I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 30 part 1

Translated by: Tinker

Proofread by: Mary

Chapter 30 – My eyes! (1)

The next day, when Chu Yin was at school, she met Jiang Yan.

After they talked about yesterday’s papers, Jiang Yan whispered to Chu Yin: “Have you heard about it, Yin Yin?”

Chu Yin asked, “What?”

“I heard that…” Jiang Yan said quietly, half-covering her mouth with her hand, “Our school’s Apollo broke a door with one hand yesterday!”

Chu Yin blinked: “I haven’t heard of it.”

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“Hey, I know you don’t watch forums but a lot of people were talking about this yesterday. Song Zhaolin was on the scene at the time. He said that Lu Zhen just pushed the door gently, and it crashed–“

Chu Yin shook her head and clapped: “Wow! Such innate power! So manly.”

Jiang Yan: Hmm? Why does this seem familiar?

However, her mind was relatively simple. She didn’t think much about Chu Yin’s attitude towards Lu Zhen but said: “The school attached great importance to it. Last night, they changed and fixed the door.”

Chu Yin continued to shake her head and discredited Lu Zhen without guilt: “It’s useless. This kind of door can’t stand his fist.”

Jiang Yan was fooled by her: “Really, really?”

Chu Yin had a serious face: “It’s true. He can make a basketball explode and make the door crash. It’s better to avoid him in the future. He’s dangerous.”

Jiang Yan nodded: “I know.”

As they were talking, they saw Lu Zhen’s car had stopped at the school gate from a distance. When Lu Zhen got out of the car, Jiang Yan subconsciously hid behind Chu Yin.

Chu Yin gently patted her arm, and then whispered, “Let’s go.”

Jiang Yan: “Okay!”

As soon as Lu Zhen completely got out of the car, Chu Yin had already left. 

Then, he realized that the eyes of the surrounding students seemed to have a trace of…

Inexplicable awe.

Lu Zhen: “…”
It’s not me.

That door.

I didn’t break it.

Lu Zhen took a breath, then walked calmly to school.

Song Zhaolin saw him from behind and caught up with him: “Good morning, Brother Zhen!”

Lu Zhen: “Good morning.”

As soon as Song Zhaolin met him, he immediately started to babble his mouth: “Damn, you don’t know what happened. Many people were gossiping about it yesterday. They didn’t dare say it using your name. Everyone communicated vaguely.”

Lu Zhen raised his hand and pinched his eyebrows. “It’s a bit strange.”

But the time and location of this incident, the crowd present, and his actions were completely different. This made it harder for him to find clues.

Song Zhaolin nodded, but he didn’t get his meaning at all: “It’s okay. Brother Zhen, how powerful your ability is, I want it!”

“…” Lu Zhen was silent for a moment, “I had a physical examination yesterday. There was no abnormality.”

Song Zhaolin looked silly and sweet: “But many of the girls now feel secure if you’re here~”

Lu Zhen: “…”

Forget it.

The learning aura was completely revived.

Among all kinds of rumors, the final exam was approaching day by day. After this week ended, there would be a three day holiday during new year’s day before the final exam would commence.

Although the students were facing the upcoming final exam this semester, they were still excited about the upcoming holiday.

“Don’t be complacent. You should also study at home.” Teacher Wang exclaimed, standing on the podium. “The papers that are distributed to you should be done daily. Remember to be diligent. I don’t need to tell you the importance of the final math exam, right?”

“We know, teacher.” Everyone replied, dragging their voices.

Song Zhaolin counted the papers, on the verge of crying, “Two sets a day?? What kind of devil’s workload is this! I’m only a sophomore in high school. I’m still a baby!”

“Yes, so you write two sets a day,” Chu Yin said calmly. “Adults like your dad write four sets a day.”

Song Zhaolin was speechless for a while. He didn’t know if she wanted to talk about her father or talk about being herself being an adult. 1 Chu Yin is doing more sets a day. Song Zhaolin was confused about whether she was pointing to herself as an adult or if she was just talking about his father as an adult.

You are only seventeen, Sister Yin. You are still underage!

Chu Yin’s eyebrows were raised. She almost forgot.

She was still a 17-year-old girl, but the soul inside her was already in her twenties. After staying in school for a long time, she felt that her state of mind had become much younger, and she was very happy to get along with these high school students.

