I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 26 part 1

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Chapter 26 – So exciting!!(1)

—Damn, the ball exploded.

It exploded from Lu Zhen’s hand.

If it didn’t explode, it should’ve been a beautiful three-pointer that would go down in history.

The broken ball fluttered down on the ground. Everyone in the stadium wasn’t expecting it. Their faces showed genuine awe.

Lu Zhen: “…”

Strange things kept on happening.


At this time, the whistle blew signaling that the game just ended.

People finally came to their senses.

Although the explosion ruined the beautiful three-pointer, second-year International Class still won the game! They won against the strongest team of third-years! The students of the second-years immediately cheered.

Chu Yin’s voice was not loud and there were no other people around her, so only Jiang Yan heard her praises.

She recovered from the explosion shock, clapped, and turned her head to Chu Yin, “Wh, What powerful man?”

Chu Yin smiled profoundly, “How powerful is he to blow up the ball.”

Jiang Yan: “…”

Why do I feel like you don’t mean that??

If she remembered correctly, during the entire game just now, when the girls were crying and roaring to death, Chu Yin didn’t say a word, as if she was completely unexcited, only when the basketball exploded did it caught her attention.

Jiang Yan couldn’t help feeling ashamed: She was still too unstable. Just now she couldn’t help but cheer loudly. It seemed that there was still a long way to go between herself and Yin Yin.

Chu Yin felt comfortable.

She said to Xueji: “You saw how that dog man looked at me. If he plays handsome again, I’ll knock his head off.”

Xueji was completely accustomed to her series of evil operations. It even thought that this finishing stroke had quite a dramatic effect.

“Host, you’re amazing.”

Chu Yin: “That’s right.”

Lu Zhen overturned Chu Shi. Before the game started, Chu Shi felt proud of himself. He was too arrogant in front of his sister and didn’t hold back with his bragging. This was too embarrassing.

Chu Shi wiped his sweat and looked at Gu Qiuze bitterly.

Gu Qiuze was also tortured by Lu Zhen. He patted Chu Shi on the shoulder and scolded him, “Next time, don’t take me with you.”

How shameless in front of his sister.

The opposite area was celebrating crazily, while the third-year seniors were calmer. Chu Shi hesitantly walked to Chu Yin and said, “Brother is not in a good condition today and didn’t play well.”

Jiang Yan witnessed Chu Yin’s praise of Lu Zhen just now. Although her tone was a bit strange, she probably cheered for the second-year team more. Who knew that when Chu Yin opened her mouth, said, “No, brother. I think you are much more handsome than the other person!”

Chu Shi was also surprised: “Really, really?”

Chu Yin said sincerely, “Yes, The man on the other side was playing too wild, not handsome at all, but your dribbling is like art.”

Jiang Yan: “!!”

This is too exaggerated!

Sure enough, Chu Shi, once again floated in his daydreams, “In fact, I also think he is average. Someday, if my physical condition is better, I can win it back.”

“Brother, you are modest.” Chu Yin shook her head, “I believe you can defeat him anytime if you’re in good shape.”

Chu Shi immediately felt he was standing from the sky just like an emperor with an incredible aura. It’s as if he could rub that bastard Lu Zhen to the ground in the next second.

Gu Qiuze looked at him: “…” Wake up.

Jiang Yan also looked at them and thought: Yin Yin and Chu Shi have a good relationship!

On the opposite side of the area, the players of the second-years International Class were surrounded by a large crowd.

Lu Zhen avoided the crowd, stood on the stand, and glanced across the opposite side.

Chu Yin sat surrounded by a group of tall seniors. Her figure was completely submerged and couldn’t be seen.

Lu Zhen watered his mouth and lifted his hand to wipe away traces of water. Annoyed.

Song Zhaolin squeezed towards him through the crowd. He automatically entered his boasting mode, “Brother Zhen, MVP! So handsome! My throat is hoarse from screaming for you!”

Lu Zhen glanced at him and thought. He asked: “Where were you sitting just now?”

Song Zhaolin: “Just behind your area!”

Lu Zhen lowered his eyes: “…Oh.”

Then he didn’t know her reaction.

“But Brother Zhen, you can actually blow up the ball, so fierce~!”

“…” Lu Zhen was silent for a moment, “I didn’t mean to.”

He was sure that the ball was still normal when he threw it. Something went wrong just as soon as it was about to go into the basket.

Over the past few months, there seemed to be more and more unthinkable things. They all had something in common that he couldn’t find just yet.

Song Zhaolin didn’t think so much about it. He just thought that his brother was too awesome! He was over his head, “No matter what, you made history!”

“…” Lu Zhen gave him a kick: “Get out.”



The final champion of the basketball game was the second-year International Class. They originally had five points but now six points were added from winning the championship. At present, the total points completely eliminated Class 5.

