I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 27 part 2

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Chapter 27 – This is better! (2)

The cold wind of December was blowing.

The atmosphere of Christmas on the campus had become more intense.

For the past few days, the decorations for the Christmas event were slowly being transferred to the school building.

Apart from preparing for the final exam, the students couldn’t avoid talking about the Christmas party.

“Hey, have you prepared your gift? What will you be giving this year?”

“I can’t think of anything. I plan to buy a figurine just like last year.”

“I also don’t know what to give but I know what I want!–I want Brother Zhen’s gift!”

“Also Senior Qiu Ze’s and Senior Chu Shi’s! Ah!”

Jiang Yan ran over to Chu Yin and sat in front of her during the breaktime, “Yin yin, have you thought about your gift? What are you going to give?”

As soon as she asked, many pairs of eyes quietly looked over.

Just like how most girls wanted to get Lu Zhen’s gift, many boys in the class also wanted Chu Yin’s gift.

When Chu Yin was asked about this by Jiang Yan, she didn’t think much of it.

“Maybe…cookies?” Chu Yin said with uncertainty.

It was obvious she didn’t have any other ideas since she chose the same gift in her previous life. 

But this didn’t matter. She would make sure that it won’t fall into Lu Zhen’s hands again.

Jiang Yan’s eyes widened in surprise: “You’re amazing! You can even bake!”

Since Chu Yin was a little princess in the family, Jiang Yan thought she only had studying in her mind. She didn’t expect Chu Yin to know baking!

Chu Yin waved her hand: “In fact, it’s not difficult. I’ll teach you next time.”

After eavesdropping for a long time, Song Zhaolin couldn’t help it, “Is it going to be really cookies?”

He also wanted Sister Yin’s gift!

Chu Yin nodded, then touched both Jiang Yan and Song Zhaolin’s head before getting up to go to the toilet.

As soon as she left, the boys immediately surrounded her: “Lin Zi, what is Chu Yin’s gift?”

Song Zhaolin: “The secret is only known to me and Xiao Yanyan.”

Jiang Yan helplessly sighed.

“Just tell us!”

“When the time comes, it will be a fair fight and anyone may get it!” Song Zhaolin triumphantly refused.

He didn’t care if he must take advantage of being Chu Yin’s desk mate. To get Chu Yin’s gift, he must remember the appearance of her gift box!


On Christmas Eve, Chu Yin asked the driver to stop at the supermarket. She went in and bought low-gluten flour, butter, and a cookie jar.

After dinner, she went upstairs to study. When there was no one downstairs, Chu Yin went to the kitchen.

The baking utensils were complete in the Chu family’s house. Since she was bored in her previous life, she used these things often.

She first took the butter to soften, poured sugar, and stirred well with a spatula. After the eggs were beaten, she mixed it with the butter then whisked it evenly. The sifted low-gluten flour formed into a dough. At this point, the cookie was basically done.

Next, she rolled the dough into sticks, wrapped it in plastic wrap, and refrigerated for a while. While waiting, Chu Yin went upstairs to do her homework.

Then she went downstairs again, took out the dough sticks, cut them into small round cakes, and placed them on the oiled-paper of the baking pan. It was then put inside the pre-heated oven.

It wasn’t long before the smell of sweetness came out of the kitchen.

Chu Shi smelled it when he went downstairs and unconsciously walked along the fragrance.

“Are you baking cookies?”

Chu Yin looked back and saw her brother: “Yes, for tomorrow’s gift.”

Chu Shi was silent for two seconds then pretended to ask nonchalantly, “Yin yin, what gift box are you planning to use? I still have some spare ones. Do you want to use mine?”

“…” Chu Yin said, “Brother, if you want to eat it, you can just tell me.”

“Oh…” Chu Shi nodded, “I want to eat.”

Chu Yin laughed.

The biscuits were baked quickly and came out in the oven after half an hour.

Chu Shi couldn’t wait to taste it. “Do you really want to give it away?”

