I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 31 part 2

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Chapter 31 – Bastard! Go away! (2)

Li Jin nodded: “She’s indeed a goddess.”

“Then her slot in the Hope Cup is already decided…”


Fu Mingxuan looked at her 132 score and thought: Even if she got the quota, would she be crushed by Chu Yin if she goes to the winter camp? It’s better not to go!

Jiang Yan ran to Chu Yin as soon as class was over. She got 135, which was better than the mid-term exam. Mathematics was not her strong point originally, Jiang Yan was quite satisfied with this result.

Another figure appeared at the back door of Class 5, and whispered, “Chu Yin, Chu Yin!”

Chu Yin turned to see that Han Chuying was at the door.

Chu Yin waved with a smile, and Han Chuying ran in happily. Students in Class 5 also knew her. She was in the second grade. Before Chu Yin came, Han Chuying ranked first in total. A top student hanging around a top student?

“I heard you scored 145? ” Han Chuying said excitedly, “I’m sure you’ll go to the Hope Cup!”

Chu Yin’s eyebrows were raised in surprise: “do you know all about it?”

Han Chuying shook her mobile phone: “It’s been posted in the forum. Since you’re so dazzling, everyone paid great attention.”

After knowing her for a few days, Chu Yin had learned to automatically filter her endless fangirling. The child is good but she likes to praise people too much.

Han Chuying didn’t think she was exaggerating at all and even thought her words were too pale and powerless to match Chu Yin.

Since the weather was cold, Chu Yin wore a black cashmere sweater with a high collar over her school uniform. This showed her slender neck and fair skin. Her chin touched her collar, while her soft and brown hair fell on her shoulder.

After Han Chuying looked at her, she got excited again. Wuwuwu she is so beautiful! I envy the students in Class 5! I envy her deskmate too!

Jiang Yan was not familiar with Han Chuying before. They were only acquaintances before. After knowing her, she found that she was very cheerful and not a dull geek at all.

Han Chuying placed her head on Chu Yin’s face for a while, and then she remembered her purpose: “Yes, I’m 142. I’ve asked around Class 1 and found no one’s higher than me. How about your class?”

Jiang Yan shook her head enviously: “I didn’t reach that score yet. I have to pay more attention in class.”

Han Chuying was more excited: “Then I can get the slot too!”

Han Chuying was so excited that she wanted to jump at the thought that she could go to the winter camp with Chu Yin, her goddess. They could even be assigned in the same dormitory!

Chu Yin smiled and thought it would be nice to go with her.

As soon as Song Zhaolin came back from a walk, he said, “Then Sister Yin got the first place in Math?”

After listening to him, Han Chuyin turned on her phone and swiped.

Suddenly, she didn’t know what she saw because her expression went blank: “I’m going.”

Song Zhaolin immediately smelled melon seeds and quickly asked, “What’s wrong?”

Han Chuying looked incredulous, “145 is not the number one in mathematics?”

Everyone on the scene was surprised: “Ah??”

“Then who’s the first?”

There was another hermit in the school?!

Even Chu Yin was surprised. She raised her eyes and asked, “Did it say who it was?”

“Yes,” Han Chuying stammered, “It’s Lu, Lu Zhen…”

Song Zhaolin: “?!”

Chu Yin: “….”

“Ding~ Host, your [Placed First in Mathematics] task failed~”

—Your mother Lu Zhen!!


At the same time, the Old Mathematics Teacher in the International Class looked happy.

He had been teaching for many years and had a high reputation. The Lu family had invited him before and wanted to hire him to teach Lu Zhen alone, but he refused because he was on the front line 1 A front line teacher is a teacher that teaches students in school. Not a tutor. . Later, he heard that the Lu family had hired a university professor for Lu Zhen, so Teacher Chen always knew that Lu Zhen’s math level was very high.

This time he finally took the exam, with a score of 147, which was two points higher than the student in Class 5.

What’s more gratifying to Teacher Chen was that Lu Zhen did not exclude the Hope Cup competition and was willing to accept the slot!

He was so elated that he drank a large cup of tea.

The news of Lu Zhen’s math score of 147 quickly spread throughout the school like a rocket. Forums, Q groups, and WeChat groups were discussing this matter everywhere.

Everyone originally thought that even though Lu Zhen was handsome and had a good family background, his grades were not good, and was rather casual with academics.

But this time, with such a difficult math test, he actually passed the student who placed first.

Liang Yueqi looked at the shocked classmates and said with a smile that she was not surprised at all.

“You just don’t know him. The Lu family had hired teachers to teach Lu Zhen,” Liang Yueqi looked like an insider that was spilling the beans. “His grades are very good. I always know.”

People around her sighed. She was really worthy of being a family friend of Lu’s. They seemed to have this kind of friendship.

Liang Yueqi felt annoyed in her heart. She knew that Lu Zhen would take the exam and would participate in the competition. She did her best in the math exam and was hoping to get a good result.

Lu Zhen himself was the most peaceful.

He had an understanding of his level of knowledge and was also sure of the difficulty of the paper. This score was within his estimated range.

Lu Zhen couldn’t help passing the classroom of Class 5 and glanced at it.

Chu Yin was sitting by the window, looking down at the paper with a serious look.


The warm winter sun fell on the top of her hair through the glass. She looked good in a black turtleneck today.

Lu Zhen’s heart suddenly softened.

Isn’t she a good student…Lu Zhen thought.

Does he count as a good student too?

Lu Zhen didn’t stay too long. After seeing her, he turned around and returned to his classroom. Song Zhaolin already ran over to Lu Zhen’s classroom and had waited for him. 

As soon as he saw him, Song Zhaolin began wailing, “Brother Zhen! Awesome! I’m your little fan!”

Lu Zhen scolded him: “Go away.”

Song Zhaolin: “Really! You overtook my deskmate’s score. Too fierce!”

Lu Zhen lowered his eyes calmly, “Is your deskmate surprised?”

Song Zhaolin: “Surprised!”

Lu Zhen rubbed his knuckles slightly. His voice was quiet and calm as he said, “What did she say?”

Song Zhaolin scratched his head: “Oh, she said she wanted to kill.”

Lu Zhen: “…”



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