I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 28 part 1

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Chapter 28 – Come (1)

Lu Zhen thought about the meaning of the gift.

He looked down at the three keys. First, he examined the materials.

Is it silver? Platinum?

Lu Zhen flipped and looked at it carefully. Then he smelled the rust from his fingertips.

Oh… it’s made of iron.

Lu Zhen crossed his arms. His face was calm while he continued to think.

After a long while of fruitless thinking, Lu Zhen carefully put the three keys aways and decided to ask for help. He turned to call Tan Ke.

“What’s wrong, Brother Zhen?” Tan Ke raised his head after he finished playing a game.

Lu Zhen asked: “If someone gave you a key…”

Tan Ke waited for his words: “—and?”

Lu Zhen looked at him: “What does it mean?”

Tan Ke felt it was bizarre: “Gifting a key?? What do you mean? Is there anything particular about it?”

Lu Zhen sighed softly. Forget it.

He thought about it, took out his mobile phone, and searched Baidu for “the meaning of receiving the key as a gift”.

Actually, someone had asked this question——

#What do girls mean by giving boys keys_ Baidu knows#

Lu Zhen’s eyebrow raised. This is it.

Best answer: Every woman is a unique lock. If she gives you a key, it means that she thinks you are the one who can open her. She has fallen in love with you.

Lu Zhen: “…”

The hand holding the mobile phone trembled slightly.

His heart burned uncontrollably before it cooled down after realizing that Chu Yin didn’t know to whom her gift would go.

Lu Zhen threw his phone under the table and leaned back in his chair.

What a rubbish answer.

The noise around the Christmas tree finally died down after everyone received their own presents. A few gifts that no one chose were distributed to security personnel.

Everyone looked at each other’s gifts. Some students who knew the appearance of their secret love’s gift skillfully picked them out. At this moment, the students started to discuss.

Amidst the joyful season, Song Zhaolin was the only one who wasn’t happy.

He couldn’t find his Sister Yin’s gift.

He looked around him and saw that Zhao Yuxiong got his favorite figurine, while Jiang Yan got a cute doll. Meanwhile, the gift he got was a car model from a male classmate of Class 3! Not romantic at all!!

Fortunately, after seeing the gift that Sister Yin got, Song Zhaolin felt that he was not the worst.

“Poof, who will send a Buddha statue? Hahahaha”

Chu Yin blankly thought–probably a psycho.

Song Zhaolin only glanced at it and didn’t see that it was pure gold. He only thought it was strange and exotic.

“Sister Yin, have you seen the name? Who sent it? Haha!”

Chu Yin was aloof, “Maybe an abnormal donor.”

Song Zhaolin felt more comfortable and strolled to see what his brothers had drawn. Did they have a wonderful fate?

After entering the international class, he saw Lu Zhenz holding his arms in a contemplative look.

“Brother Zhen, you can ask Lin Zi. He might know the meaning.” Tan Ke said.

Lu Zhen had no hope for Song Zhaolin, but it was better than nothing. He still asked, “What does it mean to send three keys?”

Song Zhaolin said “Ahh” and then laughed. “Three keys for ten yuan!

1 I saw a Chinese article about this. It also means: Are you worthy? You don’t deserve this!

Tan Ke’s face was unpleasant.

Lu Zhen: “…”


It doesn’t matter.

Anyway, whatever it means, the keys were his.

Chu Yin gave it to him.

Song Zhaolin and Tan Ke fought with words for a while before Song Zhaolin fell on Lu Zhen’s front desk, crying exaggeratedly. “Uhuhu…why didn’t I get my deskmate’s little cookies…ahhh-”

Tan Ke laughed: “How can you have a chance? Many students want her gift too.”

Lu Zhen’s eyebrows suddenly raised.

“What did you say her gift was?”

Song Zhaolin: “Little cookies.”

It was Chu Yin’s present that he took away. Yes, there was her name in it. Lu Zhen originally thought she would send her own cookies, but after opening, there were several keys.


Was Song Zhaolin wrong? If Chu Yin indeed planned to gift some cookies, what happened to the gift?

But how could her gift be replaced? Lu Zhen searched in the gift pile for a long time before seeing Chu Yin’s inconspicuous little box. Who would deliberately find it from hundreds of boxes and change the item inside?

Except for the possibility of sudden change.

But that’s ridiculous.

Lu Zhen’s face remained silent, and a faint suspicion floated in his heart.

