I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 33 part 1

Translated by: Tinker

Proofread by: Mary

Chapter 33 – Fate and Destined (1)

After Chu Yin dragged the suitcase into the dormitory building, she found her own floor and dormitory number.

As soon as she opened the door, Han Chuying rushed forward with enthusiasm. “Ah, here you are at last!”

“I chose the best bed in this dormitory. Yours is located by the window! Hehe!”

“When I was sweeping the floor just now, I also cleaned your area by the way. You can just put your things directly!”

It was so intimate that Chu Yin was embarrassed.

She felt she needed to give something back so she opened her backpack and looked for a gift.

Finally, she took out a bottle of shampoo.

“This,” Chu Yin said sheepishly, pursing her lips, “Do you want it?”

Han Chuying was almost out of breath——

Big beauty gave her a gift!!! Whatever the gift was, she would love it!!!

“Yes! Yes!!” Han Chuying immediately took over, “I’ll make good use of it!”

Then she looked down and saw the handwriting on the bottle: “Wow, this brand of hair tonic works very well!”

Chu Yin was a little surprised: “Do you have the same hair problem?”

“As a person who studies hard, how can I not be bald! Every one of my hairs has a name.” Han Chuying said. Suddenly she remembered something and looked up nervously, “Ah, you don’t have this kind of hair problem, do you?”

Chu Yin grinned cunningly: “You don’t mean that people who study hard can’t be bald. I work hard, too.”

“But you can’t be bald!” ——Mom 1 referring to herself doesn’t allow it!!!

Chu Yin’s face, even if she was bald, could still be beautiful like a little nun. But her brown hair is so beautiful, how could she be bald!

Finally, Han Chuying nervously looked at Chu Yin’s hairline. After determining that she had no signs of baldness, she finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Because she was not in school, Chu Yin did not wear Huiwen’s loose school uniform.

Han Chuying thought that Chu Yin’s clothes were not very good. After all, she had heard that although Chu Yin was the daughter of the Chu family, she had lived in the countryside. And since Chu Yin transferred to another school, except for seeing her wearing a black dress at the dance, she had always been in a school uniform. Han Chuying always felt sorry.

But now, Chu Yin had no bad clothes at all!

After taking off the thick coat, she was wearing a dark color sweater with a floral shirt inside. The collar of the shirt stretched out from the round collar of the sweater. She wore slim jeans and white boots.

She was radiating with beauty.

Chu Yin cleaned up the dormitory. After she put her things back, Han Chuying handed her a stack of paper: “How about you take a look 2 Chinese word used here is 康康. Kangkang, internet vocabulary, originally meant to refer to Hokkien. It is often used as an adjective. For example, “life is good” means “good” and “happiness” is generally used to describe life. this?”

Chu Yin said, “What is it?”

“I don’t think you know about the sample questions of the winter camp in the past, so I’ll give you an extra copy.”

Chu Yin was surprised again.

Winter Camp was only about classes, training, and examinations. Everyone who participated in this camp is competitive. But Han Chuying did not seem to care about these. Although these questions were valuable, she chose to give them to her.

Seeing her surprised look, Han Chuying waved her hand: “I’m just like this. When I see you, my beautiful sister with good character, I want to be nice to you. And I know I can’t win the cup of hope, so I just want to have fun and play.”

Han Chuying had a good attitude. She was very smart and had enough time to fangirl Chu Yun. Moreover, with her achievements, she could be admitted to a good university in China. Her only focus in this Hope Cup was participation.

After hearing this, Chu Yin liked her more and more.

“Well, just tell me if you have anything I can do for you.” Chu Yin laughed.

Han Chuying smirked: Just keep being beautiful!!!

The welcome party and study course would not start until tomorrow. Chu Yin glanced at the dormitory and found that another bed had been made.

Han Chuying had been staring at Chu Yin’s face. Before Chu Yin could ask, she replied, “Oh, this bed is from the provincial experimental middle school. We spent an hour in the dormitory while exchanging a few words. After she finished packing, she went to the library with the questions.”

Chu Yin suddenly felt a sense of tension.

There were indeed many strong people here, and everyone was working hard. It seemed that she couldn’t relax. After all, she had to get to the top five in the proficiency test the day after tomorrow.

