I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 30 part 3

Translated by: Tinker

Proofread by: Mary

Chapter 30 – My eyes! (3)

This was the only new face in the examination room. And she sat in the first position.

Fu Mingxuan and Chu Qiuqiu looked at the far back of Chu Yin, and suddenly had no courage to fight her.

Chu Yin said hello to Jiang Yan in the second row with a smile and then sat down in her seat. 

She took her pencil case from her bag and got her 2B pencil and rubber eraser that would be used in the exam. She casually took her note to review. 

Behind her was Han Chuying of Second Year- Class 1 who she talked to last time.

She was a little excited when Chu Yin came in.

Last time she talked about her close contact with Chu Yin in the forum thread, but this time it was even closer!

Han Chuying’s desk was next to the back of Chu Yin’s chair, and she felt that she could touch Chu Yin’s ponytail. And from the back, she could see Chu Yin’s good hair quality, white skin, and beautiful neck. 

She is beautiful even from the back.

How can there be such a pleasing existence!

Maybe her stares were too hot that Chu Yin noticed. She slightly turned around and asked her, “What’s the matter?”

Han Chuying suddenly saw a close-up, Ultra HD, and a flawlessly beautiful face.

She only had one idea at the moment, that is, Chu Yin would always be first in the exam, and she would always be second so that she could always sit behind her in the exam.

“No, no,” Han Chuying endured, but after a while, she couldn’t control it, “You look so good!”

Chu Yin was stunned, didn’t expect the other party to be so straightforward: “Thank you?”

Seeing that she’s not as cold as she thought, Han Chuying couldn’t help but fangirl a little more: “Last time I talked in the forum, I wanted to exaggeratedly boast about you!”

Chu Yin couldn’t help bending her lips, “You look good, too.”

Han Chuying’s heart melted in an instant.

Every time there was a post in the forum, cue Chu Yin, she was the first one who jumped out and yelled, “Sister Yin, I can”.

Really, she’s wonderful! Ah, ah!

Chu Yin thought it was very interesting.

Regardless of those people in the previous life, all the people Chu Yin came into contact with in her life who had a very low or almost no sense of existence in the original script were very lovely.

Not controlled by the logic of the rubbish script, these people retain their original lovely characters, like Jiang Yan, Song Zhaolin, and this enthusiastic second grader.

They were all lovely people.

When you get along with these people, you would feel better.

But soon, the teacher came, holding a sealed envelope.

When the papers were sent out, Chu Yin turned to pass the papers, and Han Chuying whispered, “Good luck!”

“You too!” Chu Yin said with a smile

In the first test of Chinese, the examinees got the test paper and swept through the composition questions and the common questions. Chu Yin’s Chinese was average and not as good as Jiang Yan’s, she found the questions a bit difficult. 

This seemed to be a signal that the next few subjects would not be easy.

Chu Yin stabilized her mind and finished the paper steadily.

Two and a half hours later, the classroom was filled with wails.

Jiang Yan ran over and held Chu Yin: “It’s so difficult. I haven’t seen two familiar words in the Classical Chinese Test.”

Han Chuying eagerly joined them: “Neither have I!”

These top students were very sympathetic to each other. Several girls soon chatted with each other. Because the test in the morning was too difficult, no one chatted during breaks anymore. Everyone was sitting in their respective seats reading their exercise books/

Not only the first examination room but also the other examination rooms.

And at this time, the last examination room suddenly boiled——

Lu Zhen! Came to take an exam!—With a pen!

The girls in the whole examination room were excited again.

Lu Zhen found his position, sat down, and looked at the position in front of him.

Remembering Chu Yin sitting in front of him last time, Lu Zhen raised his lips slightly.

She would surely be surprised if he gets serious.


Two days later, the final exam was finally over.

Chu Yin said goodbye to Jiang Yan and Han Chuying. As she walked towards the school gate, she saw Song Zhaolin rush out of the school like a wild horse.

She watched him for a while. She was in a good mood when she took the car home.

No matter what the result is, at least the test was finished!

But when she got home, she found that the Chen family finally came to the Chu family today. Chu Qiuqiu came back earlier than her. By this time, she was already in the living room.

Chu Yin was very satisfied with her enterprising spirit and planned to sneak back to her room from one side.

At this time, she suddenly heard Father Chu’s warm voice: “Come on, Xuanyuan, drink this!”


