I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 32 part 1

Translated by: Tinker

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Chapter 32 – Cheating! Go! (1)

Father Chen looked desperate.

This was Lu Zhen, the young master of the Lu family!!

It’s fine for his father to be yelled at by his son, but he was forbidden to yell at Lu Zhen!!!

Father Chen hurriedly said, “Well, Master Lu, Xuanyuan, he–“

“I’m not a trumpeter!” Chen Xuanyuan shouted.

Father Chen almost swore at him: Shut the hell up!!

When he was told by Lu Zhen to go away, he felt ashamed. Chen Xuanyuan knew that the Lu family was not something their family could afford to fight.

He said it calmly! Very calm! But his mouth couldn’t stop shouting! There seemed to be a great force in his body!

This was a great crisis for an elegant noble boy with infinite charms as him!

“My god, that’s the son of the Chen family…”

“He doesn’t look quite normal?”

Lu Zhen looked at Chen Xuanyuan expressionlessly.

He originally felt a huge irritation in his heart but when he saw that Chu Yin unconsciously stepped back, as if afraid of getting involved in any relationship with this man, his irritation dispersed.

Hide well. The farther the better.

Father Chen said to Lu Zhen in a panic, “Master Lu, I’m really sorry. Xuanyuan didn’t mean it!”

At this time, Chen Xuanyuan finally learned to be smart. He closed his mouth and tried to calm himself down.

But Father Chen didn’t understand his spirit, so he yanked his son: “Go apologize to Master Lu!”

Chen Xuanyuan blurted out subconsciously: “SORRY!”

He wanted to make a good apology, but when he opened his mouth, he shouted again!

Father Chen: “…”

Lu Zhen: “…”

Few minutes later, the Chen family and his son were invited out of the banquet hall.

The people in the banquet could still hear Chen Xuanyuan’s desperate shouts even from far away.

“I can’t control my voice!!”

The atmosphere of the party fell into awkwardness for a moment.


“It’s definitely a mental problem. Will the Chu family still marry the Chen family?”

“Isn’t the daughter of the Chu family too miserable then?”

It wasn’t only the Chen family who was ashamed, but also Father Chu. After all, many people knew about the marriage they were planning with the Chen’s.

Father Chen couldn’t help but mutter in his breath. Combined with Chen Xuanyuan’s performance at home last time, the son of the Chen family could really be sick…

But even if he was ill, should he give up the marriage between the two families? A disease could be cured but the cooperation within the economic market couldn’t.

While Father Chu was in  a dilemma, Chu Qiuqiu suddenly came over: “Dad, I don’t care!”

Although Chu Qiuqiu was shocked just now, she realized that this was her chance. At this time, whoever made the statement could seize the opportunity!

She wisely said: “As long as it can help the family, I am willing to tolerate Brother Xuanyuan’s small problems.”

Hearing her say this, Father Chu was moved, “Qiuqiu!”

As expected of the daughter he raised. So knowledgeable! Compared with Chu Yin, Chu Qiuqiu was indeed more suitable for this role!

On the other side, Chu Yin listened to their conversation quietly, and a big stone in her heart was put down.

——Thank you. This fake sister is really a tough character.

However, Chu Qiuqiu didn’t marry the Chen family in the end. After the Chu family went bankrupt, the marriage of the two was also dissolved. Chu Qiuqiu was afraid of carrying the Chu family’s debts that she immediately turned to the wealthy princes who she befriended in the social circle for many years.

From this point of view, Chu Qiuqiu was more far-sighted than her parents.

If she remembered correctly, Chu Qiuqiu ended up marrying into a wealthy family and had two children. Although Lu Zhen used this to stimulate her at that time, Chu Yin’s mood didn’t fluctuate at all.

Recalling the past, Chu Yin suddenly remembered that she still didn’t know why the dog man, Lu Zhen, came here today.

Chen Xuanyuan was pretty cool when he shouted just now. Chu Yin was envious of his imposing manner. He wanted to transmigrate as Chen Xuanyuan and yell at the dog man herself.

The only thing that worried her was Lu Zhen. Since he had noticed something before, would he connect the dots from today’s event? But when she thought about it, Lu Zhen and Chen Xuanyuan were two different people who had nothing to do with each other in this life. If a person suddenly encountered a mentally-disable person like Chen Xuanyuan, a person’s first reaction should be like what Lu Zhen did just now–telling him to get out.

While Chu Yin was pondering, a refined voice suddenly sounded from behind: “Little classmate.”

As soon as Chu Yin looked back, she recognized Lu Zhen’s uncle, Lu Linyuan. She didn’t expect to meet him here.

In her last life, Chu Yin had a chance to meet this man before she entered the Lu family. It was said that Lu Linyuan was in charge of the gray industry of the Lu family. He was elegant and highly cultivated. Chu Yin had a good impression of this uncle after two short contacts with him.

“Hello, can I help you?” Chu Yin asked.

“It’s nothing,” Lu Linyuan said with a smile. “I saw you standing near the commotion. Were you surprised?”

This made Chu Yin a little embarrassed.

Not only was she not frightened, but also she watched with relish.

Chu Yin was embarrassed. When she thought about her evil deed of changing the car speed to 180mph, she suddenly felt guilty again.


She remembered that Lu Linyuan was also in the car.

She smiled politely: “No, I dodged.”

Lu Linyuan laughed as his eyes fell on Chu Yin’s face. He was about to ask something when he was interrupted by a cold voice: “Uncle.”

As soon as Chu Yin looked back, she saw Lu Zhen standing not far away with a cold look.

“What are you doing?” When he said this, Lu Zhen’s eyes didn’t shift to Chu Yin, as if he didn’t notice her.

Lu Linyuan raised his eyebrows and then said with a smile, “Isn’t this your classmate? I just want to talk to her.”

Chu Yin was calm.

“This is not my classmate.” Lu Zhen said coldly, “The other sister.”

“Is that so?” Lu Linyuan laughed and turned to look at Chu Yin: “I admit my mistake. It’s a pleasure to talk with you, little classmate. I hope I have the chance to see you again.”

Chu Yin gave a polite smile.

Lu Zhen soon walked side by side with Lu Linyuan. Before turning around, Lu Zhen’s eyes stayed on Chu Yin for a second, and his dark pupil seemed to have some deep thoughts.

But obviously, Chu Yin wouldn’t get it and just felt that the dog man was weird tonight.

Both the uncle and the nephew were mysterious…

On the other side, Chu Qiuqiu achieved her goal. She happily turned to Chu Yin, glanced at the two Lu family members who were walking away, and said, “Sister, did you talk to them just now?”



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