I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 29 part 1

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 29 – Damaging with criticisms (1)

Chu Shi walked out from behind his parents with a solemn expression.

“Last time at the school dance, Qiuqiu danced like this too,” Chu Shi said, “I thought she was too excited, but now it seems…”

Was it recurring? Was it some kind of neurological disease?

Father Chu and Mother Chu were shocked. How could there be a problem after raising her for ten years?

Father Chu wanted to be more practical. He originally thought that Qiuqiu had a good personality and was more reliable with social gatherings. Now if there was a problem with her…

Chu Qiuqiu didn’t expect to be seen by their parents. She quickly explained: “No, I’m just playing with my sister!”

Several people looked at Chu Yin.

Chu Yin shook her head innocently: “No, I’m not playing with you.”

Chu Qiuqiu gritted her teeth. The problem was clearly Chu Yin! As a result, her parents and brother thought she was mentally ill.

Father Chu: “There was originally a banquet in a few days. If Qiuqiu has problems…”

Of course, his main priority would be the social gathering. If Chu Qiuqiu had this kind of problem, taking her out would certainly damage the face of the Chu family.

“No, I don’t!” Chu Qiuqiu hurriedly said, “I was just exercising! It’s good for the body to practice this kind of dance!”

Father Chu hesitated, “Is that so?”

Chu Qiuqiu quickly nodded while moving her lips to show that she was perfectly normal.

After finally fooling her parents, Chu Qiuqiu turned her head to see that Chu Yin had already left.

She fell down on the sofa and couldn’t help thinking: Is it really not related to Chu Yin?

Was it because she was under too much pressure and something went wrong in her brain? Chu Qiuqiu shivered at the thought.

As the Huiwen’s final exam came nearer, the pressure in the school intensified.

The ‘Hope Cup’ slots were given to the top three students in the final math exam, which was an old tradition of Huiwen. Class 5 was an elite class. The best students stood at the top of the pyramid. 

Students were willing to participate in this kind of competition if there was a chance. Even if they couldn’t participate in winter camps or training sessions, their level would surely improve a lot.

However, this year, it would be more difficult to be included in the slots because of Chu Yin. Everyone unanimously agreed that she would get a slot.

Fu Mingxuan’s math skill was also good. She also got 140 in the last midterm. If Chu Yin didn’t get a perfect score in math, then she wouldn’t have this kind of sense of crisis.

She also wanted to participate in the Hope Cup and had seriously been studying these days. She started learning from Chu Yin’s behavior and often went to the teacher to ask questions during break time.

Near the end of the term, there were many papers distributed to them by the teachers. Song Zhaolin neatly folded them in half, sorted them, and placed them in front of him. He didn’t want to write even a single paper.

In order to improve his grades, he forced himself to write something on each paper.

——So he wrote his name in all the papers.

After putting down his pen, Song Zhaolin no longer knew what to write after his name. 

Turning his head to look at Chu Yin, he saw she already finished her math papers.

“Sister Yin, are you not bored with writing this many papers?” Song Zhaolin asked while she was changing papers.

Although he was close with Chu Yin and could make jokes with her, Song Zhaolin still dared not to disturb Chu Yin while she was studying. Also, Chu Yin had a cold 1 the chinese word used here is 六亲不认. It’s describing a person who doesn’t care about familial relationships or someone who isn’t affectionate to anyone. The author is describing Chu Yin as the latter posture, making others not dare to disturb her.

Chu Yin picked up the paper and said, “No. It’s so interesting.”

Song Zhaolin shrunk his head back. He felt he didn’t deserve listening to this good student’s speech.

After class was over, Jiang Yan came over with the paper and wanted to sit next to Chu Yin, but Song Zhaolin refused.

Jiang Yan had no choice but to sit in front of Chu Yin. “Yin, what should I do after this question?”

Chu Yin changed a pencil and took the paper, “Let me see.”

Although Song Zhaolin couldn’t understand, he also glanced at it with his head to show his enthusiasm for learning. After not understanding anything, he suddenly felt his head becoming grimmer.

When he looked back, he found that they were surrounded by several people.

Zhao Yuxiong touched his head: “Chu Yin, I want to listen too, okay?”

Next to Zhao Yuxiong was another boy, and there were two girls standing next to Jiang Yan, both of which came to listen to Chu Yin’s topic.

To speak to one person was also to speak to a group of people.

“The second question is about three situations. When L1 and x-axis coincide, when L1 and x-axis are vertical, when L1 and x-axis are neither coincident nor vertical…”

Chu Yin spoke clearly in a low and soft voice. After teaching one method, she would give a second solution to solve the problem.

