I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 3

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 3 – Slap you in the face

“Fuck! A bomb!” 

“Help! Ah!!”

Class 5 was in chaos. Some students got under the table. 

Fu Mingxuan was holding the bomb as she cried. 

When Chu Yin reached the corner outside the classroom, she heard Fu Mingxuan bursting into tears: “It’s not me! I, I made you chocolate! How did this happen!” 

Song Zhaolin, who had just walked over, was also shocked. “Fuck, this, this a…bomb?!” 

Lu Zhen frowned and looked at it carefully: “Fake.” 

Sure enough, after the fuse of the bomb burned, there was a sound of a ‘click’, like it was a prank. Fu Mingxuan almost collapsed to the ground. 

Song Zhaolin’s face was dull. The knife in the morning was also fake, but they were all made very realistic, enough to not be considered a bluff at first glance. 

Because he was Lu Zhen, if something happened to him in school, the school principal had to make amends to the Lu family, and it was dangerous to provoke Lu Zhen—who was the person who dared to provoke him repeatedly? 

Lu Zhen’s eyes also dimmed, but this time, he didn’t delve into this issue.

He turned his gaze slightly, looked behind Song Zhaolin, and suddenly asked, “Who’s sitting next to you?” 

“Ah, yes–” Song Zhaolin thought of his beautiful table mate, and subconsciously wanted to rainbow fart1吹彩虹屁 chinese internet slang for fangirling.. But suddenly remembered what his table mate said to him, so he held back: “—my new classmate.” 

Looking behind him, he saw that the seat was empty. 

Song Zhaolin touched his head: Where is his deskmate? ? She was just there!

Chu Yin climbed to the school building’s rooftop.

The male lead was almost killed twice in a row on the first day of school, so he went home early. 

Chu Yin was lying on the edge of the roof, boredly watching Song Zhaolin sending Lu Zhen to his Bentley.

At this year, Lu Zhen still didn’t have the violent and terrifying aura he later had. The boy was tall and lean, with clean black hair pressed against his neck, his complexion was cold and pale, and his eyes looked cool and modest.

At first glance, it was unpredictable that he would grow into such a crazy paranoid freak in the future. 

Chu Yin poked the system: “Chicken, can I just change my school in the script?”

The male lead’s halo was really terrifying. It’s unsure when this dog man would suddenly appear, and she couldn’t really kill him. 

Xueji: “I’m not a chicken!! And no, [Transferred to Huiwen Private Middle School] is written on the cover page, which is a non-modified part~”

Chu Yin: “…Okay.” She would think of other ways later. 

She couldn’t take off this mask yet. In fact, the love at first sight isn’t exactly what it is. As long as Lu Zhen couldn’t see her, he wouldn’t have any of those thoughts. 

In addition, she needed to study harder, not only to strangle Lu Zhen in the script, but also for her bright and beautiful future. 

Chu Yin pulled up the mask and turned to leave the rooftop. 

In the distance, before getting on the car, Lu Zhen suddenly turned halfway and glanced at the rooftop.

There was no one there. 

“What’s wrong, Brother Zhen?” 


Chu Yin returned to the classroom and found that there was no one in the classroom. She took out her mobile phone and checked the class schedule, only to know that this math class was a public class and she needed to go to the lecture hall. 

There were a total of four classes including the international class. Fortunately, Lu Zhen went home, otherwise she would have to ask for leave and skip class. 

Grabbing the textbook, workbook and pencil case, Chu Yin found the lecture hall. The classroom was already half full, and Chu Yin quietly found a place in the back row to sit down, preparing to do her own task quietly.

As the melodious class bell rang, the back door of the classroom was suddenly pushed open, and Chu Qiuqiu, who was fashionably late, stepped inside. She wore a carefully selected autumn skirt, and her delicate face looked even prettier with her make-up. All the eyes of students cast a glance at her for a while. 

One girl in international class, who took the best seat in front row, greeted her: “Qiuqiu sit here~” 

Chu Qiuqiu smiled softly in the eyes of everyone and shook her head. She glanced around and saw a covered Chu Yin in the corner. Chu Yin laughed softer. She knew that Chu Yin from the countryside would probably hide in a corner and dared not speak out in front of these many people.

Chu Qiuqiu walked straight over, put her book next to Chu Yin, and said briskly, “Why won’t my sister sit in front? I’ll sit with you. If there’s something you don’t understand in class, just ask me~”

Chu Yin glanced at her noncommittally.

“Wow, Chu Qiuqiu is a kindhearted person!”

“That’s the daughter the Chu family picked up from the village? She is so low.”

“Sure enough, Chu Qiuqiu is truly the daughter of the Chu family.”

While Chu Qiuqiu listened to these whispers and bathed in the sight of everyone, a strong sense of superiority surged into her heart. As she raised her hand to gracefully curl her hair, she thought to herself, Chu Yin must be on pins and needles in other people’s eyes now.

But in fact, Chu Yin had long been accustomed to other people’s attention.

