I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 26 part 2

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Chapter 26 – So exciting!!(2)

She had overheard the conversation between the servants and learned that her parents were planning to marry them to powerful families. Chu Qiuqiu remembered how dilapidated and poor her family’s condition was before the age of 7, so her goal had always been to perform excellently to maintain her position in a wealthy family.

Marriage is a good way to merge the families’ wealth. This way, she could still enjoy the glory and richness of a powerful family.

Chu Qiuqiu was more practical than Fu Mingxuan. She knew she couldn’t reach an elite family like Lu Zhen. She would consider herself as a winner in life if she could marry into a family that was wealthier than the Chu’s. Chu Yin didn’t know about these and didn’t even know the opportunities she missed. 

Father Chu looked at Chu Yin’s expressionless face while eating and he felt unhappy.

Their own biological daughter had been in the house for several months yet there were no signs of maturity at all. If you don’t ask her, she wouldn’t take the initiative to speak. She had never kissed her mother and never went out of her room.

How could this kind of character be qualified to participate in social occasions in the future? In the end, she became like this because she wasn’t raised at home.

Mother Chu tried to stir up the topic with Chu Yin, “Is Yin Yin very good at billiards? If so, that’s good..”

Chu Yin wiped her mouth: “Well, a little bit.”

Then the atmosphere went cold again.

She wasn’t doing this deliberately. She was just too disappointed in her previous life that she had nothing to say to them in this life.

Moreover, from the tone of her parent’s voices, combined with the memory of the last life, Chu Yin understood the subtext of it.

They might have been thinking about marriage again.

Before, when the Chu family looked for marriage partners for them, Chu Yin was still underage and didn’t know about the operation of these events. In contrast, Chu Qiuqiu was obviously very happy.

Chu Yin had no interest in this marriage in her previous life, and Lu Zhen, that dog man, wouldn’t allow her to consider it.

The Chu family would eventually go bankrupt and the marriage would not last long.

Looking at Chu Qiuqiu’s positive attitude, she felt quite pitiful.

Seeing Mother Chu’s face turned red with embarrassment, Father Chu went cold, “Your mother wants to know more about you. You’re her child. Why do you talk so little?”

Chu Yin just finished eating and placed down her spoon, “I don’t. It just depends on my mood.”

Father Chu became angrier. What does this mean? Are you not in the mood to talk to your parents?!

Chu Shi looked up at his father, frowned, then patted Chu Yin’s arm, and said in a warm voice, “Go back to your room.”

Chu Yin nodded, turned, and left.

Father Chu: “You!——”

Chu Qiuqiu looked at her father’s face and felt happy. She quickly comforted him and said, “Dad, don’t be angry. You know that sister has a temperament.”

Father Chu sighed: “Qiuqiu is still sensible.”

Even if his biological daughter’s temper wasn’t good, he still needed to consider her when planning for a suitable marriage partner.

“I will take you to some banquets so you’ll get to know more people.” Father Chu said, “Qiuqiu wouldn’t make us worry, right?”

Chu Qiuqiu knew the purpose and significance of the banquet and immediately raised a smile. 

“Of course not. Don’t worry, mom and dad!”

The sport’s event lasted for several weeks before it finally came to an end.

Second-year, Class 5 placed second in total. The champions in the class were Song Zhaolin, Zhao Yuxiong, and Chu Yin. The prize for placing second was 50,000 yuan. The class monitor announced that this prize would be used in the future for the class.

Second-year, International Class ranked first in total, in which Lu Zhen scored 21 points, higher than the total score of other classes.

Song Zhaolin talked about Lu Zhen’s great achievements around Chu Yin, whilst Chu Yin replied in a low voice, “Hmm…like an animal.”

Song Zhaolin: “Ah? What are you talking about?”

Chu Yin: “I said, he’s so fierce.”

Song Zhaolin: “Hahaha, right, Brother Zhen is really fierce!”

Chu Yin looked at his silly white and sweet appearance, and reminded him with a smile, “Lin Lin, have a snack first. Don’t forget it will be the final exam soon.”

