I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 29 part 2

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 29 – Damaging with criticisms (2)

Chu Yin raised her beautiful eyebrows.

Jiang Yan couldn’t help hugging her: “God, Yin Yin, it’s very kind of you. I’ll finish everything!”

Seeing that she was so easy to satisfy, Chu Yin was in a good mood. She patted her head: “If you like, I’ll bake something else for you next time.”

Jiang Yan simply felt spoiled and happily went back to her seat.

When it was time for class, Song Zhaolin hurried into the classroom.

“I was scolded by my brother in the morning. I was ordered to take the bus. Fortunately, I met Brother Zhen on the way, otherwise I couldn’t come today!”

Chu Yin snorted. These rich children…they prefer dying than taking a bus. Chu Yin lived in a small town for more than ten years of her life. Buses were not bad.

Song Zhaolin arranged his disheveled hair in front of his mobile phone’s screen. Suddenly, a paper with a faint sweet smell was placed on the table.

Chu Yin said, “It’s for you.”

Song Zhaolin was excited: “Okay. It’s that–“

Chu Yin nodded: “Yes.”

Song Zhaolin tremblingly raised the paper bag. This has! Cookies!!

After she gave it to him, she lowered her head again and wrote two strokes. She suddenly realized something and turned to look at him: “You.”

Song Zhaolin was opening the paper bag when he looked up and said, “Ah?”

“Eat secretly,” Chu Yin said, staring at him. “Don’t make it public for everyone to see.”

Lest someone will see it.

Song Zhaolin was even more moved–is this exclusive their secret!

He is the most special person in Chu Yin’s heart!!

Song Zhaolin was happy all morning because of the cookies. He ate the last piece of cookie and walked out of the classroom to play in the International Class. He remembered Sister Yin’s unspoken warning, and although he was reluctant, he still obeyed it.

Turning around, he ran into Lu Zhen head on.

“B-brother Zhen?”

Lu Zhen stared at the cookie crumbs at the corner of Song Zhaolin’s mouth.

“Who gave it?”

Chu Yin looked at the young man (LZ) in front of her and tried to make her thoughts and emotions empty.

According to a certain law, what you don’t want to happen will happen.

In the corridor, Lu Zhen stood in front of her, blocking the light behind him. He bowed his head slightly and said in a low voice, “I want it, too.”

Song Zhaolin received the cookies, why not me?

His voice inexplicably overlapped with her memories a long time ago. In the previous lifetime, Chu Yin remembered that Lu Zhen would occasionally do the same thing when he was young. At that time, she just came from the countryside and thought it was absurd. He was obviously a young master from a wealthy family. How could he use such a humble tone?

Chu Yin only glanced at him, not saying a word.

Lu Zhen clearly saw the word ‘why’ in her beautiful peach blossom eyes.

Why? How should I say it?

Should I say I’ve waited outside your house for a long time on Christmas Eve?

Should I say I placed the apple on your desk on Christmas?

Should I say I was looking forward to your cookies that day? I like the keys though.

Then Lu Zhen found that he couldn’t even say it.

These actions that he couldn’t control would probably scare her away.

Lu Zhen took a breath, then said with a smile: “Aren’t we friends.”

Chu Yin was startled.

No, this is a big misunderstanding, ah?

Who are your friends? We have a blood feud, okay??

Lu Zhen saw the obvious rejection in her eyes and smiled angrily. For the first time in his life, the young master was even rejected as a friend.

He’s helpless.

He had no choice but to say, “Wasn’t the gift supposed to be cookies–if you hadn’t changed it.”

The word change was very subtle. Chu Yin’s ears moved sensitively, and she was a little alert. After all, the dog man was not Chu Qiuqiu, and he was not so easy to fool.

She thought about it and asked, “Why do you want to be friends with me?”

She was completely different from her 17-year-old bright and cheery self in her last life. What kind of bookworm friend does Lu Zhen want? Does he like teasing nerds?

Chu Yin observed his expression and thought that if he had any wrong thoughts, she would kill him tonight.

Lu Zhen’s hand slightly tightened. The corner of his lips curled up, “Because you are a…very amazing person.”

Chu Yin: ? It’s the first time she heard that.

Lu Zhen’s eyes lowered as he looked at her face. His heart was slightly hot. “Since you appeared, a lot of wonderful things have happened.”