Chu Yin said with a smile, “I’ll give you enough cookies to eat first.”

Chu Shi was satisfied and even ate a few pieces before asking: “Do you want to give it to them?”

Chu Yin paused for a moment, knowing that he was referring to their parents and Chu Qiuqiu. “It’s up to you. You can give them if you want.”

Chu Shi immediately said, “You have the right to decide since you made it. Since you gave me the right, then I won’t give it away. I want to eat all of it.”

Chu Yin had no attachment for the Chu family, which was obvious to Chu Shi. He didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. It was understandable she didn’t have any love for them.

If his sister was willing to get along well with him, he was already satisfied.

The siblings ate lots of cookies before Chu Yin set aside some cookies for the gift.


Then she looked down at the mess she made and planned to clean it and throw it all away. Because Chu Shi ate so many cookies, he was obliged to take out the garbage. He happily pushed Chu Yin back to her room then went out to take the garbage.

It’s Christmas Eve.

Lu Zhen wandered around the Chu’s villa area for a long time.

The cold wind blew his coat. Even though Lu Zhen felt his scalp going numb from the cold, he didn’t go back.

He wanted to take a chance to say ‘Happy Christmas Eve’

Lu Zhen walked back and forth many times for a long time before the gate of the Chu’s villa opened.

His heart felt like it was tightened as he calmly walked over. He looked up and was suddenly met by Chu Shi’s happy and rosy face.


The two pairs of eyes stared at each other for a moment, an unpleasant aura sparked from each side.

As Chu Shi walked past Lu Zhen to throw the garbage out, he said, “Isn’t it too cold to stay outside right now?”

Lu Zhen said coldly: “Just passing by.”

Chu Shi said, “Oh..it’s warm inside my home. I just ate my sister’s cookies.”

Lu Zhen: “Which sister?”

Chu Shi laughed brilliantly: “Sister Yinyin.”

Lu Zhen: “……”

Chu Shi left after throwing the trash. He closed the gate and turned off all the lights in the first floor.

Lu Zhen stood in the wind and sighed softly after a long time.

He felt sour.

The next day, which was the Christmas event, Song Zhaolin surprisingly arrived early. As soon as he sat down, he saw a lot of chocolates on Chu Yin’s table. There were all kinds of brands, flavors, and shapes.

When he compared to his table, there was only a piece of triangular chocolate.

After looking around the classroom, he realized everyone received triangular chocolate. It was purchased by the class monitor using the budget of the class.

“So dry.” Song Zhaolin felt sad for a long time.

After a while, Chu Yin came. Song Zhaolin immediately entered a state of preparation.

Chu Yin looked at the pile of things on her desk, a little surprised. She could feel that the attitude of her classmates to her was different from before. She had never received this kind of treatment in her previous life.

It doesn’t feel bad.

Chu Yin put down her school bag and took out her gift box casually under Song Zhaolin’s sneaky eyes.

Song Zhaolin was shocked and called out, “Sister Yin, you are too sloppy!”

He immediately found a white box with no bow or pattern on it! “You’re not afraid that no one will choose this?”

Chu Yin: “It doesn’t matter.”

Song Zhaolin took the box under the table, forced her to paint a blue, green and fluorescent yellow box with a colorful pen. Then he drew a cross with a pink pen and added a bow.

“…” After Chu Yin saw it, she almost exploded, “This is even uglier!!”

Song Zhaolin smiled, placed the gift inside the table hole for her, and happily ran away.

“–Remember to secretly put the gift. Don’t be seen!”’

Chu Yin reluctantly reached out and pushed the gift deep into the table hole, feeling very embarrassed.

Just as she was about to take out her hand, the back of her hand suddenly bumped into a cold thing deep inside the table hole. She took a look and saw a red fruit. 1 this fruit is described as a sign of peace

There was a ribbon tied to the fruit handle. Chu Yin looked at it and saw a fuzzy handwriting that said:

“Happy Christmas Eve.”

Chu Yin felt it was a little strange.



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