Although they knew that Chu Yin was better than them, it was the first time they realized the difference in their gap. Jiang Yan asked the most difficult question on paper today and most students couldn’t catch up.

What’s wrong with them?

Why did their face suddenly turn red as if they’re drunk??

Song Zhaolin suddenly realized that his Sister Yin’s charm was radiating.

Li Jin, who was next to Zhao Yuxiong, said, “It’s been months since school started. I think we should change the seating arrangements.”

Jiang Yan immediately agreed and nodded: “I think so, too.”

She wanted to sit with Yin Yin!

Several people around agreed: “Linzi, you are delaying people’s studies if you sit next to them.”

This made Song Zhaolin angry. His eyes widened as he shouted: “Shit! I can make Sister Yin’s mood happy because I’m a charming person!”

Chu Yin couldn’t help laughing.

Song Zhaolin immediately said, “See?”


Zhao Yuxiong blushed and looked at Chu Yin. She was too beautiful when she laughed. When he looked closer, he could see dimples on her white and tender skin.

He sourly said to Song Zhaolin, “Lin Zi, you’re wasting resources. 2 By this, it meant it’s useless for Song Zhaolin to sit next to Chu Yin since he doesn’t even study. . How about you let Jiang Yan and Chu Yin sit together? If you do, our class might get both the first and second place in exam rankings.”

Jiang Yan agreed and nodded wildly.

Song Zhaolin simply stretched out his head and pointed to his small brain, “I don’t care! I also need to improve!”

Several people wanted to say something but at this time the class bell rang. They could only reluctantly return to their respective seats.

However, since it was the first time they talked to Chu Yin, they already felt satisfied.

Song Zhaolin successfully defended his position as Chu Yin’s deskmate. He greasily winked at her: “Sister Yin, you won’t abandon me, right?”

Chu Yin had already taken out the next set of questions.  She patted him on the shoulder: “Come on, Lin Lin, believe me or not, only achievements will not abandon you.”

Song Zhaolin vomited blood: Damn! So ruthless!

But he loves it!!!

In the evening, when Chu Yin came home, she found that there were guests at home.

Gu Qiuze greeted her with a smile: “Hello.”

Chu Yin replied politely.

“Your brother boasted about the cookies you made several days ago,” Gu Qiuze looked at her and blinked, “so I cheekily came here today. Can I eat them?”

Chu Shi coughed twice, but he didn’t say anything.

Because he wanted to eat it again!

Chu Yin glanced at Gu Qiuze and thought his wink was different from others.

Song Zhaolin’s wink sent out a signal of ‘come and beat me.”, but Gu Qiuze’s wink clearly gave off seductive hormones.

She nodded: “Yes, it just so happens that there are leftovers of the ingredients bought last time.”

Gu Qiuze looked at her with a smile: “I’ll trouble you.”

Chu Shi’s wish was achieved. He was quietly happy.

Chu Yin went upstairs to put her schoolbag first before going down to the kitchen. Gu Qiuze came forward and asked, “Is there anything I can do to help?”

Chu Yin shook her hands, “No need. It’s very simple.”

She combed her hair into a ponytail calmly. She had a sassy temperament when she raised her hand. Gu Qiuze touched his nose and stepped back.

He looked at Chu Shi and said, “Since I mentioned it, I should eat more of the cookies, right?”

Chu Shi stared at him. “You think you’re handsome!”

Gu Qiuze raised his eyebrows. “I’ll talk to your sister later.”

Chu Shi looked at him and thought to himself: Since he will become his brother-in-law, it wouldn’t be too much right?

But on second thought, Xiao Yin seemed to have no interest in Gu Qiuze. As her brother, he was deeply worried about this.

He didn’t know what kind of boys Xiao Yin liked. However, as long as it’s not Lu Zhen, he was fine with whomever his sister would like.

The cookies finished baking in just an hour. When Chu Yin called, both Gu Qiuze and Chu Shi rushed into the kitchen. The sweet smell of warmth filled the whole surrounding. Gu Qiuze kept on praising Chu Yin’s cookies while eating. Chu Shi also did the same.

Chu Yin felt full after eating a few pieces. The two boys seemed to be fighting for pieces of cookies more.

She planned to bring some cookies for Jiang Yan and Song Zhaolin. Since Song Zhaolin wasn’t able to eat it last time, she should give him a bite since he’s a charming person. 

The next day, Chu Yin went to school with the cookies she made from last night.

When Jiang Yan came into the classroom with her school bag on her back, Chu Yin called her secretly.

Jiang Yan pinched the school bag’s belt: “What’s the matter?”

Chu Yin gave her a small packet of cookies: “Snacks.”

When Jiang Yan smelled a sweet aroma, her eyes opened wide: “Did you make it?”

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