I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 25 part 3

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Chapter 25 – What a powerful man!! (3)

It wasn’t until the day of the basketball finals that she was reminded to watch her brother’s game after class.

The people in the class quickly ran and Jiang Yan said that she would go to take a place for her, so she went first.

Chu Yin finished her notes in no hurry, then took her water bottle to get some water. 

After turning a corner, she met Lu Zhen.

Lu Zhen held her arms, looked at her as if she wanted to run. The corner of his mouth was raised: “Good student.”

Chu Yin: “What’s the matter?”

Lu Zhen stepped closer, looked down at her, and smiled: “The iPod song, were you scolding me?”

Chu Yin shrunk her neck slightly.

….I almost forgot about it.

The dog man saw it, then he listened to it.

Yeah!! Scold you!!

What’s wrong with it?

But on the surface, Chu Yin was confused and asked, “What song?”

Lu Zhen looked down at her carefully.

Sometimes he wanted to knock on her little head to see what’s inside. Why is she good at studying? Why is her billiards skill so good? Why is everything so…attractive.

Lu Zhen shook his head: “Nothing.”

Even if she scolded him, he would be happy.

He’s probably a fool.

“Chu Yin,” he looked at her, “Do you like those who study well?”

Just like Gu Qiuze, who studies well. She would be gentle as she smiled at him.

Chu Yin couldn’t keep up with his jumping thoughts and let out a suspicious “ah”

Lu Zhen couldn’t help but curl his lips.

So dumb. So cute.

“Then you come to watch the game,” said Lu Zhen. “Right now at the basketball court.”

Watch how I defeat him (Gu Qiuze).

Look at me. I’m better than him.

Chu Yin knocked on the system with a confused face.

“Do you think the dog man is weird?”

Xueji: “The host needs to judge for herself.”

Chu Yin slowly walked towards the basketball court while pondering.

To be honest, 17-year-old Lu Zhen is completely different from the future.

And because of the years that followed, Chu Yin was a little vague about what Lu Zhen looked like when he was 17 1 might be referring to both his physical appearance and his attitude . But from the perspective of her memory, Lu Zhen’s appearance in this life was very different, which made Chu Yin very unsure.

But anyway, the dog man is still a dog man.

While thinking about it, she arrived at the basketball court.

Some students took the initiative to greet Chu Yin, and she responded each of them. When she found the seat Jiang Yan reserved, she walked over. Her elder brother knew that Jiang Yan was her friend, so he sat near her seat, closest to the court.

Chu Yin suddenly saw Zheng Yu.

….She forgot that this self-proclaimed confident man was also in her brother’s class.

Chu Shi saw her hesitation, touched her head, and whispered, “Don’t worry, brother has warned him. He won’t look for you again.”

Chu Yin breathed a sigh of relief.

Both Chu Shi and Gu Qiuze who wore their jerseys were quite handsome. Many girls in the audience looked at Chu Yin and Jiang Yan with jealousy.

They also want to be close to the seniors too!

This scene was in front of the second year International Class. Chu Qiuqiu was sitting in the stadium stands when she saw Chu Shi touching Chu Yin’s head.

Someone asked: “Chu Yin, why does your brother love your sister so much?”

Chu Qiuqiu’s face turned pale, but she smiled and said, “Yes. My brother wanted me to go there but I wanted to cheer for our class, so I refused.”

“So that’s it.”

Soon, Lu Zhen came on the court.

He wore a black and white jersey, exposing his arm wrapped in black arm guard. The black and white headband on his hair exposed his white forehead. His brown-red tear mole under his eye was extremely clear.

He glanced at the opponent’s area and smiled.

The girls crazily cheered.

Their phone snapped a hundred photos even before the game had started. There were numerous threads and posts in the forum simultaneously. It’s as if they were recording the history of World War II.

Chu Shi distressingly looked at Lu Zhen’s appearance and turned his head discontentedly. But seeing that his younger sister was unmoved, he felt at ease.

