I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 27 part 3

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Chapter 27 – This is better! (3)

Christmas Eve was over, how could someone send apples?

After the students separately placed their gifts under the Christmas tree, they would hurriedly run away. 

Song Zhaolin happily fled to the International Class after placing his gift.

In the back of the classroom, Lu Zhen laid on the table, sleeping.

Song Zhaolin sat down: “Brother Zhen didn’t sleep well?”

Tan Ke shook his head saying he didn’t know. Brother Zhen came very early today. When Tan Ke arrived, Brother Zhen was already sleeping here.

When Lu Zhen woke up, he frowned as he straightened up.

He went to Class 5 very early and placed the apple inside her table instead of the words he couldn’t say on Christmas Eve.

Song Zhaolin couldn’t help sharing his joy with his brothers. “I will definitely get my deskmate’s gift this year!”

Lu Zhen was originally sleepy but was suddenly woken up by this. He looked at Song Zhaolin.

Tan Ke laughed at him: “How could that be? Many people are eyeing that gift already.”

Lu Zhen’s eyes lowered slightly and he did not speak.

Song Zhaolin smiled triumphantly, “I have mastered the appearance of my deskmate’s gift!”

Song Zhaolin, an extreme talker, couldn’t hold his mouth and spilled all the beans himself without Lu Zhen and Tan Ke asking him, “She originally had a white box, but I painted it colorfully with a pink cross in the middle. Hahaha!”

Tan Ke was stunned, “You’re a horrible person!”

At the side, Lu Zhen finally laughed.

“…Oh. “

Now I see.

The gifts were not collected until after the classes were finished in the afternoon. The most exciting gift-drawing arrived.

As soon as time came, the hall on the first floor was filled with people.

Gifts were piled up under the Christmas tree. The school security was in full alert to maintain peace and order.

“You can only pick one! You can’t go back once you choose a gift!”

“Go in a group! Stay calm so we can avoid stampedes!”

This event was one of the old traditions of Huiwen. Although everyone was excited, the order in the school still existed.

Chu Yin was dragged by the enthusiastic Jiang Yan to line up. They walked under the tree after lining up for ten minutes.

“Wow, there are so many. How can we choose which gift to pick?”

There were piles of gift boxes–small and large, to choose from. It was really amazing.

The girls who came in with them were very excited.

“I overheard in the International Class that Lu Zhen’s gift box is black!”

“Really? Ah, ah, I see the black one!”

“I saw it first!”

“No, I did!”

After listening, Chu Yin took away the nearest white box.

Jiang Yan hadn’t chosen yet so she turned and said, “Don’t wait for me. It’s too chaotic here. You can go back first.”

Chu Yin nodded, walked out from under the tree, and opened the gift which looked similar to hers. It was like getting a gift from herself.

Xueji: “Host, can you guess the person who gave that box?”

Chu Yin: “So many people, how can I guess?”

After she finished speaking, she had a bad premonition.

If it wasn’t Xueji didn’t know, it wouldn’t say that.

She looked silently at the box in her hand.

It’s not, right?

No way.

She stopped, took off the gift cover, and pulled out a velvet cloth lining.\

On top of it was a piece of pure gold—

Buddha statue.

In the lower right corner, there was a name—

Second year, International Class, Lu Zhen.

Chu Yin: “…”

A few seconds later, Chu Yin turned around and walked back.

Many girls were still looking for the gift box: “The black one just now is not Lu Zhen’s!”

“Which one is his?”

Chu Yin approached the gift pile sneakily, trying to put the hot thing back.


Who knew that before bending down, a security personnel stared at her, “Classmate, you are only allowed to take one! No changing of gifts!”

“What you’ve drawn is because of fate.”

Chu Yin: “…”

She scolded Lu Zhen in her heart. Just as she passed the corner in the process of returning to the second floor, she was suddenly stopped.

“Good student.”

Chu Yin looked up and saw Lu Zhen leaning against the wall, smiling while nodding towards the box in her hand.

“You got mine.”

Chu Yin wanted to throw the box on his face.

“Pure gold Buddha.” Lu Zhen looked down at her, “Do you like it?”

Yes, I like it so much. I love it.

Chu Yin was expressionless, “Classmate, since you are devoted to goodness, why don’t I do this?”

Lu Zhen didn’t expect that she would take the initiative to speak to him. He subconsciously straightened up and stared at her closely.

Chu Yin said, “–I will donate this Buddha to help more people.”

Lu Zhen was surprised.

After a while, he laughed. The smile in his eyes was clear.

“Give it. It’s yours anyway.”

Chu Yin came back to the classroom speechless. 

Song Zhaolin was crying. “How could that happen! Who is it! Who took my present?”

Chu Yin was a little surprised: “You didn’t get it?”

Song Zhaolin slapped the table: “I painted it so ugily. Why would someone snatch it! It’s unreasonable.”

Chu Yin sat down in her seat with a foreboding feeling.

Xueji: “Host, guess who took yours away.”

Chu Yin said, “Unlock the script!”

A few seconds later, the script opened, with a big headline:

【Lu Zhen got the gift from Chu Yin.】

Chu Yin’s eyes turned black.

——Junk script!! Rubbish!!!

She exchanged gifts with Lu Zhen again. Is there any reason for this!!

Ah, ah, I’ll kill Lu Zhen!!

Chu Yin seized the light pen without hesitation——

【Lu Zhen returned to the classroom, quietly opened the box in his hand, and pulled out a box of cookies from it. The fragrance has faded, but it can still be seen that it was hand-made.】

Chu Yin’s brain began to run wild.

Give him a box of…

Flies? Caterpillars?

Dog poop?

Chemical and biological weapons??

Chu Yin allowed her imagination to run in an extreme direction.

No, it seems too obvious.

Who would put these things in a gift box?

Why does she want to make a big change just for a dog man?

Chu Yin turned to the system and asked, “How many permissions do I have?”

Xueji: “Two [change word] permissions. Oh ~”

Chu Yin read the script again.


Lu Zhen returned to the classroom and took out the box from his pocket.

The colors of the highlighter were mixed together, making it look very ugly after it dried. But Lu Zhen didn’t care.

He admits that he is shameless.

Among the students in their grade, it was only them who exchanged gifts.

Exclusively for them.

Will it be the cookies Chu Yin baked last night? The one that Chu Shi mentioned.

The cookie that made him think about all night.

Lu Zhen unconsciously rubbed his knuckles as he carefully opened the box like a treasure.

Then, slowly, he pulled out…

Three keys 1 According to Chinese glossary, the meaning is (1) To accept (2) To change (3) To go away. In short, If you can’t accept it, then change. If you can’t change, then leave.

Lu Zhen: “??”

At the other end of the classroom, Chu Yin put away the script and smiled relaxedly.

Although the gift was moderate, the meaning behind it was profound.

——Do you have three keys for ten yuan?

——How many pairs do you want!!!



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