I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 24 part 1

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Chapter 24 – Not me!! (1)

Lu Zhen briefly thought about life.

The ice water trickled down, leaving a puddle of water on the ground. He only had a thin shirt on his body, which was now soaked and clung to him.

After a minute of thinking, Lu Zhen still couldn’t understand the logic behind this. He took a deep breath and turned to look at the door.

Just now, the voice was deliberately suppressed. It was not someone he was close to and he failed to recognize who it was. But he understood one thing, this person didn’t intend to lock him up.

Who does this person want to lock?

Fu Mingxuan, who was outside, was dumbfounded.

The voice inside the door clearly penetrated her eardrum. Fu Mingxuan was sure she didn’t hear wrong—

How can it be Lu Zhen?!?!

Where is Chu Yin?? Didn’t she order that person to call Chu Yin??

If Lu Zhen pursues this further, she would be finished!!

At this time, Lu Zhen’s cold voice came through the door again, “Who should I save?”

Fu Mingxuan shuddered. Now, she was glad that the door in front of her didn’t have any cat’s eyes. She froze for a moment before making a decision–

Run away, run.

Can’t let Lu Zhen know that she did it!! Besides, it wasn’t her idea!

Fu Mingxuan ran to a certain place and hid, only to find that Liang Yueqi, the little bitch, discovered that something was wrong and had run away long ago. When she realized that she was completely used as a gunman, her teeth gritted  with anger. Love rivals couldn’t join forces!

Hearing the footsteps sound of running downstairs, Chu Yin, who was sitting on the stairs, was stunned.

Ran away?

Xueji: “It seems so, host.”

Chu Yin leaned over the third-floor window and saw Fu Minxuan sneaking away. Then she sat back on the steps with her chin in her palm.

This situation had an unexpected and inexplicable hilarity to it.

Lu Zhen, the young master of the Lu family, who would later take over the Lu family empire, was trapped in the cold classroom like a drenched rat.

Chu Yin pursed her lips and wanted to laugh.

However, as the culprit herself, she had no conscience at all. Chu Yin raised her slender fingers and pressed the dimples of her cheek with her backhand.

But it’s still funny.

Xueji: “If you want to laugh, just laugh.”

Chu Yin sat for a long time, but no one came to the second floor. Therefore, it’s proven that these women were cruel. They knew that they locked up the person they liked, but to save themselves, they disappeared like scumbags.

Chu Yin came down from the third floor and took a look at the corridor on the second floor, suspecting that Lu Zhen might still be locked up.

Forget it, she still had a bit of conscience. Today, Lu Zhen would be granted her pity.

Although she couldn’t get away from this dog man in her previous life, Lu Zhen did come to save her.

Chu Yin silently walked to the third classroom. She had a good plan. She would gently twist the door lock and run away. This could be considered as her doing her best.

But just as she walked to the door quietly, she suddenly heard a “boom–“.

Chu Yin was so scared that she clung to the wall.

Immediately afterward, there was another loud bang. This time the door panel directly flew out and hit the wall with a “bang!”

Lu Zhen kicked the door open.

Outside the door, Chu Yin stood there with a dazed expression.

The two people were caught off guard.

Lu Zhen’s thin shirt was still wet even after being wrung dry. His wet hair was parted back of his head, revealing his cold white forehead.

He looked at her for a few seconds, then suddenly raised his eyebrows and laughed.

“Was it you?”

Chu Yin: “…”

Wait, wait?!

Don’t misunderstand! It’s not me!!!

“It wasn’t me.” Chu Yin followed Lu Zhen one meter behind, “Classmate, you misunderstood.”

Lu Zhen had no temper at all.

He walked slowly with his hands in his pocket, waiting for her.

“Follow me and have a look at the surveillance.”

There was a smile on his lips, but his voice was very low.

The autumn wind gently swept the campus at this time. Lu Zhen’s competition had already ended. 

For the first time in his life, Lu Zhen felt that walking was such an interesting thing.

Chu Yin was filled with regret.

Although the little genius changed the plot, the car had overturned her this day.



Is conscience useful!! Can conscience be eaten!!

Why did she try to save the male lead who has the halo!!

Chu Yin ingrained a lesson deep into her bones. 

She explained in anger, “I was just passing by. I was called by someone…”

Lu Zhen stopped and looked back at her, “By whom?”

Chu Yin only wanted to wash clean and not be involved in any emotional entanglement with Lu Zhen. “It was a teacher–and I went to the wrong floor.”

Lu Zhen’s eyebrows were raised, “So it’s like this.”

He also knew that the voice outside the door couldn’t be Chu Yin.

But…finally, he got a connection with her. And didn’t want to let this opportunity go.

There was even a voice in his heart, humbly hoping that she had done it.