In the International Class, the math teacher was talking about the same thing.

Although many of you will choose to go abroad in the future, participating in more domestic competitions and winning awards will also help your application.” The old teacher’s gaze swept across the class with expectation.

Hope Cup is a very important math competition in China. It has a high gold content. In previous years, our school only won the silver award. It was the senior whose surname is Gu in the third year of high school.

The girls in the class suddenly applauded in amazement.

Senior Gu Qiuze was really excellent. Although he was slightly inferior to Lu Zhen in appearance, he had a strong family background and was a god of learning!

Lu Zhen leaned back in his chair, seemingly disinterested.

The teacher continued: “I heard from the teacher of Class 5 that in addition to the student who got first place (Chu Yin) in their class, there are many students who are willing to participate in the competition. I know that there are many capable students among you, and I hope you, students, will think about it.


After hearing this, Tan Ke said, “Teacher, are you drawing pies? 2a buzzword on the Internet. Refers to making absurd and unrealistic promises A total of three places will be given. There are so many top students who want to go. Even if we have the heart, we can’t do it!”

After he finished speaking, he saw Lu Zhen’s thoughtful face. He didn’t know what he was thinking.

“The first place (Chu Yin) will participate?” Lu Zhen asked.

“Yes.” Tan Ke said.

“Yes, and then?”

Tan Ke didn’t expect that Lu Zhen would be interested. He scratched the back of his head: “It seems that she is going to take part in the winter camp to compete.”

Lu Zhen nodded and retracted his gaze.

It took Tan Ke a long time to respond.

No…how could Brother Zhen be interested in this kind of thing??


When new year’s day came, the weather had turned frosty cold.

After Chu Yin woke up in the morning, she nestled in the quilt for a while before getting up to wash.

During the holiday, the Chu parents were also at home. As usual, they showed great concern after knowing about the upcoming final exam.

In the middle of the last term, they were still worried whether Chu Yin could pass all subjects in Huiwen’s examination. This time, they were worried whether Chu Yin could keep the first place in the grade.

And because Chu Yin’s achievements were better, they were only focused on Chu Yin’s achievements and hardly asked Chu Qiuqiu. Chu Yin looked at Chu Qiuqiu’s unwilling face and thought that the rich parents were practical.

“Uncle Chen is worried about affecting your examination, so his visit with the Chen family son will be arranged after the examination,” Chu Father looked at his two daughters. “Uncle Chen heard that both of you have good academic performance, and he appreciates it very much. You can’t let people down in this final exam!”

Chu Qiuqiu said immediately: “I will work hard!”

Chu Yin was still speechless.

She just thought silently, this young master surnamed Chen–She had a vague impression, but she couldn’t remember anything.

But it didn’t matter. It had nothing to do with her.

After breakfast, Chu Yin went back to her room and started today’s system task.

In order to screen out the students who are suitable for the winter camp, the difficulty of the final exam would be increased. In order to adapt to the examination, Chu Yin also increased her training. In addition to the papers issued by the school, she also searched for the college entrance examination papers and the papers set by a famous school.

As soon as Chu Yin began to do the questions, she sank into the sea of questions. Until she finished the 16 choices and filled in the blanks, she raised her head and moved her shoulders and neck a little, only to find that the snow began to fall outside the window.

This was the first snow of the year.

Chu Yin leaned back in her chair and looked for a while, then stood up and pushed open the window. She reached out her hand and caught several snowflakes in her warm palm, which were soon melted by her body temperature.

If it snowed a little bit more, you could make a snowman and have a snowball fight, thought Chu Yin.

Having seen enough snow, she tightened her clothes, took her hands back, and slightly shrunk her neck.

Then she moved her eyes inadvertently and suddenly saw Lu Zhen passing by as he looked up the Chu family’s villa under the window.

Chu Yin: This is a bit too coincidental, right?

Her hand was about to secretly close the window handle, pretending nothing happened, but the man outside laughed, “I see you.”

The environment in the villa was very quiet. Although his voice was not high nor low, Chu Yin couldn’t pretend she didn’t hear anything.

“Oh, Hello.” Chu Yin said dryly, standing in the window, “haha, what a coincidence.”

Lu Zhen’s dark eyes fell on her.


He has been waiting for a long time.



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