These two words, which always ranked first in the list of “domineering boy’s name”, suddenly made Chu Yin recall this old brother.


Chen Xuanyuan, a person with a name in the script. He was probably a villain in the script because his style was so vivid that Chu Yin could still remember it now.

His boastful style of “woman, you have attracted my attention” was probably created by the garbage script. It’s ironic that many women fell from his seduction style.

In his last life, Chen Xuanyuan showed great interest in Chu Yin, which made Chu Yin suffer. 

After Chu Yin was trapped by Lu Zhen, this old man continued his seduction until he was suppressed by Lu Zhen.

In short, it was a person who Chu Yin didn’t want to contact again.

Chu Yin made a quick decision and quietly hid in the living room before going back to her room.

Chu Qiuqiu sat next to Chen Xuanyuan. He handed her a glass of juice and said with a magnetic voice, “Would you like a drink, miss?”

Chu Qiuqiu blushed and said, “Thank you, Brother Xuanyuan.”

“My pleasure,” Chen Xuanyuan said with a sweet smile.

Although the Chu family daughter in front of him looked a little more ordinary, she was better than the other girls from ordinary families. Since she wanted to be his fiancée, he would let her.

The elders of the two families looked at this scene and smiled kindly.

A perfect match between a man and a girl! The boy was handsome and the girl was lovely. What an ideal couple!

Chu Qiuqiu’s performance just now was very decent. Father Chen was quite satisfied with her. 

Chu Qiuqiu looked at her parents’ expressions again. At this time, they couldn’t remember another daughter. She felt at ease.

She had seized this opportunity.

Chu Qiuqiu couldn’t help looking at Chen Xuanyuan again. The other party immediately returned a charming look.

Her cheeks were burning as she thought, if all goes well, this would be her fiancee.

Father Chu praised: “I haven’t seen Xuanyuan for several years. I didn’t expect that he would look so handsome now!”

Chen Xuanyuan’s lips raised and carefully swept his soft hair. He always paid attention to the praise of his appearance.

Father Chen was also quite confident about his son’s appearance. He nodded: “Xuanyuan’s appearance is really excellent.”

Since Chu Yin worked on the exercise book for more than an hour, she was now hungry.

“Ding – task completed √ [change word] permission has been transferred in your account~”

Chu Yin put down her pen. She quietly opened the door and wanted to go to the first floor to find something to eat. The conversation in the living room continued, so Chu Yin quietly stuck to the wall and slipped into the kitchen.

The Chu family did not support the idea of snacks nor instant foods. Chu Yin looked around and took the steamed bread from the refrigerator.

Just at this time, a joking and arrogant voice rang out: “Are you the servant of this family?”

Chu Yin looked back, caught off guard, and saw Chen Xuanyuan’s face.

When Chen Xuanyuan saw her, he was stunned.

This woman is too damn beautiful!

Chu Yin closed the refrigerator door without expression and nodded: “Yes.”

Chen Xuanyuan stared at her tightly, suddenly remembered that Uncle Chu said that he had two daughters – this must be another one!

Chen Xuanyuan laughed: “No, you are not.”

The king’s spirit came to his face. 1 His confident and condescending look

Chen Xuanyuan came over and looked down at Chu Yin, “You will be my fiancee, my woman.”

Chu Yin: “…poof.”

Nothing else.

She just suddenly remembered how the man was crying and begging Lu Zhen to let him go.

Chen Xuanyuan evilly smiled: “Why, are you scared?”

He hadn’t returned for a long time, and Father Chen came to look for him. He followed the rest of the people to the kitchen.

“Xuanyuan? What are you doing in the kitchen?”

Chu Yin did not answer Chen Xuanyuan. She chose to open the script:

【Chen Xuanyuan: “What am I doing? Do you understand my heart?】

【His unruly hairstyle and contemptuous eyes reveal that he’s determined to win the person in front of him. 】

【This man is like a noble king.】

For this description, Xueji closed the script in shame.

This rubbish script will make me go blind!!

Previous life disgusts me, this life also disgusts me!

Everyone came to the kitchen. Chen Xuanyuan raised his eyebrows and smiled evilly. He was about to utter some amazing lines.

Chu Yin grabbed the light pen expressionlessly and added a word to the script.

Bye bye.

【This man is like a noble bastard.】




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