I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 21 part 1

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Chapter 21 – Win the Competition! (1)

A few minutes later, the previous thread sank to the bottom and was replaced with a new thread that was posted in the forum——

[The queen is coming!! Get out of the way!!! —]

A photo was posted in the forum. It was exactly the picture of Zheng Yu throwing himself to the grown and Chu Yin looking down coldly.

The girl in the photo was indifferent. From her full forehead, nose tip, and to her lips, every curvature was beautiful! Under this aura, she looked like an ice sculpture that was carefully carved.

This time, not only the boys but also many girls fell in love.

She was still in her old school uniform of Huiwen which was loose and baggy. Although she wasn’t wearing any dazzling items on her body, she was still inexplicably beautiful.

There were a lot of replies in the thread.

Anonymous 1: She’s really beautiful, to be honest.

Anonymous 2: After seeing this picture, I suddenly understand why Zheng Yu failed.

Anonymous 3: Sister, I can…!!!

Anonymous 4: Zheng Yu is also awesome. He is actually kneeling directly?!

Anonymous 5: What’s more, there was no fluctuation in her voice when she said ‘no, stand up.” It’s a slap in his face.

Anonymous 10: Sister, I can…!!!!

Song Zhaolin, the owner of this post, looked at the reply in his thread with satisfaction. He removed the shady comments and only left comments that were praising Chu Yin.

As the first person to see Chu Yin’s true beauty, he felt inexplicably proud when he saw more people recognized Sister Yin’s prosperous beauty.

The event ended with Zheng Yu’s friends rushing to carry him away again.

Zheng Yu’s expression was horrible as it collapsed. He started to be suspicious of life and was in a daze for a long time. Because of this, he gained a psychological shadow of chasing girls.

Chu Yin was relieved. She could finally study hard

The competition would be a week from now. Chu Yin had a rare sense of urgency as she prepared for the competition simultaneously doing her daily studies.

Chu Shi knew that she was going to compete and planned to call Gu Qiuze on the weekend to help her practice. After all, he had won all kinds of awards, accumulating experiences in various competitions.

On Sunday morning, while the Chu family was still asleep, the servants were already preparing breakfast in the kitchen.

Chu Yin went down to the living room and stood in front of the window to practice.

The servant brought a cup of warm water and flattered her: “Miss, you are really diligent.”

The two young ladies looked very similar in the Chu family. As they were the same age, the family didn’t say they were twins. Though the servants had no right to talk about their internal affairs, they must have a lot of speculations.

Seeing the young lady from the countryside taking the first rank, the Chu family’s parents were very satisfied. It seemed that the eldest young master also favored Chu Yin. The servants naturally followed the wind and did not dare to neglect Chu Yin at all.

Chu Yin also knew what these people thought. She took the cup and said thanks.

The impromptu speech in this competition was relatively difficult. The English teacher prepared a lot of topics and subjects for her. The safest method was to memorize all of them, but Chu Yin couldn’t help but feel a headache from looking at the thick A4 papers.

“Ding–today’s learning task–memorize three speech materials in 30 minutes. After completion, you get permission to change a word~”

Chu Yin: …

“Wow…so now you added a time limit?”

Xueji’s voice sounded: “The difficulty of the task increases with the improvement of the host’s ability. When you feel the difficulty of the task increases, congratulations. The system judges that your learning ability and intelligence level have also improved! Now the countdown is 29:59-“

Chu Yin: “Okay, okay. I see…”

She had always been afraid of tasks with memorizing. She was not a person with a good memory. It was her nightmare when she was forced to recite in her previous life.

With time constraints, her focus and attention were highly concentrated. When she finally finished memorizing the three articles in the allotted time, the system notified her of her reward.

Chu Yin opened the script at will.

【…Chu Yin had been reciting materials and practicing facial expressions for her speech contest. Although she had a bad memory, she worked very hard, making her speech level improve.】

Sure enough, the script was simply about her. It was meaningless.

Chu Yin was about to close the script when she suddenly had a flash in her head——

Could she change her own script? Like modifying the description within the plot?

Xueji looked at her, lost in thought.

It felt like the host had opened a door to a new world.

Chu Yin moved the light pen, crossed out the word [bad], and changed it into [good]

It was shameless but who let her have golden fingers?

After the change, she waited for three seconds, but she didn’t feel anything.

Chu Yin knocked at the knock system with a little uncertainty: “It didn’t work?”

