I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 23 part 1

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Chapter 23 – Don’t mess with her!(1)

Because of that night, Young Master Lu didn’t drive again.

The speed surge happened outside the Lu family’s mansion, so the sound of the car flying out was heard in the quiet high-end villa area. This incident even alarmed Grandfather Lu.

His son died in a car accident. If something happened to his grandson, he would probably have a heart attack on the spot. 

“You’re not really hurt?”

“I’m fine.”

Lu Zhen was completely calm at this time, quietly thinking about numerous possibilities in his heart.

The person who dared to do this was very bold. As the sole heir of the Lu family, of course, this would be investigated thoroughly. Once they found out who did this, it would absolutely not be taken lightly.

Lu Zhen thought for a moment, and somehow felt the familiar sense of absurdity.

The degree of absurdity was similar to the knife that fell down the sky…?

Grandfather Lu babbled a few words before turning his head to look at Lu Linyuan. “Lu Zhen doesn’t have a driver’s license yet but you always allow him to drive. What if something really happens?!”

Lu Linyuan grinned and said, “It will definitely not happen next time.”

Lu Zhen: “It has nothing to do with uncle. I’ll go with uncle later to the party.”

The uncle and nephew pair was sent to the dinner party by a driver, while the car was sent away for inspection.

This time, the speed of the car was 40 mph. The million-dollar luxury car slowly drove towards the destination. The scene was like a king parading in a chariot.

Seeing that the dinner party’s appointed time was near, the driver glanced in the rearview mirror and asked, “Do you need me to speed up a little bit?”

He was waiting for Lu Zhen for instructions.

Lu Zhen was silent for a moment: “No need.”

Lu Linyuan also had lingering fears, “This speed is enough.”

…It was just too scary.

By the time they arrived at the venue, the dinner party had already begun. As soon as the representative of the Lu family showed up, someone greeted Lu Zhen immediately.

“Young Master Lu, this way, please!” 

“Young Master Lu, long time no see!”

When the cool and upright young man appeared in the hall in a top-level customized suit, he immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

The young man looked lazily, not responding to anyone. Behind this young man stood the huge empire of the Lu family, whose wealth and power gilded him with the best of the best. 

Liang Yueqi, who was at the railing on the second floor, blushingly looked at Lu Zhen. But when she thought of his attitude to her previously, there was another burst of anger.

Grandfather Liang took his granddaughter’s hand and asked, “Did you say that Young Master Lu likes the girl who was picked up by the Chu family?”

Liang Yueqi didn’t pretend to be mature and steady in front of her grandfather, “Although Lu Zhen didn’t say it, I feel like he does.”

Grandfather Liang snorted. He comforted his granddaughter, “Qiqi, you don’t need to care about the girl in the Chu family.”

Liang Yueqi was stunned.

“The two heads of the Chu family are not farsighted enough. Their development model is unstable and they might collapse someday. Even if they can maintain the status quo, they can’t compare with our Liang family. Lu Zhen’s grandfather knows this better than us.”

Liang Yueqi’s depression suddenly dispersed.

Because she lost the competition against Chu Yin, she had a ridiculous inferiority complex for a while. Grandfather was right. What is Chu Yin’s family background compared to hers? Not to mention, Chu Yin lived in the countryside for more than ten years, which was different from her aristocratic family.

When Grandfather Liang saw his granddaughter, he understood and showed a loving smile, “So, don’t treat that girl in the Chu family as your opponent.”

“If Lu Zhen makes such a wrong choice, it only shows that he is not qualified to be the heir of the Lu empire.”

Liang Yueqi showed a knowing smile: “I know, grandfather.”


Chu Yin looked forward to the day Song Zhaolin’s microphone would preach good news~

Such as, Lu Zhen being hospitalized due to a car accident and missing the sports event.

Or Lu Zhen having a broken leg and having to go to school on crutches.

Unfortunately, when school started on Monday, Song Zhaolin told her with a look of amazement that Lu Zhen was sent to school today in an S-GUARD bulletproof car. The safety factor of the car equals that of the country’s president.

“But I think brother Zhen is fine. Why is he suddenly so alert?” Song Zhaolin touched his head in confusion.

Chu Yin snorted in her heart.

Damn the male lead’s halo, bah!

Got lucky!

However, judging by the level of defense Lu Zhen prepared, he must have been frightened that day. At such a thought, Chu Yin’s dark heart was enlightened.

The Lu family must have dug three feet to find the person responsible for this.

But hey, hey, hey, you’ll never find them~

These days, the students of Huiwen were excited about the sports event. The class was eagerly discussing, who signed up for what, who would win the championship this year, and the flag bearer of each class.

