I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 22 part 2

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Chapter 22 – Setting up Lu Zhen (2)

Class 5 also heard that Liang Yueqi, who was last year’s champion, only won third place this time. While the one who got second place was Young Master Lu Zhen.

Chu Yin actually managed to beat these two contestants. Even if they didn’t watch the competition, they knew that Chu Yin’s spoken English must be better than everyone in the class.

Many of her classmates strangely looked at her.

Because of this, some classmates imitated Chu Yin’s behavior. They only sat in their seats to study during break time and asked questions from their teachers. It was as if Chu Yin was their benchmark.

Chu Yin didn’t realize this because there was only one thing in her mind right now that made her distressed.

Huiwen’s sports event was about to begin. Every student in the class should participate in at least one sport.

As a very wealthy aristocratic private school, Huiwen’s sports event was completely different from other ordinary schools. Most schools host their sport event during October when the weather was neither hot nor cold, but for Huiwen, this didn’t matter since they had sports venues that were suitable for all climates.

Moreover, the sports hosted in this event were not ordinary. Fencing, skating, basketball, badminton, tennis, and softball were all the sports Huiwen had. Not all schools could cater to these. 

For this, Huiwen students compete with each other according to the point system. The class with the highest points would be rewarded with ten thousand dollars plus honor medals.

The headteacher knew that it would be Chu Yin’s first time to participate so she encouraged her to participate actively.

But Chu Yin didn’t want to participate. She had no good memories during this sports event.

If she could, she preferred to be a spectator listening to English speeches.

In contrast, Song Zhaolin was enthusiastic about the sport’s event. 

“I don’t if we can beat the international class this year.” He excitedly rubbed his hands, “Last year, we were 20 points short of winning the championship!”

Chu Yin was in the International Class in her previous life. She knew that the International Class also attached great importance to this activity. Both Class 5 and International Class were the best in the whole grade.

“If Brother Zhen participates in fencing, tennis, and basketball, then winning the championship will be difficult.” 

Although he said this, he was not discouraged, “We can still turn the tide!”

Chu Yin only listened to his bragging while doing problem exercises. She didn’t expose him.

Lu Zhen was taught fencing and tennis since he was a child. These aristocratic sports were deliberately cultivated by the Lu family. Coupled with the physical stamina of Lu Zhen, ordinary people couldn’t compete with him.

After the class ended, the sports committee member, Zhao Yuxiong, walked over with the list.

Zhao Yuxiong was a big and tall man. He poked the table, his face a little red, “Student Chu Yin, do you have any sports you want to participate in…”

The whole class was very active. The application list was almost filled with names.

Although Chu Yin’s heart was like iron, she couldn’t say she didn’t want to contribute to the class. “May I think about it first?”

Her eyes were so clear that Zhao Yuxiong’s face instantly blushed harder, “Yes, yes!”

After speaking, he ran away.

Chu Yin’s plan of answering more problem exercises was disrupted, so she decided to go out get some water, then come back to continue doing it.

While walking to the corner, holding the water bottle, she accidentally saw Lu Zhen again.

The boy leaned against the wall and waved at her.

Chu Yin took a deep breath and walked over.

She stood two meters away and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Lu Zhen came over, lowered his head, and suddenly stuffed something in her ear.

Chu Yin was startled and subconsciously wanted to jump away before realizing that it was a headset.

Then, Lu Zhen placed a small thing into her hand. The corner of his lips was raised, “I’m giving this to you since you like it.”

Chu Yin couldn’t react for a long time.

Why did Lu Zhen give her this?


Lu Zhen had been waiting for her for a long time. He didn’t want to look deliberate so he left after giving her the thing.

When Lu Zhen left, Chu Yin looked at the pink iPod in her hand. She hesitated for a while before pressing the play button.

The first song played was the Great Compassion Mantra. The second was the Mantra of Amitabha. The third was the Medicine Buddha, then was followed with Rebirth Mantra and the Six-Character Daming Mantra.

Chu Yin’s hand, which was holding the iPod, slightly trembled.

—Is he crazy!!!

You don’t know what I like!!!

A few minutes later, Chu Yin went back to the classroom with a cold face.

She said to Song Zhaolin: “I thought of a way to contribute to the class.”

Song Zhaolin immediately looked at her: “What is it?”

Chu Yin sneered.

—I’ll make it impossible for Lu Zhen to participate in the sport’s event.

Fuck him!!! (shouts) (shouts louder)

Chu Yin listened to the Buddha’s Heart Sutra while waiting for two days before finally catching the opportunity in the script.

That evening, Lu Zhen would go to a dinner party with his uncle.

There was a paragraph in the script that read:

【The representative of the Lu family was always Lu Zhen, however in the past two years, Lu Linyuan gradually began to appear on public occasions. 


Lu Zhen drove his uncle’s car. Because he didn’t have a driver’s license, his driving speed was 80 mph. Lu Liyuan and Lu Zhen were close since childhood so they chatted a lot along the way.

When they arrived at the venue and got out of the car, someone greeted them.】

Chu Yin still remembered Lu Linyuan. Her impression of this handsome uncle of the Lu family was that he was graceful as the wind.

I’m sorry, uncle, but blame your nephew for this.

She moved her light pen and crossed out a word in the script.


Lu Linyuan was a low-key person. His car was the same as everyone else’s.

Although the outer appearance was low-key and did not exude luxury, the interior was one of the best with extremely high performance.

Lu Zhen drove this car many times so he adjusted the driver’s seat to his preference. Lu Linyuan sat on the co-pilot seat and looked over, “I heard you bullied Qiqi? She went home and cried to Mr. Liang.”

Lu Zhen lowered his head and started the car. He said nonchalantly without denying, “I did.”

“Although she was wronged, she didn’t speak ill of you.”

Lu Zhen lowered his eyes and asked casually, “Uncle, have you been close to the Liang family recently?”

Lu Linyuan’s eyebrows twitched and laughed, “I’m just worried about you.”

After saying that, he sounded like a worried uncle. He moved closer to Lu Zhen, “Seriously, Qiqi is very beautiful. Her family background suits you so much. Why don’t you care about her? What type of girls do you like?”

Lu Zhen gave a soft pause. What do I like?

He thought for a while and then the corners of his lips inexplicably raised, “Those who devote themselves to Buddha with great concentration.”

Lu Linyuan: “…?” This is a weird standard.

“Let’s go. Slow down. We’re not in a hurry.”


Lu Zhen put his hand on the steering wheel and stepped on the accelerator.

In the next second, the car suddenly flew out. The speedometer directly went up to 180 mph!

Lu Linyuan’s whole body was pressed on the back of the chair by recoil.

Lu Zhen’s pupils shrunk. Seeing that the front car was about to hit the tree, he adjusted his direction and slammed on the emergency brake.

Lu Linyuan’s body was rushed forward again by the sudden break. He was almost strangled by the safety belt.

In just a few seconds, they nearly lost their life.

When the 1.2-ton car stopped, it suddenly emitted a burnt smell that reached the tip of their noses.

The two people in the car fell into silence.

They felt so overwhelmed that they couldn’t speak for a while.

Lu Zhen’s heart was beating wildly. He managed to barely calm down before stiffly turning his head, “If I said it was the car that moved on its own, would you believe it?”



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