I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 31 part 1

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Chapter 31 – Bastard! Go away! (1)

To be honest, Chu Yin was so bitter about it that she didn’t know the effects of the word change.

She felt excited as she thought about it.

As soon as Father Chen walked into the kitchen, he saw his handsome son talking to a little girl. He frowned, “This is…”

Father Chu followed closely. He then remembered his daughter Chu Yin, “Oh. This is my daughter.” 

With that, he scolded her, “Why didn’t you come out to say hello after you got home?”

Chu Yin: “Oh, greetings uncle.”

Although Father Chen thought that this person was not polite, he realized after a closer look that this girl was clearly more beautiful than the other sister plus her grades were better! — What’s wrong with Old Chu? Introducing an inferior one to them?

He stepped forward and held his son kindly: “Xuanyuan, have you just met? This… 

Even after being held by his father, the son didn’t move.

So Father Chen pulled again, Chen Xuanyuan still didn’t move. His lips only showed an evil and dignified smile.

Father Chen: ?

But Chu Yin understood——

You’re a bastard. A bastard who doesn’t move!

Look, this unmoving domineering spirit!

Father Chen was a little embarrassed, wondering if his son was stunned by this girl’s appearance.

Chu Qiuqiu had also followed behind. Seeing this situation, she bit her lips angrily, feeling very upset. Will Chu Yin steal this man from her?

Why did she deliberately choose this kind of solitary space?!

At this time, Chen Xuanyuan slowly turned his head, looked at his father, and then suddenly fell.

Father Chen was startled: “Xuanyuan, what’s the matter with you?”

Chen Xuanyuan didn’t answer him and only pushed his hands on the ground, so Chu Yin understood again—oh, he wanted to climb!

This bastard is going to crawl and walk!

Father Chen was shocked and desperately tried to stop him: “Xuanyuan, what’s the matter with you, Xuanyuan!”

Chen Xuanyuan sneered desperately: “Don’t stop me!”

Seeing him like this, talking to him was useless. Father Chen didn’t how his handsome son suddenly became like this?

In the end, Father Chen and Father Chu carried Chen Xuanyuan to the car. Both of them were sweating profusely.

“Old Chu, we still have things to do today. I’ll see you at the dinner party in two days!”

Father Chu understood and said, Go ahead. I’ll see you then.”

Father Chen: “The matter discussed by our two families remains unchanged. I’m very satisfied with the girl just now…”

Before he could finish speaking, Chen Xuanyuan in the car began to crawl under the seat with a sneer on his face. 

Father Chen wiped the sweat on his face, “Then, we’ll go first!”

Father Chu watched them drive away from the villa before returning back.

Originally he was worried about Qiuqiu’s sudden dancing. Now it seemed that Old Chen’s son was not normal either…

The results of the final exam would be announced once the students return to school. 

For Huiwen students, returning to school made them excited, especially for the elite class like Class 5.

“Ah, I just passed by the teacher’s office and heard them say that the average grade score this time is much lower than the mid-term score!”

“Of course, the tests are so difficult this time. The overall score is expected to drop!”

“Do you think Chu Yin can still place first in the exam?”

Chu Yin was also looking forward to the results. After all, the final exam was the stepping stone for the next big system task. She could only think about the next step after passing the task.

Song Zhaolin was even more nervous than the mid-term one. He sat in his seat with his hands folded: “Pass, let me pass, please…”

Chu Yin knew about Song Zhaolin’s brother’s strength. Her eyebrows were raised as she said: “You won’t be beaten if you pass?”

It seems that his brother was not so evil.

Song Zhaolin shook his head with a detached face: “No. If I pass, I won’t get beaten from the neck above.”

“…” Chu Yin was silent for a moment, “You should’ve reviewed early!”

Song Zhaolin sobbed: “I reviewed! But the tests are too damn hard! I calculated my average. I might get a score of 89.”

The passing score was 90.

Chu Yin sighed.

Silly son. This father can’t help you.

This time, mathematics was difficult. Chu Yin also felt it while doing the problem. She came across two types of questions she encountered while doing her own high-level training. Simply put, those questions’ difficulty was high. Even she was not sure how to solve them, let alone the other students.

However, no matter how worried students were, they need to face the results.

The first few classes were the three subjects of comprehensive literature. The papers were directly sent to the students. Chu Yin’s mood was stable as she placed first in geography, second and third in history and politics, and had ranked first in the overall score.

“Damn, Chu Yin ranked first again!”

“She’s so awesome…”


“She’s really a top student.”

Fu Mingxuan originally hoped for Chu Yin to fail, but after hearing her comprehensive results, she stayed quiet.

Sometimes, after being crushed so many times, the psychological endure of a person would automatically upgrade.

In the following two subjects, Chinese and English, the score pattern in the class had not changed much. Jiang Yan still got the highest score in Chinese, Chu Yin got the full score in English, and Fu Mingxuan got 145.

Fu Mingxuan herself was quite satisfied. People around congratulated her: “145 is very high!” 

“Getting a second place is good!”

Xing Lan, who sat next to Fu Mingxuan, sighed.

She didn’t know when the students in Class 5 started to compete for second place. As long as they got second place, they would already be satisfied.

After class, Jiang Yan ran to Chu Yin’s seat: “Yin Yin, only math is left. Are you sure about your results?”

Although Song Zhaolin’s results were miserable, he had super high confidence in Chu Yin’s results: “Why wouldn’t she be sure! She’ll get first obviously!”

Jiang Yan: “It’s not you who placed first!”

Song Zhaolin: “I can take a loan and gamble that she will get first place.”

Chu Yin saw that their bickering was quite interesting. She laughed for a while and objectively replied, “80 percent.”

Although it was indeed difficult, Chu Yin felt that she did her very best.

Teacher Wang quickly walked into the classroom with the test papers in her arms. The students in Class 5 were suddenly nervous.

Many of them wanted to participate in the Hope Cup. Since this was the second selection for the Hope Cup participants, the students were nervous.

Because of nervousness, no one was clamoring about the points first. After they finished the question, they checked the answer themselves before knowing their final results.

Song Zhaolin was in a trance.

He seemed to have seen the brilliant scene of being beaten by his brother.

Chu Yin scored 145 points according to the answers the teacher announced. She got the last question wrong but Chu Yin recalculated, knowing that her answer was not wrong.

Song Zhaolin saw the result she had written at the top of the paper. “Oh,” he said, “Sister Yin, you scored 156?”

What kind of monster is this!!!

He only got half of her score!!

Everyone was very concerned about the math results this time. Their ears were on guard and when they heard that Chu Yin had scored a 145, they were all stupefied.

Chu Yin wanted to seal Song Zhaolin’s big mouth, ”It’s just my own calculation.”

On the platform, Teacher Wang laughed: “That’s right! It’s 145. I saw it specially, it’s great. Very good!”

Chu Yin didn’t disappoint her. The difficulty of this math paper was close to the third level of senior high school. The other top students in the class could get 130 at most, but Chu Yin could still get a score of 145, which made Teacher Wang confident in her participation in the competition.

There was an uproar in the audience, and everyone turned to look at Chu Yin.

Zhao Yuxiong said, “Why is Chu Yin so brilliant? She’s a goddess.”



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