2: To be honest, it was because Zheng Yu tried to manipulate the situation last time. Otherwise, why would it be unsuccessful? It’s not difficult to get her.

Anonymous 3: I can pursue Chu Yin for you.

Anonymous 4: Yes. Maybe she just enjoys being chased. She will say yes to you if you chase her enough.


Anonymous 20: According to the latest news, Zheng Yu planned to bribe her family with money.

Anonymous 21: 666 1 Chinese internet slang that means amazing. , I’ll see it tomorrow!

Chu Yin herself was the last to know about the comeback Zheng Yu was planning.

Song Zhaolin knew that Chu Yin was busy studying and had no time to browse the online forum.  So, like a little eunuch delivering memorials, Song Zhaolin personally gathered all the news and information and presented it to Chu Yin.

Chu Yin was very upset.

It just so happened that today, the task given by the system was very difficult. Chu Yin was already irritated, but this news just hit the gut.

Chu Yin squeezed the pen, threw aside the paper with a calm face, and relayed the paper to check the calculation.

Song Zhaolin looked dumbfounded by her actions.

Oh, my God, his Sister Yin is so beautiful when she looks fierce..!!!

It took Chu Yin another ten minutes to complete the problems. 

The class ended before noon.

“Ding – Complete today’s final math problem √ unlocked the script, and get the permission to change a word~”

Chu Yin opened the script and quickly learned that this overconfident man would launch his final offensive attack this lunch break.

【Location: At the door of Class 5. Characters: Chu Yin, Zheng Yu, students.】

【Zheng Yu held the flowers in his hand. He looked at Chu Yin as he walked towards her step by step.

This time, Zheng Yu didn’t dare to close his eyes, and finally the wall was successful! His Adam’s apple rolled as he looked at the girl in front of him. Then, he confessed affectionately in front of everyone.】

Chu Yin: “…”



Chu Yin took a deep breath. She smiled as she changed [wall] to [ground].

Since you like the ground so much, you go and kiss the ground!

Outside the classroom, Zheng Yu waited with flowers on hand. Many students were excited to watch the scene.

A new post in the forum-[Live broadcast! A true love confession on site! A campus couple is about to be born!]

As soon as Chu Yin appeared, Zheng Yu walked towards her slowly which made the audience’s appetite satisfied.

Then, he moved!

They saw him step forward——

And pounced on the ground!

The air suddenly quieted down.

Zheng Yu looked at the ground that was only ten centimeters away from his face and to Chu Yin’s shoes not far away. 

It took him a long time to understand in the awkward silence of everyone–in full view, he became a kneeling boy.

Chu Yin took a step back, her expression was noble and cold.

“You don’t have to do this.”

“I don’t accept you. You can stand.”



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