I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 21 part 3

Translated by: Tinker

Proofread by: Mary

Chapter 21 – Win the Competition! (3)

Chu Yin felt a little strange then she saw the whole contestant area become quiet.

Then, a familiar, clear smell floated to her left.

A man sat down in seat no.12.

Chu Yin turned her head in silence and looked at the man.

The seats in the contest area were full, and the gap was only one palm wide, close enough to hear their seatmate’s breathing.

Seeing the astonishment under her eyes, Lu Zhen laughed lightly, the tear mole on the corners of his eye was very clear, and his black eyes were shining: “Hello.”

Chu Yin: “….”

Dog man.

I’ll.kill.Lu Zhen.

She couldn’t believe that this dog man would come to participate in the competition!! Was he here to win the championship?? Sure enough, the male lead’s halo was hindering her from completing the task!!

The whole contest area blew up in surprise.

Although they weren’t familiar with the Huiwen’s school flower, they knew who the school’s apollo was for two years.

Lu Zhen, the young heir of the wealthiest company, the most handsome guy.

Just by his appearance, the audience, and the contestants were all boiling.

After seeing Lu Zhen sitting down, he didn’t even look at Liang Yueqi. Her expression gradually became ugly. Her sight fell on Chu Yin beside him, showing a little displeasure.

Chu Yin closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths.

If she asked to withdraw from the script, even if she won the championship, she would be judged as a failure by the system. She pursed her lips and thought, it’s okay. I’m not afraid of him.

Lu Zhen didn’t want to disturb her.

It was the first time the two of them had sat close together.

Her knee was sticking to his leg while her wide sleeves touched his forearm unconsciously. These all made Lu Zhen’s breathing light and shallow.

The light fragrance of Chu Yin lingered around him, and all of Lu Zhen’s manic depressions in the past few days gently smoothed down.

This was the magic of the little nerd.

After the chaos Lu Zhen triggered, the contestant area became stabilized again. The contestants came on stage one by one before then reaching the 12th.

Before Lu Zhen stood up, he suddenly approached Chu Yin: “Classmate, can you cheer me on?”

Chu Yin’s face was tight as she gave a hypocritical smile: “Good luck.” Not!!!

Lu Zhen said thanks with a smile and walked on the stage casually. The audience were all staring expectantly.

Lu Zhen’s voice was low. When he spoke English, he was as fluent as when he spoke his mother tongue.

The young man stood under the spotlight. His facial features were three-dimensional and deep. His black hair and cold fair skin looked exceptionally beautiful. No one could take their eyes off of him.

Lu Zhen was comfortable speaking English.

Chu Yin had a deep understanding of this in the past few years abroad and often had watched blonde beauties ask for contact information. After they communicated with Lu Zhen, they would be even more enthusiastic.

Five minutes later, Lu Zhen stepped down from the stage, and all the girls in the audience went crazy.

“The pronunciation is too excellent, my god, ah ahhhh”

“Can you still pay attention to what he is talking about? I stared at the face the whole time!”

“The girls in Huiwen are so lucky. Damn it, I’m so envious.”

Chu Yin was a little relieved.

Although Lu Zhen’s oral English was good, his manuscript was too casual. She didn’t know whether he specially examined or not, or if he had deducted the title at all. If not for his pronunciation, his body and expression were too casual.

Chu Yin pursed her lips and went to the stage calmly when she heard her name being called.

Liang Yueqi leaned on the back of the chair, smiling disdainfully at her.

She was also in the wealthy circle. She knew that Chu Yin, who was brought back from the countryside, got full marks in her midterm English exam.

But this didn’t mean she could win in the speech category. Pronunciation, expressions, on-the-spot reaction. These are all important. There was absolutely no opportunity for her to excel.

Although her courage to enter the competition was commendable, it was better to have a good foundation to do so.

The audience had just experienced Lu Zhen’s performance so they were not interested in the next contestant. Because the stage was too far away, they couldn’t see what she looked like. They just saw that the contest was wearing an old-school uniform.

Amid the buzzing sound, Chu Yin stood still on the stage, looking at the audience below, showing a decent smile.

Then she started her own speech.

From the first sentence, the whole area became quiet.

After a while, Liang Yueqi’s expression changed.

