I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 30 part 2

Translated by: Tinker

Proofread by: Mary

Chapter 30 – My eyes! (2)

He has been waiting for a long time.

“Come out?” Lu Zhen asked.

“?” Chu Yin: “I’m working on a math problem, it’s not convenient.”

Lu Zhen’s lips hooked, “How about I visit you inside?”

Chu Yin: “…”

This dog thief!!

If the parents of the Chu family knew that she and Lu Zhen knew each other, they would try their best to make her and Lu Zhen develop well. Maybe they would hope to build up the tree of the Lu family through her.

The trouble is endless.

A few minutes later, Chu Yin came out wrapped in a thick coat.

It’s rare to see her not wearing a school uniform carefully. She wrapped herself into a thick ball of coat, round and cute. 

Her expression was obviously reluctant.

Lu Zhen felt he was probably a little sick. He inexplicably wanted to laugh after looking at her. 

After she walked in front of him, she found that Lu Zhen’s hair was slightly wet and his black coat had a deeper color on his shoulder.

——Is this dog man idle??

Why do you stay outside on such a cold day?

“What’s the matter?”

Lu Zhen exhaled, looked at her, and asked, “Chu Yin, you’re good at math?”

Chu Yin was a little surprised and said, “I’m okay.”

Lu Zhen lips corner a Qiao: “Okay as in, having perfect scores?”

Chu Yin was even more surprised.


You know and yet you asked!!

Lu Zhen could see her eyes now. Although this little nerd didn’t like to speak directly and was a bit fake, her eyes were clear, revealing some flashes of emotions. As long as he looked carefully, he could see them.

Lu Zhen lowered his head. With a smile, he asked in a low voice: “So you will go to the competition?”

Chu Yin was not sure what he meant for a moment, and cautiously replied, “Well, it depends on the final grade.”

Lu Zhen nodded. Then he was also going.

On a snowy day, the young master stayed outside like a homeless person for a long time just to ask this question.

Lu Zhen felt sick himself.

But there was no trace of regret in his heart when he finally could ask her. Only when he looked at her could he feel his heart itch.

Chu Yin was so confused by him. “Is that what you want to ask? If nothing else, I’ll…”

Lu Zhen called her: “Chu Yin, stretch out your hand.”

Chu Yin: “Ah?”

Lu Zhen laughed: “I won’t harm you.”

Chu Yin refused: “No, it’s all right.”

Lu Zhen’s eyes lowered as he took a breath. He suddenly pulled her hand, opened it, then placed a cold object in her palm.

Chu Yin’s ears flushed in anger.

How dare this dog man touch her!!!

But before she had the time to pull her hand, Lu Zhen had already let go of her hand.

The young man put his hand behind his back, rubbed his fingertips, then said in a slightly muffled voice, “Since I happened to meet you, I’m giving you this gift.”

Chu Yin endured the bloody storm in her head and glanced at what he placed in her palm.

It’s an intricately carved wood fountain pen.

Thank you for the cookies,” the thin snowflakes fell lightly, and the boy’s voice was soft, “Go and study hard.”

As if afraid she would not accept it, Lu Zhen went first this time, striding fast.

Chu Yin looked down at the pen, lost in thought.

Compared with the 800,000 watch that was forcibly exchanged in her previous life, Lu Zhen, who gave his pen in this life, seemed to be much more normal.

What’s the meaning of gifting a pen? Is it that he finally recognized that she’s dedicated to learning and hopes that she can study hard?

Could it be that with her unremitting efforts, there are signs of positive change in the dog-man?

No, I still need to read more scripts and monitor his situation in real-time!

Chu Yin, with a thoughtful face, went back to the room and checked the logo of the pen.

Then she looked at the six-figure price.

Chu Yin: “…”

Dog man is still the same sick man with the same style!!


The three-day holiday was over and the final exam was coming.

The examination room was still divided according to the results. Chu Yin was assigned to the last examination room because she had no previous results, and this time, her name slip was posted on the number one of the first examination room.

Probably the student with the largest ranking span in the history of Huiwen.

Fu Mingxuan arrived early. When she walked into the first examination room, she found the name pasted on the first table next to the door. She was upset.

Her seat was the fourth in the first column, and Chu Yin passed her several places.

However, Fu Mingxuan scanned again and saw Chu Qiuqiu sitting in the seventh and last seat of the column. She felt comfortable again. As soon as she got comfortable, she got excited.

Fu Mingxuan put her schoolbag on her seat, then walked to Chu Qiuqiu’s seat with a smile on her face: “Babe~ you arrived so early.”

After years of plastic love, Chu Qiuqiu certainly knew what she was doing here, and showed a standard smile: “Okay, Xuanxuan, you’re not too late.”

Fu Mingxuan sat down on the seat in front of her and sighed, “I found that your position is better than mine. I can see the clock as soon as I look up. I have to look up at the clock while sitting there.”

Although Chu Qiuqiu was angry and felt that her blood was surging up, she held it back. She laughed and said, “It doesn’t matter. Your position will change over time anyway.  You may not sit there next time.”

Fu Mingxuan: “..”

The two people openly and secretly fought until most of the students arrived in their seats. The room was full of students of the same grade. After studying for more than a year, everyone in the room basically knew each other. 

Focusing on the difficulty of the exam and the number of slots available in the Winter Camp of the Hope Cup, the top students chatted with each other. The level of excitement was no less than that of the final exam room.

At this moment, a figure floated into the classroom.

The noise in the class stopped abruptly.



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