I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 22 part 1

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Chapter 22 – Setting up Lu Zhen (1)

With this authority, Chu Yin felt at ease.

Now she had saved two special item cards, even if they couldn’t be used for now. She should study them when she had time. This delete card would be more effective than the previous replacement card. It would be great if she could delete a character directly.

——Deleted the male lead 🙂

Xueji: “*Coughs* That’s dangerous!”

Chu Yin rolled her eyes in her heart.

Now that the results were broadcasted, she had a good reason to leave and turn to the podium. Lu Zhen seemed to be in a trance and didn’t say anything more. He just followed her slowly.

Chu Yin hadn’t gone far when she met Liang Yueqi in the corridor.

Liang Yueqi lost so much this year. Not only did she fail to win the championship, but she was also robbed of the runner up position by a man she liked. 

Looking at her, her face was still in shock.

Chu Yin shook her head and sighed.

This person is too incapable of fighting. Can’t she fight with more passion?

Be strong! Make Lu Zhen see your excellence and beauty!!

If it doesn’t work, take the initiative to hit him!! Don’t let him bump into me backstage!!


Chu Yin’s clear and beautiful eyes showed extreme hatred which shocked Liang Yueqi enough that she was left frightened.

Liang Yueqi grew up as the eldest lady in an influential family. She had never been looked down upon in this way. She squeezed her skirt and was about to say something, but Chu Yin had already walked past her.

Liang Yueqi had another fright.

She reached out to stop Lu Zhen and said with red eyes, “Lu Zhen, you didn’t come to see me compete?”

Lu Zhen glanced at her: “I’m here to compete.”

Liang Yueqi: “Why? You never care about these awards.”

Lu Zhen snorted and wanted to get away from her.

Liang Yueqi was always elegant and clever in front of Lu Zhen. She was not the same as the crazy girls in school. This was the reason why Liang Yueqi had not aroused Lu Zhen’s ill feelings towards her.

But this time, Liang Yueqi couldn’t help it, and suddenly blurted out: “Is it because of Chu Yin?”

Although it was absurd, Liang Yueqi’s sixth sense told her that this was the reason. Lu Zhen didn’t even watch her performance speech at all, but when it was Chu Yin who took the stage, Lu Zhen watched her performance from beginning to end!

Just as Lu Zhen’s aura cooled down, a trace of anger emerged. “Do you think too highly of yourself?”

Liang Yueqi trembled in fright. But Lu Zhen’s reaction affirmed that her guess was right. “Lu Zhen, think of your identity. Are you not afraid of Grandfather Lu if he finds out? She’s just a country bump–”

“–Shut up,” Lu Zhen’s face sank down: “Mind your own business.”

This cold treatment directly squeezed her heart.

She knew Lu Zhen since she was a child. Although she often didn’t receive any response from him, this was the first time that Lu Zhen treated her with such an attitude.

She turned to stare at Lu Zhen’s back, filled with grievances and unwillingness.


The awards are awarded in the order of the third place, runner up, and champion.

Chu Yin successfully won the championship of this xx Cup English Speech Contest. When she came to the stage, the organizer personally presented her with medals and certificates. For some reason, the organizer who came to present her the award was extremely kind to her, like a blooming chrysanthemum.

When Chu Yin came to the stage to perform her speech, no one cared.

When she came to the stage to receive the award, it attracted the attention of countless people.

This young lady of Huiwen had good English pronunciation! She calmly presented her impromptu speech, making her even more beautiful! After the competition, Chu Yin captured several fans in this school.

Jiang Yan and Song Zhaolin sat in the audience area. Listening to the rainbow farts of the people around them, their sense of pride rose. They took many photos of Chu Yin with their mobile phones.

After all the awards were given, they took a group photo together. Chu Yin stood in the middle, Lu Zhen on the left, and Liang Yueqi on the right, which made her uncomfortable.

The photographer commanded, “That handsome boy on the left, yes, move a bit to the right!”

Lu Zhen lowered his eyes, curled up his fingertips slightly, and moved a bit towards the girl.

Chu Yin was forced to stay right next to Lu Zhen.

Her shoulder only reached his chest, so her body was overpowered by him.

Because their breathing intertwined slightly, some of Chu Yin’s memories were instantly revived. 

She shivered, remembering all the seductive words he said to her in those years while being wrapped by his scent.

Dog man.

She pursed her lips, her dimples showing on her cheek.