The Song family actually had high requirements for their children. Song Zhaolin had an excellent elder brother. After the last midterm exam, his elder brother cleaned him up clearly after seeing the colorful transcript1meaning that it was full of wrong answers .

After returning alive from his brother’s punishment, Song Zhaolin studied honestly for a few days. But as soon as the sport’s event took place, his heart flew together with excitement.

Song Zhaolin was startled after being reminded by Chu Yin. He looked at his phone’s calendar and reassured himself.

“It’s fine. There’s still time.” Song Zhaolin said. “Moreover, there’s still an event before the final exam!”

Chu Yin: “What event?”

“Christmas!” Song Zhaolin said, “Christmas Eve is so romantic! There’s a gift-drawing activity that is hosted annually!”

Chu Yin’s eyebrows were raised slightly. She was a little impressed.

There were many big activities in Huiwen. Both Chinese and foreign festivals were celebrated. In the Christmas event, a huge Christmas tree is placed in the hall of the school building. Each person would place their gifts under the tree before they would draw the lot together.

In addition to putting the gifts inside the box, it also had its own name and blessings. The person who received the other person’s gift was usually regarded as some kind of fate.

The reason why Chu Yin remembered it was that she exchanged gifts with Lu Zhen.

Her gift of biscuits in a small jar was exchanged with an 800,000 yuan watch.

She was so surprised when she opened the box that she almost dropped the watch. At that time, Chu Yin thought that Lu Zhen was mentally sick. He didn’t want to get the watch back

Song Zhaolin grossly winked: “Sister Yin, you have to be prepared. With our special fate, maybe we will draw each other~~”

Chu Yin: “…”


Worrying about Song Zhaolin’s father’s mentality, Chu Yin urged Song Zhaolin to study a little.


Huiwen’s sports event was indeed well-organized. It made the students discuss it for a while everyday, and forget any intention of studying

On this day, the teachers held a meeting. They decided to let the top three students of the grade discuss their own learning experiences. They believed this would revitalize the academic atmosphere in the school.

Fu Mingxuan was angry at the news. She placed fourth in the grade, one short!

If Chu Yin didn’t join in, she would have been the one talking to the class!

Chu Yin glanced at Fu Mingxuan, who was full of displeasure. She took the initiative to talk to her, which was rare, “How about you go in my stead?”

Fu Mingxuan’s eyes widened: “Are you provoking me?”

“……” Chu Yin said, “Forget it.”

She really didn’t want to go. She had to go to the International Class for this lecture.

Chu Yin was thinking of a reason to avoid going to the International Class when the headteacher rushed and pressed her shoulder, “Let’s go. The teacher of Class 1 already made the students sit down. They are waiting for you!”

“……” Chu Yin was silent for two seconds, “Okay, teacher.”

The second and third students were from other classes, a boy and a girl. They didn’t talk with each other that much and only went to Class 1 directly.

The girl, who placed third, was quietly looking at Chu Yin. When Chu Yin caught her looking, she quickly retracted her sight, her face turning a little red.

How can someone be so intelligent and beautiful at the same time?

Looking up close is even better than looking far away!

When they entered the classroom of Class 1, the students had already sat down. As soon as they appeared, they immediately burst into applause.

They mostly stared at Chu Yin. Their reactions were the same as the girl, who placed third.

“God, I think I can listen to her chanting Sutras in front of me…”

“Me too. She can beat me like a wooden fish!”

Chu Yin was calm. After discussing her study schedule and study habits, she stepped aside and gave the stage to the second and third place.

Although there was still time left before the class would end, Lu Zhen got up directly from his chair while looking at his phone.

Tan Ke glanced and saw him leaving, “Is something wrong, Brother Zhen?”


When Lu Zhen just walked out of the classroom, he suddenly saw Chu Yin walking with a boy not far away.

The boy was not tall. His glasses were thick and he looked like a nerd.

Chu Yin turned her head and said something to him. The boy nodded quickly.

Lu Zhen’s eyes darkened a little bit.

