I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 23 part 2

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Chapter 23 – Don’t mess with her!(2)

Chu Yin remembered that she was called to a classroom by a student pretending to be a teacher. As soon as she entered the door, she was greeted with a bucket of ice water, then the door was locked from the outside. She stayed in the cold classroom for a long time until Lu Zhen came.

Chu Yin suspected that this plot was needed for the characters’ emotional factors. At that time when Lu Zhen broke the door and calmly took off his coat and put it on her body, Chu Yin felt that the young man was extremely handsome.

Since the 17-year-old Chu Yin was ignorant, she could excuse her slight affection for Lu Zhen once, but not twice. The young Chu Yin didn’t know she would get entangled with this person until death.

Chu Yin didn’t know what that day meant to Lu Zhen, but if the plot would repeat itself, she must change herself.

What emotional factors, let’s just play with eggs 🙂 [/mfn] In other words, ‘let’s just believe in ourself’ / self-reliant [/mfn]

Chu Yin looked at Zhao Yuxiong and shook her head, “No intention. I don’t want it.”

Zhao Yuxiong was disappointed but the problem was now resolved, “Then, this year’s flag bearer is still Fu Mingxuan.”

Fu Mingxuan secretly breathed a sigh of relief but felt she had picked up something Chu Yin didn’t want, so she felt very depressed.

“Since you don’t want to be a flag bearer, did you pick any sports?” Fu Mingxuan asked.

Xing Lan covered her mouth and snickered, “This school specializes in sports like fencing and skating. People like Chu Yin who’s from the countryside wouldn’t know how to play.”

Fu Mingxuan also laughed, “If only the school included sports where everyone can participate…”

The students felt embarrassed for Chu Yin.

Although Fu Mingxuan said this harshly, looking at the way Chu Yin usually dresses…it didn’t seem like she would know any high-end sports.

Zhao Yuxiong awkwardly looked at Chu Yin. It was he who stopped her just now and initiated talking to her, but as a result, she was ridiculed.

But the girl standing in front of him didn’t have a trace of annoyance on her face. She was calm and beautiful as ever.

Chu Yin raised her eyebrows and asked Fu Mingxuan, “What did you pick?”

Fu Mingxuan subconsciously replied, “Billiards.”

Chu Yin nodded and turned to Zhao Yuxiong: “is there still a spot in billiards?”

Zhao Yuxiong was inexplicably affected by her aura and replied stupidly, “Yes.”

Chu Yin raised her chin and snapped her finger: “Then I’ll choose this sport.”

After speaking, she turned to leave.

While walking, she sighed.

—Class participation, she is clearly doing it ah!

Alas, it’s a pity that no one knew of the so-called ‘participation’ Chu Yin was referring 1 Participating in billiards is only for the sole purpose of class participation. She didn’t have any intentions of revenging/going against Fu Mingxuan. Our MC is just simple-minded .

After Chu Yin left, Fu Mingxuan recovered and asked Xing Lan, “What did she mean just now?”

She said she signed up for billiards, and then Chu Yin said she wanted to play billiards, too? Is this funny??

Was she provoking her?!

Fu Mingxuan was so angry that she walked out of the classroom furious. Then she suddenly ran into Liang Yueqi as she turned the corner.

These two people were regarded as rivals in love. At this time, both of them looked at each other.

Fu Mingxuan laughed: “Yueqi? I heard that you placed third in speech completion this year. How come you didn’t beat Chu Yin?”

“….” Liang Yueqi’s sore spot was poked. Of course, she didn’t accept it without talking back, “You study so well, how come she beat you in the result rankings?”

Fu Mingxuan: “…”

They were silent for a few seconds before thinking of a good idea.

They both lost to Chu Yin at their own home 2 something they’re good at .

…What is this!!

Liang Yueqi took the lead and smiled at Fu Mingxuan. “Did you know that Lu Zhen likes her?”

Fu Mingxuan couldn’t control her volume: “What?”

“How can it be?? Don’t spread rumors!!”

