I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 33 part 2

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Chapter 33 – Fate and Destined (2)

The voice was clear.

Han Chuying stopped, looked surprisingly at Chu Yin: “Do you know the school’s apollo?”

Ah, but it’s normal. After all, Chu Yin was also a school’s flower.

Chu Yin was helpless. She didn’t want to have anything to do with Lu Zhen in front of her classmates, so she had to say to Han Chuying, “Wait for me? I’ll be right there.”

“Go ahead, go ahead ~” Of course, Han Chuying didn’t want to interfere in other people’s social life.

But if it’s someone else, they would probably take the initiative to talk to the school’s apollo, but Han Chuying won’t. 


Lu Zhen realized that when Chu Yin turned and walked towards him, his heart suddenly trembled.

Chu Yin came up to him and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Lu Zhen looked down at her and pinched his fingers gently. “Nothing. Why didn’t  you come and say hello to me?”

Chu Yin sighed in the bottom of her heart. Lu Zhen still loved to say hello in this life. Was he so polite?

Lu Zhen saw her suspicious eyes and gave a disguised smile: “I only know you here. May I ask that you take care of me, good student?”

After hearing this, Chu Yin said, “But you have good learning skills.”

Although she was controlling her tone, it still sounded a little sour.

Well, she’s just a little sour. The dog man was higher than her. He was higher than her by two points!!!

Lu Zhen was very concerned about her emotions. His lips turned upwards, “There were problems I didn’t know. It was a blind choice.”

Chu Yin raised her eyes in surprise.

Lu Zhen’s pupil was pitch black. He said with a little smile: “So I’m lucky.”

Chu Yin thought for half a second: “That means I’m stronger than you?”

Lu Zhen couldn’t hold back and laughed. 

He seemed to have finally found a matter she cared about.

It was good to be her opponent, at least she would look at him.

Chu Yin was upset: “What are you laughing at?”

Lu Zhen’s vision fell on her face, with a gentleness and carefulness she didn’t know about.

“Well, at how good you are.”


In the canteen, Chu Yin swiped her student card and bought a curry pork chop rice. Together with Han Chuying, she found a seat and sat down.

After the scene just now, many people attending the winter camp in the canteen were secretly watching Chu Yin.

Han Chuying bought a big bowl of Malatang, and asked: “So what did you talk about? Is the school’s apollo courting you?”

Just now many girls were watching. They all said that this scene was like an idol drama. It was beautiful.

“No,” she quickly clarified, “talked about studies.”

Lu Zhen, the dog man, seemed to have fallen in love with learning in this life. Just now, he told her that he also wanted to be shortlisted in the hope cup. He wanted to study hard and hoped that they would help each other.

——Crazy! Who would help him!

He’s a competitor! We have a blood feud, OK!

However, she knew that Lu family had always attached great importance to academics. In addition to these basic subjects, he would also take courses in economics and other subjects. With this wide range of knowledge, Lu Zhen’s IQ was obviously high.

Because Lu Zhen wanted to fight against her in the battle of mathematics, Chu Yin was suddenly looking forward to it.

Screw him, screw him, screw him!

I’ll put him under my feet!!

On the other side, Han Chuying looked at Chu Yin’s eager eyes. She couldn’t help feeling agitated again. 

Oh! Her beauty mesmerizes me!

I’m hit again! Ah!–

The next day, the host of the winter camp held a welcome meeting in the lecture hall of the complex building.

After participants spent the night in the dormitory, they had a certain understanding of each other. In addition to Chu Yin and Lu Zhen, the most eye-catching campers, there were top gods from various schools.

“I’ve inquired,” Han Chuying whispered. “Someone in the experimental middle school won last year’s bronze medal, and then there are two big men in other provinces who won championships from other competitions.”

Roughly speaking, there were many capable people.

Liang Yueqi was very embarrassed to be included in this group of people.

She’s really average in math. 

Yesterday, while Chu Yin and others went to dinner, Liang Yueqi took a look at the paper on Chu Yin’s desk – she didn’t understand it at all. 

Chu Yin was also a little nervous.

Last night, she slept a little early. If Liang Yuequ didn’t complain about the sound of her pages turning, Chu Yin would have studied more.