Where did she learn pronunciation??

Why is it so similar to Lu Zhen’s??

No – it is even more sophisticated and pure than Lu Zhen as if it has been used for a long time!

In the contestant area, Lu Zhen was stunned for a few seconds and then laughed.

Her pronunciation was really similar to his, and there was a subtle resonance that made people’s hearts leap.

The audience was also surprised: “I just discovered there’s so many people with  American accent now??” 


“How can just anyone participate?”

Five minutes into her speech, Chu Yin did not make any mistakes. Her tune was stable and excellent until the completion of her speech.

After bowing, the whole arena clapped with thunderous applause. Both Jiang Yan and Song Zhaolin were in utter shock.

“The host has performed very well. At present, the scoring data ranks first, which is a step closer to success.”

After listening, Chu Yin did not return to the contestant area but went out to find an empty classroom to prepare for the second round of impromptu speech.

This time, Liang Yueqi didn’t dare to relax anymore, she also hurriedly found a place to prepare for the second round.

After the first round was over, the second round would be drawn again. This time, Liang Yueqi was 11, Chu Yin was 12. They were close to each other, but Liang Yueqi suddenly lost confidence.

If she couldn’t win the championship…

She steadied herself and walked onto the stage.

The judges on the stage knew that she was the champion of last year. They weren’t merciful at all. Liang Yueqi’s psychological pressure increased sharply and her palms were full of sweat. In the end, she explained too weakly.

Then Chu Yin came, powered up.

The judges’ questions were equally sharp.

However, sufficient material accumulation and excellent memory played a role at this time. In the face of the problems raised by the examiners, even if they were sharper, Chu Yin could still draw out two or three examples to support her point of view. Her enunciation was clear and organized.

After three questions, the examiners expressed their satisfaction.

The competition ended at 5:00 p.m., the scores were submitted for statistics and the results were announced on the spot.

Lu Zhen was invited to the office.

In this city, who didn’t know about the Lu family? After the news of the young master in the Lu family participating in the competition, the organizers were all nervous. 

After the score was out, Lu Zhen was not the first. But he wrote his own manuscripts, clearly showing that he wanted the award.

“Young Master Lu, you can rest assured that with your level, there is no objection to winning the championship.”

Lu Zhen raised his eyes and looked at him: “What’s my score?”

The organizer carefully said: “There’s this girl that the judges ranked too high. We all think it’s not reasonable. After the adjustment, you are the first!”

Lu Zhen looked at him with a smile: “Who?”

The organizer pondered his expression and said, “A girl named Chu Yin who was wearing old school–”

Before he finished, he was suddenly interrupted by coldness.

“She’s deserving of number one. If she isn’t, you won’t be an organizer here again.”

“Yes, yes!” The organizer was almost paralyzed with fright.


At the end of the competition, Chu Yin relaxed and strolled to the toilet.

It was a smooth day, except for the dog man who killed it suddenly, everything was the same as she expected.

Chu Yin was humming. As she turned the corner, she suddenly ran into a person.

She was caught off guard and was knocked back. She was, in the second, held by the man tightly.

Their two bodies were attached for a short time.

The familiar smell, the familiar temperature…. Lu Zhen. Chu Yin immediately reacted.

This physical contact, which hadn’t happened for a long time, instantly activated many memories. Chu Yin shuddered for a second and quickly pushed him away.

Lu Zhen looked at her.

After holding her hand, the temperature still lingered in his palm.

The place she hit was suddenly filled with something.

His fingertips trembled from excitement.

Subconsciously, Lu Zhen wanted to cover up his mistake with some topic. He asked, “Do you think you can win?”

Chu Yin had just calmed down, but the moment she heard this, she became angry again.

Is this dog man provoking me???

If I can’t, who can??


Just then, the announcement rang out: “Chu Yin, Lu Zhen, Liang Yueqi, please come to the podium…”

——Look at this order, she won the championship!!

At the same time, Chu Yin heard a system sound:

“Ding – winning championship in the speech contest! Congratulations to the host for getting permission to change a single sentence! You received a special reward [delete card] ~ “

Lu Zhen lowered his eyes and laughed: “Congratulations.”

Chu Yin smiled: “Thank you.”



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