In her last life, she became a school flower after she transferred to Huiwen. At that time, she received much more ardent eyes than now. Later, she was entangled by Lu Zhen and her every move was watched at school. Re-living this time again, Chu Yin was stronger and calmer than before. Now, even if people stared at her, she could read and study calmly.

At this moment, Chu Yin was talking to Xueji in her head.

“So I can only get permission to change the script twice a day?” Chu Yin’s tone was disappointed after learning about this rule.

“Yes, at the moment~ The host’s authority to change has been exhausted! But the host can’t relax because of this. It takes a long time to complete higher-level learning tasks~”

Of course, Chu Yin understood this truth. According to the current system model, tasks such as exam rankings would probably be released later. Although her education was already at the university level, she still had to review her knowledge in high school. Although Huiwen’s ranking was not as good as that of the No. 1 middle school in the country, there were also some good students. If she wants to be first in the exam, she must work hard.

Thinking of this, Chu Yin took out the exercises without any distractions.

On the other side of the classroom, Fu Mingxuan sat glumly in her seat and didn’t want to listen. She made a fool of herself in front of Lu Zhen today. It was like the sky fell. If she catches the person who hurt her, she must humiliate her/him.

Several classmates were worried and didn’t know how to comfort her. Suddenly they saw Chu Yin in the back row and sneered : “Yuxuan, look, that country bumpkin in our class is studying hard!”

Fu Mingxuan glanced and mocked. “I think she’s been pretending to be a good student since this morning.”


When the class teacher introduced her, she said that she might not be able to keep up, and asked the classmates to help her.

A girl suddenly remembered something: “Hey, later, teacher Zhao will definitely ask someone to do the questions. Do you think she will cry if she’s called?”

Several people laughed at the idea that Chu Yin would be embarrassed to be exposed as a fake scholar. With this, Fu Mingxuan’s expression also improved significantly

Chu Yin finished the rest of exercises except for the last question. She corrected two small mistakes according to the correct answer, and then turned back to the last question. She had already done it, but accumulating experience in wrong questions is a very effective way of learning.

Chu Qiuqiu, on one side, glanced at her, and almost laughed when she saw her doing the last question.

She was afraid that this sister she brought back was too good, so she asked about her grades and learned that Chu Yin couldn’t pass a hundred in that trash town middle school. She estimated that she couldn’t even compare to class 7.

Chu Qiuqiu laughed in her heart: Mediocre students will always be mediocre students. She had no awareness of the difficulty of this school.

In the last few minutes left in this class, the math teacher really reached the last question. “Let’s take a look at the last parametric equation! Does anyone want to try it out?” 

No one answered since this question was extremely difficult. No one wanted to make a fool of themselves in front of the many students.

The math teacher waited for a while: “If not, I will call someone.”

Among these classes, the International Class and Class 5 were all considered top-notch students, and the math teacher was quite confident in them.

Fu Mingxuan and a few members of Class 5 were praying it would be Chu Yin. At this moment, a voice sounded: “Teacher, I would like to try!”

Chu Qiuqiu smiled and raised her hand. The math teacher knew this student, who placed in the top ten of the whole grade, and immediately waved happily: “Come, do it on the blackboard.”

Fu Mingxuan was very upset. She knew that Chu Qiuqiu would not miss this opportunity to stand out in public!

It was a pity that Chu Qiuqiu failed to make the limelight. She answered the first question smoothly, but got stuck at the second question. Chu Yin just finished analyzing the wrong question. When she glanced up, she found that Chu Qiuqiu was stuck several steps earlier than her.

Fu Mingxuan felt proud and anxious at the same time. She was proud because Chu Qiuqiu couldn’t do it, and anxious because she couldn’t think of a solution to the math problem, otherwise she could suppress Chu Qiuqiu.

The math teacher said cheerfully: “Can’t answer it? I’ll call another one.”

His gaze swept along the list: “——Classmate Chu Yin! Come and try.” 

In that moment, the entire students in the classroom looked behind.

Fu Mingxuan and her friends were laughing crazy: “Fuck, teacher Zhao hit the spot ! He won the prize directly!” 

Chu Yin was suddenly called, and subconsciously glanced to the right. 

The one sitting on the right happened to be her class 5 classmate. The student immediately turned his head to the side and pretended not to see.


“Did you see it hahaha! She panicked, she panicked!”

Chu Yin was speechless for a moment. In fact, she wanted to ask if it was necessary to go to the board to answer the question?

After all, she didn’t need to check the answer in her notes, the answer was already in her mind.

Standing on the podium, Chu Qiuqiu naturally saw Chu Yin’s reaction. Her embarrassment of not being able to solve the problem was immediately relieved, and she gently said, “Teacher, my sister, she won’t…”

Chu Yin was too lazy to listen to her. She simply sat down and answered directly:

“Verify the common points of l1, l2 and circle C1 respectively, and we can get k=4/3. The equation to be solved is y=4/3|x|+2.”

Chu Qiuqiu was stunned, and Fu Mingxuan also hesitated.

“Don’t tell me she fabricated this…”

“Maybe she made it all up.”

In the next second, the math teacher said with satisfaction: “Yes! The answer is correct!”



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