The teacher who stood on the platform, announced:

“We are here for the common purpose of self-improvement. We will try our best to meet your needs so that you can rest assured of your studies…”


“In addition, we have invited outstanding senior students from previous years to help you progress… “

Chu Yin and Han Chuying sat together. They were divided in groups. 

Lu Zhen finally entered the classroom. Chu Yin’s group was full and was filled with boys.

His eyebrows folded.

“Lu Zhen, here ~” Liang Yueqi suddenly made a sound. There was an extra seat beside her.

Many girls paid attention to Lu Zhen. Liang Yueqi’s greeting had a hint of sovereignty. People didn’t pay much attention to her at first, so when they noticed her, they looked at her one after another.

Lu Zhen was lazy and went directly to the group of Liang Yueqi. He ignored her invitation and took a different seat in the group.

Chu Yin saw it silently, and cried out in her heart: Liang Yueqi, go on! Go! Don’t be discouraged! Take him!!

This was a training course. Its main purpose was to evaluate the students’ math skills. There were a lot of figures on the papers, regular questions, application questions, and magic squares.

Han Chuying said: “It’s so hard to look at…”

This was the first time that competitors sat together. They were already competing with each other, and no one wanted to be at a disadvantage.

The boy opposite to Chu Yin got the paper, picked up the pen, and began to answer. The tip of the pen swished across the paper, which made people feel more pressure.

——Powerful competitor!

Chu Yin said to her heart. She spread out the papers, read the questions silently, and answered them smoothly.

The results of her rigid training showed at this time. Her upgraded logic thinking also helped her solve math problems. At this moment, Chu Yin suddenly realized her progress very clearly.

The sense of fullness and satisfaction filled her heart and made her more motivated.

The big guy on the opposite side gradually found that the girl on the opposite side was no less inferior to him! He suddenly felt pressure, looked up and found that the other party had already exceeded him!

He immediately buried his head again and quickly started to do it.

The last magic square was very complicated. Han Chuying was suffering mentaly. In the end, she wanted to give up.

But as soon as she looked up, she saw Chu Yin and the male student in front of her were working hard, so  she didn’t want to give up.

Although Han Chuying was not top-notch here, she had a good foundation and could grasp the degree of difficulty. It was estimated that no one could solve a problem of this degree.

Sure enough, five minutes later, the male student put down his pen.

Han Chuyin took a look, he didn’t fill in the magic squares question. As she expected.

Beside her, Chu Yin had not given up. Han Chuying held her cheek with one hand and appreciated the beauty’s serious attitude.

A girl who does not admit defeat is so lovely!

Two minutes later, Chu Yun put down her pen.

Just then, the patrol teacher in the classroom asked with a smile: “Are you all stuck in the last odd magic square? Has anyone done it?”

There was a hum of lament in the classroom.

But Chu Yin whispered: “1832 from top to bottom on the left, 1693 from top to bottom on the right…”

Han Chuying was surprised: “Did you do it?”

The male student on the opposite side also raised his head abruptly.

Han Chuying found that the answer was right.

“My God, Yin Yin, you are so awesome!”

Chu Yin’s expression was ambiguous.

In fact, she just found out.

She’s so awesome.

This buff made life so easy.

On the other hand, Liang Yueqi gave up before she was half done.

Hearing the teacher ask the last question, Liang Yueqi quickly looked at Lu Zhen and found that he had answered the question.

Liang Yueqi took the paper and asked softly, “Lu Zhen, how to do the last question? I can’t do it.”

Lu Zhen threw his pen, his eyes cold: “Not an average question.”

Liang Yueqi: “…”

The teacher of the winter camp paid special attention to the communication with the students, and praised Chu Yin several times that day.

After two days of class, Chu Yin’s nickname in the camp had changed from “the girl who was very beautiful” to “the beauty who was very good at solving questions”. 

She became a popular figure in the camp. At night, people came to the dormitory to look for her.

However, this kind of behavior means a lot. Many people actually wanted to see what Chu Yin was doing at night, or what exercise book she used.

Tomorrow was the last evaluation test. They would know the ranking and results. This would ultimately affect whether they could participate in the next Hope Cup. 

After realizing her soaring level, Chu Yin’s state of mind became much more stable. She would do some exercises at night and before going to sleep.



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