Liang Yueqi: “I have my own channel. If you don’t believe it, do you want to make a bet?”

Fu Mingxuan couldn’t accept this fact at all. She immediately asked, “What kind of bet?”

Liang Yueqi leaned in her ears and whispered, “If Lu Zhen won’t save her, he doesn’t like her. If he saves her…”

Fu Mingxuan looked at her: “I didn’t expect you would do such a thing.”

She also needed to confirm whether her guess was right.

Fu Mingxuan thought of Chu Yin’s provocation in the classroom just now and replied while sneering: “In this case, it’s better to have fun.”

“How interesting?”


Two girls hid in the corner of the corridor, whispering for a long time.

Song Zhaolin chose four sports for this event–Softball, ice hockey, badminton, and basketball.

As soon as the application list was handed in, he wandered to the international class to inquire about military information.

“Brother Zhen, brother Zhen, what have you reported?”

“Basketball,” Lu Zhen said lazily.

Song Zhaolin widened his eyes and said in surprise, “Only one?”


Tan Ke shook his head and sighed, “Last year, it was hard to convince Brother Zhen to participate in the games, so this year, don’t make him change his mind!”

He was worried. If Lu Zhen wouldn’t participate, they surely would not win against Class 5.

Lu Zhen raised his head and glanced at Song Zhaolin, seemingly wanting to ask him. Which sport did Chu Yin choose?

She’s probably not interested in these.

Little nerd only likes to study.

Lu Zhen took a breath and didn’t know how to ask him.

But fortunately, Song Zhaolin was a chatterbox. Before Lu Zhen could ask, he spilled the beans, “Brother Zhen, why are you so inactive? Hahaha! You’re not as good as my deskmate. She chose billiards. Although she only picked one, I know she’s very good at it!”

Lu Zhen suddenly raised his eyebrows.

“Is she going to participate in the sports event?”

Song Zhaolin naively replied, “Yes, Sister Yin is very active! She also told me she wants to contribute to the class!”

Lu Zhen suddenly smiled.

After inquiring about the military situation, Song Zhaolin left happily.

Lu Zhen reached out his hand and hooked his finger towards Tan Ke.

“Bring the application form.”

He took the pen and refilled his name in both fencing and tennis.

Tan Ke was excited: “Damn. Brother Zhen, are you going to participate?”

Lu Zhen: “Yes.”

Since she’ll be watching.

It was finally the opening ceremony for the sport’s event.

Huiwen’s gymnasium was very large. Most girls wore shorts skirts to look pretty, but Chu Yin was still wearing an old loose school uniform with a jacket wrapped around her. She sat at the back of the gymnasium.

At the end of the principal’s speech, the student representative spoke–Gu Qiuze. He was invited by the school to speak.

Although third year students did not participate in most sports, the school mandated them to participate in basketball.

As soon as Gu Qiuze came on stage, the audience began to scream.

“So handsome, so handsome, so handsome –“

“Senior Gu can also be the school’s apollo~”

“I’m in love, ah, ah!”

Gu Qiuze was indeed the type that girls all want. He was gentle and elegant. When he stood on the podium and spoke, the people felt the spring breeze blowing.

Even Jiang Yan, who was sitting next to Chu Yin, could not help but push her glasses, “Senior Gu is really handsome.”

Chu Yin nodded: “Yes.”

After Gu Qiuze’s speech was over, the girls were still over their heads. 

Then it reached the most anticipated event, the flag bearers were about to appear.

The flag bearers had to pass the teachers and students before describing the meaning behind their flag. Besides the explanation, it was more important that they look better than the other flag bearers.

When Fu Mingxuan walked over with a smile while raising the flag, Class 5 naturally gave their class a lot of face. They roared and clapped wildly.

She wore a close-fitting skirt, showing her concave figure and slender legs. This attracted people’s attention.

Later, when Chu Qiuqiu walked through the stage, the international class also offered their roaring claps.

But some people recognized her, “Pfft. Is this not the student who did a snake dance that day–”

“I also remember hahaha! She could become famous for it!”