Xueji: “Please feel it by yourself.”

Chu Yin lowered her eyes and went to a new article.

After reading the whole article, she raised her head and closed her eyes.

—She could remember 80% of the article!!

Chu Yan was instantly excited—

It’s done! She changed her memory buff!!!


What’s this? She could play by herself!

If she knew, she would have changed the word into ‘amazing memory’. From now on, the burden of studying was reduced by half. This was simply the strongest gospel for liberal arts students!!

Chu Yan was so happy that she drank a bottle of brain platinum 1 something that makes the brain work faster I guess .

After unlocking a new world, she had a big idea. By just having this script in her hand, she could dominate life as she pleases? In the future, she could buy a lottery to win the jackpot or buy a limited number of stocks. It was simply too awesome.

Xueji: The host is gradually becoming abnormal.jpg

Chu Qiuqiu went downstairs and saw Chu Yin standing in the living room with a dazzling smile.

She had been to a psychologist recently, wondering if she had a mental problem that couldn’t be controlled by her consciousness.

She lost such a big face when she danced last time, and she couldn’t show her face for a long time. Then, there was so much news that Chu Yin was pursued by a male student in school. Why?

And for this speech contest, she deliberately didn’t register because she would be competing with Liang Yueqi. How did Chu Yin have the courage to participate?

Chu Qiuqiu looked at the thick pile of manuscripts in her hand and couldn’t help saying: “Sister, you can’t compare to Liang Yueqi, so give up.”

Chu Yin looked back at her.

She was in a good mood now and didn’t want to deal with Chu Qiuqiu.

Chu Qiuqiu didn’t know when her country bumpkin sister had the upper hand. She repeatedly failed to show Chu Yin who was better.

She felt like she was punching cotton so she continued, pretending that she cared: “You have a bad foundation and your spoken language is definitely not better than others. I’ll secretly tell you, Liang Yueqi borrowed foreign teachers from Lu Zhen. She was originally good, but with external assistance, you can’t win her.”

Chu Yin raised her eyebrows slightly. She also knew Lu Zhen’s foreign teacher. He was a nice old American man who had been hired by the Lu family for many years. Although the old man in the previous life could not do anything about her situation, he would try to make her happy every time he came to teach her.

Chu Qiuqiu observed her expression and finally felt comfortable: “Sister, I’m looking ouy for you. After all, you have no experience in competitions, I’m afraid you’d hold too much hope and would end up disappointed.”

As her voice fell, the Chu family’s door was opened. Chu Shi and Gu Qiuze walked in.

Chu Qiuqiu was surprised. Her good mood was then broken by a single sentence from her brother.

Chu Shi hooked Gu Qiuze’s shoulder and said, “Little Yin, I have brought you your foreign aid.”

Gu Qiuze smiled warmly and waved to the two sisters in the living room.

Chu Qiuqiu was slapped in the face as soon as she finished speaking. She immediately felt embarrassed. She ran back to the room, feeling wronged, but no one at the scene cared about her mood.

After having breakfast together, Gu Qiuze sat in the living room to help Chu Yin review the draft, and then made her practice on the spot.

Chu Yin rarely felt nervous. When she stood up, she clasped her hands in her lower abdomen, and the little rabbit cotton slippers on her feet subconsciously made a T-step.

The girl was still wearing pajamas. She looked very soft. Gu Qiuze smiled and said, “Don’t be nervous. Just try to see me and your big brother as big turnips.”

Chu Yin nodded, cleared her voice, and then recited the manuscript from the beginning to the end, as much as possible.

After the speech, the two-person audience clapped at once.

Gu Qiuze was really surprised. He was originally worried that Chu Yin would have bad pronunciation from having studied in a village school. Although he didn’t expect she would have a proficient beautiful voice, the pronunciation was familiar.

He didn’t know why Chu Yin’s pronunciation made him feel familiar as if he had heard it before.

Chu Shi also did not expect sister to speak so well and crazily praised her: “You can win the championship with no problem!”

Gu Qiuze also said: “It’s really great, but to win the championship, you need to change a little.”

Chu Yin asked with a guilty conscience, “What is it?”

Gu Qiuze looked at her and smiled: “Expression.”

Chu Shi pulled Chu Yin and Gu Qiuze onto a sofa and made them sit face to face. Chu Yin felt a little embarrassed, but to make progress, she didn’t say anything in the end and only made a little distance from him silently.



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