Song Zhaolin cried and hawed, “I don’t know which bastard took it away. I envy that he can eat it…”

The bastard himself was silent.

After a long time, Lu Zhen sighed.

He didn’t get it either.

Song Zhaolin also sighed in sadness.

Two men who didn’t get Chu Yin’s cookies.



In the evening, at the end of Christmas, the Huiwen students who had been excited for a whole day finally remembered something.

There was a post in the forum:

[So who has taken away the gifts of those “key targets”?? ]

School’s apollo, Lu Zhen.  School flower…Forget it, it’s not the school flower. The quasi school’s flower, Chu Yin.  The former school’s apollo Gu Qiuze. And the other star juniors and seniors.

After a while, students began to post, claiming the gift they got.

Anonymous 10: Gu Qiuze’s is here with me ~ senior is so gentle, and he also included a card ~ Wuwu, I’m in love~

Anonymous 11: Ah, ah, ah, I admire it!!!

Anonymous 12: What luck is this!


Anonymous 23: the one I picked is from Chu Shi. The gift is very practical. Hahaha

Anonymous 24: I’m so jealous!!

Anonymous 25: What did I do wrong to not receive their gifts!!

The next posts were about claiming Chen Yanfei’s and Fu Yungting’s gifts. Who didn’t want to get a gift from good-looking people? It would be a wonderful fate to be acquainted with them.

The forum thread reached the 100th post. The gifts of the key-targets were claimed, but the gifts of the two popular people hadn’t been announced yet.

Anonymous 157: So who picked Brother Zhen’s gift? Do you want to keep it a secret?

Anonymous 158: Last year, the person who got Brother Zhen’s gift immediately announced it to spread his luck. No one would ever hide it.

Anonymous 160: What if the security personnel picked it??

Anonymous 161: Ah, no!! Then I will cry right now!

The whole forum  was in silence, and soon someone asked, “Well, did someone get Chu Yin’s?”

Anonymous 180: I also want the beautiful sister’s gift!

Anonymous 182: @180, Stand up against your enemies. 2 If 180 wants Chu Yin’s gift, this person must defeat many students who also want Chu Yin’s gift

Anonymous 183: [Holding a kitchen knife]

After the night ended with no one claiming they got Lu Zhen and Chu Yin’s gift, the whole school unanimously determined that these two gifts, which were sought after by many people, fell in the hands of the security personnel.

This was one of the most unfortunate events of the year.

After Christmas, the exciting activities in the school finally ended. The students then began to prepare for the final exam.

From the excitement of the sport’s event to the Christmas event, Class 5 realized that there was a figure in the class that never changed.

They watched all the games and participated in a variety of sports. However, Chu Yin only watched a basketball match and participated only in a billiard game.

The most frightening was that most of them only won third place while some didn’t win any prize at all. But Chu Yin, who only participated once, won a champion prize.

In addition, Chu Yin didn’t pay any attention to these dazzling activities. The mathematics teacher even praised her two days ago, saying that Chu Yin was more mature and calmer than the rest. At that time, the students were busy with these fun activities that they didn’t listen to the teachers. Thinking back now, she really didn’t stop studying even for a day.

Because of this, many students felt a sense of crisis.

–She is the first rank in the grade!!

If the first-rank student studied so hard every day, what qualifications did they have to relax!

Teacher Wang was satisfied as she looked at the slowly recovering learning atmosphere in the class. If it was not for Chu Yin’s late admittance to the school, she would have appointed her as a class monitor. This child had stability and patience beyond the kids  her age.

After class, Teacher Wang mentioned Chu Yin with her eyes and asked her to come to the office.

“How are you doing recently? Are you tired of learning so much?”

Chu Yin was a good student in front of the teacher. She smiled and shook her head: “Not tired.”

“Because you transferred here and don’t know about the situation, I will tell you” Teacher Wang patted her arm, “Our school has places to participate in the mathematics provincial competitions every year. This is called ‘The Hope Cup’ competition. It’s the most suitable mathematics contest for liberal arts students. Are you interested?”

Two days ago, Chu Yin was considering taking part in a higher-level competition. Naturally, she did not hesitate: “I am interested, teacher.”

Teacher Wang was very satisfied. She knew that Chu Yin was ambitious!

“Then at the end of this semester, please prepare well. Our school is like this. The top three in mathematics at the end of the semester exam can be recommended to participate in the Winter Camp of Hope Cup. You receive training and assessment in the winter camp. After selection, you can participate in the final competition.”

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