“Whenever I think about it, I couldn’t help but laugh!”

Chu Yin: “…” It’s not me. It’s not my business.

Throughout the opening ceremony, the demon (Lu Zhen) didn’t do anything. Chu Yin breathed a sigh of relief.

The fencing match was up next. Chu Yin was not interested, especially when she heard people screaming Lu Zhen’s name. Both Chu Yin and Jiang Yan planned to go back to the classroom to do some problem exercises.

However, just after getting out of the gymnasium, a teacher-like person came to her and stopped her, “Are you Chu Yin from 2nd year, Class 5? Billiards players need to go to the third classroom of the second floor.”

Chu Yin: “…”

It has come.

Chu Yin smiled: “Okay.”

She walked up the stairs then directly knocked on the system.

The script stated:

【…The door of the third classroom on the second floor was open as if someone was waiting for her. At this time, Chu Yin didn’t know that it was a trap carefully designed by Liang Yueqi and Fu Mingxuan.】

Although the location and characters had changed, it was still the same thing that happened in her previous life.

And seeing the roles of Fu Mingxuan and Liang Yueqi, Chu Yin understood.

In all likelihood, it was because of the dog man Lu Zhen.

Although she had nothing to do with Lu Zhen in this life, the hostility and malice of women really didn’t make any sense.

But Chu Yin had always been confused because of this. Why not go to Lu Zhen instead of her??

What kind of logic is this?? Can they have Lu Zhen if they do this???

The two love rivals couldn’t reconcile with their suspicions and decided to work together against her. Now, they estimated that she was on the second floor. 

Chu Yin kept walking and quietly went up to the third floor. She sat down the stairs.

The next paragraph in the script was a series of operations they planned after entering the door.

“Host, do you want to use [delete card]?”

Chu Yin asked, “How to use it?”

Xueji explained: “You can delete a plot in a script with a fixed number of words. The remaining plot description will automatically connect to continue the plot.”

Chu Yin understood.

Although it was not as bad as deleting a character, it was quite useful to delete a certain plot.

Xueji: “do you want to use it? “

Chu Yin touched her chin, “No.”

Since her behavior was not controlled by the script, she could directly avoid this. And even if it’s easy to delete it directly, it’s not her style~

The little devil’s wings fluttered again as she showed an angelic smile. She crossed the sentence before the [trap].

“Use [change sentence] permission.”

Then she wrote stroke by stroke——

【But by mistake, Lu Zhen took it all.】

Go on, my friends, go get the man!

Good luck!!

3 Chu Yin is acting cute while saying good luck since the chinese word described here is 冲鸭


Inside the gymnasium.

Before changing his protective clothing, Lu Zhen glanced across the stands of Class 5.

Up and down, there was no figure.

Lu Zhen frowned and strode out of the field. When he met Song Zhaolin, he asked directly: “Where is Chu Yin?”

Song Zhaolin was dumbfounded and subconsciously replied, “I heard she was called to the second floor…”

Lu Zhen bypassed him and went upstairs.

Song Zhaolin stood there and scratched his head.

How did he know that Sister Yin went to the second floor? No, Brother Zhen, why is he going to Chu Yin? No, didn’t Tan Ke said Brother Zhen is going to take part in the fencing competition?

Song Zhaolin: ???

There were so many question marks floating on his head now.

Lu Zhen strode up the second floor and saw the door of the third room open.

There was no one in the corridor, only his clear footsteps could be heard.

Lu Zhen went to the open door and went in unprepared.

At this moment, someone suddenly came out of the empty corridor and slammed the door shut. The bucket of water on the top of the door clattered.

Lu Zhen was drenched by the water when it fell from the door.

With a ‘click’, the door was locked behind him.

A deliberately lowered voice laughed wildly, “Hahahaha! Let’s see if Lu Zhen will come to save you!”

-Inside the door-

Lu Zhen raised his hand and slowly lifted up his wet hair.


“I’m the fucking Lu Zhen.”



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