“Wait and see how we clean up these children.”


Chu Yin clenched her fist: “Brother, I believe you.”

Gu Qiuze came over and informed, “It’s time we go to the court.”

Zheng Yu followed him to the court. Turning his head, he showed a complex look with both traces of melancholy and affection at Chu Yin.

Chu Yin: “…”

Lu Zhen saw this scene from a distance, and his eyebrows folded.

Soon, when the referee whistled, the game officially began.

Although Zheng Yu was a lewd person, his height was good. Lu Zhen’s height was 186cm this year. Zheng Yu looked a little stronger than him, plus Chu Shi and Gu Qiuze were both very tall. The third-year team was like a wall of people.

The second-years on the opposite side looked much weaker. Lu Zhen was the tallest, followed by Tan Ke, and the following team members were decreasing in height.

Chu Yin sincerely looked forward to seeing Lu Zhen being defeated.


When she watched Lu Zhen play Zheng Yu like a little kid–He dribbled the ball around him and made a smash dunk. All the girls howled to death.

She knew.

She was naive.

“Ah ahhhhhh Brother Zhen!”

“So handsome.”

“Middle charge!!!”

“The second year of senior high school is sure to win!”

Lu Zhen passed them while dribbling the ball. He shot in one go since no one dared to block him.

His exuberant hormones radiated vigorously. This young man who played basketball under the rays of the sun looked incomparably dazzling.

At halftime, the second-years were leading by more than ten points. Chu Shi couldn’t complain anymore. Even when the third-years tried many tactics, they couldn’t help but watch their team crumble.

“Is Lu Zhen crazy?”

“It’s no use fighting so hard?”

“Has anyone of you angered him?”

Several people were silent for a moment.

Then they looked at Zheng Yu.

“Maybe it was when you slammed Lu Zhen on the wall…”

Zheng Yu was drinking water and almost choked to death: “I didn’t! I didn’t mean to! “

“Okay,” Gu Qiuze clapped his hands, “calm down.”

Just now when Lu Zhen stole the ball from him, he saw him smile. It was so provocative that he knew this was intentional.

This kid may just want to abuse him.

“Let’s hold our ground. There’s still a chance in the second half.” The players stabilized their military spirit.

Lu Zhen’s stamina seemed endless. He only left the court once in the middle time and then played from beginning to end. No one could defeat him.

Chu Yin had lost hope and became a salted fish.

…She obviously came to see Lu Zhen being defeated. How could this be the case?

She was forced to watch Lu Zhen’s handsome scenes for forty minutes!

The point was that he was so handsome that it angered her to death!!!

The more charismatic dog man is, the angrier she becomes.

There was only one minute left in the game.

Lu Zhen took the ball outside the three-point line and suddenly looked outside the court.

He raised his chin to showcase his beautiful jawline. The smile on his lips gleamed with sweat as he gently raised his hand towards the audience.

It was just a one-second action, but the girls on the stands burst out in high screams.

Chu Yin was surprised.

She knocked the system wildly, “Did the dogman look at me just now?!”

Xueji: “it seems to be…”

Chu Yin: “He’s actually teasing me? Teasing me!”

She immediately decided to open the script.

【Lu Zhen raised his hand and made a standard throwing action. The three-point ball crossed a beautiful arc in the air and went in!】

Chu Yin sneered and crossed out [went in] 2 In Chinese, this is one-word 进. I can’t find any English word that fits with the ball going in the net and changed it to the word [exploded]

You play so handsomely, go and destroy it, you scum!!

In the court, Lu Zhen raised his hand, lifted his arm, and threw the basketball accurately.

Thousands of pairs of eyes followed the ball and watched it about to enter the basket, but then—

“Bang” There was a loud noise.

Suddenly, it exploded into fireworks.

The audience was silent.

Lu Zhen was also shocked.

In the 50 years since Huiwen school was founded, the first man with a strange power appeared with the ability to blow up a basketball.

Chu Yin finally applauded.


“What a powerful man!”



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