Chu Yin was completely unmoved as she listened to the class as usual. After all, when the sports event ends, it won’t be long before the final exam, which was more important to Chu Yin than these activities.

During the political class, the teacher analyzed and explained new concepts in detail then announced to the class to recite them 1 The teacher made them memorize the new concepts before making them recite to the class .

Song Zhaolin was drowsy, but suddenly woke up with a pale complexion. Although he couldn’t recite it, he knew the teacher wouldn’t scold him. But he would be ordered to copy it a dozen times!!

Not only him but other students in the class who listened to the teacher’s discussion couldn’t help but cry. Understanding is understanding, it didn’t mean they could recite it directly!


Everyone frantically opened the book, trying to use the last few seconds to write down more words.

Chu Yin wasn’t in a hurry. When she received the textbook, she casually turned the pen and waited for the teacher to dictate.

During the dictation, Song Zhaolin squeezed his fingers and racked his brain. His deskmate was silently answering, not even fazed.

Song Zhaolion’s back was straight as he slowly tilted quietly. He gradually moved close to Chu Yin, his head and waist were inching towards her. His neck stretched out as long as he could as his eyes widened to look for answers.

—”Song Zhaolin! What are you doing?”

The teacher saw him sneaking glances for answers, “Focus on yourself. It’s bad to look at other people’s papers! A big young man leaning on a little girl’s seat is not good to look at!”

The whole class burst into laughter.

Chu Yin quickly filled the dictation paper, then pointed her fingers to the table as she leaned her arm.

Song Zhaolin was so moved that he almost cried: Dad!!!

When all the papers were submitted, the teacher stood on the platform and flipped the papers. Then when he saw Chu Yin’s paper, he smiled with satisfaction, “Yes, a student in this class can still write everything silently. Everyone should learn from Chu Yin!”

All the students in Class 5 looked back at her.

They didn’t know why but they were not surprised seeing this happened again.

But what kind of brain did she have to memorize everything she just learned! That’s too unacceptable!

Because Fu Mingxuan couldn’t answer the question, a hint of jealousy arose in her heart. Why did she (Chu Yin) have a good memory? Did she study in advance?

Chu Yin: Guilty but chose to keep quiet.jpg

Ever since she added buffs to herself, she didn’t have any sour legs and waist anymore 2 due to studying . It was refreshing to memorize everything so easily.

Thinking about it, she shouldn’t feel guilty. She only promoted herself to a ‘good’ level.

If she encountered a description of herself in the future, she must reform herself.

When the class was over, the students were free of trouble. They continued to talk about the sports event.

“So who is the flag bearer of the class?” Someone asked Zhao Yuxiong, the sports committee member.

Zhao Yuxiong was embarrassed about this matter.

Huiwen’s sports event required each class to design a flag logo then select a person to raise the flag for display.

By tradition, each class would choose a student with the best ‘face value’ appearance.

Last year, Fu Mingxuan, the class flower of Class 5, was the one who held the flag. But this year…

Zhao Yuxiong secretly looked at Chu Yin in the corner of the window, his face was a little hot.

Chu Yin was more suitable if it was according to appearance.

The boys had discussed it many times in private. They all feel that the current class flower should no longer be Fu Mingxuan. Chu Yin was not only a class’s flower but also the school’s flower.

Someone said, “Fu Mingxuan should be the flag bearer this year since she has experience.”

Then someone objected: “But Chu Yin is more beautiful!”

Xing Lan looked at the boys’ behavior and was irritated. Before, Zhao Yuxiong and others were busy circling Fu Mingxuan, but now they had become Chu Yin’s licking dogs??

Fu Mingxuan was also upset. She had been waiting for two days for Zhao Yuxiong to tell her to be the flag bearer.

She heard from her friends that Chu Qiuqiu became the flag bearer of International Class. Since she was the flag bearer of Class 5 last year, wouldn’t it be a slap in the face if she wasn’t the bearer this year?

Fu Mingxuan turned to ask Zhao Yuxiong with a bad tone: “Has the flag bearer determined already?”

“This…” Zhao Yuxiong hesitated for a moment. Just as Chu Yin passed by from the back of the classroom, he quickly stopped Chu Yin: “Wait a minute!”

“This flag bearer has been decided by the class. Do you want to be the flag bearer, Chu Yin?”

Fu Mingxuan tightly stared at Chu Yin.

Hearing about the flag-bearer, a short period of unpleasant memories came to Chu Yin’s mind.

After she became the school’s flower in her last life, she naturally was promoted to the flag bearer position of the International Class. Some girls thought that she liked to show off and used pathetic means to bully her.



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