I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 25 part 1

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Chapter 25 – What a powerful man!! (1)

The campus sports event was still in full swing.

The next day, after the fencing final, Lu Zhen won the championship easily.

Chu Yin didn’t go to the game, but Jiang Yan went. Although Jiang Yan studied very hard, she was not the kind of good student who didn’t listen to things outside the window. She also liked to join in the fun. She had been paying attention to the forum incident this time and helped speak for Chu Yin since she had no account. 1 Ganging up on Fu Mingxuan I think

Jiang Yan knew how to study and play. Chu Yin really liked this little girl.

After Jiang Yan came back from watching the game, she said to Chu Yin excitedly, “He’s really handsome!”

Chu Yin shook her head and sighed.

You are all being cheated by that douchebag!!

Lu Zhen made a good start. The whole school was enthusiastic about the sports event. People were excitedly talking about the candidates for each sport and every significant thing related to the games. Even when Chu Yin went to the teacher’s office, the math teacher in Class 5 was chatting with the math teacher in the International Class.

“I heard that the young master of your class won the championship today?”

“Yes, I can’t sit still even when the class isn’t over. When the bell rang, I ran to watch the game!”

Chu Yin silently opened her workbook. When she arrived at the desk, Teacher Wang clapped, her eyes were all praises, “You’re really consistent. Other students have lost their hearts in studying because of this event, only you’re the one who’s still thinking of studying.”

Chu Yin showed a standard good student smile. “Yes, teacher.”

Teacher Wang patted her arm and smiled, “However, you should relax when it’s time to relax! I don’t know if your previous school was too strict, but we don’t advocate for children to be excessively tight in studying. You should appropriately take part in more activities.”

Chu Yin paused: “Yes, teacher.”

“Do you know the school’s apollo that’s in International Class? What a handsome guy, you should go and watch his game!”

Chu Yin: “…”

No need! Excuse me!!

I can not relax after watching it!!


Chu Yin did want to participate in the event. Today was her billiards match.

Although she didn’t have any appeal for winning the prize, since she took part in it, she needed to do her best.

Her game time collided with the Class 5 basketball game. Although the basketball game was ahead, Song Zhaolin said that he might not be able to catch up to watch her game.

Chu Yin didn’t care. She didn’t need any audience to give her best effort for her class.

Song Zhaolin looked sad. The first reason was that he couldn’t watch his Sister Yin’s game. The second reason was that the opponent in today’s basketball game was the international class.

Lin Lin is heartbroken, Lin Lin is heartbroken.

“When the game is over, I’ll go and give you support,” Song Zhaolin said, “Sister Yin, you have to fight to the end.”

“I will try my best,” Chu Yin finished, and gave Song Zhaolin a rare encouragement, “There is no enemy that can’t be defeated. Lin Lin, believe in yourself, good luck!!”

Song Zhaolin almost cried: “—Sister Yin!”

He even believed that he could defeat Brother Zhen! What kind of trust this is!

Mom, he’s so touched!

During the day, the learning atmosphere in the class was obviously not very strong. Everyone was waiting excitedly for today’s basketball game.

Fu Mingxuan was a little uncomfortable. It happened that the time of the billiards game collided with the basketball game. She also wanted to see Lu Zhen play basketball! For a moment, she almost wanted to give up the billiards game, which she had signed up for.

But when she thought that Chu Yin had also signed up, she felt that she had to go. Chu Yin had provoked her!

Yesterday’s incident was settled down at home. Since the Liang family was bigger, the Lu family didn’t reprimand them too much for the sake of harmony. Except for her and Liang Yueqi, no one knew of their original plan.

Hmpf… Chu Yin didn’t know what she had escaped by chance.

But in today’s billiards game, she could slap her in the face.

She was a nerd who came from the countryside. Fu Mingxuan guessed that she had never touched a pool table before. Fu Mingxuan’s uncle liked to play billiards. They had a top-level billiard table in their house. Her uncle would teach her a few strokes when he was free. This was more than enough to deal with people like Chu Yin.

