I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 27 part 1

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Chapter 27 – This is better! (1)

Lu Zhen raised his hand to cover his uncontrollable laughter.

A smile came out of his eyes. He looked at the girl on the podium and thought that this little nerd had a sense of humor.

Whether Chu Qiuqiu’s speech was embarrassing or not, Chu Yin’s applaud while praising her sister was adorable.

Besides Lu Zhen, Tan Ke also couldn’t hold back and chuckled.

“Damn, she’s interesting.”

Although he vaguely felt that Chu Qiuqiu was a little aggressive just now, he didn’t expect she would keep her silence after raising her hand to question. It was funny.

It was not only him that found it funny, but many people in the class were actually holding back their snickers.

But because Chu Qiuqiu was their classmate, they saved her some face.

She finally completed her speech after silencing Chu Qiuqiu. She stepped back to the corner and waited quietly. When the second and third students finished speaking, they lined up before going out together.

These three people were all good students. Seeing that they looked like elementary school students walking in line, people wanted to laugh.

Lu Zhen’s gaze fell on Chu Yin. She followed behind, her head slightly bowed, as her arms swayed back and forth. She was well-behaved.

As Lu Zhen watched her leaving figure, he felt an unpleasant feeling.

Although they knew each other, she didn’t even spare him a glance.

After they left, the International Class became noisy again. They originally thought that Chu Yin would be dull and boring, but today, the atmosphere became interesting. 

When Chu Yin left, Chu Qiuqiu’s inexplicable silence restriction was lifted.

She took a big breath before she quickly explained, “I was suddenly speechless just now!”

The classmates nodded reluctantly: “Is that so.” It’s not because Chu Qiuqiu was unable to speak, but more like she didn’t know what to say. If she didn’t know, why did she have to refute Chu Yin?

Chu Qiuqiu knew that no one believed her. She was so anxious that her face turned red, “Really! I was about to say that Ebbinghaus’ curve data was based on his personal data, which may not apply to everyone!”

The classmates had a confused look: Then why didn’t you just say??

Chu Qiuqiu felt a sense of powerlessness.

This happened twice! First was at the school dance party. She suddenly began to dance weirdly! The second was today. She couldn’t speak no matter how much she wanted to!

If Chu Qiuqiu was smarter, she could connect more dots. For example, the taste of her red wine changed, the name of the ballot she made became hers, and so on. Unfortunately, she wasn’t that smart.

Chu Qiuqiu could only find one thing in common, that is, Chu Yin was present in both cases.

——Is it related to her?!

Chu Qiuqiu couldn’t help but rushed out of the classroom, found Chu Yin, who was not far away, and grabbed her: “You, demon!!”

Chu Yin: “??”

That’s a new title.

“What’s the matter?” Chu Yin said coolly, “Sister?”

Seeing the strange eyes of the people around them, Chu Qiuqiu calmed down and said, “Was it you?”

Chu Yin looked at her and knew what she meant. After this fake sister was fucked over several times, she finally had doubts. Chu Yin wasn’t worried about this. Instead, she wondered if Lu Zhen would notice something abnormal.

Although the power of the golden finger lies in her mind, she still needed to be careful.

Chu Yin stepped back a little further away from her: “Was I…what?”

For the first time, Chu Qiuqiu’s white lotus persona crumbled. She sneered while gnashing her teeth, “Did you do something to me?”

Many students were coming and going in the corridor. When they recognized that the sisters were fighting, they didn’t leave the scene.

“Damn, isn’t that Chu Yin?”

“And her sister—“

“What’s the situation? Why does it seem like they’re fighting?”

Chu Yin was annoyed by the feeling of being watched. Her eyes became cold, “More like, what did you do to me? Has it been ten years already?”

Chu Qiuqiu’s face turned pale.

Although there were not many people around her, she still had a feeling of being stripped off.

Even though Chu Yin had been silent about this issue, she was actually proud of her identity as a real daughter, right? Will people find out? 

No! She must not let them know the truth!

Chu Qiuqiu had forgotten her previous agenda and quickly made up with Chu Yin, “Sister, stop making trouble. I was just joking with you! Shall we go home together after school?”

Chu Yin smiled and turned away: “Who wants to go back with you?”

This scene was seen by many people. After a while, someone posted a thread in the forum to discuss this matter.

[Sister dispute? Is the relationship between the Chu sisters really bad?]

The thread was about the situation that happened in the corridor.

Anonymous 1: I think it’s normal since they recently just lived together.

Anonymous 2: I’ve been wanting to mention this before. Am I the only one who thinks Chu Yin and Chu Qiuqiu look alike? Are they twins? Has the Chu family made any public statement regarding this?

Anonymous 3: @2, even though they look alike, it’s considered an insult.

Anonymous 4: @3, I agree.

Anonymous 7: When did the country bumpkin gather so many licking dogs?


Anonymous 8: @7, If you’re also a country bumpkin who can rank first place in the exam and win the billiards championship, I will lick you too.

The following replies from the thread were distorted as two groups of people battled each other.

In the classroom of Class 5, Song Zhaolin held his mobile phone with great interest.

As both groups were tearing each other, he joined in and replied, “Yes! I’ll lick you too!”

After he posted, numerous people cursed him.

Song Zhaolin happily showed his mobile phone to Chu Yin: “Sister Yin, you’re popular! So many people are fighting for you.”

Chu Yin was so engrossed in her studies that it took a while for her to look up.

These students are too idle.

She took Song Zhaolin’s phone, searched out pieces of swear words from the browser, and then copied it directly into the post and responded.

As soon as these awe inspiring curses were posted, the thread became quiet.

Then Chu Yin turned her head and nodded: “Foul language leads to war.”

Song Zhaolin watched this whole set of operations and clapped in amazement.

A few minutes later, the post was deleted. 

As a result, he cried loudly, “Sister Yin, because you used my account to scold them, I was banned! The restriction won’t be released until a week later!”

Chu Yin looked at him like a strict father: “Browse the forum less and focus more on studying, silly son.”

Since Song Zhaolin could only read posts and couldn’t reply, his time browsing the forum decreased. Instead, he listened carefully for a while in class.

Chu Yin completed today’s learning task and got single word permission from the system.

She was already familiar with the system’s mode. The size of the reward directly depends on the difficulty of the task. Due to boosting her memory, her previous task level was also reduced. For example, for the same task, she could get more than a word as a reward, but now, she could only get one word.

The highest authority that Chu Yin had obtained so far was a sentence. What’s going on?

“The host can imagine freely, oh ~”, Xueji said.

To obtain a higher level of authority, Chu Yin felt that she should seek more difficult tasks. For example, the last English speech contest was at the municipal level, so if she goes to participate in the provincial or national competition, would she get a higher authority?

Chu Yin pondered for a moment.

As a senior high school student, what was the most difficult learning task?

College entrance examination?

If she could get first place in the college entrance examination, how high would the authority be given to her by the system?

Chu Yin’s heart warmed slightly.

This feeling of being able to dominate the world felt very good. This current life was more interesting than the previous life where she was stripped off of her freedom and killed.

When the time comes, the dog man, the fate of dying early, the character of being the male lead’s first love, would no longer stop her from reaching my dreams.

Whenever she thought about this, she would be ignited with a passion for learning.

Xueji silently watched, thinking: My King Yin is definitely powerful! [fist]

“Come on, are there any tasks?!” Chu Yin banged the system fiercely.

Xueji: “Yes…” It felt lucky that it met a host with a strong sense of professionalism.



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