An indescribable impatience strangled his heart like a thread as his fingers tightened. He stood there, staring at her while inching a little close.

What should he do? Should he hide? Or should he pretend not to see it?

Lu Zhen looked at her before walking back to the classroom.

The international class was the last lecture class. Chu Yin went back to Class 5 and drank a glass of water before continuing.

The atmosphere of each class was pretty good. No one was looking for trouble. But Chu Yin knew that the last class was the key point. After all, several people in this class had names and surnames in the script.

After entering the International Class, Chu Yin glanced around and saw that Lu Zhen wasn’t present. She immediately felt happy.

Lucky! The dog man left early.

Just when she celebrated, a familiar figure appeared outside the classroom.

Chu Yin: “…” Okay.

Tan Ke was surprised and asked, “You came back?”

Lu Zhen sat down and looked up at the platform. “Something came up.”

It turns out that she was here to give lectures.

Liang Yueqi quietly turned her head back and observed Lu Zhen’s expression. He didn’t seem to be happy, and his expression was a little cold, just as usual. This discovery made her somewhat happy.

Chu Qiuqiu sat in the middle of the third row. Seeing Chu Yin walking in, she felt upset.

This idea, which the school thought of, was bad. What would these representatives talk about in class?

Wasn’t Chu Yin a fool for learning? Fu Mingxuan said that she would sit in her seat all the time just to study. If people would follow this study method, even fools would get higher marks.

Chu Yin glanced at her fake sister and thought, If you don’t mess with me, I won’t mess with you.

Then we’ll have peace & love.

But not long after she started talking, the first question came.

Chu Qiuqiu asked with a smile, “Sister, is your time planning too harsh? We also have our own time allocation habits. We don’t need to be so strict to achieve the same effect.”

Chu Yin had no expression: “Oh, that’s great.”

She continued to talk about her time planning and then began to talk about her study habits, such as taking notes at any time in class, communicating with teachers more after class, and sorting out and reviewing notes in time.

Although these were all conventional methods, only a few people could stick with them.

Chu Qiuqiu asked again: “Sister, don’t blame me for asking so much. What you said seems to be a very common method. I want to ask, as a liberal arts student, how do you remember the learning points?”

Lu Zhen frowned and looked at the other side.

Chu Qiuqiu’s voice and tone annoyed her. Chu Yin wanted to block her mouth with something.

It’s sunny, and not raining. The weather is wonderful. Why are you doing this again?

The snake dance last time wasn’t enough to wake you up, huh?

But in front of so many people, Chu Yin couldn’t say that she had a golden finger. She thought for a moment and said, “You can refer to Ebbinghaus’s memory curve and observe your brain’s performance.”

As soon as the voice fell, Chu Qiuqiu showed an eager expression again.

Chu Yin saw her intention this time and directly knocked on the system: “Open the script.”

【Location: International Class. Characters: Chu Yin, Chu Qiuqiu, Lu Zhen, etc.】

【After Chu Yin finished lecturing, Chu Qiuqiu said with a confident smile: “Sister, that’s not right.”

Next, Chu Qiuqiu delivered a long speech. She refuted Chu Yin with a scientific basis, and fully demonstrated her knowledge, depth, talent, and won a burst of applause.】

Okay, you want to discuss?

Chu Yin moved the light pen, crossed out her [speech], and changed it into [silence].

I won’t let you talk 🙂

In the audience, Chu Qiuqiu confidently smiled as she shook her head, “Sister, that’s not right.”

Chu Yin showed an expression as if eager to listen to her.

The whole class was also attracted by Chu Qiuqiu’s sentence, waiting for her to speak.

A second later, she wasn’t speaking.

A minute later, she still wasn’t speaking.

Chu Qiuqiu smiled and said nothing. The classroom fell into a strange silence.

——So what’s wrong????

——Are you not talking??

Chu Qiuqiu: I also want to talk!!!

Why? Why doesn’t my mouth listen??

She tried so hard to open her mouth.

She gave all her energy that she almost farted.

After a long time of silence.

On the podium, Chu Yin clapped her hands: “What a wonderful speech!”

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