The classroom was already empty in the afternoon. Everyone ran to watch the basketball game.

Fu Mingxuan stood up, glanced back at Chu Yin before proudly leaving the classroom. She planned to go to the basketball match first, cheer for Lu Zhen, then go back to the billiard’s pool hall.

Chu Yin sat in the classroom to finish the task steadily and then left for the venue where the competition was held.

“Ding – Completed the history exercises √  You received a [change word] permission~ Host, keep on working hard~”

“Keep it first.”

Because of the basketball game currently happening, there were only a few people in the billiards field. The people inside were only the contestants who signed up for the game. There were about ten people in total who were divided into eight groups for group competitions. People in the same group would battle in three rounds then the top three places would be determined.

When Chu Yin walked into the stadium, many people looked over.

“This is Chu Yin from 2nd year, Class 5.”

“Why did she come to the billiards game?”

Fu Mingxuan arrived long ago and chatted with a few people in the court. Seeing her walking in wearing a loose school uniform, she sneered and said a few words to the people next to her, and then their gazes at Chu Yin became somewhat mocking.

Some people present really liked billiards, so they had no good impression of people who treat it as a joke. Although Chu Yin was beautiful and good at learning, she didn’t look like she could play billiards. It was obvious that she was just treating this sport as a joke.

After drawing a group, Fu Mingxuan wasn’t happy that she couldn’t get into a group with Chu Yin. She went to Chu Yin and said, “Good luck, Chu Yin! Fight to score a goal.”

Chu Yin thought of her dejected appearance yesterday, and then compared with her appearance now, she sighed in her heart.

Cannon fodder, always hopping.

Fu Mingxuan left triumphantly.


Chu Yin followed her opponent to the pool table. The girl was very happy that she randomly received an easy opponent. Her tone was polite: “Then let’s start?”

Chu Yin moved her shoulder and neck a little, and a little light lit up in her eyes: “Good luck.”


Half an hour later, Fu Mingxuan walked to the results announcement area triumphantly.

She just defeated her opponent. She would at least be in third place!

Fu Mingxuan looked back and found that Chu Yin had just finished her match.

Just when she wanted to ask Chu Yin if she scored a goal, the referee came with the results and announced the top four players–among them was Chu Yin’s name!

Fu Mingxuan’s expression was incredulous.

Was Chu Yin’s opponent easy? Was she this lucky??

In this round of drawing, she and Chu Yin got into the same group.

When Fu Mingxuan was about to say something to Chu Yin, there was a commotion outside the billiard hall, then a large group of people poured in.

As soon as Song Zhaolin came in, he called out to Chu Yin. Seeing her, he trotted over: “Is the match over??”

Chu Yin: “No, it will be in the second round – how about you?”

Song Zhaolin said, “We humbly lost.”

Brother Zhen seemed very upset today. He had a cold face throughout the game. His style of playing was particularly ruthless. Zhao Yuxiong in Class 5 couldn’t even handle them. The players in Class 5 were so afraid that they lost a dozen points against the International Class.

“But it’s a glorious defeat for us! Oh, don’t worry about us. Let me see who your opponent is — same class? Then either of you can win– no, you should win. Sister Yin, I’ll be rooting for you!”

Chu Yin was nagged to death by him, so Jiang Yan came and pulled Song Zhaolin away.

Several people went in at the other side of the door. Chu Shi and Gu Qiuze rushed over while Lu Zhen lazily came with a coat in his hand.

Fu Mingxuan’s sharp eyes immediately spotted him. Determined to have a good performance, she would definitely humiliate her opponents in front of Lu Zhen.

There were more and more people. Finally, the billiard hall was packed with people. They looked at the two tables in the court.

Since Chu Yin’s school uniform was too loose, it was prone to accidentally sweep the ball on the table. So this time, she pulled down the zipper, took off her school uniform jacket, and tied it to her waist.

The eyes of the audience fell on her.



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