Wonderful but uncontrollable chemical reactions.

Some sour and hot heart beats, fuzzy, but gradually aggravating emotions.


Since she appeared.

But these beautiful words were interpreted differently in Chu Yin’s ears.

Wonderful thing?

Is he talking about the knife falling from the sky? Driving at a speed of 180, and the basketball explosion? These wonderful things??

When she thought of her artistic creation, Chu Yin felt guilty. What did Lu Zhen find?? No, she had to hold the dog man first!

So Chu Yin nodded: “Okay, I’ll give it to you. You wait here.”

Lu Zhen’s eyebrows raised. He didn’t expect this reaction from her. When Chu Yin turned and left, he obediently stood in his place, waiting for her to come back.

Chu Yin returned to the classroom, took out the last small bag of biscuits from her bag and gave them to Lu Zhen.

Lu Zhen looked slightly surprised, paused, and carefully took the paper bag in her hand.

Chu Yin said solemnly, “I’m not wonderful at all. You think too much. I just like to study, and I don’t care about anything else.”

What wonderful things? They have nothing to do with me.

Lu Zhen pinched the corner of the paper bag, smiling slightly, “I know.”

“Goodbye, then. I’m going to study.”

Lu Zhen looked at her and said softly, “Okay.”

The girl’s back was slender. Even if she was wrapped in a big school uniform, it’s hard to look away.

Lu Zhen watched her leave as he laughed softly.

At the age of 17, he couldn’t believe he actually blocked her to shamelessly ask for cookies.

He’ll probably remember it for the rest of his life.


When Chu Yin returned to the classroom, she held her arm and thought for a long time.

“Wonderful things” 

Is that something that the dog man cares about? He normally wouldn’t figure it out. But what if there was something she didn’t know?

“Chicken,” Chu Yin knocked on the system, “is your safety factor high?”

Although she doesn’t want to be liked by Lu Zhen, it’s hard for her to become his enemy in case there would be incidents.

Xueji: “Very high~”

Chu Yin also felt that with her average human thinking, she also wouldn’t be able to guess her golden finger.

After pondering for a while, Chu Yin felt that she had to make extra precautions.

Let the dog man realize that these “wonderful things” were irregular and had nothing to do with anyone.

After all, she could operate it remotely √

An alibi that was sufficient enough–confuse Lu Zhen and let him fall into self-doubt!

So Chu Yin began to flip through the script, looking for the right plot.

Chu Yin finished two system tasks before she found a suitable plot that would happen after school.

This script involved both Lu Zhen and Song Zhaolin

 【Song Zhaolin was cut off by his eldest brother, so he had to continue to ride Lu Zhen’s car. He sent a message to Lu Zhen and waited for him outside the school building. After a while, he saw Lu Zhen opened the glass door.】

【When the door opened, Song Zhaolin smileed at Lu Zhen: “Let’s go, Brother Zhen!” 】

Chu Yin thought for a moment.

There’s a good audience at the school gate.

She moved the light pen and crossed out the word “opened” and changed it to “broke”.

Go all out, weird man!


After school.

Song Zhaolin said dejectedly, “My brother really wants to kill me.”

Chu Yin said quietly, “What’s the matter?”

“He won’t send me a driver,” Song Zhaolin said wrongly. “He wants me to walk back.”

Chu Yin: “You want to walk back?”

Song Zhaolin: “No, hee hee. I’m riding Brother Zhen’s car ~”

Chu Yin had a gentle smile: “Oh, go quickly, Lin Lin.”

Song Zhaolin sent a wechat to Lu Zhen, and then went out of the school building. After a while, he saw Lu Zhen’s figure.

Many people saw Lu Zhen and couldn’t help slowing down, wanting to walk with him for a while.

Lu Zhen lowered his eyes, went to the glass door, and opened it.


All of a sudden, there was a loud bang.

The door was broken.

“Ah, ah…What’s the matter?” There were sudden screams all around——

Lu Zhen’s hand was still up in the air.

And the shattered glass in front him.

Song Zhaolin stupidly looked at Lu Zhen.

After the last time he exploded the basketball, he broke another door.

In the building, Lu Zhen slowly retracted his hand and looked at his palm.

There was a trace of hesitation.

Which was rare for him…

Is it really my power?

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