Song Zhaolin’s mentality was particularly good. After knowing that Class 5 couldn’t catch up, no matter how much he wanted to be in the first place, he wasn’t burdened with the results at all. Every day, he wandered around various venues, watching this and that, just like chasing stars.

While Chu Yin was studying, she felt envious when she saw Song Zhaolin’s carefree appearance.

How nice to be a simple-minded person! At least he’s happy all the time!

She stood up and went out to the toilet. Song Zhaolin, who was playing with his mobile phone, quickly and respectfully made way for the queen.

A lot of people in the class went to watch the billiards game last time.  Because Class 5 was just defeated right before, they didn’t feel good returning to the classroom, so they went to billiards hall. They were just in time to see two flowers battling against each other.

Originally, they were betting for Mingxuan to win. After all, they knew that Chu Yin only knew studying.

After the match, all of them turned against each other.

Whenever the ball fell to the pocket, the boys still couldn’t recover from their shock. Chu Yin finished it so fast!!

From then on, although they didn’t explicitly say it, they regarded Chu Yin as a little queen in their hearts.

Of course, Song Zhaolin was the best at licking people’s shoes. As soon as Chu Yin was about to take her water cup, Song Zhaolin immediately found the cup and delivered it to Chu Yin with both of his hands.

Chu Yin couldn’t help laughing: “Thank you, Xiao Linzi.”

The boys around who secretly watched were full of envy.

Chu Yin took the cup and looked around from side to side, but found no enemy, so she continued to move forward. Unexpectedly, when she turned a corner, she met another acquaintance.

But this time, it was not Lu Zhen, but Zheng Yu. Well, nothing good.

Although Zheng Yu and the others lost to the second year of high school, they were runners-up at any rate. He scored second on the team. Even if those goals were almost negligible under Lu Zhen’s glory, he also performed very well. At the end of the game, many little girls came to give him water.

So he completely walked out of his psychological shadow of being kicked by Lu Zhen and accidentally kneeling in front of Chu Yin.

Chu Yin looked at his regained confidence and felt that this was good. She didn’t want to give people PTSD.

“What’s the matter?”

Zheng Yu looked at her deeply: “Yin, how did you feel when you watched the basketball match that day?”

Chu Yin had goosebumps and almost turned to leave. But she breathed hard and held back, “I didn’t feel much.”

Zheng Yu looked at her and was about to lift his hand. It seemed like he wanted to come nearer. But the next second, he consciously retracted his hand back.

Chu Yin: …Very good. At Least he still had a bit of psychological shadow left.

“Is it really impossible between us?”

Chu Yin nodded: “Yes, it’s impossible. You can find someone else.”

With that, she walked away.

Zheng Yu stood in the same place all by himself.

He came this time because he heard some news from his parents: The Chu family intends to marry their daughters to powerful families to merge their family’s business.

Although Chu Qiuqiu was also good, Chu Yin was obviously more beautiful. Zheng Yu felt that if Chu Yin wanted to marry someone else in the future, why couldn’t she marry him? He felt that it would be difficult for Chu Yin to find a better one than him.

Zheng Yu was aggrieved. Suddenly, a soft voice came from behind: “Senior?”

He turned his head and saw Chu Qiuqiu standing behind him, looking at him like a deer with a pair of eyes: “Did sister make you angry?”

Zheng Yu’s frustrations in Chu Yin were immediately satisfied by Chu Qiuqiu. He showed a chic smile: “It was nothing, don’t worry.”

Chu Qiuqiu smiled, “If you’re unhappy, senior, can I walk with you? Consider it as my sister’s apology.”

Zheng Yu, a straight man, had always liked being treated like this. He immediately thought to himself, Chu Qiuqiu treated him with this attitude, what could Chu Yin do? She came from the countryside, how could she be compared to Chu Qiuqiu? Chu Yin would regret not picking him in the future.

And when he looked closely, Chu Qiuqiu looked two-thirds like Chu Yin. She was also very pretty.

Zheng Yu raised a smile: “Okay, let’s go for a walk.”

In the evening in Chu’s residence.

At the dining table, the Chu parents were beaming with joy. Looking at the two daughters, one was gentle and well-behaved, the other was bright and beautiful. They were good at their academics that they felt so proud.

Father Chu said, “Qiuqiu, Xiaoyin, you’re all grown-ups now. I didn’t notice it for a while, but you grew up so beautifully. “

Chu Qiuqiu obediently said something to Father Chu.

Chu Yin was silent, thinking that this “period” was long enough.

It’s been more than ten years.

Chu Qiuqiu glanced at her unmoved look and was secretly happy. A character like Chu Yin was not suitable for marriage at all. She was afraid that Chu Yin would just embarrass herself.

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