I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 25 part 2

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Chapter 25 – What a powerful man!! (2)

Taking off the old school uniform jacket, she only had a black thin shirt that outlined her beautiful curve. Chu Yin neatly pinned her hair into a high ponytail, revealing a long and swan-like neck.

She picked up the cue and placed a chalk powder. Then she raised her chin at Fu Mingxuan, “Good luck.”

Gu Qiuze, who was not far away, looked at this scene and suddenly smiled, “I thought your sister was participating for fun. Looking at her gestures…it doesn’t look like it.”

Chu Yin held the stick with her left diagonally while the powder block in her right hand. The action of playing the powder was rhythmic. Her left hand turned the stick, ensuring that it hits the center of the ball. She looked like she was used to this.

Chu Shi was a little surprised. He didn’t know Chu Yin could play billiards.

No one knew that Chu Yin’s hobby in her previous life was billiards. Among the things that Lu Zhen taught her, this was what Chu Yin was best at. She even later played better than Lu Zhen.

Lu Zhen was interested in her preferences. After finding out that she liked billiards, he installed a pool table made of rare mahogany that was hand-carved. Chu Yin didn’t think it was necessary at the beginning but later discovered that she could beat the dog man in other games. 

Chu Yin shook her head and immersed herself in the game in front of her. The billiard cue provided by the school was not as good as the one she used before. But fortunately, Huiwen had money and the billiard cue in her hand was passable.

The game finally officially began.

She spread her slender fingers, put them on the cue, folded her thumb, and clasped the cue with her index finger. She made a standard hand frame. Even Lu Zhen, who was sitting in the corner, raised his eyebrows.

Chu Yin leaned down and lowered her upper body on the table. Her body was extremely lowered, showing her slender legs and her curvy waist. Her clothes tightly clung to her body, making the people in the audience blush. They held their breath subconsciously.

She aimed at the first ball in the ball pile. It went down in one shot before it violently bumped with other balls.

With a “da”, the pile of balls was scattered beautifully.

There were several suppressed breaths.

“Shit, she’s so weak.”

“Why did I become excited by seeing her bump the balls?”

“To tell you the truth, I am also…”

In the corner, Lu Zhen retracted his gaze, frowned, and leaned back.

Fu Mingxuan was a little nervous at this time. She stared at Chu Yin’s hand closely. After two consecutive shorts, Chu Yin wasn’t able to control her force and it hit lightly.

Spectator Song Zhaolin was nervous: “Ah, ah, it’s over, it’s over!”

Jiang Yan was so angry that she gave him a hard slap: “You shut up!”

Fu Mingxuan was also relieved. Although Chu Yin could play better than she thought, her level was not higher than hers.

When it was Fu Mingxuan’s turn, she scored two goals before it was Chu Yin’s turn. After Chu Yin scored another goal, it was Fu Minxuan’s turn again before changing to Chu Yin after she scored another goal.

Overall, Fu Mingxuan seemed to have the upper hand. Although communication wasn’t allowed in the middle of the match, Fu Mingxuan couldn’t help but disturb her, “Oh, what should I do? I’m so weak. My level is really poor.”

Chu Yin held the cue stick, looked down at the table, and nodded: “Yes.”

Fu Mingxuan: “…”

Song Zhaolin stared at the billiards table nervously and murmured, “Can she do it? Why do I feel that they are at the same level? Can Sister Yin win or not?”

Jiang Yan was speechless next to him. She wished she could cover Song Zhaolin’s mouth with a tape. In truth, she had no confidence in herself. She also hoped that Chu Yin would but, but Fu Mingxuan seemed to be very good at it too.

At the same moment, Lu Zhen in the corner looked at the table and laughed in a low voice.


Chu Yin hit the ball using the cue stick. Her peach blossom eyes were filled with excitement.

She had made the necessary preparations.

Now, she’s going to start.

Fu Minxuan didn’t realize what was going to happen at first.