The audience was not yet willing to leave the competition area.

“What kind of beauty is this…”

“I can’t tell which one of these two is better.”

“Both are beautiful!! Brother and Sister, ahh ahh.”

After getting off the stage, Chu Yin went straight to Jiang Yan, but she was stopped by Lu Zhen.


—”Good student.”

The young man’s voice was low, whilst showing a trace of a smile on his lips.

Chu Yin turned back helplessly.

Lu Zhen stood a few steps away and laughed: “I’m not a bad student.”

Chu Yin: “…Oh”

“So…” Lu Zhen’s dark eyes looked at her, “Can you not be afraid of me?”

When they took the photo just now, she was trembling.

Chu Yin was silent for a while.

Yes, you are not a bad student.

You are still in your embryo stage of developing into a bad one!!

Who’s afraid of you?!


On the way out, Jiang Yan was very excited. She didn’t expect that Chu Yin’s spoken English was so good that she outranked everyone.

Jiang Yan emotionally said: “Yin Yin, I think you can do anything. You are omnipotent.”

Song Zhaolin was beside them since Lu Zhen already went home. He nodded frantically this time, “I agree! Sister Yin, do you think you can win the fencing and skating competitions?

Chu Yin really thought about it for a while and replied, “I can’t.”

Fencing and skating were just a hobby of hers. It was still difficult to win the competition.

As they laughed and talked while walking out of school, they were stopped by a few students.

Looking at the girls in front of them with cigarettes in their hands, Chu Yin’s delicate eyebrows raised.


When Song Zhaolin saw these elder sisters, he remembered the fear of being harassed in the alley that day. His face suddenly paled.

The elder sister walked over with an evil smile as she looked at Chu Yin, “Dare to come to our territory? I heard you won the prize here?”

The punishment they received in school last time was probably because of this woman. It just so happened that they ran into her today!

The students in the school all stopped and watched in secret.

Song Zhaolin didn’t know how Chu Yin angered them, but he was a man, and he must protect the girls this time. He covered both Chu Yin and Jiang Yan behind him. “If you have any business, come at me.”

Many of the students who gathered had just finished watching the competition. They were a little nervous.

How could the little sister who won the prize just now offend them?

She wouldn’t be bullied, would she?

The elder sister looked at Song Zhaolin while touching her chin, “Oh, the handsome guy is here. How many sisters do you want?”

As soon as her voice fell, Chu Yin lightly smiled and pushed Song Zhaolin away, blocking him and Jiang Yan.

Then she suddenly said, “Huh? Are you not the same group who played with dog poop in the alley that day?”

Unexpectedly, the crowd of onlookers: “???”

Song Zhaolin was also surprised: “Play with dog poop?”

The elder sister suddenly remembered the fear of touching dog poop. Her expression became extremely ugly, “You, why are you talking nonsense!”

Chu Yin’s face was sincere, “Didn’t you guys like playing with dog poop? This time you have fun!”

The most important thing for these eldest sisters was their reputation. When they were exposed in public, several of them got angry and wanted to beat Chu Yin after throwing the cigarettes in their hands.

Suddenly, Chu Yin said in a loud voice, “My god! Why are you playing with bird poop now!”

The crowd intently looked and saw that there were bird poops on their hands! So colorful and so real!

Oh my god! The elder sisters in this school really had this kind of hobby!

The faces of several gangsters were green——

Here it is again!

This fear of being dominated by shit!

What kind of scientific explanation could this possibly have?!!

Under the stares of everyone, they couldn’t beat this kind of mocking eyes and finally ran away.

Chu Yin clapped her hands with satisfaction. As soon as she saw these people, she changed the cigarettes in their hands to bird poops in the script. 

She hoped that these elder sisters would cultivate a psychological shadow and would stop making trouble in the future.

She turned around and touched the heads of Song Zhaolin and Jiang Yan one by one: “Don’t be afraid.”

The two were in a daze.

The crowd of onlookers howled again.

This unchanging aura! This kind of calm demeanor!!

On the same day, there were several posts in the forum of the Neighboring School. They were all praises of Chu Yin. She was extremely beautiful. Not only did she win the championship, but also drove away the elder sisters on the campus.

Without knowing it, Chu Yin harvested a large number of fans in the Neighboring School.

The winning of the speech contest made the English teacher very happy, and she praised Chu Yin as soon as the class started.



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