Chu Yin didn’t care about her roommates very much. After all, they would only be together for ten days. 

Even if there was anything discordant in their living habits, mutual tolerance would pass.

Just as she was thinking about it, a new roommate came into the dormitory.

As soon as Chu Yin looked up and saw her face, she couldn’t help but be stunned.

“Are you Liang Yueqi from the international class? Why are you here?” Han Chuying looked surprised.

Liang Yueqi scanned Chu Yin’s face with a smile, her expression was a bit arrogant: “My family heard that Lu Zhen came to participate in the competition, so they helped me arrange it for us to study and progress together.”

The subtext was that she didn’t need the slot given by the school at all, and she came with Lu Zhen.

Han Chuying murmured in her heart: Liang Yueqi was only good at English. She can’t even pass Chu Qiuqiu in the math exam. Isn’t it humiliating to come here?

When Chu Yin saw Liang Yueqi, she was not in a good mood, because her appearance meant that Lu Zhen, the dog man, really came.

But now Chu Yin was not afraid of him. The plot had deviated so much that it was going according to the original development route. 

Studying was the only priority that would give her the ability to control the script and make her stronger. 

Chu Yin looked at Liang Yueqi and said, “Come on.”

It’s also an admirable spirit to pursue men here.

Liang Yueqi smiled, not making any sound.

In essence, she still believed what her grandfather said to her – there was no need to treat Chu Yin as an opponent. But the winter camp was so long that she was not sure. The main purpose of this visit was to cultivate feelings with Lu Zhen and to improve herself.


Liang Yueqzi looked at the four-person dormitory with disgust on her face and reluctantly put her luxury bag on the empty table.

Han Chuying looked at her and gave up her plan to make a good relationship. Liang Yueqi was also very good-looking, but it’s far from Chu Yin.

Han Chuying just looked at Chu Yin.

Chu Yin sat in front of the desk, roughly turning over the questions Han Chuying gave her. She casually did two questions and found that they were very flexible and logical. Chu Yin couldn’t help but drown in the problems again. With a pen on her hand, her brain was currently flying.

After a while, Han Chuying called her: “Oh, I didn’t mean for you to do it now. Aren’t you hungry?”

Chu Yin remembered that they hadn’t had dinner yet.

The organizer of the winter camp gave everyone a student card, which was filled with money for ten days to eat in the school canteen.

“It’s said that the canteen of H University is very good. Let’s go, let’s go!” Han Chuying pushed Chu Yin. Upon seeing Liang Yueqi again, she  asked: “Classmate Liang, do you want to go together?”

Liang Yueqi said in disgust, “No, the housekeeper will deliver dinner to me later.”

“Oh –“

Chu Yin and Han Chuying stopped caring about her and turned to go downstairs.

Just down the stairs, they met several excited high school girls. 

“How handsome.”

“Is he participating in our winter camp?”

“Ah, I’m going crazy. I hear he’s a young master in the next city!”

“No wonder he looks so rich!”

Chu Yin’s step stopped. Han Chuying asked: “What’s  the matter?”

“It’s fine.”

The dog man came early.

Under the tree opposite the dormitory, the young man with black hair stood still.

Han Chuying was not interested in men. She only liked her beautiful sister, so she didn’t spare a glance. Chu Yin also didn’t look. They went to the canteen in silence.

Lu Zhen saw Chu Yin the moment she came out of the dormitory.

She didn’t wear a school uniform today. She was dressed neatly, which was different from the clever and silent student in his impression. She was still beautiful.

Although it was the winter vacation, there were still many students stranded on the university campus. The boys who saw Chu Yin were surprised. They wanted to come up and talk to her.

Lu Zhen frowned, his eyes turning dark. He became impatient.

He helplessly looked at Chu Yin who didn’t even l spare him a glance.

Recently, the young master of the Lu family had been sneaking out by himself just to stay outside the Chu’s villa for a while. Although he had been wandering outside, he hadn’t seen her even once.

She was probably studying hard at home.

Lu Zhen also knew that she didn’t want to communicate with him but he couldn’t help it. It’s been days that he wanted to talk to her. 

Seeing that Chu Yin was about to go far away, Lu Zhen sighed helplessly and caught up with her: “Chu Yin –“



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