This way they would have more connections.

They walked quietly to the school’s security office. After a while, Lu Zhen asked softly, “Chu Yin, why didn’t you watch the game?”

Chu Yin felt that she was being suspected so she replied cleverly, “I wanted to go back and do my homework.”

A smile appeared in Lu Zhen’s eyes. Worthy of being a little nerd.

When they arrived at the security office, the person on duty shook his head quickly when he heard they wanted to watch the surveillance, “No, this is against school’s regulations. The surveillance can’t be given casually…”

Before he could finish speaking, the school director came over in a hurry and slapped him on the shoulder, “If Young Master Lu wants to see it, show it to him!”

Of course, the person on duty had heard the name of Young Master Lu, but he didn’t expect the real deal to be in front of him. He quickly transferred the surveillance they wanted.

Chu Yin secretly rolled her eyes from on the side. The dog man has privileges everywhere. Bah.

After adjusting the computer, the person on duty stood up from the chair, and respectfully asked Lu Zhen to sit down.

Lu Zhen waved his hand: “No.”

Chu Yin was next to him. They stood together in front of the computer. Because the security room was small, the distance between them was small. Lu Zhen subconsciously clenched his fists.

She smells so good.

Chu Yin was eager to wash her sins and didn’t care about anything else. She leaned slightly and stared at the screen closely.

Because the time was not accurate, the first few minutes of the surveillance were boring. After a while, Lu Zhen finally appeared in the corridor of the surveillance. He walked along the corridor and to the opened room.

This was a scene Chu Yin hadn’t seen. Now that she saw it, she wanted to laugh again.

She did well arranging this dog man to her pit.

Her lips were quickly pursed, knowing that the next scene was the turning point.

As soon as Lu Zhen walked into the door, a figure suddenly appeared from outside. With a big wave of the person’s hand, she smashed the door shut and locked the door.

Although the surveillance video was pixelated, Fu Mingxuan’s appearance could vaguely be identified.

Through the evidence, it was confirmed. Chu Yin straightened up happily and quickly disassociated herself from Lu Zhen, “See, it’s really not me!”

I didn’t lock it! (Although I planned all this).

Lu Zhen’s eyes lowered.

Whenever he looked at her, she would always have a dull and well-behaved appearance. At this moment, her uncontrollable excitement made her beautiful eyes shine like falling stars.

Lu Zhen also laughed, “Well, indeed not you.”

The twinkling light of the stars was so hot that Lu Zhen felt his heart burn.

Chu Yin thanked the man on duty and didn’t say too much as she quickly left the security office.

As soon as she stepped down the stairs, she saw Song Zhaolin hurrying over.

“Why are you here? I have so many questions!” Song Zhaolin looked suspiciously at Chu Yin and Lu Zhen, who came behind her, “What did you two do?”

Didn’t Brother Zhen hate his deskmate before? How did they know each other??

Chu Yin smiled and said, “Nothing.”

Song Zhaolin saw Lu Zhen and said, “Brother Zhen, did you go and take a bath?”

Lu Zhen looked a little embarrassed, but since he was in a good mood, he replied, “I guess.”

Song Zhaolin was dumbfounded.

Chu Yin didn’t want to stay and chat with them, so she said, “I’ll go back to the classroom first.”

Song Zhaolin was immediately distracted, “Hey, don’t–Sister Yin, the competition just started, you can come and watch it together with me!”

Chu Yin: “I…”

Lu Zhen behind her, suddenly opened his mouth to call her: “—Good student.”

Chu Yin had no choice but to look back: “What’s the matter?”

Lu Zhen looked at her deeply, and the corners of his lips smiled: “I’ll be participating in the match. Can you do me favor? Help me watch the person on the surveillance.”

Song Zhaolin’s expression became even more suspicious: “Who? Who? What happened!”

Chu Yin: “…”

Lu Zhen Dog Man who…who wants to help you!!!!

After Lu Zhen finished speaking, he pulled Song Zhaolin away from Chu Yin. Then he patted him on the shoulder before turning to the gym changing room to change into protective clothing.

Although Song Zhaolin didn’t get the meaning, because of his burning heart filled with gossips, he stayed behind and followed Chu Yin.

“Why do you not care about our team’s honor and reputation?” Song Zhaolin babbled, utterly losing his temper.

“Shut up and hurry.”

“Who is the person that Brother Zhen asked you to watch?” Song Zhaolin couldn’t help but ask eagerly, “No. I’m here but why did he ask you for help?”

Chu Yin was helpless: “Curiosity kills the cat. You ask less.”

Song Zhaolin’s eyes rolled round and round, thinking about the appearance of his Brother Zhen and his Sister Yin, and finally gave a reasonable guess: “Did you two commit adultery?!”



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