I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 34 part 1

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Chapter 34 – Shake! (1)

Han Chuying saw that Chu Yin was in a good mood while watching the movie.

Chu Yin is a mature person. This made people around her feel comfortable. Because Chu Yin mostly has indifferent expressions and doesn’t talk much, she appears to be a cold person.

Han Chuyin likes to observe beautiful women. After living with her in the dormitory for a few days, she already grasped Chu Yin’s mood.

Just like now, Chu Yin’s lips were turned upward even though the movie was not funny. This showed that she was in a good mood.

After the light on the big screen illuminated Chu Yin’s side face, Han Chuyin was mesmerized again. She took several seconds to swallow before she leaned in closer to whisper, “Yin Yin, what are you smiling at?”

Chu Yin turned her head and gave a smile: “It’s nothing. It’s just I haven’t seen a movie in a long time.”

She was thinking that the romantic encounter she made was interesting. She hoped that both Lu Zhen and Liang Yueqi won’t let her down.

Based on her calculations, the script had started moving. Otherwise, it was impossible to not meet Lu Zhen after having walked for so long.

Han Chuying didn’t know what she was thinking, but she took this opportunity to propose in secret:

“Is that so? How about we watch more movies in the future?”

“Good.” Chu Yin immediately agreed.

Han Chuying was happy.

She could date Chu Yin many times again! Yeah!!!


Liang Yueqi was in a bad mood.

This summer camp did not look at the family background. They only focused on grades. She was a rich young lady. Since she was a kid, she had everything she wanted in the palm of her hand. But this winter camp made her sink to the bottom! 

She felt worse after seeing that Chu Yin placed third in the rankings.

Although it’s a given that Chu Yin couldn’t be her opponent, she still felt she couldn’t stand at the same level as her.

Liang Yueqi didn’t show herself that much after seeing her results in the proficiency test. She was glad that there were no other students besides the contestants. Otherwise, it would be too humiliating for her to return to school.

Liang Yueqi came here to cultivate feelings with Lu Zhen. Even after so many days had passed, she couldn’t find any chance.

But she didn’t expect she would meet Lu Zhen many times today!

This encounter felt like it was arranged by the gods. No girl wouldn’t want this fated romance. 

Liang Yueqi’s heart was beating.

Isn’t this a hint that they would always meet even in the next life?

So when she saw Lu Zhen in front of the popcorn machine, Liang Yueqi believed it was fate.

“-Of course I’m not a ghost! How can you still be joking?” Liang Yueqi blushed and lowered her head as she smiled. “Lu Zhen, don’t you think this is predestined?”

Lu Zhen didn’t think so.

But when he listened to Liang Yueqi’s words, his eyebrows gently moved.

Liang Yueqi was certainly not a ghost. But the feeling of being arranged…

Lu Zhen vaguely thought of something, but before he had time to think deeply, he was interrupted by Liang Yueqi’s voice.

“Lu Zhen, now that you are here, do you want to go to the movies together?”

Lu Zhen’s eyes were raised as he coldly said, “No. I don’t want to.”

After Lu Zhen coldly refused Liang Yueqi’s invitation, he turned and walked out of the mall.

There were several WeChat notifications from Lu Zhen’s phone. The messages were filled with a cheerful aura.

[Brother Zhen~ Brother Zhen, I’m at your winter camp! Ha ha ha!]

[My brother found out about my grades. I’ve been beaten to death. *crying*]

[Where are you? I have no time left!! I came to play with you!!]

Lu Zhen: “…”

The young master endured for a few seconds before he suppressed the impulse to block Song Zhaolin in his contacts.

Just then, his mobile phone suddenly rang. 

It was Grandfather Lu.

“Grandfather.” Lu Zhen answered.

“You, child! You forget your family when you’re not at home.” Grandfather Lu scolded him on the other end of the phone. “You worried your grandfather!”

Lu Zhen: “Everything is fine. Don’t worry.”

Grandfather Lu also knew that his grandson was competitive and superior in all aspects. He didn’t need to worry about it. The purpose of his call was not this: “I wanted to know if the winter camp Liang Yueqi went to is the same camp you went to?”

Lu Zhen’s eyebrows creased: “Where did you hear this?”

“Linyuan 1 Lu Zhen’s uncle told me. I wouldn’t know this if he hadn’t told me!”

Lu Zhen slightly lowered his eyelashes. No one knew what he was thinking. 

Grandfather Lu continued: “Don’t be so cold. You will hurt the little girl’s heart.”

“……” Lu Zhen truthfully replied, “She’s probably hurt already.”

“You child!——” Grandfather Lu angrily stamped his crutch and said in a more serious tone: “You need to take care of her more carefully. Do you hear me?”

Lu Zhen hung up the phone. There were no fluctuations in his dark eyes.


There were many disputes among the rich and powerful families. They regard emotion and marriage as bargaining chips. 

Lu Zhen didn’t care about this long ago. But now, it was different.


He’s not interested.

Chu Yin and her friend came out after the movie and planned to buy another dessert before going back to school.

When they arrived at the dessert station, they met several male students in the winter camp. One of the male students sat in front of her during class.

These male students were all in the top ten. Seeing from this distance, one could guess their academic standings.

They didn’t plan to greet them. But Chu Yin and Han Chuyin didn’t expect that when they passed by, the male students took the initiative to say hello.

In their circle, strength is everything. Since Chu Yin ranked third in the proficiency test, the boys had already accepted her as their kind. Plus, she was also beautiful.

“Congratulations on placing first in the exam.” Chu Yin gave a friendly smile.

These male students had no experience talking to girls. When they saw Chu Yin’s smile from a close distance, their faces turned red.

The male student who sat in front of Chu Yin during class coughed as he asked, “Everyone will be studying in the library after school. You can come too if you like.”

The boys behind him teased, “Oh…Brother Wang~”

Brother Wang’s face flushed red.

Chu Yin nodded with a smile. The boys left with a smile and excitement in their hearts.

After they left, Han Chuying asked Chu Yin, “Do you want to go?”

Chu Yin bought a cup of ice cream and said with a smile, “Of course not.”

Extremely beautiful yet very heartless.

Han Chuying: “Although I don’t like boys, Wang Lei is an exception! It should be helpful to study with him.” 

After all, she knew Chu Yin was serious about learning.

Chu Yin took a spoonful of ice cream. She smiled as her eyebrows lifted, “Learning together will only affect each other. There’s no need. Girls don’t need to think they’re weak. The boys do have advantages in competitions. But believing in ourselves is not bad either.”

As Han Chuyin held the ice cream spoon, she realized at this moment she could die from Chu Yin’s charms.

Beautiful, strong, and independent.

How can a charming girl like this exist!!!

She announced that from today on, Chu Yin was her goddess! Ah, ah, ah!

After the short break, the training course of the winter camp continued.

The next day when Chu Yin entered the classroom, she quietly observed Lu Zhen and Liang Yueqi.

Although they were sitting far away, the romantic encounter they experienced might change their feelings towards each other?

After staring for a few seconds, the dog man suddenly felt something and looked back.

Chu Yin immediately lowered her eyes and reviewed her test papers as if nothing happened. Her acting skills were good.

Lu Zhen looked at her from a distance and laughed at himself after.

For a moment, he thought she was looking at him.

But how could it be?

The little nerd’s eyes are only for learning.



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