I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 33 part 3

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Chapter 33 – Fate and Destined (3)

The student that was in the same dormitory as her seemed to be stimulated because of her. She also took out the habit of not sleeping. She plays with her life by studying hard.

Liang Yueqi looked at the situation in the dormitory, sat in front of the desk, and opened a set of questions during the day.

At last, she went to see the girl in the middle school next door and asked her for advice.

“Classmate,” Liang Yueqi walked over and said with a gentle smile, “Can you teach me this problem?”

She looked up and said, “You can’t even do this?”

Han Chuying almost couldn’t hold back her laugh.

The female student was straightforward: “How did you get in?”

Liang Yueqi’s face turned green.

On the second day of the proficiency test, the table of seats was posted outside the examination room.

Chu Yin and Lu Zhen got together again.

But this time, fortunately, he was behind, otherwise she would have to figure out how to make the dog man blind.

After handing out their bags and mobile phones, the students sat in their respective seats. The teacher then distributed the papers.

Lu Zhen took the paper, turned it over, and handed it to Chu Yin.

At the moment when Chu Yin received the examination paper, she heard him whisper: “Are you sure you can surpass me?”

Chu Yin: “…”

Ah, teacher! He provoked me!!!

Chu Yin’s fighting spirit was instantly in full force. It lasted until the end of the exam.

The efficiency of the winter camp was very high. The test was finished on the same day and the results were given on the same day.

Han Chuying knew that Chu Yin valued the results very much, and took her to the bulletin board to see the result.

Although Chu Yin was sure of her results, she didn’t know the level of others, so her heart was still beating.

Then she saw herself in third place on the list.

“My God, you’re amazing!”

Han Chuying didn’t pay attention to her ranking. She just felt that Chu Yin was too strong. She wanted to take a picture of the ranking and send it to the forum of Huiwen, so that those sour chickens who jumped out from time to time could have a look.

If Chu Yin could win the prize in the Hope Cup, Han Chuying expected that she would really become a campus goddess.

Chu Yin looked at her own results and was relieved that she had the authority √

After taking another look, she saw Lu Zhen in fourth!


She finally beat the dog man!

No one can beat me!!

“Ding – being in top five in proficiency test” task completed! Host, congratulations for getting permission to change a single sentence and a random reward phrase card.

Chu Yin: “Good, very good.”

Then she had the leisure to look at other people’s rankings. Han Chuying was in 15th.

Liang Yueqi was at the bottom of the ranking list.

Han Chuying said in a low voice: “So what is this young lady doing here? It’s not a public punishment…”

Chu Yin thought: Some people are not here to learn, they are here to find the emotional line.

Well, emotional line?

Chu Yin’s mind suddenly moved.

Because the plot of the winter camp had never happened in her last life, Chu Yin had nothing to change. But she suddenly realized that besides change, she could also create!

On the second day after the proficiency test, the winter camp took an afternoon off, allowing students to go out of the school and make their own arrangements. Han Chuying seized the opportunity and invited Chu Yin to go out with her.

Going out with a beautiful woman! They can go and buy clothes! She can also take pictures of Chu Yin! Ah, ah, ah!

Chu Yin had no opinion, but before going out, she opened today’s script.

[Chu Yin and Han Chuying went out of H University and went to the shopping mall nearby to have a meal.

There were many students there who are also in winter camp. Both Chu Yin and Han Chuying ate and drank to release pressure.

Before long, they met Lu Zhen by chance.]

Bah, I don’t believe in chance!

Rubbish script! The power of male lead was still pushing Lu Zhen to her side.

But she had a new idea today – Chu Yin didn’t want to go along with Lu Zhen’s emotional line, so she could try to let Lu Zhen develop feelings with other girls!

She had made many attempts before, such as sending Song Zhaolin as the school’s flower to form an official loveteam with Lu Zhen, and making Zheng Yu directly confess affectionately to Lu Zhen, and so on.

She thought that maybe Liang Yueqi had a chance, a chance to start – a love that was not from chance!

Chu Yin rubbed her fists and scratched the sentence [Soon, they met Lu Zhen by chance].

And changed it to:

[Here, Lu Zhen and Liang Yueqi experienced a romantic encounter. ]


——She’s really an artist! making love teams for you!

She’s a genius!!

Romantic encounter! These words are very wonderful, revealing the ambiguity!

Good luck, Liang Yueqi! I can only help you here!


The dormitory was half empty in the afternoon.

In the end, the top students couldn’t help their restless hearts and went out to play together

Lu Zhen lived in the hotel opposite H University. He stood by the window for a while and saw Chu Yin and her classmate came out and got on the bus to the city center.

Lu Zhen changed his clothes, then went out and got on the waiting car by the road.

“Where are you going, young master?”

Lu Zhen: “Follow the No.13 bus.”

Seeing Chu Yin getting off at the entrance of the mall from a distance, Lu Zhen stopped and got off from the side of the road.

Looking up again, he suddenly saw Liang Yueqi’s face.

“Lu Zhen,” Liang Yueqi surprised, “What a coincidence.”

In the warm winter sun, the charming young lady and the noble young master met on the busy street of an unfamiliar city. It’s really romantic.

Lu Zhen’s face was cold: “Yes.”

He answered casually, then turned his head, only to find that Chu Yin’s back disappeared.

Lu Zhen felt a little irritated. He turned and strode into the mall.

He went around and still didn’t find her. He stopped in front of a dessert shop, frowning.

Suddenly, Liang Yueqi came out of the shop and met him again by chance.

The charming young lady was standing in front of the pink neon light with a strawberry milkshake in her hand, which made this romantic scene extremely sweet.

Liang Yueqi was also very surprised: “What a coincidence, Lu Zhen, we met again!”

It felt as if this kind of fate was arranged by the heavens.

Lu Zhen: “…”

He paused for a few seconds, turned, and left.

And next.

When Lu Zhen entered the convenience store, Liang Yueqi would appear behind the opposite shelf.

When Lu Zhen chose a western restaurant, Liang Yueqi sat at the next table.

When Lu Zhen followed the path of other students to the upstairs cinema to find Chu Yin, Liang Yueqi appeared in front of the popcorn machine at the gate of the cinema again.

Lu Zhen: “…”

Liang Yueqi: “Hahaha. Good luck.”

Lu Zhen looked at her, his indifferent expression had slightly cracked.

After a long time, he took a deep breath and finally spoke.

“…Are you a damn ghost?”



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