But over the next five minutes, she gradually learned what it meant to collapse.

She never had the chance to make a move.

Chu Yin scored five in a row. Her action was clear and accurate. The way she walked around the stage was casual and elegant.

The position of the black ball was very tricky. Everyone’s eyes were focused on it.

Fu Mingxuan was desperate and prayed that she would miss.

Chu Yin casually looked then stood for ten seconds before slamming the cue stick.

——The black ball rebounded and spun until it fell directly into the pocket!

At this point, Chu Yin cleared the stage with one stroke, leaving no chance for her opponent.

The audience roared.


“My god, what kind of fairy is she?”

“I love, I love, I love~”

Gu Qiuze clapped, “That hit just now was amazing.”

Song Zhaolin held Jiang Yan excitedly. The two of them cried together shamelessly, “Chu Yin, ah ah!!”

In the second game, the two group winners face off. Chu Yin completely found the feeling and easily won the game cleanly.

There had been countless people on the scene that became her fans.

Song Zhaolin, the number one fan brother, and Jiang Yan, the number one fan sister, ran to celebrate for her.

“Champion ah!!!”


“Too strong!”

Chu Yin was shaken by Jiang Yan, and her lips couldn’t help smiling.

The feeling of youth and victory was good. It’s fresh and enthusiastic.

Lu Zhen looked at her from beginning to end. Watching her calmly take the shot, watching her joyful face, his heart was filled with an indescribable feeling.

She should be like this, excellent and beautiful, calm but blooming.

It was obvious that there would be many people attracted to her.

Will she belong to anyone…

Chu Shi and Gu Qiuze walked to Chu Yin. They vigorously praised her again and again.

Gu Qiuze blinked: “When will you fight me? My skills are good.”

Chu Yin laughed and said, “Okay, whenever.”

From a distance, Lu Zhen darkly stared at her smiling face. After a while, he got up and left the stadium with a cold look.

Chu Shi: “Now, your brother is up next.”

Chu Yin: “Are you going to play basketball?”

Gu Qiuze laughed: “Third-year seniors only have this activity. How can we let it go?”

Chu Yin nodded: “Who are you competing with? I’ll go and cheer you on.”

Chu Shi rubbed his hands and said with a smile: “I think we’re up against the second-year International Class.”

Chu Yin almost burst out with a “poof”.

Basketball was a school-wide competition. The winning class among the grade would compete with other classes in different grades. In the second year grade, both Class 5 and the International Class were the strongest. But since Class 5 lost against the International Class, the International Class was promoted to compete against other grade levels.

Therefore, it’s a high probability that the second-year International Class would compete against the third year. 

Chu Yin: Can I not go…

Dog man plays basketball well. She didn’t want to watch him gloriously play.

Chu Shi patted his sister on the shoulder, and said, “Don’t worry, brother will show you how to win the champion.”

Chu Yin tried to believe, but doubts were revealed in her eyes.

“Really!” Chu Shi said, “Me and Brother Qiuze are invincible. We were number one last year.”

This was true. Gu Qiuze nodded with approval.

Chu Yin couldn’t help being a little elated. Brother…can they really beat Lu Zhen?

“And Lu Zhen, in the second-year International Class.” Chu Shi waved, “He…It’s okay. I’m not afraid.”

Gu Quize: ??

You’re pretending too much.

But Chu Yin was quite cooperative: “Mm-hmm, I think so too!”

Chu Shi suddenly floated in his own dreams: “He playing has a lot of loopholes, in fact, not very good.”

Chu Yin: “So it is! No wonder he doesn’t look so good.”

Chu Shi: “So Yin Yin, come to the game and watch how we beat him.”


Gu Qiuze: “…”

The basketball game lasted for two days, and the final winner was the second and third international classes.

A century war was about to start.

Chu Yin won the championship in billiards and accumulated five points in the class, and then she completely stopped paying attention to the sport’s event and was obsessed with studying.



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