I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 32 part 2

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Chapter 32 – Cheating! Go! (2)

Chu Yin, because she helped recycle Chen Xuanyuan, was particularly pleased to see Chu Qiuqiu now, “Oh, that’s right~”

Chu Qiuqiu advised her: “Be practical. If you aim so high up, others will talk about you.”

Chu Yin: “…”

Excuse me, she still can’t communicate with the trash normally.

Huiwen’s official website finally announced the list of participants for the Hope Cup Winter Camp.

Three people got the slots. The order of the list was as follows: Second-Year International Class, Lu Zhen. Second-Year Class 5, Chu Yin. Second-year Class 1, Han Chuying.

As soon as the public web page came out, the page soon had thousands of clicks. The URL link was posted in the forum. The post soon became hot.

Anonymous 13: Ah, why didn’t I work hard at math! If I did, I can go to the winter camp with Brother Zhen!!!

Anonymous 20: No, I don’t think Lu Zhen will go. He only took the exam because he felt like it.

Anonymous 22: @14, Even if you study hard, you wouldn’t be able to go hahaha


Anonymous 30: Ah, why didn’t I study hard at math! If I did, I can go to the winter camp with Chu Yin!!

Anonymous 34: Turns out you’re also a fan?

Anonymous 40: @30 and @34, Me too hehehe

This time, Han Chuying rarely didn’t participate in the thread to fangirl Chu Yin, but she held her mobile phone as she giggled.

She was afraid that once she replied, she would show her extremely arrogant side, “Hahaha, I can go to the winter camp with Chu Yin!”

God, she was so happy!

She was already considering what new style of pajamas she wanted to buy!

On the other side, after reading the announcement on the official website, Chu Yin closed her laptop angrily.

——She wanted to remember this kind of feeling. Be aggressive and violent towards Lu Zhen!!!

Although Chu Yin was a top student, Mathematics was not her best subject. She had no experience in math competitions. Now that she got her slot, she couldn’t guarantee her results. She would surely face top students from various provinces and cities. Of course, the competitiveness would be much greater than in Huiwen.

However, Chu Yin’s interest and fighting spirit were still very high because she hadn’t received high-level permission for word change.

Chu Shi knew she received the slot. The location of the winter camp was in B province, and Chu Yin had to go there by plane. He was very worried.

Although his sister was independent and excellent, she grew up in the countryside after all. She hadn’t traveled far away yet. This made him worried.

But Chu Yin refused his suggestion to accompany her on the plane. She even said that it was better to buy her more sets of questions than use the money to buy an airplane ticket.

Unable to vent his anger, the brother had no choice but to buy some exercise books for Chu Yin.

Before Chu Yin set out, she drowned herself in math problems every day.

A few days later, Chu Yin finally caught a description of her in the script.

【For the upcoming winter camp, Chu Yin was doing exercises every day. Her logical thinking ability was not very good, so she practiced diligently. As the exercise books were filled up one by one, her math skills continued to improve. …Finally, it’s time to leave for B province.】

——Here we go! Here we go! Logical thinking ability was more important than memory!

This time Chu Yin would never be soft again!

Give! Herself! Extreme! Buff!

Chu Yin changed the word “not very good” to “vital”

Her logical thinking ability should not be too good!! 

After cheating by adding bluffs, Chu Yin looked at the hardest question and felt that her thinking was extremely clear. The questions were fun! Her waist and legs no longer hurt.

As a result, the speed of her problem-solving soared, as if she was eating a book.

Two days later, Chu Shi came to see her and cleaned up her brown hair strands that were sprawled on the desk. With a solemn expression, he said: “Yin Yin, I think you exerted your brain too much?”

Chu Yin raised her bright eyes from the book and showed a mysterious smile.

“I’m bald, and I’m stronger.”


When the day finally came, her brother made her bring a hair-growth product that was placed in her luggage.

She was not bald. Her hair was very good, but her brother was just too worried.

Chu Shi took her to the airport and watched her go to the security check. He felt melancholy. It’s as if he was marrying off his daughter. Fortunately, Gu Qiuze would go to B province to take care of his sister in two days. 

Chu Yin turned her head at the entrance, waved to Chu Shi, and then went in with her bag on her back.

It was a short journey of two hours. Chu Yin arrived after a short sleep on the plane.

Han Chuying sent her a WeChat message, saying that she arrived early so she could choose their beds in the dormitory. 

There was excitement between the lines in her words: [Waiting for you!!!!] [I can’t wait to make the bed for you!!] [Come early!!!]

Chu Yin couldn’t help laughing. She was in a good mood.

According to the script, the dog man Lu Zhen didn’t move much these days. She didn’t know whether he would participate or not.

She missed the system’s reward because of the final exam. She would’ve been given the right to change sentences. There was no need to be afraid. She could directly let Lu Zhen [eat at home and miss the winter camp for ten days.]

Chu Yin got off the plane, got her luggage, and took a taxi by the side of the road.

Hope Cup Winter Camp was located in the B province’s university. Looking at the pictures sent by Han Chuying, the conditions were not bad. After all, Chu Yin used to go to school in the countryside and lived in a dormitory with eight people for a long time. This kind of dormitory with four people going to bed and getting off the table was completely acceptable to her.


After getting out of the taxi, Chu Yin took her luggage and walked into the gate of H University. She saw the banner drawn by the school: “Welcome students from all provinces to the 20th ‘Hope Cup’ Winter Camp!”

Chu Yin walked forward and soon saw the location to sign in.

As soon as she came, the student immediately poked the person beside her: “Look!”

The man on the side looked up and almost couldn’t breathe, “!!!’

A pure and tender high school student walked towards him. Oh my god!!!

When Chu Yin came to them, the two students’ eyes were bright and their faces were red with excitement: “Sister, are you participating in the winter camp? What’s your name? Which school?”

“Chu Yin,” she said with a smile. There was a slight tilt of her head, “Huiwen Private High School.”

The hearts of the two students beat wildly, thinking that the younger sister looked so pure and beautiful!

“Your dormitory bed has been filled in. This is your key.”  The student blushed as she handed her the things. “There is also this bag, which contains the campus map, flow sheet, and introduction book. Keep your gadgets away~”

Chu Yin nodded with a smile: “Thank you, sister.”

When she turned around and walked toward the dormitory building according to the map, the students immediately began to chat.

“This is the sister whose ID photo is so beautiful!”

“I thought it was edited but I didn’t expect her to be more beautiful!!”

“Me too!! If I can’t help it!”

“Ah, what should I do? Suddenly I’m looking forward to the brother who looks so handsome in his ID card!” 

Chu Yin didn’t go far when she heard this sentence.

“Yes! He’s too handsome!!”

“What’s the matter with the younger students these days? They are too beautiful!”

“I expect both of them to cause a campus explosion!”

Chu Yin: “…”

She poked the system: “This handsome brother, how likely will it be Lu Zhen that dog man?”

Xueji said objectively, “About 99%.”

Chu Yin: “…”

She looked down at the flow chart in her hand. On the third day, according to the flow chart, there would be a level exam.

Xueji: “Ding! A new system task!~ [Get in the Top 5 in the level test]. This has a difficulty index of 4 stars. You will receive [Change Sentence] permission after the task is completed~”

She failed the final exam task once. But now, she would never let it happen again.

Chu Yin’s smile gradually became abnormal.

Come on, Dog man.

I’ll screw you if you come.




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